2006年第29   創刊第357      10/18/2006




我们最诚挚地邀请您 – CSA Invitation


Host/主办单位:  CSA/美国华裔教授学者协会(南加州)

Co-host:               CSSA-Cal Tech/加州理工学院学生学者联谊会


Sponsors:    Evens Lam, VP of Smith Barney

Carl Zheng, President of TCL

& Jean Wang, Former President of PUAASC


Conference Theme/大会主题

Interaction of US-China & in the Frontier of Science and Technology



Address: 加州理工学院 1200 E. California Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91125


Time/Date: 日期: 1:00pm. Nov. 4th. 2006 (Saturday)

1. 晚宴主讲嘉宾 (Keynote Speakers):


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诺贝尔生理/医学奖得主 Prof. David Baltimore (Caltech加州理工学院, 演讲主题为 Current Intellectual Trends 

Dr. David Baltimore - President of the California Institute of Technology [1997-2006] .

Dr. David Baltimore assumed the presidency on October 15, 1997. During his tenure many significant events took place at Caltech. Early on, he oversaw the completion of a fund-raising initiative for the biological sciences, marked by the construction and dedication of the Broad Center for the Biological Sciences. He launched the current $1.4 billion capital campaign, which included receipt of the largest gift to higher education, $600 million from Gordon and Betty Moore and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The campaign will continue for one more year and has already raised more than $1.1 billion. An important part of Caltech's mission is its stewardship of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, supported by NASA. Baltimore's presidency has spanned many spectacular JPL successes, notably the Mars Exploration Rovers, as well as the appointment of a new director, Dr. Charles Elachi.

Also during his tenure, five members of the Caltech faculty and alumni received Nobel Prizes. Baltimore received his own Nobel in 1975 at the age of 37 for his work on the genetic mechanisms of viruses. He has contributed widely to the understanding of cancer, AIDS, and the molecular basis of the immune response. He has continued to operate his research lab while acting as president and has announced many important scientific breakthroughs while at Caltech, including establishing a new methodology to help fight cancer, developing a new gene therapy that is highly effective in preventing HIV from infecting individual cells in the immune system, and creating a new methodology for producing transgenic mice. He has also joined with others in proposing a new global effort to create an HIV vaccine. He received the National Medal of Science in 1999 from President Bill Clinton and the Warren Alpert Foundation Prize in 2000 for pioneering work leading to cancer therapy.

Not only has Baltimore been prolific in writing about his findings in scientific journals, but he also raised Caltech's visibility by contributing opinion pieces to general-interest media on such subjects as the value of stem cell research, the unnecessary public panic that arose during the SARS epidemic, science research under the Bush administration, and the importance of maintaining the scientific workforce in the United States.

Baltimore has several outstanding administrative and public policy achievements to his credit. In the mid-1970s, he played an important role in creating a consensus on national science policy regarding recombinant DNA research. He served as founding director of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at MIT from 1982 until 1990 and was president of Rockefeller University in 1990-91. An early advocate of federal AIDS research, he co-chaired the 1986 National Academy of Sciences Committee on a National Strategy for AIDS and was appointed in 1996 to head the National Institutes of Health AIDS Vaccine Research Committee. He is the president-elect of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


陈骏 (南京大学校长 演讲主题为 中美合作互动在科技前沿领域

Jun Chen, President, Nanjing University - China




2.  参加CSA年会学术报告的著名人文与社会科学专家教授


Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Howard Wang


Dr. Howard Wang 王世本博士


1992    美国加州大学洛杉矶分校高等教育管理博士

1981    美国加州大学洛杉矶分校高等教育管理文学硕士

1974    美国威斯康星大学临床微生物学理学硕士

1971    美国俄勒冈大学生物学文学学士






About the Author:

1992     Ph.D.   Higher Education Administration, UCLA

1981     M.A.    Higher Education Administration, UCLA

1974     M.S.     Clinical Microbiology, University of Wisconsin

1971     B.A.     Biology, University of Oregon


Dr. Howard Wang has been the associate vice president for student affairs and acting director of Student Affairs Research Center at the California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) since 2003.   He became the interim executive director for the Student Health and Counseling Center at CSUF since 2004.  Previously he served as the assistant vice president at Cal State San Bernardino from 2001-2003, and as the chief executive officer to the assistant vice chancellor for student development and health at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for more than a decade prior to 2001.  His tenure in student affairs work includes managing or supervising student housing, conference services, residential life, student health services, counseling and psychological services, women’s center, services for disabled students, career center, student union, student activities and government, recreation and sports center, student leadership development and programs, campus special events, financial aid, and a scholars program for foster youths.  He currently also serves as an advisor to several student groups, including the International Golden Key Honour Society.


He has been a member of the Asia Pacific Student Services Association (APSSA) since 1998.  He regularly presented papers and served as a panelist at APSSA’s international conferences.  He also provided training on student development theories, student affairs administration and governance, and other selected topics to student affairs administrators from the greater Beijing area in 2002 and Guangdong Province in China in 2003.  A summary of his most recent training presentation can be found in “Student Affairs Management in Higher Education,” published in 2005 by the Zhongshan University Press, Guangzhou, China.  He is also a member of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators and the American College Personnel Association.  His article, “Student Affairs in China,” was published in the Fall 2004 issue of the Leadership Exchange, a NASPA publication.


演讲主题 美国与几个选定的亚洲国家之间高等教育学生事务管理比较

“Comparison of Student Affairs Management in Higher Education between United States and Selected Asian Countries”




Prof. Chao Chen陈超教授 (CSUN加州大北岭分校)

陈超 1976年及1980年先后获得台北国立政治大学统计学学士及商学硕士。硕士毕业后任职于中华经济研究院担任助理研究员。1984年至马里兰大学攻读博士,于1988年获得马里兰大学金融学博士。 19861988年担任马里兰大学金融学系讲师。1988年开始任教于加州州立大学北岭(Northridge)校区金融系。现为该校终身正教授及Countrywide Financial 金融学讲座教授。

陈超 教授的研究兴趣包括企业融资、上市、并购、重组、公司治理、资产定价、资产管理、衍生性产品、及新兴金融市场。除了教科书及专业期刊文章外,近年来陈教授在学术期刊及国际会议上发表了大量的文章。获得多次研究著作及教学成就奖。陈教授于20002001年至北京清华大学讲学七个月后,回到洛衫矶正式成立了中国财务金融与企业研究中心 (Center for China Finance and Business Research)并担任创始主任至今。该中心的研究主要集中在海峡两岸的公司财务、金融、与企业的发展。陈教授于20012003年担任中国自然科学基金管理科学部海外评委。2003年及2006年先后担任全球金融学会年会主席及全球化及中国金融服务业国际会议主席。陈教授受邀在于2004年沃顿商学院(Wharton School)中国企业论坛、2004年中国会计实証研讨会年会、2005年上海论坛、2006年在纽约的全球及中国消费者市场论坛担任主讲员。陈教授目前兼任纽约Gerson Lehrman Group的咨询顾问。陈教授自2000年起长期担任北京清华大学经济管理学院兼职教授,2005年起担任南开大学商学院兼职博导。2001年以来,在北京大学与清华大学指导了数十位博士生并担任过多位博士生的博士论文共同主席。至1996年以来,陈教授先后在上海财经大学、上海交大、北师大、厦门大学、中南大学、吉林大学、江西财经大学、及西南财经大学进行一周至一个月的短期讲学。陈教授也经常赴台湾参加台湾大学及政治大学主办的国际会议及进行合作研究。

Chao Chen is Countrywide Financial Endowed Professor of Finance at College of Business and Economics, California State University, Northridge. Dr. Chao Chen is the Founding Director of the Center for China Finance and Business Research (CCFBR). Professor Chen received his B.S. in Statistics and his Master of Commerce from National Chengchi University in Taipei in 1976 and 1980, respectively. He received his Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1988. His research interests include corporate finance (capital strcuture, IPO, M&A, corporate restructuring, and corporate governance), investments (asset pricing and asset management), emerging markets, and derivatives (options, futures, and risk management). In addition to books and professional journals, Dr. Chen has published a large number of academic journal articles related to finance.


Dr. Chen has been a visiting professor at Tsinghua University since the year 2000 and an adjunct doctoral student supervisor at Nankai University since 2005. He has served as a dissertation co-chair for several doctoral students at Peking University and Tsinghua University. Dr. Chen has served as an overseas expert for the Natural National Science Foundation in China from 2001 to 2003. Dr. Chen has given more than 40 presentations at academic and professional conferences in recent years. He has served as an invited guest speaker or keynote speaker of 2004 Wharton School’s China Business Forum, 2004 International Conference on Empirical Research in Accounting in Tianjin, 2005 Shanghai Forum, 2006 Global and Chinese Consumer Conference in New York. Dr. Chen served as the program chair of 2003 Global Finance Association Annual Conference at Peking University and 2006 CCFBR Forum on “Globalization and China’s Financial Services Industry” in Beijing. 


Since 1996, he has lectured at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Normal University, Jilin University, Xiamen University, Central South University in Changsa, Shanghia University of Finance and Economics, Jiangxi University Finance and Economics, and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu. Moreover, he frequently attended conferences at National Taiwan University and National Chengchi University. Dr Chen serves as a consultant of Gerson Lehrman Group.


演讲主题:民营化、 公司治理、与中国资本市场的发展

Topic: Privatization, Corporate Governance, and the Evolution of China’s Capital Market



Dr. Kylie Hsu, 許凱莉教授 (CSU-LA)

Dr. Kylie Hsu is a Professor of Chinese and Linguistics at California State University, Los Angeles, and a Distinguished Woman of the University. She received early tenure and early promotion to Associate Professor as well as early promotion to Full Professor. Dr. Hsu earned her B.A. in Linguistics (Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, her M.A. in Linguistics (Distinction) from California State University, Northridge, and her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics (Presidential Fellow) from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her biography is listed in Contemporary Authors and numerous international Who's Who publications.

Dr. Hsu's teaching interests include the contemporary use and the historical development of language and the sociocultural aspect of language learning. She teaches Chinese Linguistics, Civilization, Literature, and Language for Special Purposes such as Business and Newspaper Chinese. She also teaches sociolinguistics such as language diversity in urban America. In addition, she has developed online learning materials through the support of internal and external grants.

Dr. Hsu's research areas include word structure and discourse analysis, language and cultural socialization, heritage language pedagogy, intercultural communication, and instructional technology. Her professional activities include organizing, chairing, and presenting papers at national and international conferences, serving on editorial boards, and authoring numerous publications, including A Discourse Analysis of Temporal Markers in Written and Spoken Mandarin Chinese, The Edwin Mellen Press, New York, 1998; Selected Issues in Mandarin Chinese Word Structure Analysis, The Edwin Mellen Press, New York, 2002; and a series of Practical Chinese Exercises, Learn Perfect Publishing, Los Angeles, 2005.

演講主題:  在美國教授中文及如何獲得教師資格

Topic:      Chinese Teaching and Credentialing


This presentation will discuss the current trend in Chinese education in the U.S. and provide information on Chinese program and curriculum development in higher education. In particular, it will discuss the requirements for prospective teachers of Chinese to earn a teaching credential in California. They can either complete a subject matter preparation program at a California college or university, or pass a series of subject matter exams developed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The exams include the following subtests: (1) general linguistics and Chinese linguistics, (2) Chinese literature and culture, and (3) Chinese language and communication. Sample questions in these subtests will be presented. Additionally, the teaching credential requires knowledge in general uses of computers and skills in specialized uses of instructional technology in educational settings.



Prof. Justine Su (Zhixin) 苏智欣教授


简历:   苏智欣博士赴美学习与工作之前毕业于上海外语大学,并在中国国家教育部外事局任职三年.   1989年在美国华盛顿大学获教育政策和管理学的博士学位之后, 苏博士先后在加州大学 (UCLA) 和加州州立大学(CSUN)教育研究生院任教育管理学教授职务, 并从1996年起担任加州州立 大学 (CSUN) 中国所所长, 又于2002年起兼任大学国际项目总协调负责人.   她为中国设计并举办了多种类型的长期和短期的政府, 教育, 企业, 卫生 等部门领导干部和学者的培训 项目, 为促进中美合作与交流做出了巨大贡献, 荣获中国政府 杰出华裔学者春晖奖,” 及美国国际学者联合会 国际交流杰出贡献奖.”   苏博士 还积极从 事中美教育比较研究, 领导并主持了中美校长培训比较研究, 中美师范教育 比较研究, 中美科学教育比较研究,  杜威对中国教育的历史影响, 中美小学教育比较研究等项目, 在国际国内学术会议上发表论文八十多篇, 并在美国, 中国及欧洲学术杂志和书刊上发表五十多篇研究论文, 应邀为多种国际一级学术杂志担任评审。 近年来, 苏教授还担任了中国三所大学的荣誉教授, 每年回中国讲学及开展合作研究.


Presenter’s Biography:  Dr. Justine Zhixin Su is professor of education in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Director of the China Institute, and Coordinator of International Programs at California State University, Northridge.  Her research interests include educational administration, teacher education, school reform, curriculum and instruction, comparative and international education.  She has published numerous research reports in first-rate refereed education journals and research books, including Teaching and Teacher Education, Journal of School Leadership, Teachers College Record, Education and Urban Society, Journal of American Education, International Review of Education, International Education Journal, Comparative Education, Journal of Research on Education and Development,  International Journal of Educational Reform, Oxford Review of Education, and Teacher Education Yearbooks.


演讲主题简介:  多科与单科教学方法之比较: 中国与美国学校教学的案例探索是苏智欣博士领导的中美小学教育比较研究的一部分, 已经在国际学术会议上多次报告, 并在美国教育政策杂志上发表, 引起了美国教育界的震动.  近年来, 教育比较研究学者们发现美国的基础教育问题重重, 美国学生在国际数学考试中的成绩往往低于亚洲和欧洲国家的学生.  美国小学生毕业时, 数学水平竟然比中国学生低两年级.  这种 学习上的差距引起了美国政界和教育界的高度重视, 继而发现这种差距与教学上的差距密切相关, 但对于造成这种差距的原因, 一直没有找到合理的答案.  苏博士的比较研究一针见血地指出了美国小学教育的致命弱点: 即多科教学方法.   在这种方法的施行之下, 美国教师没有坚实的基础教好所有的科目, 没有时间完成教学计划, 没有时间与同行交流合作, 没有时间和精力为学生提供及时的反馈,  以至于许多学生在学习上落伍, 基础知识薄弱.   相比之下, 中国的小学课堂实施单科教学, 教师有时间集体备课,   有机会合作交流,  能及时为学生提供反馈,  保证了完整和扎实的基础教育.   美国基础教育改革的关键, 取决于能否取消多科教学的方法.  否则, “不让一个孩子落伍的宏伟目标就只是一句空话. 


Multiple vs. Single Subject Approach: A Comparative

Case Study of Teaching in American and Chinese Schools



This presentation will report critical findings from a comparative case study of two American and two Chinese elementary classrooms.  The American schools use multiple-subject approach while the Chinese schools adopt a single-subject approach.  The researcher argues that the single-subject approach makes it possible for the Chinese teachers to have more time for planning and instruction on the core subjects, and more time to spend with individual students, especially students with special needs and difficulties in learning.  Consequently, the Chinese elementary school education offers stronger basic skills education to its students.  In contrast, the American multiple-subject approach makes it possible for teachers to use interdisciplinary approach in teaching and project work, provides more flexibility and autonomy to classroom teachers, and offers more opportunities in time and space for students to develop their creativity, independence, and individuality.  Elementary teachers in both nations can learn from each other and make necessary changes in their teaching approaches.



3. 参加CSA年会学术报告的著名工程与科学专家教授

Dr. Jason Cong 丛京生教授 UCLA 加大洛杉矶分校)   Topic: Giga-Scale System-on-a-Chip Design

丛京生教授1985年获得北京大学计算机科学专业学士学位,并分别于1987年和1990年在美国伊利诺斯大学获得硕士和博士学位。目前,他是洛杉矶加州大学计算机科学系教授、系主任,兼超大规模集成电路计算机辅助设计(VLSI CAD)实验室主任。




丛教授在相应的学术组织获得了一系列的荣誉,包括1985年北京大学优秀毕业生奖、1989年伊利诺斯大学Ross J. Martin杰出研究奖、1993年美国国家科学基金青年科学家奖和UCLA Northrop杰出青年研究奖、1998ACM SIGDA服务贡献奖,以及2000年美国半导体研究中心杰出成就奖。此外,丛教授曾在1995年的《IEEE计算机辅助设计杂志》、2005年的国际物理设计年会和2005年的《ACM电子系统设计自动化杂志》总共三次荣获最佳论文奖。鉴于他的杰出贡献,丛教授在2000年被IEEE组织授予院士称号。


丛教授曾任ACM SIGDA顾问委员会委员、IEEE电路与系统协会理事、以及许多电子设计自动化公司和硅智财公司的技术顾问。这些公司包括AtrentaeASICGet2ChipMagma Design AutomationUltima Interconnect Technologies。丛教授还创立了Aplus Design Technologies 公司并担任总裁,直至2003年该公司与世界著名EDA公司Magma合并。目前,他出任Magma公司和AutoESL Design Technologies公司的首席技术顾问,并从2000年起受聘为北京大学客座教授。


丛教授还是一位杰出的教育工作者。至今他培养了17名博士研究生,其中不少学生成为美国知名高校如Georgia Tech.PurdueSUNY BinghamtonUCLAUIUCUT Austin等大学的教授,其他学生也都在BroadcomIBM Intel等著名半导体企业、或者CadenceMagmaEDA公司的研发中心担任要职。

Dr. JASON CONG received his B.S. degree in computer science from Peking University in 1985, his M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987 and 1990, respectively.  Currently, he is a professor and the chairman of the Computer Science Department of University of California, Los Angeles.  He is also a co-director of the VLSI CAD Laboratory.  Dr. Cong’s research interests include computer-aided design of VLSI circuits and systems, design and synthesis of system-on-a-chip, programmable systems, novel computer architectures, nano-systems, and highly scalable algorithms.  He has published over 230 research papers and led over 30 research projects supported by DARPA, NSF, SRC, and a number of industrial sponsors in these areas. He served on the technical program committees and executive committees of many conferences, such as ASPDAC, DAC, FPGA, ICCAD, ISCAS, ISPD, and ISLEPD, and several editorial boards, including the IEEE Trans. on VLSI Systems and the ACM Trans. on Design Automation of Electronic Systems. 

Dr. Cong received a number of awards and recognitions, include the Best Graduate Award from Peking University in 1985, and the Ross J. Martin Award for Excellence in Research from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1989, the NSF Young Investigator Award in 1993, the Northrop Outstanding Junior Faculty Research Award from UCLA in 1993, the ACM/SIGDA Meritorious Service Award in 1998, and the SRC Technical Excellence Award in 2000. He also received three best paper awards—including the 1995 IEEE Trans. on CAD Best Paper Award, the 2005 International Symposium on Physical Design Best Paper Award, and the 2005 ACM Transaction on Design Automation of Electronic Systems Best Paper Award.  He was elected to an IEEE Fellow in 2000.

Dr. Cong served on the ACM SIGDA Advisory Board, the Board of Governors of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, and the Technical Advisory Board of a number of EDA and silicon IP companies, including Atrenta, eASIC, Get2Chip, Magma Design Automation, and Ultima Interconnect Technologies. He was the founder and president of Aplus Design Technologies, Inc., until it was acquired by Magma Design Automation in 2003. Currently, he serves as the Chief Technology Advisor of Magma and AutoESL Design Technologies, Inc.  Additionally, he has been a guest professor at Peking University since 2000.

演讲主题简介: “千兆集成芯片设计

丛京生(Jason Cong)教授

洛杉矶加州大学 (UCLA)计算机科学系



项目期限: 2/15/01-1/31/07

NSF基金号: CCF-0096383

丛京生 (Jason Cong, UCLA)、郑光廷 (Kwang-Ting Cheng, UCSB)

项目网站: http://cadlab.cs.ucla.edu/Website/





Dr. Thomas Yizhao Hou侯一钊教授 (Caltech 加州理工学院)


一钊教授是著名的计算流体和多尺度问题专家,现为美国加州理工学院Charles Lee Powell教授,于2000年至2006年任应用与计算数学系主任。他的研究兴趣在于建立有效模拟流体力学,多相流和多尺度问题的分析与计算方法。他生于中国广州,1982年在华南理工大学获学士学位。1983年到美国加州大学洛杉矶分校留学,于1987年获博士学位。博士毕业后,曾在著名的库朗数学研究所从事博士后研究,并于1989年成为该所的助理教授。1993年他授聘为美国加州理工学院终身教授。他先后获1990Sloan Fellowship1997年冯康科学计算奖,1998年美国物理学会Francois N.Frenkiel奖,2001年工业与应用数学学会(SIAM)James H. Wilkinson 计算数学奖和2005年美国计算力学学会计算与应用科学奖。教授曾应邀在1998年国际数学家大会作45分钟报告和2003年国际工业与应用数学大会作大会报告。至2002年,侯教授担任“SIAM多尺度模拟计算”杂志主编。




Dr. Thomas Yizhao Hou is the Charles Lee Powell professor of applied and computational mathematics at Caltech, and is one of the leading experts in computational fluid dynamics and multiscale problems. His research interests are centered on developing analytical tools and effective numerical methods for vortex dynamics, interfacial flows, and multiscale problems. He was born in Guangzhou, China, and studied at the South China University of Technology before taking his Ph.D. from UCLA. Upon obtaining his Ph.D. in 1987, he joined the Courant Institute as a postdoc and then became a faculty member in 1989. He moved to the applied math department at Caltech in 1993, and served as the executive officer of the department of applied and computational mathematics from 2000 to 2006. He was awarded the Computational and Applied Sciences Award from the US Association of Computational Mechanics in 2005, the Morningside Gold Medal in Applied Mathematics in 2004, the SIAM Wilkinson Prize in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing in 2001, the Francois N. Frenkiel Award from the Division of Fluid Dynamics, American Physical Society in 1998, the Feng Kang Prize in Scientific Computing in 1997, and the Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship from 1990 to 1992. He was also an invited plenary speaker at the International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics in Sydney in 2003, an invited speaker of the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin in 1998, and has been the founding Editor-in-Chief of a SIAM interdisciplinary journal "Multiscale Modeling and Simulation" since 2002.


Professor Tom Hou is the first recipient of the Morningside Gold Medal Prize in Applied Mathematics. He was honored at the Third International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians for his seminal research on applied partial differential equations, scientific computation and numerical analysis. This research includes convergence of the point vortex method, accurate numerical methods for fluid interfaces with surface tension, analysis of three dimensional vortex sheets, and singularity criteria for the three dimensional Euler equation.


演讲主题简介:  多尺度分析和模拟:数学理论和工程应用的相互促进









   Yalchin Efendier,德州A&M大学




   Theofilos Strinopoulos 加州理工学院博士毕业生


Title: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation:

       Interplay between Mathematics and Engineering Applications.




Many problems of fundamental and practical importance contain multiple scale solutions. Composite and nano materials, flow and transport in heterogeneous porous media, and turbulent flow are examples of this type. Direct numerical simulations of these multiscale problems are extremely difficult due to the wide range of length scales in the underlying physical problems. It is too expensive to simulate the small scale features using a fine grid on the order of tens of millions of degrees of freedom. From the prospective of engineering applications, it is essential to develop a coarse grid model to describe the average behavior of the solution on the large scales, but with several order of magnitude fewer degrees of freedom. This is a challenging task due to nonlinear interaction of different scales. In order to capture correctly the effect of small subgrid scales on the large scales, we have to develop a systematic multiscale analysis, which provides a critical guideline in developing an efficient multiscale computational method.


In this talk, I describe our recent progress in developing multiscale computational methods to upscale multi-phase flows in strongly heterogeneous porous media. Multi-phase flows arise in many applications, ranging from petroleum engineering, contaminant transport, and fluid dynamics applications. Some of our multiscale methods have already been adopted by the industry in their flow simulators. Further, we show how to develop a systematic multiscale analysis for incompressible flows in three space dimensions. Deriving a reliable turbulent model has a significant impact in many engineering applications, including the aircraft design. This is known to be an extremely challenging problem. So far, most of the existing turbulent models are based on heuristic closure assumption and involve unknown parameters which need to be fitted by experimental data. In comparison, our multiscale method does not involve any closure assumption and there are no adjustable parameters. We will present numerical evidences to demonstrate that our multiscale analysis provides an effective computational method for simulating homogeneous turbulent flows.


The project is funded in part by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy.


Research Team:

Thomas Y. Hou (Caltech)

Yalchin Efendiev (University of Texas at A&M)

Xiao-Hui Wu (Exxon-Mobile)

Danping Yang (Shandong University, China)

Hangyu Ran (former postdoc at Caltech)

Theofilos Strinopoulos (former Ph.D. student at Caltech)



DR. Hong Wu 吴虹教授 UCLA 加大洛杉矶分校) 



吴虹博士是加州大学洛杉矶分校分子医学药理学系教授而且是加州大学洛杉矶分校分子生物研究所和强森综合癌症中心的成员。她也是加州大学洛杉矶分校的分子遗传技术中心的主任负责人。她还是癌症中心泌尿生殖癌症学领域和新成立的加州大学干细胞医学研究所的癌症干细胞领域的共同负责人(协同主任)。吴博士从中国北京医学院获得M.D.,而后师从哈佛医学院的Rudolf Jaenisch博士并获得了生物化学Ph.D.。后来,她获得Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell博士后奖学金资助,师从Whitehead生物医学研究所的Harvey Lodish博士。她的实验室集中研究癌症抑制基因PTEN调控的信息传导机制。实验的手段主要是使用遗传工程建立各种动物癌症模型。在这些大量的研究基础上,目前的研究方向侧重于癌症干细胞和导向性治疗法探索。



Dr. Hong Wu is a Professor of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology and a member of UCLA Molecular Biology Institute and Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is the Director of the UCLA Molecular Genetics Technology Center and the co-director of the Cancer Center Genitourinary Oncology Program Area as well as Cancer Stem Cell Program area of the newly formed UCLA Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine. Dr. Wu received her M.D. degree from Beijing Medical College, China, and her Ph.D. degree in biological chemistry from Harvard Medical School, working with Rudolf Jaenisch at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. She was a Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell postdoctoral fellow with Harvey Lodish at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, MIT. Her laboratory studies the signal transduction pathways controlled by the PTEN tumor suppressor gene, using various genetically engineered animal tumor models. These studies have led her group into cancer stem cells biology and targeted therapies.

Dr. Wu serves as Steering Committee member for Mouse Model of Human Cancer Consortium, National Cancer Institute (1999-present) and editorial board member for Journal of Biological Chemistry (2006-2009). She has been actively involved in the development of biomedical sciences in China and served as the panelist of the Chinese National Science Foundation Review Committee (2003-present), member of the Scientific Advisor Board of Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and was recently elected to be a member of the Board Directors and Secretary General, the Chinese Biomedical Investigators Society.



Topic: “Cancer research: from bench to bedside”




Dr. Xudong Jia贾旭东教授 (加州大Cal Poly Pomoa)  


贾旭东    ---   博士, 乔治亚州理工学院,1996

                        硕士, 多伦多大学, 1992

                        硕士, 北京交通大学, 1986

                        学士, 北京交通大学, 1983




题目:EDAPTS 加州州立综合技术大学的商业应用测试和推广




EDAPTS 研究计划已经到了商业应用阶段。目前加州州立综合技术大学正在对EDAPTS进行商业应用测试和推广。通过测试和推广,EDAPTS技术的商业应用性将得到进一步评估。EDAPTS测试和推广的经验将帮助中小城市乘公共交通公司采用EDAPTS技术。


Prof. Xudong Jia received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in transportation engineering and management from Beijing Jiaotong University in 1983 and 1986. He also received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in transportation planning and engineering from the University of Toronto in 1992 and from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996, respectively. Currently, he is a professor of the Department of Civil Engineering, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.


Dr. Jia’s research interests include design of transportation facilities, transportation system modeling, Geographical Information System (GIS)/Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies in civil engineering, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). He has published over 30 research papers and led numerous research projects supported by federal transportation agencies (including FTA, FHWA, Caltrans, EPA, California PATH) and regional and local agencies (such as the Southern California Edison, the City of Irvine, LA SAFE, Foothill Transit).


                                                EDAPTS Test Deployment at Cal Poly Pomona

本演讲介绍EDAPTS技术以及EDAPTS 加州州立综合技术大学的商业应用测试和推广进展情况

                                                                 Xudong Jia, Ph.D., P.E.

                                                          Department of Civil Engineering

                                California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomoa)


Transit users in small urban and rural communities face significant problems when using transit for primary transportation needs. The uncertainty of catching a bus that may come only once every half hour or longer to a rural bus stop is one of them. In response to this and other small transit problems, the California DOT (Caltrans) embarked on a research program entitled “Efficient Deployment of Advanced Public Transportation Systems” (EDAPTS).  The goal is to make Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies more available to the small transit community.


EDAPTS research is ready for its last hurdle - commercialization. A new transitional test deployment of an updated EDAPTS concept system is now starting at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California (Cal Poly Pomona). Through this test deployment, the commercialization of the EDAPTS concept systems can be further assessed and facilitated. Experience and knowledge gained from the test deployment will assist small transit properties in adopting the EDAPTS concept system and develop private suppliers.


The test system will provide students, faculty and staff at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) with real-time traveler information via methods similar to those used in the original San Luis Obispo test system. This includes the solar powered Smart Transit Signs and will consider other new features such as user empowering web-enabled phones and the Internet. The focus remains on using low cost schemes to most effectively provide traveler information to Bronco Express shuttle riders, hence making shuttle use more convenient for students.


This presentation will introduce the EDAPTS technology and summarize the current research status of the test deployment at Cal Poly Pomona.



4. CSA新疆访问团集体特别汇报:海外学者如何更好使用教育部春晖计划


Dr. Binghui Shen     沈炳辉教授 (COH 希望之城美国家医学中心)
Dr. Shenghe Huang   
黄胜和教授(USC 南加大)
Dr. LaoSheng Wu     
吴劳生教授 (UCR 加大河滨分校)
Dr. Bailian Li      
李百教授 (UCR 加大河滨分校)

Dr. Binghui Shen 沈炳辉教授 (COH 希望之城美国家医学中心)

    沈炳辉博士,现在美国洛杉矶国家医学中心贝克曼研究所放射生物学系教授、系主任。  1983年毕业于浙江大学(原杭州大学)生物系学士学位,1983 - 1986年在浙江大学(原浙江农业大学)农学系任助教,1991年毕业于美国肯萨斯州立大学生化系获博士学位,1991 -1994 年在美国加洲大学Irvine分校分子生物学与生化系做博士后研究,1994 - 1996年在美国新墨西哥Las Alamos国家实验室生物科学部做博士后研究。 2004年美国洛杉矶希望城国家医学中心贝克曼研究所细胞与肿瘤生物学系助理教授、副教授。 2004-至今,美国洛杉矶希望城国家医学中心贝克曼研究所放射生物系教授、系主任,NCI Designated Comprehensive Cancer Research Center研究员。

    沈炳辉教授是国际知名的放射生物学家。 他长期从事结构特异性内切酶、人类遗传病发病的分子机制和 DNA 修复多功能蛋白诱导因子等方面的研究工作,并做出了许多国际上创新性的成果,近5年来,在 Cell, EMBO Journal, PNAS, Cancer Research, EMBO Reports, JBC 等国际顶尖学术刊物发表论文30余篇,论文被SCI收录杂志他引1200余次。 多项研究项目获得美国NIH基金项目资助,总经费为590余万美元。 20066月受聘为浙江大学生物物理学科光彪特聘教授。

Binghui Shen, Ph.D.Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Biology, City of Hope National Medical Center. Dr. Binghui Shen has a Ph.D. degree (1991) in Biochemistry from Kansas State University and joined City of Hope as a junior faculty member in 1996. Dr. Shen is an established biochemist, who focuses on the biochemistry and genetics of enzymes called nucleases that are involved in DNA replication and repair. These nucleases are responsible for the removal of fragments of genetic molecules, including DNA damaged by radiation and other factors, as the cell creates copies of its DNA. Defects in these enzymes contribute to an increase in the number of mutations and can lead to cancers.

After graduating from Zhejiang University, Dr. Shen obtained his doctorate at Kansas State University. He completed his first post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of California, Irvine, then another in the Life Sciences Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

Dr. Shen’s memberships include the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Society of Radiation Research, the Radiation Therapeutics and Biology Study Section of the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense’s Breast Cancer Research Program panel and National Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed journal articles and, since joining City of Hope, has been awarded eight NIH-funded grants.


Dr. Shenghe Huang黄胜和教授(USC南加大)

黄胜和教授, 1981年毕业于中国医学科学院基础医学研究。1981 1985 在中国协和医科大学曾主讲酶的医学应用与酶工程, 其教学对象是研究生毕与本科生。1984年出版第一本在国内介绍临床酶学的专著[酶在临床上的应用]。在这段时期亦从事了化学物质诱发肝癌的研究。作为主要获奖者之一, 此项工作曾获中国卫生部科技一等奖。19852月至19861月应邀作为客座助理教授在美国科罗拉多大学医学院工作一年。1986年至1993年在南加州大学(USC)洛杉矾儿童医院(CHLA)从事博士后研究工作。1994年至1996年聘为CHLA研究助理教授从事脑膜炎研究。1997年至2004年聘为USC助理教授。2004年起聘为USC付教授。自1994年起曾先后兼任中国南方医科大学,同济医科大学与上海交通大学儿童医院客座教授2006年起聘为中国南方医科大学特聘教授。2003年与2005年先后当选为南加州华人教授学者协会科学理事与秘书长。

主要学术成就: 1). 发展分子生物学新技术。在发表的工作中大多与分子生物学相关。总共克隆与鉴定了大约20多个基因, 如人类基因dCK,ERP72, dTMPK, OmpAIbeA受体和20个微生物基因。本人为大多数克隆工作的主要作者。自1999年起聘为分子生物学与技术(JMBAB)杂志编委。主要发明了两种快速克隆全长cDNA与基因的PCR技术(IPCRRAGE)。曾多次应邀编写分子生物学技术的实验手册与教科书。2)1995年首次发表建立体内体外血脑屏障模型研究细菌性脑膜炎的文章(Infect & Immun 63:4470, 1995;该文已被引用90)以来成为中枢神经糸统感染领域国际知名学者。1995年以来共发表论文40多篇。曾应邀为微生物领域内顶尖杂志 Cellular Microbiology (影响因子IF 5.6)Microbes and Infections (IF3.4) 写专论文章。该领域研究课题一直得到美国NIH资助。3). 发展新学科感染组学(Infectomics) 2003年曾应邀就此新学科参加编写由国际最负盛名的自然杂志社出版的人类基因组百科全书 (Nautre EHG, 3:453-458)。这是第一部最权威最巨大最全面的人类基因组参考工具书。2004910, 20051011月与200678月曾应邀先后到德国参加国际学术会议、泰达生物论坛与中国多所院校就此题进行演讲。 19998月至9月、20049月至10月与20051011月曾应邀到南方医科大学,广东药学院,同济大学医学院,解放军总医院, 中国协和医科大学, 中国首都医科大学,中国医科大学与上海交大儿童医院讲学200510月曾在南方医科大学进行血脑屏障模型与脑膜炎的研究。


Dr. B. Larry Li李百炼教授 (UCR 加大河滨分校)

李百炼现任加洲大学河滨分校(University of California at Riverside)植物系数学与理论生态学终身教授和生态复杂性建模实验室主任。李教授主要从事理论生态学和生态学建模的研究,在国际权威杂志发表了130多篇论文,并出版了5本学术著作。他先后主持参与了美国国家科学基金(NSF)的重大项目、美国环保部、能源部、农业部及加州政府的有关部门、以及国际科学技术中心所资助的课题20多项。在理论生态学领域里,他先后创建了一系列理论,尤其是在生态学相变、生态学模式形成、生物侵入的数学模型、代谢生态学、整体景观生态学等方面作出了重要贡献。因其对理论生态学的杰出贡献和创立生态复杂性这一新兴学科,2005年被俄罗斯科学院科学委员会选举为该院名誉教授。因其对人类生态学的突出贡献,于1988年当选为美国人类生态科学院院士(IHE Fellow),成为该院第一批全世界获次殊荣的40位院士之一;他并获得澳大利亚CSIRO Fellow奖;199319941996年三次获得德国联邦科技部和德国生态中心访问教授奖;2004年,被国际最大的出版社ELSEVIER邀请创办了国际学术刊物《Ecological Complexity(生态复杂性)》,并担任主编;2006年被法国Le Havre大学授予“University Professor(大学教授)”称号;以及,2006年当选为世界生态学2007年高峰会议国际科学委员会主席。




Dr. B. Larry Li is Professor of Mathematical and Theoretical Ecology and Director of Ecological Complexity and Modeling Laboratory at University of California-Riverside with a broad interdisciplinary background and experience in mathematical, statistical and computational modeling applications in ecological studies. He has published more than 130 refereed journal articles, 23 book chapters and proceedings papers, and 8 books or edited special issues.


He is an elected Fellow (1988) of the Institute for Human Ecology, USA, “in recognition of outstanding contributions to human ecology”, elected Guest Professor (2000) of Systems Ecology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, “in recognition of outstanding contributions to systems ecology”, and elected Honorary Professor (2005) of Russian Academy of Sciences, “in recognition of his fundamental contributions and pioneering role in developing modern theoretical ecology”. He also received Visiting Scientist Awards from German Ecology Centre in 1993, 1994 and 1996, and French ‘University Professor’ Award from Le Havre University in 2006. He is faculty associate and Ph.D. major professor with Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Russian universities and research institutions. He also served on several professional committees and review panels of federal funding agencies, including the Editorial Board of Ecological Modelling and Environmental and Ecological Statistics, and Swiss Federal Research Institute’s Publication Board (Landscape and Forestry), International Association for Ecology's Statistical Ecology Program Committee, U.S. NRC Twinning Program, DOI Research and Monitoring Program, DOE Computational Science Initiative Panel, and two NSF Priority Research Areas’ Advisory Panels. He is also Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the international journal: Ecological Complexity, which Elsevier launched in March 2004, now with the first impact factor (2005): 1.409. Recently, he has given lectures across Asia, Europe and North America, and has been invited to give keynote or plenary lectures to four major ecology meetings as well as four National Academies. He is also Chairman of International Scientific Committee of EcoSummit 2007, Beijing.



Dr. Laosheng Wu吴劳生教授 UCR 加大滨分校)











l     美国西部土壤物理研究委员会秘书(1997年)

l     美国西部土壤物理研究委员会主席(1998年)

l     加州大学农业与自然资源分部农业水管理任务组主席 (2000-2001

l     加州大学农业与自然资源分部水质工作组主席(2002年)

l     美国农业部全国水质量项目加州水质量技术推广协调员(2000年至今)

l     加州大学水资源管理中心副主任(2001年至今)

l    美国土壤学会会刊编委(2000---2006年)和一些重要学术刊物, 科研项目的审稿人和评审人

l   北美华人土壤与作物科学家联合会秘书(2001), 主席(2002)。


 Dr. Laosheng Wu, Professor of Soil Physics and Cooperative Extension Water Management Specialist Department of Environmental Sciences at University of California

Postdoctoral Research Associate: April 1991 to June 1994,

Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.): July 1987 to March 1991, Department of Soil Science, University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN 55108

Graduate Research Assistant (M.S.): June 1985 to June 1987,

Department of Soil and Science
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331

1987 to 1991: Ph.D, Soil Physics, Soil Science Department, University of Minnesota.
1985 to 1987: MS, Soil Physics, Department of Soil Science, Oregon State University.
1978 to 1981: BS, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry. Zhejiang Agricultural University, Hangzhou, P. R. China.

Principal research interests have been in the areas of measurement and modeling water and pollutant transport in field soils; development of best management practices to maximize water and fertilizer use efficiency and minimize surface and ground water pollution. At present, I am conducting research on irrigation uniformity effect on crop yield and nitrate leaching, infiltration measurement and modeling, shallow groundwater management, instrumentation for measuring soil physical properties, and developing proposals on turfgrass irrigation and salinity management.

Associate Director, Center for Water Resources University of California (Jan 2003-present)
California State Water Quality Coordinator USDA-CSREES National Water Quality Program (2001 to present)
Chair Water Quality Workgroup, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UCR (Jan. 2002 - Dec. 2002)
Chair Agricultural Water Management Task Force, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UCR (2000-2001)
Chair Western Regional Soil Physics Research Committee (1998)
Secretary Western Regional Soil Physics Research Committee (1997)

Treasurer Gamma Sigma Delta, The Honor Society of Agriculture, UC-Riverside Chapter


5: CSA Convention Hosts and Conveners









Dr. Zhenying Jiang 姜镇英教授 (Barstow College

CSA President


1974 年毕业于"五校合一" 的上海师范大学 (现为华东师大、上海师大和上海体育学院) 。早期任教於上海中医药大学并兼基础部委员。1983年初赴美国盐湖城犹他 大学健康学院任教并深造,获硕士和博士学位。1991年应聘巴士度学院先後任教授、科学数学与健康系部主任及校务委员会副主任, 并兼任复旦大学、华东师大和上海体育科研所 客座教授、中国健康教育协会海外顾问、美国健康教育协会研究委员会和多元文化委员会成员、CSA教授协会秘书长、会长...


Dr. Yong-Gang Li 郦永刚教授USC南加大)

CSA Vice President

Prof. Yong-Gang Li 郦永刚教授USC南加大)

CSA Vice President

Prof. Yong-Gang Li in Earth Sciences Research Faculty at University of Southern California (USC) is a distinguished earthquake specialist. Dr. Li is also a Senior Scientist in Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC). He was graduated from Fudan University in mid of 1960s, a Visiting Scholar to USA in 1981, and received his Ph.D. of Geophysics & Seismology at USC in 1987. Prof. Li is the Principal Investigator and group leader of multiple research projects (over millions of US Dollars) awarded by National Science Foundation (NSF), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and SCEC. His pioneering research in discovery of fault-zone trapped (guided) waves and new findings in characterizing spatio-temporal features of active earthquake faults in 4-D have been recognized by earth scientists world-wildly. These breakthrough findings input new ingredients in earthquake investigation. Dr. Li has published 4 important papers in prestigious scientific journals <<Science>> and <<Nature>> since 1990, and more than 100 refereed papers and scientific articles, in which he is the lead author. Prof. Li convened professional sessions and gave invited talks at International Conferences and Academic Institutions often. He is the Advisory Professor and Consultant of Duke University and several domestic and international Universities and Institutions. Prof. Li is also invited by Chinese Ministry of Education as a Specialist Scientist for evaluation and assessment for Chang-Jiang Scholarship Award Professors. He is serving on editorial boards for academic publications, proposal reviewer for government funding agents and paper reviewer for scientific journals. Prof. Li is often interviewed by news media for outreach of his scientific expertise to public communities, leading them to have a better understanding of earthquakes and natural hazards. His biography is listed in Gale-American Men and Women of Science, Geo-Times, and Who's Who publications. Dr. Li’s current research at the San Andreas Fault to monitor the process of earthquake generation and variations in fault-zone physical properties is awarded by NSFEarth-Scopeprogram that is the largest multi-disciplinary earth science research project in USA.


Dr. Kwan Ming Chan 陳钧铭,博士,海洋及环保学家,加州州立大学长堤分校教授,海洋研究基金主任。(CSA Treasure, Former President 2003-2004)








Dr. Lisa Yunxia Wang 王云霞教授 (Cal Poly Pomoa)

CSA Board Director of Science and Engineering

Dr. Lisa Wang is an associate professor in Civil Engineering Department at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  Before she joined Cal Poly in 1999, she was with an engineering consulting firm Boyle Engineering Corporation in Newport Beach.  Dr. Wang received her Ph.D. in Structural and Earthquake Engineering from the University of California, Irvine, her M.S. in Geotechnical Engineering from China Academy of Railway Sciences, and her B.S. in Civil Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University.  At Cal Poly Pomona, she teaches classes at undergraduate and graduate levels in Structural Engineering.  She serves as the Director of the Structural Testing Laboratory, and currently chairs the department Graduate Studies Committee.  Her research aims at providing a fundamental understanding of structural behaviors under complex environmental conditions by both numerical and experimental simulations.  Her latest grant is awarded by NSF Major Research Instrumentation program (MRI).  The amount of the award is $125,300 which is for her project “Acquisition of Seismic Simulating System for Integrated Research and Education in Structural Engineering”.


Since the original establishment of the Chinese Scholar’s Association, She has been an active member of the association, which she considers as the home of many talented individuals with similar background and vision.  During the past few years, she has attended the major events of CSA, and contributed to the CSA’s first publication – Academic Perspective.  Dr. Wang’s leadership skills come from her service at the department and university levels as well as the national technical committees.  She served as the co-chair of the university Faculty Development Advisory Committee (FDAC), and board member on the Asian Pacific Faculty Staff Student Association (APFSSA). 


Dr. Kern Kwong 邝国强教授 California State University Los Angeles

CSA Board Director of Humanity and Social Science


Dr. Kern Kwong is the Full Professor and Former Chairman of the Department of Management, California State University, Los Angeles. He is also the Director of Asian Pacific Business Institute (APBI), a President chartered institute at California State University, Los Angeles.  He received his Bachelor Degree (Economics) from Chinese University of Hong Kong, MBA (International Business) and Ph.D. (Operations Management/ Strategic Management) from Georgia State University in 1986.  He has published more than 50 articles and books and made more than 40 presentations in professional conferences.


Dr. Kwong consults extensively in the United States and Asian Pacific countries; he has done consulting projects for Saudi Aramco, Southern California Edison, Goldlion Holdings (U.S.A) and other international firms.  Dr. Kwong has held executive positions in several firms in the Untied States of America. 


Dr. Kwong has conducted extensive executive management training programs for National, Provincial and Municipal Governments as well as enterprises of the People’s Republic of China (www.calstatela.edu/apbi).  He has trained over thousands delegates from China over the last fifteen years.  During last five years, APBI provided long-term as well as short-term training programs to Asian Countries.  APBI provided long-term training programs to delegates from Guangdong Province (52 delegates for one-year term) and Zhongshan City (13 delegates for 10 months), Xinfang City (24 delegates for 4 months), Heilongjiang Province (85 delegates for 6 months), Harbin (60 delegates for 4 months), and Zhejiang Province (84 delegates for 4 months).  APBI also provides short training programs for delegates from several provincial and municipal governments as well as delegates from many State Departments from the National Government of the P.R. of China.  Dr. Kwong also provides training to delegates from other Asian countries, including Vietnam, Korea and Japan.  Dr. Kwong maintains extensive contact with these trainees so that he creates an extensive network to conduct research, business and related activities in these countries. 


APBI has been provided excellent training programs for Chinese Delegates for many years. On November 6, 2001 APBI was awarded the Certificate for International Exchange of Personnel for Oversea Organizations from State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, P.R. of China. 


He has also served director and officer on non-profit organizations such as Los Angeles – Guangzhou Sister City Associations, International Association of Business Forecasting and American-Chinese CEO society.

 Zhen-Gang Wang
Picture (Metafile)
Dr. Zhen-Gang Wang 王振刚教授(加州理工学院)

Professor of Chemical Engineering at Caltech


B.S., Chemistry, Beijing University, 1982; Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Chicago, 1987


Postdoctoral Research:

Exxon Research and Engineering Co., 1987-1989; University of California, Los Angeles, 1989-1991



Statistical Mechanics of Complex Fluids; Polymer Physics; Evolutionary protein Design; DNA Biophysics


Awards and Honors

Fellow, American Physical Society (2001); Alfred P. Sloan Award (1996); Richard M. Badger Teaching Prize (Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, CALTECH) (1995); Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (1995); Visiting Research Fellow, The Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (1993); Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award (1991).


CSA美国华裔教授学者协会2006年会 - 特别邀请函



Here is "The Highlight of CSA 2006 Convention Program" 


Conference Theme/大会主题

Interaction of US-China & in the Frontier of Science and Technology



Host/主办单位:         CSA/美国华裔教授学者协会(南加州)

Co-host:                      CSSA-Cal Tech/加州理工学院学生学者联谊会


Address: 加州理工学院 1200 E. California Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91125


Date/日期: Nov. 4th. 2006


Tentative Program Schedule (Afternoon Session – Admission:  free)


1:00pm              Registration – Check in

(Science Section: Baxter Lecture Hall; Social Science Section: Room 106 - Spalding)


1:30pm              Membership Social and Networking


2:00pm Panel A – Science and Engineering Section (Baxter Lecture Hall)

Chair: Dr. Lisa Wang 王云霞教授 (Cal Poly Pomoa)


Presenters: 2006 CSA年会下午作学术报告的著名工程与科学专家教授


“Giga-Scale System-on-a-Chip Design” 千兆集成芯片设计

- Dr. Jason Cong          丛京生教授 (UCLA)   


Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: Interplay between Mathematics & Engineering Applications


- Dr. Tom Hou      侯一钊教授 (Cal Tech)


“Cancer research: from bench to bedside 癌症研究:从实验台到病床边

- Dr. Wu, Hong    吴虹教授 UCLA) 


EDAPTS Test Deployment

-Dr. Jia, Xu-Dong贾旭东教授 (Cal State Polytech - Pomona)  


2:00pm Panel B–Social Science and Humanity Sessions (Room 106 - Spalding)

Chair: Prof. Kern Kwong 邝国强教授 (CSULA)


Presenters: 2006 CSA年会下午作学术报告的著名人文与社会科学专家教授


“Privatization, Corporate Governance, and the Evolution of China’s Capital Market”


            - Dr. Chen Chao 陈超教授 (CSUN


“Comparison of Student Affairs Management in Higher Education between United States and Selected Asian Countries”


- Dr. Howard S. Wang 王世本博士 (CSU-Fullerton)

“Multiple vs. Single Subject Approach: A Comparative - Case Study of Teaching in American and Chinese Schools

多科与单科教学方法之比较: 中国与美国学校教学的案例探索

- Dr. Justine Zhixin Su苏智欣教授 (CSUN)


“Chinese Teaching and Credentialing” 在美国教授中文及如何取得教学资格

- Dr. Kylie Hsu (CSU-LA)


4:45pm Panel C:  Special Report: CSA新疆访问团特别汇报 - (Baxter Lecture Hall)

Chair: Dr. Shen, Bing-Hui         沈炳辉教授 (COH 希望之城美国家医学中心)




- Dr. Shen, Bing-Hui     沈炳辉教授 (COH)

- Dr. Li, Bai-lian           李百炼教授 (UCR)

- Dr. Huang, Sheng-he黄胜和教授 (USC)

- Dr. Wu, Lao-Sheng   吴劳生教授 (UCR


6:00pm Banquet Check-in (Building: Dabney Lounge) 出席时请着正装

(RSVP Fee: $25 for CSA Scholars or new members – Dress code: Formal)


6:30pm Banquet –- Dr. Li YongGang郦永刚 教授        


Special Guests & Keynote Speakers 晚宴主讲嘉宾 Dr. Zhenying Jiang姜镇英 教授


鍾建華總領事致詞Zhong Jianhua, Consul Genera, PRC


 “Current Intellectual Trends” 

- 诺贝尔生理/医学奖得主 Prof. David Baltimore (Caltech)

(Convener: Dr. ZhenGang Wang王振刚教授(加州理工学院)



-         陈骏校长 President Chen Jun, Nanjing University(南京大学

(Convener: Dr. Kwan Ming Chan陈钧铭教授)


Music Performance:

 <<弦乐二重奏>>   小提琴-宋晓晨   大提琴-王兆霖 (USC)



Parking information (停车注意事项): http://parking.caltech.edu/permits.html#visitor


The following site contains several formats of the Caltech map:  


Baxter Hall (for Plenary and Natural Sciences and Engineering Sessions) is Bldg #77,

Spalding (for Social Sciences and Humanity Sessions - afternoon) is #41,

Dabney Lounge (for banquet) is #40.


RSVP 大会注册:Afternoon Conference Fee:   Free
在白天进行的年会学术演讲 将对所有的专家学者、研究生和听众公开(免费 - 须先订座)


Evening Banquet (晚宴座位有限,须先订座 - 出席时请着正装):

CSA Regular member      $ 25 (This will cover 2007 CSA membership)
CSA Lifetime member     $ 10

Non-member                   $ 50

Table of 10                     $250

(RSVP Deadline:  Noon, 10/27 Friday)


Special Attention - Membership Information: http://csasc.org/index_files/Page1135.htm

·        All scholars or professionals who have doctoral degree are welcome to be our CSA Lifetime members ($200) or regular members ($25/year)

·        All graduate students are eligible to be our associate members ($10/year)

·        All scholars or professionals who have master’s degree or other degrees are welcome to be our associate members ($10/year)


Please mark your choice of ENTREES (请从下列主菜单选择其一)

(   ) Whole Herb Porcini Crusted Beef

(   ) Sea Bass with Sake Braised Shitakes


(   ) Pan Roasted Roasemary Chicken


PLEASE fill the following:
Contact Name_________________

Work Affiliation________________ 

Email Address_________________



1. Yes, I will be attending the CSA convention at afternoon section on 11/4 in Cal Tech with ________ guests/students


2. Yes! I will attend the Evening Banquet.


        a. I am a CSA lifetime member _________________$10


        b. I am a CSA Regular member, I will join/renew my CSA membership for 2007 (the $25 membership fee covers you complimentary seat)


        Please reserve_______________ seat(s)  @ $25 per person. Included is my check payment of $_______________________


        c. I am not a member of CSA but I would like to support CSA.
        I understand that my contribution to the CSA is tax-deductible and is voluntary.  I would like to contribute/pay the following:


Attending banquet:___$50, Supporter:___$75, Patron:___$100 or more

        Please reserve _________seats for me for the Banquet on 11/4/ 2006 (Confirmation can be e-mailed to you upon request)


        Check enclosed in the amount of $______________


Please return the form and your payment check to “CSA” before

Oct. 27th 2006 to:
Prof. Kwan Ming Chan, CSA Treasurer
P. O. Box 1953, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA


Online RSVP: http://csasc.org/index_files/this.htm


RSVP through E_mail: 

姜镇英 zjiang@barsotw.edu  郦永刚 ygli@usc.edu  

黄胜和 shhuang@hsc.usc.edu  陈钧铭 drkmchan@gmail.com



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沈炳辉            基金筹备理事 

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