2007年第13 創刊第377                            4/24/2007 




Table of content - 本期重要目录

Upcoming Events and Call for Participation

v     关于举办中国海外学人黑龙江装备制造、石化和能源专题洽谈会的通知

v     Rethinking Divides in the Study of China - A workshop at UC Irvine (4/28)

v     The ACPSS 13th International Conference - 中国论坛:和谐、创新、发展

v     Seminar from Saguaro Recruiting & Consulting (CSSA-UCLA 5/3)

v     苏州工业园区代表团来访和洽谈 5/11

v     “Travel Destinations in China” – US_CHINA PEOPLES   FRIENDSHIP SSOCIATION of LONG BEACH (5/6/07)

v     天普大学的施源教授(Justin Shi)介绍潜心研究十年的【数据库集群】(Database Clustering)成果(4/28)

v     Invitation to the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch – From CSSA-UCLA (4/28)

v     征文: 体育传播与2008北京奥运会--国际体育传播特刊

v     Conference - “China, Globalization, and the Shifting Global Power Equation"

v     中国国家体育总局20072008年度科研攻关重点项目招标公告

v     ACSM sets a session for China Sorts Science Society (CSSS) – 6/1/07

News and Announcements

v     应上海欧美同学会长严东生邀请CAFA/CSA徐凯莉、扬照海、方興、陈超等资深教授将组团访问上海

v     社科院蓝皮书:07年中国股市继续牛市但风险加大

v     Depression overlooked in China

v     中国教育部:将会进一步规范中外合作办学秩序

v     中國在美研究生 近兩年激增 總數逾6萬人

v     New Chinese regulations on futures trading works

v     黑堡事件的省思 (營志宏)

v     男性喝牛奶越多越易患痴呆

v     Sentimental setback: top problem for Chinese college students

v     统计显示:加拿大移民博士四分之一来自中国大陆

v     2008年奥运会日渐临近 "学外语浪潮"席卷京城

v     Chinese scientific researchers should raise their sense of anxiety, expert

v     美國駐中國前大使芮效儉指出   美國民眾需接受中國日益強大事實

v     今年留美最后机会 了解美国签证奖学金政策

v     Prof. Guangqiu Xu (许光秋) new book: Congress and the U.S.-China Relationship, 1949-1979

v     两岸三地百余专家编纂《中国语言文字大词典》 历时15年出七卷

v     中国高中生留学美国  数学成绩是重要砝码

v     China to build global satellite navigation system

v     中国教育部门数十道"减负令"难见效  学生负担为何越来越重?

v     Message from International Chinese Society for Physical Activities and Health 2007


v     领军型人才紧缺南京今年拟纳 300海外精英

v     Job Opportunities – 美国华裔医学科学家协会 (NSMS-CAA)

v     深圳:五类人才可以个人身份申请入户

v     Job opening: 2-3 Software Programmers (H-1B work visa new filing procedures)

v     中国学生如何参加美国"高考"

v     Information Session: Fulbright Grad Student Fellowships (4/26)

v     浙江吸引海外留学人才 最高可获五十万创业资助




























如在发送邮件一周内没有收到回复,请来信(来电)确认是否收到报名材料。详细内容请查阅网址: www.hljocs.gov.cn 



Rethinking Divides in the Study of China - A workshop at UC Irvine (4/28)

Saturday, April 28, 2007
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
UC Irvine
Murray Krieger Hall, Room 126
Irvine, CA 92697

The goal of this workshop is to explore together various "divides"-ranging from temporal ones, such as the "1949 divide," to disciplinary ones, to geographic ones. How do these divides function within Chinese studies? What are the perils and possibilities of crossing over or ignoring them? Paper presenters and discussants will be encouraged to speak for no more than 15 minutes, to maximize the amount of time we have for Q & A and general discussion, and a final roundtable session will provide further opportunities for the exchange of ideas. Papers will be available a week in advance in electronic form-and if you would like to receive them please e-mail Jeff Wasserstrom (jwassers@uci.edu).

Morning session, 10:00 am -12:00 noon (Moderated by Kenneth Pomeranz, History, UCI)

"Ethnic Divides and National Divides"
Thomas Mullaney (History, Stanford), "Han, Solo: Understanding the Ethnonational Divide in Communist China"
Discussant: Charlotte Furth (History, USC)

Andrew Morris (History, Cal Poly Saint Luis Obispo), "Baseball and
Colonial / Ethnic Identity in Japanese Taiwan, 1895-1920s"
Discussant: Samuel Yamashita (History, Pomona)

Afternoon session 1:30 - 3:30pm (Moderated by Wang Feng, Sociology, UCI)

"Geographical and Temporal Divides"
Matt Johnson (History, UCSD), "Art, Myth, and Ritual: Politics and Film in China, 1896-1950'
Discussant: Lei Guang (Political Science, San Diego State)

Jeremy Brown (History, UCSD), "Unfit for the City: The Deportation of Political Outcasts during the Cultural Revolution"
Discussant: Su Yang (Sociology, UCI)

Wrap-up Session: 4:00 - 5:00pm (Moderated by Jeff Wasserstrom, History, UCI)

"A Roundtable on Disciplinary and Other Divides"
Susan Greenhalgh (Anthropology, UCI)
Guo Qitao (History, UCI)
David Schaberg (Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA)
Dorothy Solinger (Political Science, UCI)

For those arriving by car, parking lot 7 is the nearest place to park; the parking structure at West Peltason and Pereira is also close.

For more information please contact

Jeff Wasserstrom
Tel: (949) 824-0391

Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies, The Department of History, the Center for Asian Studies, the Department of Anthropology, and the World History Program, UC Irvine.


The ACPSS 13th International Conference - 中国论坛:和谐、创新、发展

China Forum: Harmony, Innovation and Development


The ACPSS 13th International Conference

October 26-28, 2007 (Friday to Sunday)

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio


Call for Papers


The Association of Chinese Professors of Humanities and Social Sciences in the United States (ACPSS) cordially invites you to submit a proposal for presentation at the ACPSS 13th International Conference. 


Conference Theme and Topics


Along with China’s rapid economic growth and changes in all sectors of its society, many issues, old and new, become intertwined and more dynamic than ever. In the past two decades, the on-going transformation of its economic structure, disparity in wealth, environmental impact of its development, unsettled social political infrastructure,  unemployment pressures and change of its labor force, quest for new cultural identity, and the danger of major international conflicts et cetera,  all demand careful analyses, wise decisions, and innovative approaches so that China can sustain its development and achieve its long aspired harmony with nature, among its people, and with the rest of the world. It is in this time of need and urgency that the ACPSS organizes its 13th Annual International Conference, bringing together scholars of many disciplines from the United States, China, and other countries to search for solutions and directions to a new harmonious China and the world.


Based on the theme of “Innovation, Development, and Harmony” this conference invites participants to address a general question: What innovative approaches can be utilized to solve China’s existing problems, sustain its development, and achieve the ultimate harmony?        


Sub-topics of the conference include, but are not limited to, the following:


(1)   Social and Political Harmony

Issues related to civility and social justice, social welfare/social security, educational opportunities, land disputes, NGOs, ethnic minorities, grassroots democracy, religious freedom, social movements, counter-cultures, gender equality, family structure and stability, community development, demographic transition, etc.


(2)   New Models for Economic Development

Issues related to urban and rural development, regional economic disparities, equal economic opportunity, government policy and market economy, new systems of banking and investment, technological innovation and economic efficiency, economic growth and social responsibility, etc.


(3)   Managing Public Health

Issues related to health service and cost, health care in rural communities, public health education on communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, effective response systems to manage medical emergencies on a large scale like the outbreaks of SARS and Avian Flu, the role of traditional Chinese medicine and emphasis on cultivation of good health, etc.


(4)   Environmental Protection and Conservation

Issues related to global warming, economic development and environmental conservation, new energy sources and energy efficient technology, urban development and sanitation, air and water pollutions, scientific use of natural resources and sustainable development, etc.


(5)   Diplomatic Relations and International Harmony

Issues related to China’s roles and strategies in world affairs, including international cooperation in anti-terrorism, Iranian nuclear dispute, Six-Party Talks on North Korean nuclear issue, relations with U.S., Japan, and other countries, China’s soft power in the global arena, etc.  


(6)   China and World Economy

Issues related to China and WTO, international trade, integration into international monetary system, overseas investment, energy demand, etc.


(7)   Media and Society

Issues related to the role of information technology and media in public discourse and the construction of social harmony.


(8)   Reforming China’s Educational System

Issues related to China’s educational system, government policies, educational opportunities, government and private investment, private and public education, educational leadership, teacher education, student welfare and services, educational innovation and technology, etc.


(9)   Cultural Heritage and Identity

Issues related to preservation of Chinese cultural heritage, integration of positive traditional cultural values and social norms in political, social, and economic activities, cultural identity, and individual pursuit of spiritual fulfillment and internal harmony.


Papers should be written in English and preferably in the length of a journal article. However, under special circumstances, quality Chinese-version papers will also be accepted.  Conference papers may be considered for publication in conference proceedings or the peer reviewed ACPSS official journal American Review of China Studies.


About the Conference Site


Ohio University was founded in 1804 and has a beautiful campus, with excellent conference facilities. Local communities in the city of Athens will present conference participants a unique picture of Midwest America. The end of October will witness the traditional hustle-and-bustle scene of intercollegiate football games on campus being mingled with trade-mark Halloween festivities highly reputed in central and southeast Ohio. Moreover, an hour drive from the university is the Ash Valley, a natural attraction with fascinating views, often described by the local Chinese community as pretty close to Zhang Jia Jie (张家界)--one of the most beautiful natural tourist attractions in China


Hotel, Transportation, and Dining


There will be a nice conference hotel, the University Inn (almost 5-star, within walking distance to conference site on campus), and its conference rate for participants is $119.95 plus tax (per night) for a double room, and the same rate is also for a single room. There are three other hotels in town (not within walking distance to the campus) such as The Hampton Inn, Amerihost, and Motel 8, and their rates vary depending on room demand for the October football season.


To receive the conference rate at Ohio University Inn, all participants must reserve their rooms by October 11, 2007.  Any rooms not reserved by this cut-off date will be released back to the hotel for general sale of $170-180 per night (due to the football season).  To make your own reservation, please call 740-593-6661 and ensure that you mention the group name ACPSS. Internet reservation is also available through the link: 




Columbus (in Ohio) is a major airport (airport code: CMH), and the local host of the conference will arrange one airport pick-up (4:00pm) on Thursday, October 25, 2007 and two pick-ups (12:00 noon and 4:00pm) on Friday, October 26.


There are some nice restaurants in the area, providing a variety of cuisines featuring both international and local flavors.


Submission Deadlines


Please submit papers, panel proposals, or detailed abstracts, with your detailed contact information (name in English and Chinese if available, affiliation, telephone numbers, etc), via email, to Dr. TIAN Xiansheng at tian@mscd.edu by August 25th, 2007, but we strongly encourage early submissions.  A committee selected by the ACPSS Board will review all submissions, and notifications of acceptance will be sent out no later than September 1, 2007.  Full-length papers are due by September 30, 2007.


Conference Expenses and Subsidies


Conference registration fees:

ACPSS member with paper: US$80.

ACPSS member without paper: US $120

Non-member with paper: US$140

Non-member without paper: US$180

Student participant: US$80


ACPSS may provide, subject to availability of funds, partial travel subsidy for participating presenters.


Seminar from Saguaro Recruiting & Consulting (CSSA-UCLA 5/3)

Members and Friends,


Graduate in June 2007? Start for job-hunting? Eager to build your network?


Now don’t miss your chance to register for our first seminar of CSSA “Bruin Talk” Seminar Series.


For this seminar, we will have a presentation from Saguaro Recruiting & Consulting, one of the famous nation-wide recruiting agencies and head hunting companies. Saguaro is dedicated in building connections between their clients—companies and institutes from medium sized regional firms to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations—with their perspective employees, graduate students and scholars. Saguaro has very successful experience in helping Chinese students searching good positions and jump-starting their careers.


This seminar will be a great opportunity to learn the company, network with professional consultants and share the working experiences, interview skills. More importantly, they will take resumes for their clients onside!


Pizza and soft drinks will be offered!


What: Seminar from Saguaro Recruiting & Consulting


Topics: Opportunities for Chinese students; Interview preparation;

Dressing tips; Opening skills; Negotiation skills; How to show your

strengths and how to ask questions.


Who: Keith Hayes, Partner of Saguaro Recruiting


When: May. 3rd (Thu) 1:00pm-3:00pm


Where: Will be sent to registrants by April 29th (Sun), 2007.


Language: English


Registration: Our capacity is limited. First comes, first served. UCLA

CSSA members will be on priority. Please email cssacareer@yahoo.com,

following the format:


Subject: Saguaro Recruiting Seminar


Body: your name, department or affiliation with UCLA, contact information

and topics you want to be discussed (optional)


Deadline: April 29th (Sun), 2007.


Register ASAP. A confirmation email with the location will be sent to the first 40 registrants.


Wish all our graduating members a successful career!


Career Development


CSSA-UCLA Committee


苏州工业园区代表团来访和洽谈 5/11


Dear Friends,


To further arrange the Workshop (SIP Introduction Meeting), please note the date of workshop is scheduled on May 11th.  Below is the specific information for distribution: 请相关企业家和管理层(包括创业型企业和已经较成熟的有意向到中国扩展的美国企业)和专业人士来进行交流座谈。



1.      Workshop Title: Business and Venture Opportunity in Jiangsu and Suzhou

2.      Organizer: UCEA, SDCA, SABPA, CAST, and Others

3.      Guests:  

a.       Ms. Daisy Gao, 高丽 Deputy Director, Suzhou Industrial Park Science & Technology Development Center; 苏州工业园区科技招商中心副主任,苏州工业园区科技发展有限公司副总经理,苏州工业园区国际科技园管理中心副主任,为园区服务了7年,南京大学国际金融专业毕业。根据园区管委会分工,目前主要负责的主要的三大方向行业的引进、服务和扶持: 软件(包括行业应用,软件外包和数字内容),IC设计,技术先进型服务外包(如业务流程外包等)。此行由于签证原因,园区专门负责生物医药项目的同事遗憾不能参加,但高丽会把园区生物医药发展的相关情况一并介绍。

b.      Mr. Clive Zhu朱超群, Senior Supervisor, Investment Promotion Dept. Suzhou Industrial Par Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd苏州工业园区科技发展公司高级主管。

4.      Date and Time: 4:30 pm on May 11

5.      Place: To Be Determined (in a hotel or restaurant in San Diego)

6.      Attendees: Entrepreneurs of the hi-tech (IT and Biotech) start-up company or the senior management of the matured US company


More IT and software experts and professionals are welcome.


Please help distribute this initial notice to whom it may concern.  Further information will be supplied soon.  One of the presentation slides is attached for your consideration.



Wei-Wei Zhang, MD, PhD
President and CEO
GenWay Biotech, Inc
6777 Nancy Ridge Drive 
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel:     858-458-0866 x 101
Fax:    858-458-0833
Email: wzhang@genwaybio.com  
Web:   www.genwaybio.com  


“Travel Destinations in China” – Invitation from US_CHINA PEOPLES   FRIENDSHIP SSOCIATION of LONG BEACH (5/6/07)

Presents: Zhang  Xin  Hong

Travel  Destinations  in  China

Sunday,  May 6,  2007


             Join us for a glimpse of the historic China, as well as unique newly opened destinations such as Uyjur, Inner Mongolia, and Tibet Autonomous Region.  Our speaker will be Zhang Xin Hong, Director of the China National Tourist Office, Los Angeles.


What: Travel Destinations in China

When: Sunday, May 6, 2007, 12:00-3:00 PM

Where: The Great Wall Buffet

            6731 Westminster Blvd. #122, Westminster, 92683           

Price:  Luncheon price $15.00,  Students $10.00


For information call Johanna Roden, 562-596-9195,  or Elizabeth Kraft, 562-596-8478

Mail checks for reservations to U SCPFA, P.O. Box 14617, Long Beach, CA  90853, by  May 1, 2007

Name: ______________________________________   No. of  Reservations __ @ $15.00 =  $ ________ 

Address: ____________________________________          No. of  Students  __ @ $10.00 = $ ________

                                                                              Your donation for student participation   $ ________ 

E-mail: ________________________   Phone: ________________   Total amount of check   $ ________



天普大学的施源教授(Justin Shi)介绍潜心研究十年的【数据库集群】(Database Clustering)成果(4/28)

Subject: PCCP (ACCP)/CASE Technology/Business Seminar on Database Clustering by Dr.Justin Shi et al.

Time: Sat 1pm - 4pm, April 28, 2007

Location:Merion Station Boy Scout House, 625 Hazelhurst Ave, Merion Station, PA 19066

1.  Database Clustering by Dr.Justin Shi

2.  PCCP 2007-2008 Presidential Candidate(s) and Election Announcement

3.  PCCP/ACCP/CASE Presentation in Shanghai, China in May 2007 by James Mu

4.  Other related issues by Kevin Hu, Sean Chen, James Mu, Andy Dai



会场在: Merion Station Boy Scout House 其地点适中,停车无忧。
625 Hazelhurst Ave, Merion Station, PA 19066
中了解到目前数据库映像技术(Database replication)的概貌,无疑会对您的
顺便说一下,Scout House 里并没有游乐设施,望带子女赴会的同仁谅解。
在行车距离内有商业区。距离 Royal Buffet & Grill帝皇豪庭约十分钟
(4504 City Ave, PA 19131)
Kevin Hu
Vice President, PCCP (www.pccp.org)
Sean Chen

President, PCCP

James Mu

Chairman, ACCP (www.accp.us)

Andy Dai

Chairman, CASE (www.entrepreneurssociety.com)



Invitation to the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch – From CSSA-UCLA (4/28)


Dear CSSA members,


Are you feeling tired of your experiments! Are you feeling the pc monitor more and more boring? It is time for you to break and take a good rest! This Saturday (April 28th, 2007) CSSA invites you to view the flower sea and breathe the fresh air full of fragrance. It will be a great adventure!


The vibrant wave of color that covers the hillsides locates at The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. This wonderful annual display of horticultural beauty opens in March promising to welcome you into a sea of floral color and aromatic delights. You will get to view the 50-plus acres of breathtaking Giant Tecolote Ranunculus, abundant roses in the All American Rose Garden, the world famous Ecke poinsettias and tour the entire ranch on an exciting tractor ride that is fun for the whole family, young and old.


The Flowers Fields is the only commercial ranunculus field in the world that is open to the public. The Flower Fields entertains and educates visitors of all ages from morning to dusk with flourishing gardens and community activities.


New This Year:


* Sweet Pea Maze - Find the solution to this one of a kind living maze! Immerse yourself in this living maze of fragrant and colorful "old fashion" sweet pea blossoms.

* Historic Poinsettia Display - Stroll through memory lane, a 1,500 square foot greenhouse filled with the world famous Ecke poinsettias. Enjoy hundreds of exciting poinsettias in over twenty rare , and unusual varieties. Learn the history of the world's best selling potted plant - The Poinsettia.

* American Flag of Flowers - Our brilliantly-hued American flag waves in the wind. Red, white and blue anemone flowers strategically planted on a 300 by 170 foot hillside pay tribute to the United States.


For a detailed description of this event, check the website:



Note: Prices: $9.00 for Adults, $8.00 for Seniors 60+, $5.00 for Children 3 - 10, Children 2 and under are Free. Bring your own lunch and water. The whole tour is about 100 minutes.


Local weather:



Drive Direction: Simply take 405. Head south and exit onto CA-73S toward CA-55/San Diego Via TollRD. Then head south and exit onto Interstate 5 to Palomar Airport Road exit. Head east (left turn) on Palomar Airport Road to Paseo Del Norte and turn left. Make an immediate right into the parking lot.


Transportation: CSSA highly encourage our participants to volunteer as drivers. Each carpool passenger needs to pay the volunteer driver $3. CSSA will try to arrange carpool for those who do not drive. The carpool will be assigned on a first-sign-up-first-serve basis. Carpool may NOT be guaranteed for every registrant in case that we do not have enough volunteer drivers.


Carpool pick-up:

Location: Westwood turn-around between Eng IV and parking lot 6

Time:  8:30am, Sat. 04/28/07 (so that we can arrive at the resort around 10:30am and start visiting around 11:00am)



Please send an email to cssahiking@yahoo.com and include

1) title as "04/28/07 flower field"

2) your name

3) # of people in your group

4) contact phone # (cell phone preferred)

5) whether you can be a driver and how many people you can take

6) whether you need pick-up


Registration Deadline: 04/28/07 Thursday 11:30 pm, Cancellation before 03/02/07 12:00pm. Registrants will be notified via email about carpool arrangements and hiking

preparation tips.






征文: 体育传播与2008北京奥运会--国际体育传播特刊


29届夏季奥运会将于20087月在北京举行,第三届全国体育传播学术年会将于2007720日在北京首都体育学院召开。在这次会议上,学界和业界人士将提交他们的研究论文。将从参加学术会议交流的论文中挑选优秀论文发表在国际体育传播期刊(International Journal of Sport Communication (IJSC).)这个专集要求论文是关于体育传播领域的分析研究,必须具有创新和原创精神。研究可以是与体育传播有关的各个领域,比如体育评论,体育管理,体育广告,体育政策,历史,体育媒体研究,体育心理,体育传播,文化研究,体育市场,国际体育交流,体育与性别研究,体育刊物,公共关系,传播与交流理论以及新闻媒体等。优秀论文的挑选将根据其研究对北京奥运会期间体育交流宣传和理解促进程度的不同来进行甄别。所有提交论文将受到大会的欢迎,也将公平地接受国际体育期刊的挑选。
参加专辑的文章需要遵循以下准则(参见美国心理学协会出版指南2001年第5版(Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association(http://www.apastyle.org/pubmanual.htmlhttp://www.apa.org /
最后提交的文本必须是英文。所有的文章均须有不超过150单词的摘要。如果文章需要注释,注释的长度要求尽可能的简短,每个注释最多不能超过6行。数字表格要求制成Excel表或者TIFF JPEG 格式文件。所有表格,注解必须集中另附在文章主体以外版面。表格应该使用Word文档处理使用格式。文章的参考文献必须准确表明出版日期版次和合作作者的姓名,应该反复核对参考文献表识的名单准确无误。如提交文章不能遵照以上准则(American Psychological Association),文章将不予评审。
文章应包括封面、题目、摘要以及文本主体。文章的题目不超过20个单词,文章的标题不超过30个汉字。文章应有5个以上的关键词附在摘要下。文章不允许一稿多投,也不能是已经被公开出版过的。评审将从文章的选题、理论深度和条理层次以及分析的准确清晰等方面进行。文章的作者应该作好提供研究的原始资料的准备,以备编辑者核查。被录用的文章版权将转移至Human Kinetics公司。

Provided By Dr.James Zhang



 Conference - “China, Globalization, and the Shifting Global Power Equation"

A Must-Attend Event to hear, to search, and to gain the insight on

Venture Media Inc. is proud to present the following Hysta event. In the past, Venture Media had interviewed many Hysta leaders and speakers. For more detailed information and register, please visit http://www.chinaventuremedia.com/  or http://www.hysta.org/ac2007/index.php

·         How is the Global Power Equation shifting from another perspective?

·         How are Chinese companies doing in this Shifting Equation and what are the impacts they are bringing to the rest of the world?

·         How are the Fortune 500 companies operating, expending into China ?

·         What are the insight stories of these companies? What are their challenges and opportunities? And how they are influencing the Chinese economically, culturally and socially?

·         How is energy impacting China's future development?

·         What will entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers & academicians address on growing socially responsible business models while still maintaining economically viable?

·         How can you expand your thinking horizon and participate in this great transformation?

Join us to find out answers to these critical issues. Networking with investors, executives and fellow entrepreneurs at HYSTA's 2007 Annual Conference. Opportunities await as the wizards of Silicon Valley come to solve the world's toughest problems!

Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Time: 12:30pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Media Coverage:
San Francisco Chronicle
World Journal



Panel 1: Chinese companies going global
Moderator: James Ding, Chairman of AsiaInfo
William Ding
, CEO of NetEase,com, Inc
Wei Guo, CEO of Digital China
Ying Wu, President of UTStartcom
Zhongjun Wang, Chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers
Jihong Sanderson, Author, "The Path Options of Chinese Firms' Globalization"


Panel 2: Going into China in the Shifting of Global Power Equation
Moderator: Qi Lu , Senior Vice President of Engineering Search and Search Marketing, Yahoo! Panelist: David DeWalt , CEO of McAfee
Ralph Baxter , Chairman and CEO of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
Dr. Jack Q.Gao , VP of News Corporation and CEO of Star ( China ) Ltd. Co.


Panel 3: Future Energy and China
This keynote panel brings together emerging companies' leaders and entrepreneurs in the green tech arena, as well as investors, and leaders from the policy, academic/research environment in clean alternative energy. In this panel, they will discuss the opportunity and the impact of developing green tech to social, economy and political development of the world, as well as China.




人:隆胜军 窦海真
联系电话:01087182334 010-67111073






























ACSM sets a session for China Sorts Science Society (CSSS) – 6/1/07


ACSM has agreed to set a session for CSSS at this year's ACSM annual meeting, which will be from 8:00 - 8:50 a.m. on June 1st:

Sports Science in China/Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

An Introduction of Sports Medicine in China and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Lianshi Feng, China Institute of Sport Science, & Jie Yang, China Sport Science Society

The Status of Overweight and Obesity in China
Mei Wang, China Institute of Sport Science

Monitoring Immune Function in Athletes
Wei Jiao, Beijing Sports University, China

Contact: Weimo Zhu, Ph.D.
Department of Kinesiology & Community Health
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
205 Freer Hall, MC-052
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 333-7503
Fax: (217) 244-7322
E-mail: weimozhu@uiuc.edu




上海市欧美同学会(英文简称:SORSA)是一个覆盖面广的高层次留学人才团体。190571日,李登辉在上海创立了寰球中国学生会,此为欧美同学会前身。1913年又成立了上海欧美同学会;1919年在上海成立了全国中华欧美同学会; 198493日,恢复成立了上海市欧美同学会。恢复活动以来,会员人数已达6000多人,其中海外会员270多人。会员中有中国科学院院士65人,中国工程院院士24人。为便于开展活动和联系,已设44个分会。该会宗旨是广泛联络海内外学友,增进友谊,交流学术,沟通信息,开展协作,发挥纽带和桥梁作用,为振兴中华,繁荣上海做出贡献。日常活动有:举办学术讲座、论坛、研讨会,以及各种联谊、交流活动;编印出版《会讯》、《会刊》及各种文集;组织参观考察,发挥跨学科、跨行业、跨部门优势,建言献策,提供服务咨询,协助引进人才、技术和资金,为上海社会、经济和文化发展牵线搭桥。

该会的名誉会长是陈至立、 徐匡迪、 吴启迪、    、罗世谦 、严隽琪、 王生洪、 左焕琛 、钱伟长 毛经权 、谈家桢、(巴金、李国豪 - 已故) 。历届会长冯德培谢希德现任会长是两院院士严东生 (详情请见:http://www.china-sorsa.org/intro/president-yds.asp)









Depression overlooked in China

"The incidence rate of depression in the Chinese mainland is as high as 2.4%. That is to say, there are some 26 million Chinese suffering from depression, 10% to 15% of whom might even commit suicide, " said Zhao Jingping, a member of the Committee of Mental Diseases of the Chinese Medical Association, and the director of the Institute of Mental Health of the affiliated Xiangya No.2 Hospital of the Central South University. According to Zhao's estimation, depression will become the No.2 costly disease in China by 2020.

However, the disease has long been overlooked by the Chinese. In fact, only less than 20% of the patients have been diagnosed, and less than 10% have received proper medical therapy, while another 62% of them have never bothered to see a doctor for their ailment. Most depression patients suffer from physical symptoms of unknown causes(69% according to the data by World Mental Health Congress), like pains in their bodies. However, physical symptoms sometimes can be misleading, and less than 40% of doctors are aware of the relationship between depression and these physical symptoms.

In China, a depression patient is diagnosed after 5 meetings with a doctor in average, not to mention the at least 11-month delay before that. That is to say, it takes years to confirm a depression case, which is painful to both the patient and the society.




为此,教育部表示,今后审批实施本科以上高等学历教育的中外合作办学机构和项目,将以外国教育机构及其学科专业和师资的知名度作为主要依据;严格执行中外合作办学机构或项目的招生简章、招生广告应当及时报审批机关备案;2008年年底以前,暂时停止高等职业教育类中外合作办学机构和项目的审批。同时,教育部宣布将有选择地在部分省市按学科大类开展中外合作办学质量评估,建立中外合作办学质量评估机制,以及中外合作办学执法和处罚机制。 此外,教育部还将依托教育涉外监管信息网开通中外合作办学监管工作信息平台;开发中外合作办学颁发证书认证工作平台;逐步向社会公布经批准的中外合作办学机构和项目名单等相关信息。


中國在美研究生 近兩年激增 總數逾6萬人

據美國大學研究所協會(Council of Graduate SchoolsCGS)近日公布的研究指出,美國各大學吸引國際學生就讀的努力繼續取得進展,申請攻讀美國大學碩士和博士學位的外國學生,連續第二年上升,其中以中國學生升幅最大,增加了17%。而申請進美國高等學府的中東學生增9%,印度學生增9%


CGS說,美國大學研究所裡面,來自印度、中國、及南韓的學生最多,占外國學生總數的53%。中東學生占5% 此外,根據國際教育協會的「Open Doors 2006」報告,約565039名來自世界各國的外國學生在美國大學研究所註冊就讀,其中印度學生最多,共76503人,中國學生排名第二,62582人,南韓學生為58847人。


New Chinese regulations on futures trading works

China's new regulations on futures trading came into effect on Sunday, extending its coverage from commodities futures trading to financial futures and option contract trading. The new regulations, issued by the State Council on March 16 this year, will lay a legal foundation for the introduction of stock index futures, foreign exchange futures and option and other financial derivatives, which will provide financial institutions with much-needed tools to hedge risks.

Objectives in a commodities futures trading include farm produce, industrial products, energy sources and related index product, while a financial futures trading involves securities, interest rates, exchange rates and related index products. The regulations no longer prohibit financial institutions from doing futures trading or raising funds and offering securities for futures trading.

Seeing that securities dealers, fund management companies and commercial banks will become the major participants in the financial futures market, futures companies are considered as financial institutions in the regulations. According to the regulations, the Chinese futures market is required to improve its risk control system by setting up a guarantee fund and an interest compensation mechanism for futures investors. The regulations prescribe a series of measures to strengthen the supervision of the futures market in order to ensure its stable and healthy development, said Shi Jianjun, vice president of the China Futures Association.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), the country's securities market watchdog, has the authority to carry out investigations into the market participants and examine their transaction and financial data and bank accounts. Fan Fuchun, vice chairman of the CSRC, said last month that China is likely to launch the trading of stock index futures in the first half of 2007.

Simulation trading was started in October last year to test the trading system at the Shanghai-based China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFE), which was inaugurated in September 2006 to become the country's first financial derivatives exchange. China's futures market, composed of Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and CFFE, turned over a record 21 trillion yuan (2.69 trillion U.S. dollars) last year. Commodities traded on the country's futures market include corn, soybean meal, sugar, zinc and natural rubber.


黑堡事件的省思 (營志宏)



















路透社最近报导,研究员追踪13万名美国成年人长达九年后发现,服用最多乳制品的人,其罹患老年痴呆症的机率也跟着增高。不过,研究显示,此模式应用在男性身上,比女性身上还要准确,尤其是乳制品为牛奶时。对女性来说,疾病与乳制品两者之间的关连较模糊。 报导指出,这项发表在美国流行病学杂志(American Journal of Epidemiology)上的研究,回应了一些在更早之前便提出的报告,这些报告认为乳制品对男性造成影响,女性则无。

 主持这项研究的北加州国家环境健康科学机构(National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)博士陈宏雷(音译)(Honglei Chen)表示,为何乳制品对男性有如此的影响,他们也还不明白。 这项包含在癌症预防研究内的实验,对象为57689名男性与73175名女性,实验根据每个人每日的饮食以及生活习惯进行分析,九年后,有250名男性、138名女性被诊断出老年痴呆症。


 这项研究,以及先前的其他调查都认为,钙、维他命D以及脂肪不是老年痴呆症的元凶,其中一项研究指出,牛奶内的农药或是其他伤害神经的毒物,是造成老年痴呆症的主因,然而,Honglei Chen认为这些化学元素在牛奶中,只占很小一部份。 不过陈宏雷也认为,现在还没有理由因为潜在的老年痴呆症危机,而去避开乳制品,因乳制品在某些方面来说仍对健康有益。 


Sentimental setback: top problem for Chinese college students

The Zhengzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League of China release a survey recently. The hotline’s survey covered some 4,000 respondents, finding that sentimental setback, bad interpersonal relations, worry about future, and sleep-disorder are the most common problems among them.

The survey suggested that failed love affairs, loss of confidence, poor interpersonal communication skills, and excessive dependence on their parents should be blamed for their sentimental setback. Besides, the demanding college courses contribute partly to the problem, too.



加拿大联邦统计局最新报告显示,加拿大移民有博士学位者四分之一来自中国大陆,中国已经成为加拿大高学历移民最主要来源地之一。 加统计局应用二00一年人口统计数据,针对理工科博士生就业走向和收入状况,比较了本国出生和外国出生博士生的异同。结果发现,一九九一年至二00一年间,移居加拿大的新移民中,二万三千人有博士学位,百分之七十八的人系理工科博士,其中百分之二十五点二的人来自中国大陆,百分之六点四来自印度,百分之五点九来自美国。




2008年奥运会日渐临近 "学外语浪潮"席卷京城 (徐维欣)




Chinese scientific researchers should raise their sense of anxiety, expert

China lags behind developed countries by at least two generations in developing core technologies. Chinese scientific researchers should have a sober mind to this fact and raise their sense of anxiety in catching up with developed countries, said Li Guojie, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He made the statement when invited to deliver a speech at the China Science and Humanities Forum on Monday afternoon. The forum was hosted by the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GSCAS).

Li, who is also head of the Computer Technology Research Institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that as far as he knew, China lagged behind developed countries by at least two generations in the development of some core technologies, such as chips or computers. "For chips, it normally takes two years to develop one generation of chips. So in chip industry, China lags behind developed countries by at least four years," he said. He hoped that by 2020, Chinese science researchers could narrow the gap with developed countries to within one generation in chip design.

For thousands of years, or for at least two thousand years, China had remained as a strong nation in the world. Chinese people shouldn't lack confidence in themselves with the thinking that China can not become a strong nation in the world. On the other hand, we should also admit that China has experienced many difficulties in the past two centuries. If the young people of a nation lack ambitions and pursue material gains too much, the nation will become less cohesive. On the whole, it takes time for China to achieve resurgence in the world, Li said, adding that he has “high expectations for the Chinese young people.”


美國駐中國前大使芮效儉指出   美國民眾需接受中國日益強大事實   (Singtao-USA 包承柯)

美國駐中國前大使芮效儉(Stapleton Roy20日在南加大指出,美國民眾需要接受中國日益強大的事實,中國帶來的變化對美國形成了挑戰,但他並不認為中國會對美國造成威脅,但應該關注中國未來的發展方向,美國的政策在於保持亞太地區國家的力量平衡。 芮效儉在中美建交時,他擔任了美國駐北京聯絡處副主任,參與了美中建交的決策。1991年擔任美國駐中國大使,19956月在處理了李登輝訪美事宜之後離任,他是在2002年從國務院退休,現在是基辛格合夥人公司的主管。 芮效儉指出,美國人其實並不容易接受中國從原來一個經濟上弱的小國家,正在快速成長的事實;美國人也並不真正能理解中國所面臨的問題。很多人會把注意力放在中國經濟增長,搶走了美國工人的工作這樣的現象。他認為,貧窮的中國對於美國並不是好事,對於美國的家庭來說,廉價的中國產品至少可以幫助他們每年節約1000美元的支出。


芮效儉認為,中國現在已經把日益發展起來的國力轉用到軍事領域中去,並希望通過這樣的軍事實力來控制或佔據對台海地區的優勢。他承認這對美國是個很大的挑戰,美國需要瞭解中國軍費增加的背景和需求,同時也要瞭解中國軍事能力。只有通過真正瞭解到中國軍事費用的實際需求時,才會知道中國對美國是否構成了威脅。 他認為,中國軍費低於日本,從日本的人口比例和國土比例看,中國的軍費支出實際上是很低的。同樣拿歐洲四大國相比,中國的軍費水平只是同這英法德意各國的水平相當。因此他並不需要解釋什麼,每個人可以自己想一想什麼是結論。

芮效儉認為,作為世界上唯一的超級強權美國需要關注中國的發展方向,不僅美國的軍事實力需要保持持續性的優勢,美國還可以通過外交政策的協調,同東亞主要國家結成聯盟,包括加強同日本、韓國以及泰國、菲律賓和新加坡等國家合作,這可以幫助美國在該地區保持強大的影響力,美國必須關注中國同亞太國家之間的力量平衡。 他認為,現在中國國內的民主化改革的壓力繼續存在,現在領導人已經完全不同於第一代領導人,這些因素綜合起來看中國國內本身面臨的挑戰遠遠大於他對其他國家帶來的挑戰。


今年留美最后机会 了解美国签证奖学金政策











Prof. Guangqiu Xu (许光秋) new book: Congress and the U.S.-China Relationship, 1949-1979


Dr. Guangqiu Xu, 许光秋, professor of History at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, has his new book, Congress and the U.S.-China Relationship, 1949-1979, published recently by the University of Akron Press. This book put into a new context the forces at play in determining how the United States and China responded to each other during the chilliest years of the Cold War. For more information about the book, please go to the website http://www3.uakron.edu/uapress/xu.html



Dr. Guangqiu Xu

Professor of History

Friends University

Wichita, KS


316-295-5202 (O)


两岸三地百余专家编纂《中国语言文字大词典》 历时15年出七卷 

一部由全球百余位汉语言文字专家共同编纂的《中国语言文字大词典》,其中两卷将于本月在重庆举行的第17届全国书市上亮相,其余五卷将于明年全部面世。由于历史原因,大陆民众使用简化字,港澳台民众使用繁体字,这种“书不同文,语不同音,字不同形,词不同义”的现象给两岸三地交流带来诸多不便。 为实现两岸三地“书同文”、促进祖国统一,1993年以来,两岸三地和全球著名汉语言文字学家百余人开始编纂《中国语言文字大词典》。规模之大、范围之广、编写之严谨、内容之完备,在中国历史上尚属首次。

 《中国语言文字大词典》自立项编纂10余年来,受到李岚清、邹家华、费孝通、程思远、何鲁丽、周铁农等人的鼓励和支援。将于明年全部面世的《中国语言文字大词典》共分七卷:语言文字学卷、现代汉语卷、古代汉语卷、汉语成语卷、汉语俗语卷、汉语方言卷和少数民族语言文字卷,约2800万字,综合收录了《康熙字典》中至今仍有“生命力”的所有汉字和中国即将颁布的《规范汉字表》中的全部汉字,同时还适量收录了港澳台地区的常用字词。 将在此次书市上亮相的则是现代汉语卷、汉语成语卷的精编本。 


中国高中生留学美国  数学成绩是重要砝码













China to build global satellite navigation system

A series of navigation satellites of the Compass Global Navigation System will be launched into space in the next few years. The Compass will be put to trial in 2008, when it will meet the needs of China and its neighbouring countries, and gradually it will be upgraded into a full-function global navigation system. Last week, the second satellite of the Compass was sent into space by an LM-3A carrier rocket in Xichang Satellite Launch Center, the first one being launched about 2 months ago.

The Compass will be a great help to China's transportation, meteorological studies, oil exploration, ocean and forest protection, disaster forecasting, communication and public security. According to the plan, the Compass will be formed by 5 geostationary orbit satellites and 30 non-geostationary orbit satellites. Like the GPS, the Compass will offer both free service and authorization service.


中国教育部门数十道"减负令"难见效  学生负担为何越来越重? (刘大江)


数十道"减负令"难见效 中小学生课业负担不减反增























Message from International Chinese Society for Physical Activities and Health 2007


Hi, fellows:

We have updated our official website. We hope you will find sometime to browse our website, the URL is http://www.icspah.org/

The URL of the e-journal is: http://www.icspah.org/update_ICSPAH.htm

Please send the message out to the professionals.

If you have any comments or concerns, please forward them to webmaster@icspah.org . Thanks.

If you have the group pictures of the AAHPERD gathering for past several years, be sure to send them to me at your early convenience. Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Webmaster webmaster@icspah.org

International Chinese Society for Physical Activities and Health


领军型人才紧缺南京今年拟纳 300海外精英







Job Opportunities – 美国华裔医学科学家协会 (NSMS-CAA)


1. US Embassy Science Fellow

TO ALL:  This is a clarification on eligibility and financial cost associated with the Fellow request for China.  The ESFP is mainly geared towards U.S. Govt employees or someone who has extensive working experience directly with the U.S. Govt.  In terms of financial cost, the selected Fellow's agency must continue to pay for his/her salary, the non-lodging portion of per diem, and international travel costs, while Post must provide housing, office space, computer, e-mail/Internet access, and local transportation cost.  All Fellows must be a U.S. citizen and eligible for a security clearance and past a medical clearance, these clearance costs would be the resposibility of the selected Fellow and/or their home agency.  

Tina Chung, NIH


2. US Embassy Science Fellow Requests for 2007 -



3 month fellowships


The Embassy Science Fellows Program (ESFP) offers Posts an opportunity to request and host a working scientist for a one to three month TDY.  At Post's request, the ESFP places USG scientists overseas to provide expertise, advice, and assistance with issues relating to the environment, science, technology, and health. The ESFP which begun in 2001, provides a valuable mechanism through which experts from USG technical agencies can assist posts on country-specific scientific issues.  The program also helps the agencies to advance national R&D priorities through international collaborations and to explore the degree to which new science and technology agreements might provide a venue for relationships to further benefit the agencies'work.  The Program builds on the complementary strengths and needs of the partner organizations, providing Embassies with the high-level scientific advisory capacity they need to address S&T issues important to their missions while simultane



ously affording agency staff an opportunity to gain valuable international experience, training, and contacts.


State Dept request for an Embassy Science Fellow specializing in nanotechnology (Moscow), Beijing (infectious diseases) and Peru (genetic research). 


This is the third year that NIH has participated in this program.


Tina Chung, MPH


Chung, Tina (NIH/FIC) tc304t@nih.gov

美国华裔医学科学家协会 (NSMS-CAA)


深圳:五类人才可以个人身份申请入户 (刘启达)










Job opening: 2-3 Software Programmers (H-1B work visa new filing procedures)


I have a client who is seeking 2-3 Software Programmers. The qualification requirement is as follows:


1) Must have good understanding of data base. (MS SQL preferable)

2) At least 2 years of Net programming experience preferable. (we can discuss)

3) If no .Net Experience at least 5 Years of C++ programming.

4) Any web base programming experience is a +.

5) Good communications skills Written/Oral. (we can discuss)

6) Academic Degree: Master Degree in computer science or related field is preferable.  


If you know qualified applicants, please ask them sent resume to my email: markxruli@gmail.com



Mark X. Li, markxruli@gmail.com   Web: www.lirulaw.com


中国学生如何参加美国"高考" (齐琦 任松筠)





Information Session: Fulbright Grad Student Fellowships (4/26)

Information on Fulbright IIE & Fulbrigh-Hays Student Fellowships

Fulbright IIE: Open to all fields.  For graduating seniors and current graduate students who have yet to file their dissertations.
Fulbright-Hays: Open to modern language and area studies students planning a teaching career. For graduate students who will have advanced to candidacy by the time they go abroad in 2008-2009.

An information session will be held:

Thursday, April 26
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
352 Haines Hall

Please RSVP at:

 NOTE: To be eligible to apply, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

 If you have questions, contact:

Fang Hu, fhu@gdnet.ucla.edu
Fellowship Coordinator
Outreach, Diversity, & Fellowships
UCLA Graduate Division
1252 Murphy Hall/ Mail Code 141901
Box 951419

Los Angeles, California 90095-1419
Phone: (310) 825-3953
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浙江吸引海外留学人才 最高可获五十万创业资助  (王军红)

浙江省人事厅:该省已正式启动 “钱江人才计划”。按照规定,海外留学人才来浙江创业,可以获得五万至五十万元人民币不等的资助。



其中,持有重要发明专利技术或专有技术来浙江自主创业,或浙江省急需的具有特殊专长的留学人员,可不受学历、经历等条件限制。 浙江省“钱江人才计划”AB类项目常年申报,常年受理,每年七月集中评审。CD类项目每年申报评审一次。经审定公布后,政府将给予资助。