2006年第20  創刊第348             07/25/2006


Upcoming Events and Call for Participation

v     CSA 2006年会将于114日(星期六)在加州理工学院举行

v     Invitation Letter from Chinese Academy of Sciences: Academician Round-table Conference - Science Forum of China International Industry Fair (Da Hsuan Feng

v     "Peony Pavilion 牡丹亭" Comes to Southern California (UCLA - Richard Gunde)

v       - 广东省侨办调研团座谈晚餐会 

v     Invitation to Chinese Oral Practice and Writing Contest for Children - CSSA Children Activity Series: “Learning Chinese Language and Culture”


News and Announcements

v     中国推出社科院士

v     China Works on New Space Launch Vehicles

v     耶鲁校长雷文轰大陆教授做官

v     More Reforms for Chinese S&T Management (MOST)

v     宁波诺丁汉大学计划全世界招收200名硕士研究生 在中国内读原汁原味的英式大学

v     China, US to facilitate high-tech trade growth

v     WHO出台国际健康新标准

v     New Projects for SMB (MOST)

v     返乡投资 不必“挟洋自重” (吴琦幸)

v     China's Forex Reserves Hit US$900 Billions

v     亚裔家庭收入冠居全美 (China Press 余东晖)

v     China sets new regulations in passport issuance

v     帮助中国科研和世界合作 蔡南海当选中科院外籍院士 (沙卫

v     China found new clean energy

v     美国120万高中生不能及时毕业

v     China to launch 50 satellites in next 5 years

v     中国现有405万贫困大学生 178万人未获助学贷款  (李莉)

v     Shanghai school tries to combine Eastern and Western educational styles

v     中国金融期货交易所9月开张

v     China raising 10% of renewable energy in 2020 (SDRC-China)

v     中国国内优等生纷纷备考美国高考 (郑勇)

v     500 Million for Chinese Proprietary Innovations (MOC)

v     长三角居民收入调查公布 绍兴最高

v     China-U.S. co-op industrial park project starts in central China

v     中国教育部副部长赵沁平:大力推进高校科技创新

v     Most government sponsored Chinese students return from overseas

v     邱晓华:中国经济5年后超德

v     China aims to be most attractive place for foreign students

v     中国高校2400余专业过多过细 (张晓晶 宋常青、叶薇、邢佰英)

v     State Council Lists Top Priorities

v     举债搞政绩 部分中国官员升迁捷径? (李镭)

v     Software industry expects 30% annual growth

v     中国投资实务:外商投资钻石交易、加工企业的设立

v     China,US to facilitate high-tech trade growth

v     中国投资实务:外商投资维修服务企业的设立

v       美国华裔医学科学家协会 (NSMS-CAA)  - Job Opportunities



CSA 2006年会将于114日(星期六)在加州理工学院举行

亲爱的朋友:  夏日好。


我们非常荣幸地以华裔授学者协会(CSA) 的名义诚挚地邀请您和您所代表的专业团体参与支持我们2006年的年会。 今年的CSA年会将于114日(星期六)在加州理工学院举行。2006年会的主题是:“中美合作互动—在科技前沿领域”


本次年会旨在为各位有识之士提供一个优质的分享展示平台, 将各位的专长, 研究领域, 研究进展成果,和正在从事的项目, 以及各个科技前沿领域的新动态和发展发扬光大, 以便加强海内外交流,促进广泛合作。 与此同时,我们也愿以华裔教授学者协会广泛深厚的学者资源,使您的参与和支持获得中美两国专家学者的关注与重视。我们真诚地邀请所有的教授/专业人士以及在校的研究生参与盛会。无论您来自人文社会科学或者工程自然科学领域,我们都热诚欢迎。








姜镇英            会长                            zjiang@barstow.edu  

郦永刚            副会长                        ygli@terra.usc.edu 

黄胜和            秘书长                        shhuang@hsc.usc.edu  

陈钧铭            司库                            drkmchan@gmail.com

沈炳辉            基金筹备理事             bshen@coh.org 

邝国强            人文与社会科学理事kkwong2@calstatela.edu 

王丽莎            工程与科学理事         ylwang@csupomona.edu


Invitation Letter from Chinese Academy of Sciences: Academician Round-table Conference - Science Forum of China International Industry Fair Da Hsuan Feng


China International Industry Fair 2006 (CIIF) will be held in Shanghai, China in November 2006. It is organized by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Council For the Promotion of International Trade, Shanghai Municipal People's Government.


Foreign scientists will be provided business class double tickets, five-star hotel room and lecture fare. They will also be invited to attend some important meetings.


Please refer to the attachment for the conference agenda—Introduction to the Academician Round-table Conference, Science Forum of China International Industry Fair.


We are looking forward to hearing form you and meeting you at the Forum.




 Prof. Wenqing Shen

Deputy Director, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Chairman, Shanghai Association for Science and Technology


Introduction to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Round-table Conference, Science Forum of China International Industry Fair


The Academician Round-table Conference was cultivated through years of Shanghai Science Forum and Science Forum of Shanghai International Industry Fair. Being a high-level academic conference, it serves as an important platform for academicians and social elites to reach consensus on forward-looking and strategic issues in science, technology, economy and a coordinated social development. A total of 114 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, together with a few famous professors, attended past conferences which covered the following themes: A number of issues on how to increase China’s creativity of science and technology, Impact to Manufacture Industry brought on by Informatization, How to propel the coordinated development of informatization and industralization, Informatization and Industralization—the development trend of modern equipment industry, Modern engineering and social development, Independent Creativity amidst New Industralization, etc. The collective wisdom enraptured from these conferences has helped strongly promote the development of Shanghai or China.


From 2006, the Academician Round-table Conference, aiming at an academic event of higher level, will be moved into Science Forum of China International Industry Fair from Science Forum of Shanghai International Industry Fair. This year’s conference is scheduled to open on the morning of November 15, 2006 (Wednesday) in Shanghai Science Hall with a theme of Construction of Creative Talents and A Creative Nation.


l       Primary arrangement for the conference



Nov. 14: reception

Nov. 15 (Wednesday) from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning: Academician Round-table Conference. Three hours of communication for participants, 20 minutes for each with about 100 listeners.

Nov. 16: Professional visit. Potential choice is one large demo creative engineering or pilot field.

Nov. 17: Conference conclusion.


Invited Guests

Lu Yongxiang (to be confirmed), Deputy Director of National People’s Congress, President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Xu Guanhua (to be confirmed), Minister of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China

Shen Wenqing, Deputy Director of National Foundation for Natural Sciences, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Yang Fujia, Vice President of China Association for Science and Technology, President of Nottingham University (U.K.), Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Alan G. Macdiarmid, Professor of Chemistry and Physics, University of Texas at Dallas and Nobel laureate in Chemistry, 2000

Da Hsuan Feng, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Professor of Physics, University of Texas at Dallas

Sir Phil Ruffles (to be confirmed), Vice President of The Royal Society

Sir Peter Williams (to be confirmed), Past President of The Royal Society


3. Topics of participants to be discussed at the conference are to be confirmed.


l       Contact Person

Fu Yong

Engineer, Academic Exchange Department

Shanghai Association for Science and Technology

47 Nanchang Road, Shanghai 200020, China

Tel/Fax: 86-21-53825118

E-Mail: fy@sast.stn.sh.cn


"Peony Pavilion 牡丹亭" Comes to Southern California (UCLA - Richard Gunde)

Kenneth Hsien-yung Pai’s "Young Lovers" Edition of the classic kunqu opera Peony Pavilion (Mudanting) will be performed over three consecutive days at UCLA, September 29- October 1, 2006, as well as at UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara, this fall.


Enriching one's understanding and appreciation of the art of kunqu, and of Kenneth Pai's Young Lovers Edition in particular, will be talks, demonstrations, lectures, receptions, etc. in the weeks leading up to the performances. These will be held in various venues in Southern California. A full schedule will appear in the Peony Pavilion in Southern California website: http://www.international.ucla.edu/china/mudanting/


- 广东省侨办调研团座谈晚餐会









地点:Colonial Kitchen Restaurant

1110 Huntington Dr., San Marino, CA 91108











Invitation to Chinese Oral Practice and Writing Contest for Children - CSSA Children Activity Series: “Learning Chinese Language and Culture”

Sponsored by Chinese World Journal, the CSSA-UCLA is holding a Chinese Oral Practice and Writing Contest for Children! To promote Chinese language education and boost Chinese culture heritage in the next generation of Chinese students and scholars at UCLA, CSSA will hold a series of children's activities in the year 2006-2007, namely, “UCLA-CSSA Children Activity Series: Learning Chinese Language and Culture” (CSSA-LCLC).


     A Chinese language exchange program, Chinese Oral Practice and Writing Contest for Children, will be held to initiate CSSA-LCLC on August 5, 2006.  The activity is supported by the largest Chinese newspaper in northern America: Chinese World Journal.



Participants can come to one or both sections below:

Oral Practice: each attendant is required to recite a Chinese essay/poem, or tell a Chinese story in 3 minutes on site. Parents should help kids prepare the topic and practice. Writing Contest: each attendant is required to write an essay by handwriting with fewer than 300 words. Choose any topic as you like.  Participants will be divided into three groups: a) younger than and 6 year-old, b) 7-9 year-old, c) older and 10-18 year-old . 



Oral Practice:  each participant will receive a gift from the sponsor. Writing Contest: a committee is to be formed to score each essay. In each group, top three scores are the winners.  The winners' names will be posted on CSSA website and all winners are awarded with a special gift provided by the sponsor.



To participate, please send email to cssaLCLC@gmail.com for registration, describing participants‘― name, age group, and interested section and oral/writing topic, contact info (email and phone number), one parent's name.



  1.  Registration deadline:   July 31, 2006,

2.         Oral Practice:    Saturday, Aug. 5, 10:30am-12:30pm

3.         Writing Contest:  submitted during Oral Practice in Aug. 5 at community center

4.         Location:  3200 Sawtell Blvd, Family House Community Center   

            Refreshment will be provided


We sincerely hope that the series of CSSA-LCLC activities, aiming to facilitate communication among CSSA members and their families, will bring a lot of funs to our children and their families with a variety of programs. Thanks for your attention and participation!



Program sponsor:  Chinese World Journal.






China Works on New Space Launch Vehicles

China will phase out the development of its space launch vehicles in three steps, said WU Yansheng, President of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, at a forum named “Innovative Beijing”, co-sponsored by both social and natural scientists. According to WU, the three steps will be: 1) improving the existing non-returnable launch vehicles, in an effort to meet payload launch needs of both domestic and international clients; 2)accelerating the development of new generation toxicity and pollution free launch vehicles, and completing the upgrading of non-returnable launch vehicles; and 3) developing proprietary new space launch vehicles, in an attempt to meet China’s strategic needs for space activities, and enhancing China’s comprehensive strength in the area. Both N2O4 and UDMH, propellants used in the CZ-series carrier rockets, are toxicant liquids that have to be burned and evaporated in upper air to reduce their contamination. If liquid oxygen, kerosene, or liquid hydrogen can be used as the propellants, the terminal product of burning will only be toxicity and pollution free water. Considering the current requirements for safety and reliability, the existing fuel gases will continue to be used in launching the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft, though the new fuel materials have entered experimental phases.








More Reforms for Chinese S&T Management (MOST)

To ensure the state treasury appropriation for S&T activities deserves what it pays for, the Ministry of Science and Technology recently issued the Comments on the Reform of National S&T Project Management, in an attempt to enhance the reform in the area. The Comments makes the following the priorities:


1) Establishing a unified information platform to provide seamless for national S&T projects management. From now on, national S&T projects shall be applied through this platform, rather than through an application interview at the physical project management authorities.


2) Establishing a unified consultation, review, and approval database for national S&T projects. The selection of experts who involve in consultation, review, and approval, shall be made on a random basis, following the principle of avoidance.


3) Enhancing the support for industrial technology innovation activities: Encouraging industry to be part of the implementation of national S&T projects; supporting industry to head the projects of commercial application perspectives; encouraging and supporting industry to establish independent or joint national engineering centers, in collaboration with research institutes and universities.


4) Strengthening the functions of management and supervision, and establishing an effective responsibility system. A number of key links, including consultation, decision making, implementation, and supervision, shall be defined with clear terms of reference, in an attempt to track down the responsibility to person, when a target project is not soundly implemented or supervised.


5) Personnel training and construction of S&T infrastructures shall be made important indicators for measuring a project & changing the past practice that uses technical breakthrough as the only indicator.


6) Strengthening the management of intellectual property, and making patents and innovations an important basis for establishing a project. Intellectual property and technology standards shall become the major indicators for measuring the implementation of projects.


7) Results or findings reviewing process will be abolished at the national level. National S&T projects shall be wound up through an approval process. The approval process shall focus on the realization of required targets and the completion of the project. The technical level assessment will not be taken as part of the approval process.


宁波诺丁汉大学计划全世界招收200名硕士研究生 在中国内读原汁原味的英式大学




在这所第一家中外合作办学的学校中,中国和英国不同的教育观念经常发生碰撞。学校还在建设时,一个口号的翻译引发了一场激烈的讨论。这句口号的英文原文是:Academic Excellence in the Service of Global Citizenship. 在招生简章上,这句话被翻译成:一流学术成就一流国际化人才。当时,中方很多人认为这句话应该翻译成:一流学术造就一流国际化人才。是“成就”还是“造就”,中英双方各执一词。诺丁汉大学执行校长 Ian Gow 认为,不同的翻译反映教育是培养还是服务的问题。如果翻译成“造就”,那就意味着学生的成功是学校的功劳。对学校而言,它更大的重心应该在学,而不是教。教授不是完全拥有知识的老师,他们只是拿着打开知识宝库钥匙的人。他们的工作就是打开门,让学生进来学习。




2006年宁波诺丁汉大学计划全世界招收200名硕士研究生。招生计划由两部分组成:直接录取学制一年的研究生及学制两年的研究生,专业包括国际管理、国际商务、国际传播学与法语/德语/西班牙语/汉语、金融与投资学和中国学(此专业只面向国际生)。国际管理的文学硕士招收本科专业为管理学、商业学、市场管理学、经济学、 金融和会计学等相同、相近专业的本科毕业生,金融与投资学文学硕士招收本科专业为金融或财会专业的本科毕业生。国际商务的招生对象为非工商管理类和实用经济学类的本科毕业生。国际传播学与法语/德语/西班牙语/汉语文学硕士的招生对象为任何专业的本科毕业生。




应英国诺丁汉大学校长杨福家院士和执行校长 Ian Gow邀请,CSA教授访问宁波校园 – 2006

China, US to facilitate high-tech trade growth

 It is learnt from China's Ministry of Commerce that recently, China and the US have held talks on various issues such as the implementation of the Sino-US high-tech and strategic trade work-team, as well as the reinforcement of their bilateral cooperation. Both parties state that they will strive to substantially facilitate the development of high-tech and strategic trade.


According to statistics in the US, their exports to China grew 118% during the 2001-2005 period, and the increased export products included dual-function products such as semiconductor manufacturing devices, chemical products, chemical manufacturing devices and high-performance computers. Nevertheless, the US party indicated that China's export control policy continues to be deficient, and fails to reach the US's anti-proliferation standard. Hence the United States has set restrictions on some export products to China, including some sensitive dual-function objects and technological projects that can be applied to military purposes.

















New Projects for SMB (MOST)

Under the guidance of an interim regulation on technology innovation funds for S&T oriented small and medium-sized businesses, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance has completed the review and approval of the first round of projects that will become the beneficiaries of the SMB Fund in 2006. Reviewed and assessed by a group of experts and institutes organized by the SMB Fund Management Center, a part of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 601 projects are approved, with a planned budget worth RMB 212.53 million, covering diverse areas, including electronics and information, biopharmaceuticals, advanced materials, machinery-electronics ensemble, new energy, and environmental protection.


To further enhance the openness and fairness of the Fund, and place the Fund under the public scrutiny, the Fund is also designed with a disagreeing mechanism for project approval, which allows different views or comments on the project within four days after it is publicized, in an attempt to collect different views or complaints about the project from all walks of life. Please see details at http://www.innofund.gov.cn/innobull/pub_list.asp?CYear=2006&CNum=1.


返乡投资 不必“挟洋自重” (吴琦幸)

笔者近日在中国考察,听到一位从美国回到中国定居的朋友说,她常常会与自己的一个最要好朋友争吵,起因却都是些非常鸡零狗碎的事情,争吵多了甚至也会伤和气。若问她都争论些什么?她则不好意思地说,“小事情小事情”。 再细问下去,却都是关于中美之间的习惯与文化差异问题。例如,她看到上海的交通繁忙,司机开车左转不让行人,便说在美国有专门的左转灯,汽车左转时,行人是不能通行的;行人通行时,汽车是必须让人的。又比如,在停车场上,中国的汽车都是倒着进去,车头朝前,以便离开时更方便。而美国的停车场则一律车头朝里,车尾在外。她说美国的停车规则好,她的朋友则说中国的好,还批评她崇洋媚外。圣诞卡,她也说美国的质量怎么怎么好,于是又引起朋友的反感,数落她月亮也是美国的圆。而她信誓旦旦地回答,月亮确实是美国的圆,因为那儿的空气污染少、透明度高。她的朋友便说,那你为什么不留在美国要回来啊?于是两人便无休无止地争论下去……










China's Forex Reserves Hit US$900 Billions   

China's foreign exchange reserves have topped the US$900 billion mark, keeping them the world's largest ahead of Japan's.  China's reserves -- which overtook Japan's in February -- had reached US$875.1 billion by the end of March, with an increase of US$56.2 billion in the first quarter of the year alone. The surge forex reserves can be attributed to steady growth in trade surplus and direct foreign investment.


China has recorded successive trade surpluses for 25 months. In the first five months of this year, the surplus amounted to US$46.8 billion, up 41 percent from the same period last year. Last year's total surplus of US$101.9 billion has led experts to predict that it will exceed US$100 billion again this year. Japan reported last week that its foreign exchange reserves were US$860.2 billion as at the end of April.



亚裔家庭收入冠居全美 (China Press 余东晖)





China sets new regulations in passport issuance

The China Exit and Entry Management Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security indicated that "Passport Law of the People's Republic of China" (referred to as the Passport Law hereinafter), which will take effect on January 1, 2007, has prescribed seven situations for denying passports to certain applicants. The new law includes part of the content denying exit that is currently stated in the Law of the People's Republic of China called "the Control of the Exit and Entry of Citizens", and adds three regulations that would deny passport applications, namely "those who do not possess the nationality of the People's Republic of China", "those who cannot prove their identities" and "those who cheat during the application process". It also cancelled one basis for refusal "those who are under reform by labor".


The Passport Law specifies in the 13th term that the passport issuance unit will turn down an application due to the following conditions:

1. Those who do not possess the nationality of the People's Republic of China;

2. Those who cannot prove their identities;

3. Those who cheat during the application process;

4. Those criminals serving their sentences;

5. Those who are notified by the courts that they cannot leave the country because they are involved in unresolved civil cases;

6. Accused of a criminal crime or are suspects in criminal cases;

7. Those who are believed to cause severe damage to the national security and interests by some relevant departments of the State Council if they were to leave the country.


The implementation of the Passport Law provided legal resorts for the restriction of illegal immigrants' passport applications, which shows the resolve of the Chinese government to stem illegal emigration. Th Passport Law prescribes that "those who have ever received criminal penalties for the violation of the border or frontier control provision, who have ever left the country illegally, illegal residents and illegal employees who have been repatriated, cannot be granted passports by public security units for a period between six months and three years."


帮助中国科研和世界合作 蔡南海当选中科院外籍院士 (沙卫

纽约洛克菲勒大学(The Rockefeller University)植物分子生物学研究室主任、华裔植物生物学家蔡南海教授(ChuaNamHai),日前被增选为中国科学院外籍院士。现年62岁的蔡南海是转基因食品课题上的权威,在国际上享有非常高的声誉。当选中国科学院外籍院士后蔡南海在纽约表示,他们认为我在学术方面还有一点小成就,令我感到很荣幸。蔡南海说,“我和中国科研界向来关系密切,是中国多个科学评议委员会的成员。接下来,我扮演的角色基本上还是一样,我会继续帮他们和世界各地研究院联系。”蔡南海曾多次访问过中国,并一直关心中国国内科学事业的发展。20063月,他在访问中国时同国内部分学者进行了交流,并希望中国能够尽快加入国际科研合作圈,从而使中国的科学发展同国际潮流在同一起跑线行走。


  1944年生于新加坡的蔡南海,现担任美国洛克评沾笱У闹丈斫淌冢⒘斓甲怕蹇朔评沾笱ㄒ灰桓龃邮轮参锷镅а芯康氖笛槭摇V泄蒲г焊鞲錾镅芯克加胁簧偃嗽诓棠虾=淌谂υ悸蹇朔评沾笱У氖笛槭依锝薰R桓鲋参镅Ъ夷芄辉谡庋凰陨镆窖行牡难芯啃痛笱Ю锷嫦吕矗⒎且资隆4?969年开始发表第一篇论文到现在,蔡南海已发表了300多篇研究论文。他所领导的科研小组在植物生长素信号转导(auxin signaling)研究中取得突破,发现可控制植物根部生长的新基因,他们的研究成果登上在20029月份的英国权威科学期刊《自然》(Nature)杂志封面。仍为新加坡籍的蔡南海曾任新加坡分子农业生物学院理事会主席,并在1998年和2002年分别获颁该国国家科技奖章和国庆行政功绩(金)奖章。他目前也是台湾中央研究院院士,1988年还当选为英国皇家学院外籍院士。




China found new clean energy

Chinese scientists recently discovered a latent flammable ice up-growth area southwest of the Dongsha Islands in the South China Sea. The area is likely to become the first choice of China's flammable ice exploitation in the future. Gas hydrate is commonly referred to as flammable ice. It is a new clean energy source found in the ocean and frozen earth belts in recent twenty years and can be a substitute of traditional energy sources such as oil and carbon. It is estimated that the total volume of organic carbon contained in the flammable ice worldwide is equivalent to two-fold that in coal, oil and natural gas. China did not begin substantial investigation and study on flammable ice until 1999, and has found evidence for the existence of it in three areas, including northern South China Sea and East China Sea.


The South China Sea Institute of Oceanology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences revealed that recently when carrying through detailed investigations, the scientific personnel discovered a carbonate concretion southwest of the Dongsha Islands in northern South China Sea. After an analysis in the lab, experts believed that there might be flammable ice hidden in the shallow layer of the seabed in this segment. It is learned that the carbonate concretion is another type of carbonatite sediments after Chinese scientists found carbonate substance in northern South China Sea. This area shows the geological feature of structural aggregate flammable ice of high content, large resource volume, high recovery ratio and considerable economic potential. This area is likely to become the first choice of China's future exploitation of flammable ice.  Specialists proclaimed that this achievement will expand the research and study scale of flammable ice in northern South China Sea and also accelerate the process of studying gas hydrate and obtaining flammable ice samples.



  公立教育的最基本的任务是确保学生能从高中毕业,让他们具有进一步接受未来教育、就业和当公民的能力。你可知道有多少高中生没读完高中?联邦教育部估计,每10个高中生就有一人退学。这比率也许还有点让人感到安慰。可是保守的曼哈顿研究所(Manhattan Institute)称,教育部的度量标准不全面。该研究所估计,高中新生只有三分之二能在4年之中毕业。而非洲裔或西语裔每两人里只有一个人多一点能及时毕业。有自由派倾向的经济政策研究所(Economic Policy Institute)则说,稍候毋躁。该研究所的研究人员估计,有80%的高中生获得了高中文凭。而且非洲裔或西语裔获得的比率是三分之二。


  教育研究中心(Education research Center)的“评论计划”的新研究报告,跟曼哈顿研究所的调查结果比较接近。这个以“计算文凭:毕业政策和毕业率的基本导引”为题的研究是在比尔·盖兹和米兰达·盖兹基金会支持之下进行的。它对于50州和DC,以及美国50个最大的学区的高中毕业率提供了详细的资料。该研究发现,4年前进入高中的学生,在刚结束的2006学年里,几乎有三分之一未能及时毕业。这相当于120万个高中生,多是少数族裔。应该注意的是,整体而言,就族裔来看,亚裔高中毕业率是全国最高的。约有75%的亚裔高中生及时毕业,高于白人高中生的63%。而白人高中生的及时毕业率又高于非洲裔高中生的及时毕业率(46%)。非洲裔高中生的及时毕业率高于西语裔(40%)。西语裔高于美国印弟安人(23%)。就城郊来说,郊区的高中生有74%及时毕业,城市高中生为60%。就性别来说,高中女生的毕业率高于男生。就州来说,新泽西州高中生毕业率最高(84.5%),毕业率最低的三州是乔治亚、内华达和南卡罗莱纳。但社会不接受这些数字里的任何一个。虽然新泽西州高中毕业率是全美最高的,但是该州每100个学生就有15.5人注定未来要过着勉强糊口甚至更糟的日子。


  哈佛大学的民权计划和“都市研究所(Urban Institute”的一份新研究发现,高中没毕业的青少年,入狱的机会是毕业者的300%。该报告并发现,过去20年里,美国南方各州花费在建造和维持监狱上的经费远远超过用于教育的经费。例如乔治亚州一年增加的监狱费用就高达1.05亿美元。另一数字也很惊人。在20022003学年里,乔治亚、佛罗里达、北卡罗莱纳、路易斯安纳和密西西比的高中退学人数是114382人。有些大城市毕业率成绩最差。美国第11大的学区在底特律,高中毕业率只有21.7%



China to launch 50 satellites in next 5 years

Over the next five years, China will launch some small satellites that are supposed to help people on earth with their work in meteorology, agriculture and telecommunications. Deputy director of the System Engineering Department under the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence (COSTIND) Zhang Wei said that during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period, China intended to launch 50-60 satellites into space, 60% of them to be used in aspects related to people’s daily life.


In the Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute, researchers are putting the final test to the Fengyun No.2 D Satellite before it is shipped out of the institute. By the end of this year, the satellite will be launched into space from the Xichang Satellite Launching Center, serving as another meteorological satellite in space together with the Fengyun No.2 C Satellite.


The functions of the two satellites are exactly the same. Unlike previous meteorological satellites that moved in static tracks, these two satellites are better equipped. They can not only monitor the activities of typhoons and monsoons on earth, an infrared sensor placed on the satellite enables them to detect heat very quickly. With the infrared sensor, the two satellites can accurately report fire disasters and their latest operation. In last May, a large forest fire occurred in the northeastern part of China. With the information sent by the Fengyun No.2 C Satellite, firemen were able to arrive on the scene in time to put out the fire.


In 2006, China will launch another satellite used for crop breeding. It can help scientists to speed up their process in seed selection and breeding. In addition, the Xinnuo No.2 Satellite, a telecommunication satellite with larger capacity and a longer service period, will also be launched in 2006. With this satellite, people will be able to receive over 200 TV programs at home. In addition to these satellites, many more satellites will be sent to space in the next five years that will play an important role in people’s life in areas such as city planning, land and resources surveying, ocean exploration, environmental monitoring and disaster prevention.



中国现有405万贫困大学生 178万人未获助学贷款  (李莉)






Shanghai school tries to combine Eastern and Western educational styles

Starting from Sept. 2006, the international affairs department of the High School Affiliated to Fudan University will work together with the College of Education of the Columbia University, the largest college of education in the United States, to organize classes based on international curriculums which will be taught in English. As one of the best high schools in Shanghai, and even in China, currently the school sends 85% of its graduates to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and other well-known universities in China, and tens of its students enter Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and other world-famous universities every year.


More and more foreigners work and live in Shanghai, but the education of their children is a major issue for them during their stay in Shanghai. Although there are more than 10 international schools in Shanghai, the teaching standards vary among them. In order to deal with this issue, the High School Affiliated to Fudan University, a traditionally famous school in Shanghai which has a strong foundation in the Chinese education system, would at the same time move beyond the limitations of the teaching language, and integrate international practices and concepts in education, so as to allay the worries of foreigners.


The school will engage foreign teachers or Chinese teachers who have studied abroad for the classes to be taught in English, which will soon be launched. It would also receive regular training courses by professors of education from the Columbia University. The curriculum will be established according to those of famous American private schools. The teaching will follow the course system and the teaching program made by the International Baccalaureate Organization. The school will seek to integrate in practice the Chinese traditional education style of being rigorous and substantial with the occidental education concept of innovation and exploration, in order to push forward the international development of China's secondary education.







China raising 10% of renewable energy in 2020 (SDRC-China)

 While striving to protect both ecology and environment, China will develop small hydropower over a number of river basins, including Jinsha River, Yalong River, Dadu River, Lancang River, and Nujiang River. The scale of small hydropower will reach 180 million kilowatts in 2010, and 300 million kilowatts in 2020. By that time, hydropower will take up 30% of the nation’s power generation capacity.


In 2005, China has established more than 60 windmills, with a capacity of 1.26 million kilowatts. In the coming years, China plans to construct a number of large wind power plants, which will eventually raise the installed capacity to 5 million kilowatts in 2010, and 30 million kilowatts in 2020.


As of the end of 2005, China has completed 1500 large methane gas projects, with an annual output of 1.5 billion cubic meters of methane gas. China has also established a well–functioned service system for the methane gas industry. Facing a strong market call, Chinese industries will upscale the production of biofuel to 10 million tons in 2020. In the area of solar energy, China has developed an annual capacity of 70,000 kilowatts, mostly in remote areas and some applicable sectors.


中国国内优等生纷纷备考美国高考 (郑勇)






中国学生留学美国主要集中在研究生以上层次。最常见的途径是:国内本科—GRETOEFL考试—申请出国。因此,许多家长希望孩子本科阶段能够进入北大、清华等名校,以便将来出国读研时候更具竞争力。事实上,随着美国签证形势好转,美国大学也欢迎更多的中国优秀学生直接进入美国大学接受本科教育。SAT考试为中国学生提供了申请美国大学的机会。特别是国内优秀的中学生,凭借优秀的SAT成绩完全能够被哈佛、耶鲁等美国名校录取。因为许多受中国名校青睐的学生,同样也被美国学校认定为优秀的招生对象。 SAT在中国大陆没有考点,需要到香港参加考试。一般而言,SAT每年有六次考试,对考生而言时间安排是比较灵活的,可以按照自己的时间安排选择合适的考试时间。


500 Million for Chinese Proprietary Innovations (MOC)

In 2010, Chinese high-tech products will take up 55%, and proprietary innovative products 20% of the nation’s total export volume for mechanic and electronic products. In 2005, China’s high-tech export has reached USD 218.3 billion, or 8 times that of 1999, or 28.6% of the nation’s total export volume, with an increase of 16%.


The Ministry of Commerce has made “rejuvenating trade with science and technology” one of the major projects initiated this year. An earmark worth RMB 500 million will be made available to support industrial proprietary innovations. The Ministry will also accelerate the construction of export oriented innovation bases, in an attempt to establish high-tech agglomerates of strong innovation capability and international competitiveness. The efforts will eventually lead to the birth of 160 proprietary brandname products, covering a range of areas, including electronics and information, major equipment, biology, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals.


长三角居民收入调查公布 绍兴最高 




China-U.S. co-op industrial park project starts in central China 


 A China-U.S. cooperative industrial park project "California industrial city" has started construction in Zhengzhou, capital of central Henan Province. The project lies in the southeastern part of Zhengzhou, between the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway in the west and the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway in the east. The project will be built in three phases,to accommodate industries such as aerospace, pharmacy, new materials, building materials, automibiles and electronics. The project is sponsored by Zhengzhou State-owned Assets Management Company and California Industrial City Development Corporation. The overall investment in the project will be higher than two billion U.S. dollars, with the infrastructure to be finished within three years. Foreign companies and some joint-venture companies will be introduced to the industrial park.






Most government sponsored Chinese students return from overseas


The China Scholarship Council (CSC), revealed recently that up through 2005, the number of government-sponsored students and scholars studying abroad total 22,000 and 18,000 of them have finished their studies abroad and returned to China to work as scheduled, a return rate of over 97%.  There has been a rumor that many government-funded Chinese students and scholars studying abroad prolonged their stay in foreign countries, resulting in a decline of the return rate. However, according to Zhang's statistics, the return rate of these students and scholars reached 92% in 1997, went up to 97% in 2000 and jumped to 98% last year, indicating a steady rising rate.


As to the issue whether students from Hong Kong and Macao can apply for Chinese government scholarships, the CSC had been engaged in discussions on this issue, but no consensus has been reached at this point. She also expressed her hope that students from Hong Kong and Macao can enjoy the same treatment as soon as possible.  Since CSC was established in 1996, it has adhered to the policy of "supporting overseas studies, encouraging return to the motherland and freedom to choose destinations" and also adopts the management principle of "assuring individual applicant pass expert appraisal, fair competition, enrolling the best, signing contract for overseas studies and compensating for default." The sponsorship agreement signed by CSC and government-funded students and scholars studying abroad explicitly defines national and personal responsibilities and obligations and will supervise and urge those studying abroad on governmental scholarships to shoulder the obligation of serving the country.  In recent years, CSC has confirmed seven courses with sponsorship priority and will focus on the fields that urgently require development.








 China aims to be most attractive place for foreign students

China Scholarship Council (CSC) pointed out last month that in the past few years, the number of overseas students studying in China kept increasing year after year and reached 140,000 in 2005. China's next object is to become the most attractive destination for foreign students in the Asia-Pacific regions.  China's efforts to attract overseas students are not profit-oriented but aim at expanding its sphere of influence and creating a fine atmosphere for the peaceful diplomacy of the country.


The advancing such an objective is based on several considerations. China has a stable political environment and a rapidly-developing economy, which is one of the most important factors that attract foreign students. The higher education quality in China has been gradually recognized by foreign universities and overseas students. China's overall environment for overseas study is getting better as the accommodation, schooling, and medicare conditions for foreign students become more humanized and internationalized and the tuition in China is quite low compared with other countries.


Every year CSC offers governmental scholarships for students from more than 150 countries to study in China according to related exchange agreements and plans with these countries. The number of foreign students who receive scholarship from the Chinese government has risen from 4,000 ten years ago to 7000 a year at present. The Chinese governmental scholarship for foreign students will increase from 7,000 RMB (US$875) presently to 14,000 RMB. This fund has basically been appropriated and the newly added part will be mainly used for the cultivation of high-caliber talents in exchange with foreign governments.



中国高校2400余专业过多过细 (张晓晶 宋常青、叶薇、邢佰英)



















State Council Lists Top Priorities 

The State Council of China's cabinet outlined its top priorities. The fast growth in fixed asset investment, over extended loans, shortages of energy resources and pollution remained major problems facing the country. It urged all regions and departments to carry out the economic blueprint of the Communist Party of China Central Committee produced earlier this year and to step up the adjustment of the economic structure, change growth patterns and further deepen reforms. Continuous efforts should be focused on agriculture and rural work to ensure the steady increase of grain production and the incomes of farmers. The fast growth in the fixed asset investment should be firmly curbed.


The Council urged all departments concerned to "strictly" control the approval of new construction projects, to reduce the land available for building and cut back bank lending. Further measures required to be taken to improve the availability of housing and stabilize property prices, it noted. The fast pace of loans being granted required to slow down but added that more support should be given to agriculture and small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of extending loans. The tough measures would be taken against those responsible for pollution. .


The State Consuil also called for balanced development in the country's foreign trade, further strengthening of control on the export of high energy consumption products, resources-extensive products and goods produced by industries which caused heavy pollution. They promised to continue improving their work and make every effort to solve problems related to the interests of the people.


 举债搞政绩 部分中国官员升迁捷径? (李镭)












Software industry expects 30% annual growth

 China's Ministry of Information Industry officials revealed last month that the software industry of China will experience a rapid increase in the next five years. The industrial scale will expand over 30% yearly and reach 1.3 trillion RMB (162.5 billion USD) by 2010, including US$12.5 billion worth of export. Software and information services are the core of the information industry. The structural adjustment and the ladder transfer of global information industry become increasingly apparent and create a fine opportunity for the software industry of China. Global software and information service industry maintained an annual growth between 15% and 20% in recent years and reached US$823.9 billion in 2005. It was estimated to exceed one trillion US dollars by 2008.


China's software industry was small in scale as a late starter and accounted for less than 10% of the world's total. In the past six years, China successively published two policies to support the industry in many aspects, such as investment, financing, taxation, industrial technology, export and income distribution, making the annual growth rate surpass 30%. In the upcoming five years, China's software industry will see a growth rate slightly higher than the international average. China has recognized 13,000 software enterprises. Last year, their revenue added up to 390 billion RMB, while their export volume totaled US$3.59 billion. In the next five years, China will issue more consummate policies to drive the development of the software industry.






























China,US to facilitate high-tech trade growth

China's Ministry of Commerce: China and the US have held talks on various issues such as the implementation of the Sino-US high-tech and strategic trade workteam, as well as the reinforcement of their bilateral cooperation. Both parties state that they will strive to substantially facilitate the development of high-tech and strategic trade.


Chinese Vice-Minister of Commerce Wei Jianguo and the Deputy Secretary of the US Commerce Department David A. Sampson attended the talks. The latter previously noted that if Chinese importers could prove that sensitive technologies imported from the US would not be used for military purpose, the US would consider relaxing the relevant export controls. David did not give more details at that time and only indicated that a complete set of relevant proposals would be published in the upcoming few weeks.


China and the US have strengthened their collaboration in the field of high-tech trade in recent years. In 2004, China's Ministry of Commerce and the US Department of Commerce agreed on the issue of ultimate user access and executed reciprocal letters at the 15th US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT). On April 11, 2006, the two nations agreed on the establishment of a high-tech and strategic trade workteam and executed reciprocal letters at the 17th JCCT.


David expressed that the US Department of Commerce is very satisfied with the cooperation between both parties in the field of high-tech trade, and it hopes to further expand exports of civilian high-tech and strategic materials to China.


According to statistics in the US, their exports to China grew 118% during the 2001-2005 period, and the increased export products included dual-function products such as semiconductor manufacturing devices, chemical products, chemical manufacturing devices and high-performance computers.


Nevertheless, the US party indicated that China's export control policy continues to be deficient, and fails to reach the US's anti-proliferation standard. Hence the United States has set restrictions on some export products to China, including some sensitive dual-function objects and technological projects that can be applied to military purposes.



























  美国华裔医学科学家协会 (NSMS-CAA)  - Job Opportunities


( 1 ) Associate Scientist

Avalon Pharmaceuticals
Location: Germantown, MD
Avalon Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company in Germantown MD, seeks an Associate Scientist for the Pre-Clinical Pharmacology Department, with the following qualifications:

    * Bachelors or Masters degree in the biological sciences with at least 2 years related experience;
    * Experience in tissue culture techniques and maintaining a variety of cell line stocks for use in in vivo models;
    * Experience with in vivo studies;
    * Knowledge of immunohistochemistry techniques; basic molecular biology skills including RNA and DNA extraction, preparation and evaluation, and PCR.

      The successful candidate will work as part of a team on pre-clinical and lead optimization projects.

      Good written and verbal communication skills and proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are essential. Avalon Pharmaceuticals offers its employees a team environment, where both individual and group effort is rewarded. The successful candidate will be flexible, self-motivated, and enjoy working as part of a team.

      For consideration, send cover letter and CV to: jobs@avalonrx.com or fax to: 301-556-9915. No calls please.

(2)  Drug Safety Associate
Yale Pharmaceuticals (YalePharma)
Location: Frederick, MD

Yale Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (YalePharma) is a global pharmaceutical company devoted to the development, manufacture and market of pharmaceutical and health care products worldwide, seeks an Drug Safety Associate, with the following qualifications:

We're looking for a Drug Safety professional with strong Business Object reporting and ARISg skills to join our team. In this role, your primary responsibilities will include:
* Processing serious adverse event reports from clinical studies and spontaneous reports associated with marketed products from initial receipt to case closure
Evaluating individual SAE reports and aggregate safety data
* Providing drug information about investigational and marketed products to internal and external customers
* Assisting in pre and post marketing safety surveillance and educational activities
* Assisting in preparation of BLA/NDA and IND safety reports, investigator communications, product labeling/package inserts, and other documents as necessary
Collaborating with Data Management and other groups to develop and maintain safety databases

* Bachelor's degree in a health science (preferably pharmacy or nursing) with 2-3 years of hands on safety reporting experience
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills
* Strong interpersonal skills
* Ability to multitask with attention to detail
* Ability to interpret complex safety data and write concise descriptive narratives
* Thorough knowledge of FDA and ICH reporting requirements/guidelines
* Experience with adverse event software (eg ARISg, Clintrace)

Job Id:  Y0607121
For consideration, send cover letter and CV to: Laura V. Marran  lauramarran@yalepharmaceuticals.com

(3) Senior Accountant
Yale Pharmaceuticals (YalePharma)
Location: New York, NY

Job Description--
The position will be responsible for monitoring FASB, SEC and GAAP rulings. This requires a thorough review of all rulings to insure the company stays in compliance and to determine what impact it has on its financial accounting and reporting. Additionally, position will support the preparation of the SEC filings and perform various G/L account analysis.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and at least two years experience working with GAAP and SEC accounting/reporting issues - Account Analysis, Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Preparation, SEC Reports, Corporate - SEC, Excel, IPO experience,  FASB

§ Corporate Finance, Treasury & Accounting
§ Taxation, Legal and Risk Management
§ Multi-Site Operations Management
§ Strategic Planning & Implementation
§ Corporate Administration & Governance
§ Cash Flow Optimization
§ Financing / Capital Raising / IPO
§ Mergers / Acquisitions / Divestitures
§ Sound SEC Reporting & Compliance
§ Investor Relations
§ Reorganization / Crisis Management
§ Internal Systems & Controls

Job Id:  Y0604892
For consideration, send cover letter and CV to: Laura V. Marran  lauramarran@yalepharmaceuticals.com