2007年第14 創刊第378                            5/01/2007 




Table of content - 本期重要目录

Upcoming Events and Call for Participation

v     朱经武校长(Prof Paul Chu) 访加州7所著名大学精彩演讲日程安排 4/30-5/9欢迎您参加)

v     上海世博会全球征集会歌 入围作品获奖金二万元

v     China, Globalization, and the Shifting Global Power Equation – Meeting Al Gore  (5/2)

v     中國大專院校聯合校友會二○○七年母親節園遊會(5/13)

v     Interview for candidates who would like to work in E&Y Shanghai office (CSSA-UCLA 5/4)

v     苏州工业园区访美科技创业推介会 (5/11)

v     附:苏州工业园区鼓励科技领军人才创业工程实施意见

v     UCLA World Arts and Cultures MFA Upstarts Series Presents: “Situ-Asian” by Jia Wu, Choreographer (5/5)

v     首届中华母亲节五月将举办 孟母被定为形象代表

v     Dinner with Shanghai PPCC Delegation (5/4 NY)

News and Announcements

v     温家宝签令公布《行政机关公务员处分条例》(全文)

v     Dr. Howard Wang of CSUF (CSA lifetime member) receiving ABAOC Award

v     提升體育音樂藝術水準  加州撥公校5億教育獎助金

v     Chinese banking industry to become 3rd largest in world, report

v     知识为何不能改变命运

v     China new tech to control low-altitude flying activities

v     商机:中国未来语音业务将呈移动化 手机用户达4.8亿

v     SAPA-GP 2007 Annual Conference - Innovation and Globalization: Current Trends in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry 5/5

v     諾貝爾獎得主指出中國經濟發展帶動政治改革

v     Business Week - 2006 Full-Time MBA Program Ranking <Top 30 U.S. Programs>

v     http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/index.html

v     动向 - 中国行政体制改革趋势:“严治官、善待民” 创新政体

v     Chinese nuclear installed capacity to reach 40m kw by 2020

v     美国護士荒加劇 13年內缺80

v     Summer Language Program of Business Chinese - CIBER business Chinese language & culture program in Shanghai (6/30-7/31)

v     【华府观察】‘吃中国饭'学者越来越多 中国访美学者更具自信 —‘中国研究热’系列

v     Shanghai soliciting design of Halls of China of World Expo 2010

v     调查: 香港近半大学生出现中度严重至极严重焦虑

v     Babies born in autumn or winter are smarter

v     专家投稿 - 《你的学问有多深》 (尼玛罢日本 )


v     2020年中国人口将控制在14.5亿以内 性别比趋常

v     Chinese Cultural Dance Club at UCLA to Present its Eighth Annual Dance Production, "Inspiration"

v     美國慈親基金會再度中國文化行(報名截止日期為515)

v     Blueprint predicts major scientific breakthroughs

v     83%美商拟在华增资

v     Conference on China's soft power

v     读者来稿:品味时分怀念品味女人雷诺夫人 (.玛丽安娜)


朱经武校长(Prof Paul Chu) 访加州7所著名大学精彩演讲日程安排 4/30-5/9欢迎您参加)

Hong Kong Beckons

Prospects of Hong Kong Higher Education and

Academic Career opportunities

at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

in Science, Engineering, Business & Management, Humanities & Social Science

Universities in Hong Kong are transitioning from their current three-year undergraduate program to a four-year program in 2012. This will result in a dramatic increase in the number of students and a corresponding increase in faculty strength. At Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, we are offering an array of faculty positions in one of the world’s most alluring cities.

 An Information Session with:

Prof Paul Chu (朱经武校长)

President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Prof Roland Chin

Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Prof Angelina Yee

Associate Vice-President

 All are Welcome, Light Refreshments

Co-hosted by: CSSA, CSA, CAFA; SWCSSA

伯克莱加大 - UC Berkeley (4/30)

Date:               Monday 30 April 2007

Time:              5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Place:             UC Berkeley

Contact:          Li Peng pengli@berkeley.edu

史丹佛大学- Stanford University (5/1)

Date:               Tuesday 1 May 2007

Time:              5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Place:             CISX 101, Cypress Auditorium,

Stanford University

Contact:          Song Li lisong@stanford.edu

南加大- USC (5/5)

Date:               Saturday 5 May 2007

Time:              2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Place:             Rm 101, SAL Building

                Henry Salvatori Computer Science Center, USC

Contact:         Tom Tan thomast@usc.edu  Ye Wei yewei@usc.edu

加州理工学院- Caltech (5/7)

Date:                Monday 7 May 2007

Time:                11:30am - 1:30 pm lunch reception and talk

Place:               Henry Salvatori Seminar Rm: 365 South Mudd, Caltech

Contact:           Li, Xiaobai xiaobai@caltech.edu

洛杉矶加大- UCLA (5/7)

Date:                Monday 7 May 2007

Time:                5:00pm-7:00pm

Place:               UCLA

Contact:           Liu, Dahai DLiu@mednet.ucla.edu

桑塔巴巴拉加大- UCSB (5/8)

Date:                Monday 8 May 2007

Time:                5:00 pm - 7:00 pm lunch reception and talk

Place:               UCen Flying A Studios, UCSB

Contact:           Gao, Chunkai ckgao@umail.ucsb.edu

圣地亚哥加大- UCSD (5/9)

Daate:              Tuesday 9 May 2007

Time:                12:00pm – 2:30pm

Place:               Robinson Building Complex Auditorium, UCSD

Contact:           Jin, Yuzhe yujin@ucsd.edu

Enquiries:       ustFac@ust.hk

Information about the University:   www.ust.hk

Information about Hong Kong:        www.info.gov.hk


上海世博会全球征集会歌 入围作品获奖金二万元 







China, Globalization, and the Shifting Global Power Equation – Meeting Al Gore at HYSTA's 2007 Annual Conference (5/2)

Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Time: 12:30pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA 95054

A Must-Attend Event to hear, to search, and to gain the insight on
    * How is the Global Power Equation shifting from another perspective?
    * How are Chinese companies doing in this Shifting Equation and what are the impacts they are bringing to the rest of the world?
    * How are the Fortune 500 companies operating, expending into China ?
    * What are the insight stories of these companies? What are their challenges and opportunities? And how they are influencing the Chinese economically, culturally and socially?
    * How is energy impacting China's future development?
    * What will entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers & academicians address on growing socially responsible business models while still maintaining economically viable?
    * How can you expand your thinking horizon and participate in this great transformation?

Join us to find out answers to these critical issues & networking with investors, executives and fellow entrepreneurs at HYSTA's 2007 Annual Conference. Opportunities await as the wizards of Silicon Valley come to solve the world's toughest problems!

Al Gore Former U.S. Vice President

Jerry Yang
Co-founder & Chief Yahoo!, Yahoo! Inc.
John Doerr
Partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
James Ding
Chairman of AsiaInfo
William Ding
CEO of NetEase.com, Inc.
Jack Gao
VP of News Corp. & CEO of STAR China
Qi Lu
SVP of Engineering Search and Search  Marketing, Yahoo!
David DeWalt
CEO of McAfee
Ralph Baxter
Chairman and CEO of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
And many more!

Media Coverage:
San Francisco Chronicle
World Journal

Panel 1: Chinese companies going global
Moderator: James Ding, Chairman of AsiaInfo
William Ding, CEO of NetEase,com, Inc
Wei Guo, CEO of Digital China
Ying Wu, President of UTStartcom
Zhongjun Wang, Chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers
Jihong Sanderson, Author, "The Path Options of Chinese Firms' Globalization"

Panel 2: Going into China in the Shifting of Global Power Equation
Moderator: Qi Lu , Senior Vice President of Engineering Search and Search Marketing, Yahoo! Panelist: David DeWalt , CEO of McAfee
Ralph Baxter , Chairman and CEO of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
Dr. Jack Q.Gao , VP of News Corporation and CEO of Star ( China ) Ltd. Co.

Panel 3: Future Energy and China
This keynote panel brings together emerging companies' leaders and entrepreneurs in the green tech arena, as well as investors, and leaders from the policy, academic/research environment in clean alternative energy. In this panel, they will discuss the opportunity and the impact of developing green tech to social, economy and political development of the world, as well as China .

For more detailed information and register, please visit http://www.chinaventuremedia.com/  or http://www.hysta.org/ac2007/index.php





 南加州中國大專院校聯合校友會為了慶祝光輝的母親節,發揚我中華文化的孝道精神,將於五月十三日(週日)上午九時至下午四時,假洛僑文教中心(原僑二中心 - 9443 Telstar Ave. EL Monte, CA 91731)舉辦2007 年第二十一屆母親節園遊會。




* 告白親情告白親情告白親情告白」,由校友會的子女向母親獻花 (9 時至10)


* 20多位「好母親、好岳母、好婆婆」。


* 第七屆「君子近庖廚」新好男人烹飪比賽。


* 全天的精彩綜藝表演,百餘種獎品摸彩活動


* 書畫聯展。


* 有近八十個室內、外攤位展銷各種產品,醫療咨詢服務,南北小吃。


* 小朋友圖書, CD 交換。


* 卡啦OK 擂台赛。


* 小动物比賽。


Interview for candidates who would like to work in E&Y Shanghai office (CSSA-UCLA 5/4)


Dear members,


Ernst & Young, Shanghai Office (Pingyin: An Yong), one of the four global leading accounting firms is planning to hold a formal interview at E & Y Los Angeles office on May 11th.


What: Interview for candidates who would like to work in E&Y Shanghai office

Who: Bill Seto (21 years with Ernst & Young in Los Angeles, Taipei, HK & China)

When: May 11th


If you are interested in this interview, please send your resume to Yuanxie Pei at PeiYuan.Xie@ey.com and cc to cssacareer@yahoo.com, following the format:


Subject: E&Y Interview

Body: your name, department or affiliation with UCLA, contact information  

Attachment: your resume

Deadline: May 4th 2007


For detail interview info, please contact Cynthia (Yuanxie Pei) at PeiYuan.Xie@ey.com



苏州工业园区访美科技创业推介会 (5/11)


内容:介绍苏州工业园区整体投资和生活环境,宣传苏州工业园区的最新科技投资扶持政策和科技产业发展形势,重点介绍《苏州工业园区科技领军人才创业计划》,现代服务业,风险投资及IP 保护等相关政策。涉及行业主要涵括软件(包括行业应用,软件外包和数字内容),


IC 设计,技术先进型服务外包(如业务流程外包等),生物医药工程、产品研发、生产和外包服务等。


主讲人:高 丽(Daisy Gao )苏州工业园区科技招商中心副主任;苏州工业园区科技发展有限公司副总经理;苏州工业园区国际科技园管理中心副主任


特邀发言:张海明(Daniel Chang )美国AEM 控股公司董事长 &CEO ;美中科商会创始会长与


名誉会长;美国圣迭戈市 (The City of San Diego )科学技术委员会委员


日期:2007 5 11 日星期五


时间:6:30 8:30 pm


地点:新乐宫海鲜大酒楼(Jasmine Restaurant


地址:4609 Convoy Street, Ste A, San Diego CA 92111; Tel: 858-268-0888






报名:与会者名额总数为60 名。即日开始报名,先到先报,满额截止。联系人:


张维维— Wei-Wei Zhang: wzhang@genwaybio.com  ; 858-458-0866 x 101


刘昌炎— Frank Liu: Frank.Liu@l-3com.com  ; 858-513-7678


李辉— Hui Li: hui.li@pfizer.com  ; 760-473-1116


何书林— Sam He: sshwdh@yahoo.com  ; 858-243-1920


王迅— Scott Wang: SWang@sdwtc.org  ; 619-615-0868 x 118


收费:每人$10.00 会务费













第一章  鼓励政策


第一条  科技领军人才创业项目(以下简称“领军人才项目”)全面享受5个专项资金资助:












第二条      领军人才项目同时享受园区《关于增强自主创新能力、建设创新型园区的决定》(苏园管[2006]11号)和《苏州工业园区吸引高层次和紧缺人才的优惠政策意见》(苏园管[2006]136号)所有政策,并明确5项重点支持:












第二章  申请条件


第三条      科技领军人才创业工程的申请人须带技术、带资金到园区发展,并符合以下条件之一:








第三章  申报评审


第四条      苏州工业园区科技发展局和组织人事局负责科技领军人才创业工程的实施(包括申请受理、组织评审以及组织验收等)和各类资助资金的管理和监督,定期向科技领军人才工程领导小组与科技自主创新能力提升和产业升级领导小组报告工程实施和资金使用管理情况。


第五条      科技领军人才创业工程采用个人或企业申请,园区科技发展局和园区组织人事局初审,专家评审,科技领军人才工程领导小组与科技自主创新能力提升和产业升级领导小组联合审定,由园区管委会核准。


第六条      科技领军人才创业工程接受常年申请,申请者须在苏州工业园区科技发展局网站(tech.sipac.gov.cn)报名并详细填写《苏州工业园区鼓励科技领军人才创业计划书》。


第七条      科技领军人才创业工程原则上每半年组织评审,邀请国际国内相关专业的科学家和科技风险投资家组成专家评审小组进行综合评审,评审后提前一个月通知通过初评的申请者参加项目面试复评。


第八条      每年5月和11月完成初审和专家评审小组评审,每年7月和次年1月完成面试复评,每年9月和次年3月正式公布。评审最终结束后通过苏州工业园区各政府网站和国内新闻媒体向国内外公布。


第四章 附则


第九条      本办法由园区科技发展局和园区组织人事局负责解释。


第十条            本办法自发布之日起试行。



UCLA World Arts and Cultures MFA Upstarts Series Presents: “Situ-Asian” by Jia Wu, Choreographer (5/5)


Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 8 PM

Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater, UCLA

$15 Admission, Students $5


In Situ-Asian Jia Wu directs 23 artists and draws on 15 years of training in Beijing Opera, Tai Chi and Chinese folk dance to create biting social commentary through contemporary inter-media dance works. Hypocrisy in international political relations and the changing role of women in an era of rapid modernization are among the themes explored. Situ-Asian features original music by Derric Spivak Jr., David Karagianis and Jeff Hayman, three video collaborations with filmmakers Mariel Louise McEwan, Cari Ann Shim Sham, Pinar Yoldas, and animator Xiaojin Bao.


 Parking: $8 in Structure 4 adjacent to Kaufman Hall

(From Sunset Blvd., turn onto Westwood Plaza and park in Structure 4)


For more information: Phone: 310-825-3951, or go to www.wac.ucla.edu


Dept. of World Arts and Cultures, UCLA

Glorya Kaufman Hall

120 Westwood Plaza, Suite 150

Box 951608

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1608


More information:






Jia Wu, Ally Voye, Eva Aymami, Jonathan Corps, Jose Reynoso, Maya Zellman, Marissa Ruazol, Rosemary Candelario, Niuniu He, Selena Jixing Bao.


The creation and production of Situ-Asian is funded by: The UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, The UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures.


 Jia Wu started professional training in dance at the age of five and began to perform as a soloist and principal dancer shortly thereafter. In 2001 Jia got her B.A in Chinese dance performance and choreography at Beijing Dance Academy (graduating with honors) and worked as a full-time dance instructor in the Dance Department at South China Normal University. Jia's choreography is deeply influenced by the Artistic Director of Beijing Dance Academy—Deng Yijiang, a master of traditional Chinese opera aesthetics and story telling.  In 2004 Jia came to the United States to pursue her MFA degree at UCLA. Her current work applies Asian dance elements and aesthetics to interpret modern issues such as globalization, feminism, and racialism.


Jia received awards for outstanding performance and choreography at the Chinese National Dance Competition in 2000 (Shanxi Province), the most prestigious dance competition in China. She received the Best Performance Award in the International University Music Festival in France in 2004 and is also the recipient of a 2007 DanceWeb Scholarship from ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna, the Evelyn and Mo Ostin Performing Arts Award, the Edna & Yu-Shan Han Scholarship, and the Clifton Webb Scholarship from the School of the Arts and Architecture at UCLA.


Jia has performed her contemporary choreography and traditional works on programs in China, Japan, France and the United States. Jia' s choreography has been presented at the 2006 American Dance Festival and in a Gala Concert at the 2007 American College Dance Festival. Her work has also been presented in Los Angeles at USC’s Bing Theater, UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor Theatre, and Royce Hall and Glorya Kaufman Hall at UCLA. She has received commissions from Hunan Chinese New Year Festival, Ren Min University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, South China Normal University and other institutions.


Currently Jia is the Director of the UCLA Chinese Folk Dance Troupe. The group has made appearances in numerous events on and off campus in Southern California, including the 2006 Lotus Steps at UCLA's Royce Hall, the 2005 UCLA Chinese New Year Culture Fair, UCLA Chinese Heritage Week, the Chinese Lunar Year Parade in downtown Los Angeles, and the Chinese New Year Reception the Moon Festival Show sponsored by the Chinese Students and Scholar Association of Southwest America.


She has performed professionally for choreographers Victoria Marks (USA), David Dorfman (USA), and Luis Garay (Argentina) and Cheng-Chieh Yu (Taiwan/USA).



首届中华母亲节五月将举办 孟母被定为形象代表  (顾文娜)











Dinner with Shanghai PPCC Delegation (5/4 NY)


Subject: 5:30pm Seminar/7:00pm Dinner at Golden Bridge on Friday 05/04/2007 with Shanghai Delegation


We are invited by America Shanghai General Business Council (ASGBC) to co-sponsor and join the welcome seminar (5:30 PM) and dinner (7:00 PM) on Friday, May 4, 2007 at:

The Golden Bridge Restaurant (www.goldenbridgerestaurant.com)
50 Bowery St, 2nd Floor
(Near Canal Street, Chinatown)
New York, NY 10013

The price will be $30.00 per person.  If you are interested in purchasing the ticket, please contact

Email: dainyc@gmail.com (Mr. Andy Dai)

Phone: Mr. Samuel Wang (Wang, Shiyao), 718-760-0410/347-968-7350

The Delegation of the Shanghai Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference (in hanyu pinyin: Shanghai Shi Zhenxie Kaocatuan ) headed by its Chairman Jiang Yiren (form Vice-Mayor of Shanghai City) with total members of six persons.

The seminar will focus on introducting the critical economic development in current years, and the preparing for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

Samuel Wang, President, SORSA--US Friendship

Andy Dai, Chairman, CASE (www.entrepreneurssociety.com)

James Mu, Chairman, ACCP (pccp.org, accp.us









  第 495 号




                总 理 温家宝






  第一章 总  则


  第一条 为了严肃行政机关纪律,规范行政机关公务员的行为,保证行政机关及其公务员依法履行职责,根据《中华人民共和国公务员法》和《中华人民共和国行政监察法》,制定本条例。


  第二条 行政机关公务员违反法律、法规、规章以及行政机关的决定和命令,应当承担纪律责任的,依照本条例给予处分。








  第三条 行政机关公务员依法履行职务的行为受法律保护,非因法定事由,非经法定程序,不受处分。


  第四条 给予行政机关公务员处分,应当坚持公正、公平和教育与惩处相结合的原则。






  第五条 行政机关公务员违法违纪涉嫌犯罪的,应当移送司法机关依法追究刑事责任。


  第二章 处分的种类和适用


  第六条 行政机关公务员处分的种类为:


  () 警告;


  () 记过;


  () 记大过;


  () 降级;


  () 撤职;


  () 开除。


  第七条 行政机关公务员受处分的期间为:


  () 警告,6个月;


  () 记过,12个月;


  () 记大过,18个月;


  () 降级、撤职,24个月。


  第八条 行政机关公务员在受处分期间不得晋升职务和级别,其中,受记过、记大过、降级、撤职处分的,不得晋升工资档次;受撤职处分的,应当按照规定降低级别。


  第九条 行政机关公务员受开除处分的,自处分决定生效之日起,解除其与单位的人事关系,不得再担任公务员职务。




  第十条 行政机关公务员同时有两种以上需要给予处分的行为的,应当分别确定其处分。应当给予的处分种类不同的,执行其中最重的处分;应当给予撤职以下多个相同种类处分的,执行该处分,并在一个处分期以上、多个处分期之和以下,决定处分期。






  第十一条 行政机关公务员2人以上共同违法违纪,需要给予处分的,根据各自应当承担的纪律责任,分别给予处分。


  第十二条 有下列情形之一的,应当从重处分:


  () 在2人以上的共同违法违纪行为中起主要作用的;


  () 隐匿、伪造、销毁证据的;


  () 串供或者阻止他人揭发检举、提供证据材料的;


  () 包庇同案人员的;


  () 法律、法规、规章规定的其他从重情节。


  第十三条 有下列情形之一的,应当从轻处分:


  () 主动交代违法违纪行为的;


  () 主动采取措施,有效避免或者挽回损失的;


  () 检举他人重大违法违纪行为,情况属实的。


  第十四条 行政机关公务员主动交代违法违纪行为,并主动采取措施有效避免或者挽回损失的,应当减轻处分。




  第十五条 行政机关公务员有本条例第十二条、第十三条规定情形之一的,应当在本条例第三章规定的处分幅度以内从重或者从轻给予处分。




  第十六条 行政机关经人民法院、监察机关、行政复议机关或者上级行政机关依法认定有行政违法行为或者其他违法违纪行为,需要追究纪律责任的,对负有责任的领导人员和直接责任人员给予处分。


  第十七条 违法违纪的行政机关公务员在行政机关对其作出处分决定前,已经依法被判处刑罚、罢免、免职或者已经辞去领导职务,依法应当给予处分的,由行政机关根据其违法违纪事实,给予处分。




  第三章 违法违纪行为及其适用的处分


  第十八条 有下列行为之一的,给予记大过处分;情节较重的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分:


  () 散布有损国家声誉的言论,组织或者参加旨在反对国家的集会、游行、示威等活动的;


  () 组织或者参加非法组织,组织或者参加罢工的;


  () 违反国家的民族宗教政策,造成不良后果的;


  () 以暴力、威胁、贿赂、欺骗等手段,破坏选举的;


  () 在对外交往中损害国家荣誉和利益的;


  () 非法出境,或者违反规定滞留境外不归的;


  () 未经批准获取境外永久居留资格,或者取得外国国籍的;


  () 其他违反政治纪律的行为。




  第十九条 有下列行为之一的,给予警告、记过或者记大过处分;情节较重的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分:


  () 负有领导责任的公务员违反议事规则,个人或者少数人决定重大事项,或者改变集体作出的重大决定的;


  () 拒绝执行上级依法作出的决定、命令的;


  () 拒不执行机关的交流决定的;


  () 拒不执行人民法院对行政案件的判决、裁定或者监察机关、审计机关、行政复议机关作出的决定的;


  () 违反规定应当回避而不回避,影响公正执行公务,造成不良后果的;


  () 离任、辞职或者被辞退时,拒不办理公务交接手续或者拒不接受审计的;


  () 旷工或者因公外出、请假期满无正当理由逾期不归,造成不良影响的;


  () 其他违反组织纪律的行为。


  第二十条 有下列行为之一的,给予记过、记大过处分;情节较重的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分:


  () 不依法履行职责,致使可以避免的爆炸、火灾、传染病传播流行、严重环境污染、严重人员伤亡等重大事故或者群体性事件发生的;


  () 发生重大事故、灾害、事件或者重大刑事案件、治安案件,不按规定报告、处理的;


  () 对救灾、抢险、防汛、防疫、优抚、扶贫、移民、救济、社会保险、征地补偿等专项款物疏于管理,致使款物被贪污、挪用,或者毁损、灭失的;


  () 其他玩忽职守、贻误工作的行为。


  第二十一条 有下列行为之一的,给予警告或者记过处分;情节较重的,给予记大过或者降级处分;情节严重的,给予撤职处分:


  () 在行政许可工作中违反法定权限、条件和程序设定或者实施行政许可的;


  () 违法设定或者实施行政强制措施的;


  () 违法设定或者实施行政处罚的;


  () 违反法律、法规规定进行行政委托的;


  () 对需要政府、政府部门决定的招标投标、征收征用、城市房屋拆迁、拍卖等事项违反规定办理的。


  第二十二条 弄虚作假,误导、欺骗领导和公众,造成不良后果的,给予警告、记过或者记大过处分;情节较重的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分。


  第二十三条 有贪污、索贿、受贿、行贿、介绍贿赂、挪用公款、利用职务之便为自己或者他人谋取私利、巨额财产来源不明等违反廉政纪律行为的,给予记过或者记大过处分;情节较重的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分。


  第二十四条 违反财经纪律,挥霍浪费国家资财的,给予警告处分;情节较重的,给予记过或者记大过处分;情节严重的,给予降级或者撤职处分。


  第二十五条 有下列行为之一的,给予记过或者记大过处分;情节较重的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分:


  () 以殴打、体罚、非法拘禁等方式侵犯公民人身权利的;


  () 压制批评,打击报复,扣压、销毁举报信件,或者向被举报人透露举报情况的;


  () 违反规定向公民、法人或者其他组织摊派或者收取财物的;


  () 妨碍执行公务或者违反规定干预执行公务的;


  () 其他滥用职权,侵害公民、法人或者其他组织合法权益的行为。


  第二十六条 泄露国家秘密、工作秘密,或者泄露因履行职责掌握的商业秘密、个人隐私,造成不良后果的,给予警告、记过或者记大过处分;情节较重的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分。


  第二十七条 从事或者参与营利性活动,在企业或者其他营利性组织中兼任职务的,给予记过或者记大过处分;情节较重的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分。


  第二十八条 严重违反公务员职业道德,工作作风懈怠、工作态度恶劣,造成不良影响的,给予警告、记过或者记大过处分。


  第二十九条 有下列行为之一的,给予警告、记过或者记大过处分;情节较重的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分:


  () 拒不承担赡养、抚养、扶养义务的;


  () 虐待、遗弃家庭成员的;


  () 包养情人的;


  () 严重违反社会公德的行为。




  第三十条 参与迷信活动,造成不良影响的,给予警告、记过或者记大过处分;组织迷信活动的,给予降级或者撤职处分,情节严重的,给予开除处分。


  第三十一条 吸食、注射毒品或者组织、支持、参与卖淫、嫖娼、色情淫乱活动的,给予撤职或者开除处分。


  第三十二条 参与赌博的,给予警告或者记过处分;情节较重的,给予记大过或者降级处分;情节严重的,给予撤职或者开除处分。










  第三十三条 违反规定超计划生育的,给予降级或者撤职处分;情节严重的,给予开除处分。


  第四章 处分的权限


  第三十四条 对行政机关公务员给予处分,由任免机关或者监察机关(以下统称处分决定机关)按照管理权限决定。


  第三十五条 对经全国人民代表大会及其常务委员会决定任命的国务院组成人员给予处分,由国务院决定。其中,拟给予撤职、开除处分的,由国务院向全国人民代表大会提出罢免建议,或者向全国人民代表大会常务委员会提出免职建议。罢免或者免职前,国务院可以决定暂停其履行职务。


  第三十六条 对经地方各级人民代表大会及其常务委员会选举或者决定任命的地方各级人民政府领导人员给予处分,由上一级人民政府决定。




  第三十七条 对地方各级人民政府工作部门正职领导人员给予处分,由本级人民政府决定。其中,拟给予撤职、开除处分的,由本级人民政府向同级人民代表大会常务委员会提出免职建议。免去职务前,本级人民政府或者上级人民政府可以决定暂停其履行职务。


  第三十八条 行政机关公务员违法违纪,已经被立案调查,不宜继续履行职责的,任免机关可以决定暂停其履行职务。




  第五章 处分的程序


  第三十九条 任免机关对涉嫌违法违纪的行政机关公务员的调查、处理,按照下列程序办理:


  () 经任免机关负责人同意,由任免机关有关部门对需要调查处理的事项进行初步调查;


  () 任免机关有关部门经初步调查认为该公务员涉嫌违法违纪,需要进一步查证的,报任免机关负责人批准后立案;


  () 任免机关有关部门负责对该公务员违法违纪事实做进一步调查,包括收集、查证有关证据材料,听取被调查的公务员所在单位的领导成员、有关工作人员以及所在单位监察机构的意见,向其他有关单位和人员了解情况,并形成书面调查材料,向任免机关负责人报告;


  () 任免机关有关部门将调查认定的事实及拟给予处分的依据告知被调查的公务员本人,听取其陈述和申辩,并对其所提出的事实、理由和证据进行复核,记录在案。被调查的公务员提出的事实、理由和证据成立的,应予采信;


  () 经任免机关领导成员集体讨论,作出对该公务员给予处分、免予处分或者撤销案件的决定;


  () 任免机关应当将处分决定以书面形式通知受处分的公务员本人,并在一定范围内宣布;


  () 任免机关有关部门应当将处分决定归入受处分的公务员本人档案,同时汇集有关材料形成该处分案件的工作档案。






  第四十条 监察机关对违法违纪的行政机关公务员的调查、处理,依照《中华人民共和国行政监察法》规定的程序办理。


  第四十一条 对行政机关公务员违法违纪案件进行调查,应当由2名以上办案人员进行;接受调查的单位和个人应当如实提供情况。




  第四十二条 参与行政机关公务员违法违纪案件调查、处理的人员有下列情形之一的,应当提出回避申请;被调查的公务员以及与案件有利害关系的公民、法人或者其他组织有权要求其回避:


  () 与被调查的公务员是近亲属关系的;


  () 与被调查的案件有利害关系的;


  () 与被调查的公务员有其他关系,可能影响案件公正处理的。


  第四十三条 处分决定机关负责人的回避,由处分决定机关的上一级行政机关负责人决定;其他违法违纪案件调查、处理人员的回避,由处分决定机关负责人决定。




  第四十四条 给予行政机关公务员处分,应当自批准立案之日起6个月内作出决定;案情复杂或者遇有其他特殊情形的,办案期限可以延长,但是最长不得超过12个月。


  第四十五条 处分决定应当包括下列内容:


  () 被处分人员的姓名、职务、级别、工作单位等基本情况;


  () 经查证的违法违纪事实;


  () 处分的种类和依据;


  () 不服处分决定的申诉途径和期限;


  () 处分决定机关的名称、印章和作出决定的日期。




  第四十六条 处分决定、解除处分决定自作出之日起生效。


  第四十七条 行政机关公务员受到开除处分后,有新工作单位的,其本人档案转由新工作单位管理;没有新工作单位的,其本人档案转由其户籍所在地人事部门所属的人才服务机构管理。


  第六章 不服处分的申诉


  第四十八条 受到处分的行政机关公务员对处分决定不服的,依照《中华人民共和国公务员法》和《中华人民共和国行政监察法》的有关规定,可以申请复核或者申诉。






  第四十九条 有下列情形之一的,受理公务员复核、申诉的机关应当撤销处分决定,重新作出决定或者责令原处分决定机关重新作出决定:


  () 处分所依据的违法违纪事实证据不足的;


  () 违反法定程序,影响案件公正处理的;


  () 作出处分决定超越职权或者滥用职权的。


  第五十条 有下列情形之一的,受理公务员复核、申诉的机关应当变更处分决定,或者责令原处分决定机关变更处分决定:


  () 适用法律、法规、规章或者国务院决定错误的;


  () 对违法违纪行为的情节认定有误的;


  () 处分不当的。


  第五十一条 行政机关公务员的处分决定被变更,需要调整该公务员的职务、级别或者工资档次的,应当按照规定予以调整;行政机关公务员的处分决定被撤销的,应当恢复该公务员的级别、工资档次,按照原职务安排相应的职务,并在适当范围内为其恢复名誉。




  第七章 附  则


  第五十二条 有违法违纪行为应当受到处分的行政机关公务员,在处分决定机关作出处分决定前已经退休的,不再给予处分;但是,依法应当给予降级、撤职、开除处分的,应当按照规定相应降低或者取消其享受的待遇。


  第五十三条 行政机关公务员违法违纪取得的财物和用于违法违纪的财物,除依法应当由其他机关没收、追缴或者责令退赔的,由处分决定机关没收、追缴或者责令退赔。违法违纪取得的财物应当退还原所有人或者原持有人的,退还原所有人或者原持有人;属于国家财产以及不应当退还或者无法退还原所有人或者原持有人的,上缴国库。


  第五十四条 对法律、法规授权的具有公共事务管理职能的事业单位中经批准参照《中华人民共和国公务员法》管理的工作人员给予处分,参照本条例的有关规定办理。


  第五十五条 本条例自200761日起施行。1988913日国务院发布的《国家行政机关工作人员贪污贿赂行政处分暂行规定》同时废止。



Dr. Howard Wang of CSUF (CSA lifetime member) receiving ABAOC Award


On Saturday, May 12th Dr. Howard Wang, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, will be receiving an award from the Asian Business Association of Orange County. The event is the 2007 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration and is free to all who would like to attend.  Please see the image below for the event announcement as well as information on how you may RSVP.


More information in detail, please visit: http://www.abaoc.org/Events/upcoming_details.php?eventID=20094




提升體育音樂藝術水準  加州撥公校5億教育獎助金   (SingtaoUSA丁曙)


加州總學監奧康尼(Jack O'Connell)24日上午在Loyola村小學禮堂宣布為加州公校提供5億美元的體育、音樂和表演藝術的教育獎助金,用於支持專業發展和設備購置,提升公校的體育和藝術教育的水準。奧康尼在現場簽署了一張象徵性大支票贈送給地方學區官員,並觀賞了小學生們的舞蹈和體操表演,載歌載舞,氣氛熱烈。









尤努斯不是灵丹妙药 (耿银平


海南省长罗保铭近日在博鳌会见2006年度诺贝尔和平奖获得者、孟加拉乡村银行创始人穆罕默德·尤努斯,并邀请他担任省政府特别顾问,帮助解决农村发展的资金难题。 在笔者看来,在中国特色的资本土壤上,请“穷人银行家”出谋划策可能有效,也绝非灵丹妙药。




 第二,尤努斯的经营理念是“社会目标最大化公司和公司目标最大化”,而中国各银行的理念却是赚钱。 尤努斯倡导在社会责任之下推进资本运作,而不是急功近利,将赢利当作放贷的唯一目的。这其实就是在用企业自身的责任形象推动社会慈善意识。而中国的银行,都将挺进世界多少强作为经营目的,用经济总量的大蛋糕营造社会轰动。舶来的理念能得到中国银行业认同吗?


 第三,中国其实不缺“穷人银行家”的理念,缺的是落实。 在口是心非的资本市场面前,对中国文化了解不是非常深透的尤努斯,会不会成为“银行改革的牺牲品”? 或许,应将尤努斯的理念与中国经济环境和银行经营现状结合起来,出台一些操作性强的金融措施,用“制度通道”保证“穷人银行”诞生。



Chinese banking industry to become 3rd largest in world, report


By 2015, the actual revenue made by Chinese banking industry will grow by 8.5% every year. By then, Chinese banking industry will become the third largest banking industry in the world, according to a latest report issued by the Boston Consulting Group.


In this report, the global business consulting firm says that China is making transformation to become one of the most important markets in banking industry in the world. In 2006, three Chinese banks entered into the world’s top ten banking list, their market capitalization having exceeded 100 billion US dollars. Among them, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is now the second largest bank in the world, only next to Citibank. Bank of China is placed as the world’s sixth largest bank, while China Construction Bank has moved five places forward to become the seventh largest bank globally. This has totally changed the world’s banking industrial structure.


The report says that Chinese banks have the capacities to compete globally. Apart from business expansion, Chinese banks have also improved a lot in raising the competitive edge against their domestic counterparts. Over the past five years, their outstanding business performance has outshone their counterparts in the West and they have brought substantial profits to their investors, the report says.



知识为何不能改变命运 China Press USA - 温哥华  陶短房



















China new tech to control low-altitude flying activities


The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is running a test for a technology called ADS-B. Once approved, the technology will be used to control low-altitude flying activities, the Beijing Business Today reported. “At present, many companies and individuals in economically prosperous regions have expressed a strong desire for low-altitude flying,” said Yu Zhenfa, CAAC chief pilot.  In managing low-altitude flying activities, CAAC will adopt common practices in international aviation industry by initiating controlling, reporting, or monitoring methods to different planes flying for different levels of low altitudes, Yu said.


In doing so, Yu said CAAC will let AOPA-CHINA (Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association – China) play a bigger role. At present, different countries apply different standards for “low-altitude flying.” Mostly, low-altitude flying is defined as flying activities occurring between 1,000 and 4,000 meters. In the United States, which has the most advanced aviation industry in the world, low altitude is defined as airspace below 3,000 meters. At present, 200,000 of the 350,000 private planes in the world now fly under this range. They generate 50 billion US dollars of total economic volume every year. Currently, there are only 70 private planes in China. In the world, the ratio of aviation planes to private planes generally stands at 1:9, whereas in China, such ratio is 20:1, Yu said.


Now, more and more Chinese people are buying their own planes. Zhang Yue, general manager of the Broad Air Conditioning Group, once owned 5 private planes.

 “Private planes are usually sold at 1-10 million yuan, mostly around 3-4 million yuan. In China, some domestic-made planes can be sold at 300,000-400,000 yuan,” an insider from a renowned international business aircraft manufacturer told this reporter. Statistics show that in China, there are at least 300,000 people whose total assets are over 10 million yuan. “They are our potential customers,” the insider said.



商机:中国未来语音业务将呈移动化 手机用户达4.8亿











SAPA-GP 2007 Annual Conference - Innovation and Globalization: Current Trends in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry 5/5


 Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association

Greater Philadelphia Chapter (SAPA-GP)


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Auditorium, Learning Center,

Temple University Ambler Campus

580 Meetinghouse Road, Ambler, Pennsylvania, 19002


Morning Session: Current Trends in World Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry

(9:00 - 12:00 am)


Keynote Speakers

Rich Tillyer, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Preclinical Development (PCD),

Merck Research Laboratories, Merck & Co., Inc

Global Preclinical Development – Managing Pipeline Flow

Peter Ho, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Oncology CEDD, GlaxoSmithKline

Co-presented by

Bin Peng, Ph.D.

Director, Clinical Pharmacology, CPDM/Oncology, GlaxoSmithKline

Development of Novel Hematology & Oncology Therapeutic in China:

GlaxoSmithKline’s Learnings from Clinical Pharmacology and Full Development

Evan Loh, M.D.

Vice President, Clinical Research & Development, Wyeth

Learn and Confirm: Wyeth's Clinical Development Model of the Future

John Baldwin, Ph.D.

President and Chief Scientific Officer, Vitae Pharmaceutical Inc.

Micropharma and the Role of Outsourcing in the Global Community

Randall B. Sunberg, J.D.

Senior Partner, Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP,

Biotech and Pharma Partnering: Current Trends in Global Deals

SAPA-GP Award Presentation and Election Results Announcement

Lunch Break (12:00 pm– 1:00 pm)

Afternoon Session: Chinese Biotech/Pharma: Challenges and Opportunities

(1:00 – 5:30 pm)

(Presentations will be delivered in Chinese or English)

Hongjian Ma, Ph.D.

Deputy Director-General, China National Center for Biotechnology Development,

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China

Biotechnology and Bioindustry in China

Ming-De Yu

Executive Chairman, China Worldbest Life Industry Co.

Executive Chairman, China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association and

China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Directors Association

New Advances in Chinese Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

Zegong Zhang

Deputy Director, Beijing Pharma & Biotech Center

Optimizing Your R&D Capability in China

Yuwen Liu, MBA

General Manager, BioBay, Suzhou Industry Park (SIP), Suzhou

Building Up the Best Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry Park in China

Yuanwei Chen, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer, Egret Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Ltd

Drug Discovery in China: Globalization through Partnership

Larry Y. Zhang, Ph.D.

Vice President, Chemistry, Shanghai ChemPartner Co., Ltd

An Integrated CRO Service Model to Combine Chemical Synthesis, Biology, and

Preclinical Research in Supporting New Drug Discovery

Weizhi Chen, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer, SinoGenoMax Co. Ltd., Beijing

Chinese Human Genome Center in Beijing

Your Right Biotechnological R&D Partner in China

Xuemei Song, Ph.D.

Vice President and General Manager, Venturepharma Group, Beijing

Opportunities in Clinical Research Outsourcing for Biopharmaceuticals

Jerry Q. Wang, Ph.D.

Vice President, Agela Technologies, Beijing

Effective Resourcing of High Quality, Low Cost Equipment and Supplies in China:

A Key for Business Success

Wei-Jun Gu, MBA

Secretary General, China Pharmaceutical Association of Plant Engineering

Internationalization of Chinese Pharmaceutical Manufacturers --- The Trend and the Drive

Panel Discussion (5:30 – 6:30 pm, participated by afternoon speakers)

Suzhou BioBay Night Dinner Reception (6:30 – 9:00 pm)

(Sponsored by Suzhou BioBay)

(Dining Center, Temple University Ambler campus)



 諾貝爾獎得主指出中國經濟發展帶動政治改革   Singtao-USA包承柯)




梅肯研究所舉辦的每年一度年會到今年已經是第10屆了,梅肯研究所創辦人邁克梅肯(Michael Milken)表示,10年前,在第一屆梅肯研究所舉辦的年會上,當時討論話題是50個,三天參加的人數1500個。而10年後的現在,有3000個來自全美的專家學者參加年會,在3天的會議中設有120個分會場,有470個專家學者參加討論政治經濟社會和教育等方面的話題,今年的大會成為至今為止規模最大的年會。


在午餐會上,三位獲得諾貝爾經濟獎的學者就資本市場的未來作了深入的交流。他們從經濟和政治的角度指出,儘管在自由市場的機制下,政府的作用是通過淡出市場的機制,但在社會福利方面,還是繼續保持對企業的干預。曾在1992年獲得諾貝爾獎的芝加哥大學教授Gary Becker首先表示,市場經濟已成為全球經濟機制發展的方向,幾乎已經沒有國家對市場經濟提出異議,市場經濟有三個主要的特點,這就是自由市場,全球開放式的經濟機制,和有一個完善穩定的中央銀行在市場中起調節作用。他認為美國、歐盟主要國家、加拿大、澳大利亞和新西蘭都屬於當今世界上比較完善的市場機制。


曾在1997年獲得諾貝爾獎的斯坦福大學教授Myron Scholes表示,中國和印度的經濟改革帶來的最大意義是全球化市場機制開始日趨完善。中國和印度都是人口眾多的國家,但是在過去10年中,這兩個國家的經濟在開放政策的引導下,出現突飛猛進的發展,中國在機械加工業方面走得比較成功,印度則更多的是在網絡科技技術上發展得很快,這兩個國家有一個共同點是引進了自由和開放的市場機制。但是這兩個國家還是有不同的方面,這就是,印度在獨立的初期就建立了以普選為基礎的民主機制,中國在政治結構上還處於威權體制。


Gary Becker認為,其實威權主義的政治體制並不妨礙市場經濟的發展,特別是經濟改革剛剛啟動的時候,通過政府機制比較有效率的運作,可以推動建立市場機制,在南韓、台灣和泰國等東亞經濟體,他們最初都是軍事色彩很濃的政府掌權,他們的市場經濟體制改革幾乎都成功了。相反墨西哥有民主機制的國家,在推動市場競爭機制中始終不如人意。他還認為,在未來中國的富裕階層增多,他們在政治民主方面的要求會增加,完善民主政治的機制正成為中國未來發展的課題。


1972年諾貝爾獎獲得者斯坦福大學教授Kenneth Arrow表示,政府的介入社會福利等問題,會給企業帶來增加成本的問題,但這方面歐洲國家和美國是相當成功的。


在第10屆梅肯研究所舉辦的年會上,中國話題再次成為與會者所關注的焦點,凡是與中國相關的分會場幾乎都是座無虛席。正在洛杉磯的美國前駐中國大使芮效儉在中國政治經濟分會上指出,外界對中國經濟改革所取得的成果認識有落差,並期待中國在政治改革和健全法制方面有所發展。 芮效儉認為,當海外的輿論正在關注1989年天安門事件的時候,中國的經濟改革卻出現了急速的發展,那時人們並沒有很快認識到,中國的經濟改革會對今天的全球經濟產生如此重要的影響,人們更多地在談論中國的民運和人權。他認為1989年天安門事件讓中國付出了代價,但是在兩年之後,鄧小平發表的南巡講話,讓中國的經濟改革又獲得了新的動力。經過20多年的經濟改革,13億人口的中國獲得了成功。







Business Week - 2006 Full-Time MBA Program Ranking <Top 30 U.S. Programs>



1  University of Chicago


2 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)


3 Northwestern University (Kellogg)


4 Harvard University


5 University of Michigan (Ross)


6 Stanford University


7 MIT (Sloan)


8 UC Berkeley (Haas)


9 Duke University (Fuqua)


10 Columbia University


11 Dartmouth (Tuck)


12 UCLA (Anderson)


13 Cornell University (Johnson)


14 NYU (Stern)


15 University of Virginia (Darden)


16 Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)


17 UNC - Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)


18 Indiana University (Kelley)


19 Yale University


20 Texas - Austin


21 University of Southern California (Marshall)


22 Georgetown University (McDonough)


23 Emory University (Goizueta)


24 Purdue University (Krannert)


25 University of Maryland (Smith)


26 University of Notre Dame (Mendoza)


27 Washington University (Olin)


28 Rochester (Simon)


29 Michigan State University (Broad)


30 Vanderbilt University (Owen)



动向 - 中国行政体制改革趋势:“严治官、善待民” 创新政体
















Chinese nuclear installed capacity to reach 40m kw by 2020


China has worked out a nuclear strategic plan to actively boost nuclear energy use. By 2020, China’s total nuclear installed capacity will reach 40 million kilowatts. In addition, nuclear projects with a total installed capacity of 18 million kilowatts will be undertaken.


On Monday, the Seventh International Nuclear Power Industry Exhibition was unveiled. A seminar on the third generation of nuclear technologies was also held during the exhibition. The exhibition was organized by the China Atomic Energy Authority.


The International Nuclear Power Industry Exhibition was first held in 1995 and since then, the exhibition was held once every two years in China. This time, the event, which began on April 23, at the Shanghaimart will last for three days. Delegates from 200 companies in over 20 countries and regions, including China, France, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, Spain and Japan, will attend the event.


China is actively introducing the third generation of nuclear power technologies and tries to make innovations based on them. After grasping the upgraded technologies of the second nuclear power generation, China has decided to build some new nuclear power generating sets based on these upgraded technologies. At the same time, China starts to introduce the world's most advanced third generation of nuclear power technologies and these technologies will be applied in the country's two nuclear power projects, one in Sanmen of Zhejiang Province and another in Haiyang of Shandong Province.



美国護士荒加劇 13年內缺80


考克斯新聞社25日報導,艾莫利大學護士學院院長瑪麗亞薩蒙(Maria Salmon)25日警告,護士荒日益嚴重,可能影響美國老化人口的健康照顧。薩蒙對護士專業面臨的挑戰提出悲觀的看法,預期到2020年至少短缺80萬名註冊護士。 隨著嬰兒潮世代達到退休年齡,醫療的需求增加,但是護士卻嚴重短缺。薩蒙指出,當護士的目前主要是中年白人女性,但她們並不代表人口趨勢。註冊護士的平均年齡從1980年以來,從40歲升至47歲,30歲以下的護士不到一成。


全國護士聯盟表示,在2005年,全國各地的護士學校拒收15萬合格申請者,拒收率比前一年增加18%,因為沒有足夠的老師。薩蒙說:「我們想增收學生的同時,卻有未來誰教護士課的問題。」在艾莫利大學,75% 的護理教師年齡在50歲以上。


艾莫利大學的數名衛生政策專家25日在華盛頓的全國記者俱樂部參加「艾莫利日」活動,討論防範醫療照顧危機的方法,薩蒙是其中一名專家。 艾莫利急診醫學系主任凱勒曼說,護士荒是數個醫療問題匯集的後果之一,這些問題包括急診室求醫民眾太多,以及無保險病人增加。缺乏護士使得在職護士的責任更重,他們要花四分之一到一半的上班時間從事行政工作。越來越多護士離職,很多人轉投保險業。





Summer Language Program of Business Chinese - CIBER business Chinese language & culture program in Shanghai (6/30-7/31)


June 30 - July 31, 2007


Experience a dynamic summer in Shanghai studying Chinese Language and Culture for Business! This course is designed to provide insights into the 21st century China’s business environments - China's society, economy and culture. The readings, classroom discussions and professional talks all focus on China’s latest developments on economic, political and cultural fronts. The course promotes a deeper understanding of China’s business climate, and helps students to overcome linguistic, geographical and cultural barriers to achieve higher communicative competence in business contexts.


CIBER fellowships are available to qualified UCLA Anderson School of Management Students. Apply now. Contact CIBER for more details.


Directed by Professor Yihua Wang, Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), the Anderson School at UCLA. For more information, contact

Summer Sessions at: travel@summer.ucla.edu .


Please note that intermediate to advanced language proficiency is required for this program. Please complete our online application, and your information will be forwarded to the instructor for approval. Your deposit payment will not be due until your application is approved. Upon approval, you will be notified immediately regarding payment and reservation.

Financial aid is available to qualified UCLA students. All other students should inquire about financial aid at their home institution.



【华府观察】‘吃中国饭'学者越来越多 中国访美学者更具自信 —‘中国研究热’系列(侨报 余东晖)


















Shanghai soliciting design of Halls of China of World Expo 2010


Shanghai World Expo 2010 will be the first comprehensive international expo hosted in a developing country. It is estimated that more than 70 million people will attend the expo.


The organizing committee of Shanghai World Expo started soliciting the design of the Hall of the State and the Hall of Regions of the Halls of China, one of the most important exhibition building of the World Expo, from Chinese worldwide.


The design of the Halls must be completely compatible with both traditional Chinese culture and the modern idea of building a harmonious society, and should be able to serve as a model for other Chinese urban planners.


The Halls of China will be built at the central zone of the exhibition area, and consist of the Hall of the State, the Hall of Regions, and the Hall of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The Hall of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be a mobile structure built by architects from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, while the first two halls will be permanent structures in Shanghai.


The solicitation will come to an end on May 31, and the result will be published on June 30.



调查: 香港近半大学生出现中度严重至极严重焦虑









Babies born in autumn or winter are smarter


According to the speech of Zhang Feng, the director of Guangdong Provincial Population and Family Planning Commission, at a seminar on April 24, babies born in autumn or early winter, especially those born in October, November and December, are usually smarter and stronger than babies born in other seasons.


"According to TCM theory, autumn is the best season to have babies, for the rhythm of human bodies is the same as the change of seasons. Thus it is natural to have babies in such a season of harvest," said Zhang. "Though modern medical sciences still can't tell why, statistics have proved the TCM theory."


"But young couples should not have babies conceived too soon after the wedding ceremony, for they might have drunk too much liquor but relaxed too little during the wedding, which will be bad for the fetus," concluded Zhang. Actually, the possibility of having handicapped babies is 4 times higher during the honeymoon.



专家投稿 - 《你的学问有多深》 (尼玛罢日本 )







    这里所说的数学基础知识,不全在于学生时代解过多少难题,而在于是否具备数学式的思维方式,或者说数学的感觉。你可以近似,但必须估计误差;你千万不要混淆充分条件和必要条件;你的结论在x>0 x=0x<0时都成立吗?






















July 12 - 14,

       Johnson City, TN, United States

We are pleased to announce that tutorial lectures will be presented by the following:

G. Andrews - Partitions, Ferrers Graphs and q-Hypergeometric Functions

A. Kemp - Discrete Distributions

I. Gessel - Lattice Path Enumeration

W. Böhm - Applications in Queueing Theory

  Topics to be covered include:

Lattice path enumeration

Random walks

Plane partitions

Nonparametric statistical inference


Discrete distributions and urn models

Young tableaux

Queueing theory


Analysis of algorithms

Orthogonal polynomials

Graph Theory and Applications


Self-dual codes and unimodular lattices


Local Committee

Scientific Committee

Teresa Haynes

G. Andrews, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Debra Knisley

N. Balakrishnan, McMaster University, Canada

Robert Gardner

Ch. A. Charalambides, University of Athens, Greece

Yali Liu

A. Godbole, East Tennessee State University, USA

Edith Seier

A. Kemp, University of Saint Andrews, Scotland

Yared Nigussie

C. Krattenthaler, University of Vienna, Austria

Robert Price, Jr.

W. Panny, University of Economics, Austria

Anant Godbole

R. Pinzani, University of Florence, Italy


B. Sagan, Michigan State University, USA


D. Zeilberger, Rutgers University, USA


Coordinator: Sri Gopal Mohanty, McMaster University, Canada


Click to Register: http://www.etsu.edu/math/godbole/lattice/index.htm

Registration fees are $140/person (regular); $60/person (non-mathematical accompanying persons); and $75/person (undergraduate or (post)graduate student) and will cover the following:

  • a banquet at the Carnegie,
  • reception Thursday evening at the Carnegie,
  • coffee breaks,
  • 3 lunches (Thursday and Friday at the Main Meal, Saturday a box lunch),
  • Appalachian Trail Hike
  • Bluegrass band performance
  • transportation to/from Tri-Cities Airport,

Special Proceedings Volume

A special volume of Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference will contain selected refereed papers from among those presented at the conference. Guest editors will be Sri Gopal Mohanty and Anant Godbole. Contributers and referees are asked to adhere to the following schedule:

·  As soon as possible and no later than at the conference: Indicate intent to submit a paper;

·  August 31, 2007: Papers due

·  September 15: Papers sent to referees;

·  December 1: Referee reports due

·  February 1: Revised versions of papers due


Lodging options:

Carnegie Hotel ($79)

In order to get the quoted rate you must book your room through ETSU

More modest but cheaper on campus accomodation. 




2020年中国人口将控制在14.5亿以内 性别比趋常 



















Chinese Cultural Dance Club at UCLA to Present its Eighth Annual Dance Production, "Inspiration"


Saturday, May 05, 2007

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

UCLA - Royce Hall

Los Angeles, CA 90095


The Chinese Cultural Dance Club at UCLA (CCDC) and Avante Photography, Inc. will present Lotus Steps 2007 - Inspiration at UCLA Royce Hall, on Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 7:00pm.  Tickets for the show are free of charge, and can be obtained at the UCLA Central Ticket Office (CTO) or online at http://www.ccdcbruins.com starting Monday, April 30.  The show will also feature guest performances by the Chinese Folk Dance Troupe and Families with Children from China-SoCal.


Lotus Steps 2007 is an opportunity for guests to learn and explore the diversity of China and the experiences of Chinese-Americans through folk dance, performance art, and music.  The student and alumni-choreographed dance pieces will take the audience on a journey through various regions of China.  Beginning at the Forbidden City, the audience will enjoy an imperial celebration fit for an Emperor.  They will then trek through the deserts of the Xinjiang Province in northwest China to discover the remains of an ancient ruin containing artifacts of the Uygur people. The Amis Tribe of the Taiwanese aborigines invites the audience to celebrate their collective existence as one happy family. An injured eagle will take the audience soaring over the grassy plains of inner-Mongolia.   As the audience ventures into the Yunnan Province of southern China, they stop at a tropical locale called Xishuangbanna where locals of the Dai ethnic minority entertain them with a candlelight court dance.   They will also visit the neighboring Wa community to witness a vibrant hair-tossing dance that celebrates the women's vibrant spirits.


Lotus Steps 2007 is themed "Inspiration," which embodies the motivation for the club to fulfill its mission of sharing Chinese culture through dance.  The interpretation of "inspiration" is three-fold.   First, dancers and choreographers are all internally inspired by some force.  This source of fuel moves them to accomplish great feats, whether it is mastering a simple dance move or creating a brilliant dance piece.  Internal inspiration is what brings the club's dancers together and encourages the instructors and choreographers to create, shape, and mold beautiful dances.  Second, the dances featured in Lotus Steps 2007 are all forged by some artistic vision.  Without inspiration, dances would have no meaning or feeling, and would otherwise be random movement.  It is this artistic inspiration that breathes life into the choreography.  Lastly, in fulfilling the club's mission, the club hopes to inspire cultural awareness and education on a universal scale.  The beauty and message behind dance transcends any and all social barriers.


In addition to producing Lotus Steps, CCDC organizes free dance instruction, mentoring programs for adopted children from China, and educational programs for disadvantaged and at-risk adolescents in the Los Angeles community. 


For additional information about either Lotus Steps 2007 or CCDC, please contact Patrick Pieng, Lotus Steps Production Manager of Public Relations at ccdc.publicrelations@gmail.com, or visit http://www.ccdcbruins.com.


Cost: FREE


For more information please contact

Patrick Pieng



Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies, UCLA Chinese Cultural Dance Club



美國慈親基金會(POP's Foundation)去年與中國官方合辦首屆「和平之君中國文化行」,獲得空前成功,今年再接再厲,將於71424日舉辦第二屆中國文化行。這個特別為曾到中國領養孩童美國家庭籌辦的「尋根之旅」,是首個獲中國官方邀請、接待和資助的海外領養家庭訪問團。






Blueprint predicts major scientific breakthroughs


China is expected to master key biotechnologies before 2010 and become a world leader in the field, a top science official said Thursday.


It will also make breakthroughs in 20 bottleneck technologies relating to oil and gas prospecting and drilling while developing a digital database to help find more oil resources, Vice-Minister of Science and Technology Liu Yanhua said.


The ambitious goals were set in the nation's blueprint for science development in areas of social progress, such as the environment, health, resource and public safety, during the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10). The blueprint was released yesterday by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), at the opening ceremony of its two-day national science and social development convention.


More reserves of metal resources will be built before 2010 and the total amount of usable metal resources is expected to grow by between 1.5 and 2 billion tons, according to the blueprint. "The focus is on the exploration of rare metals," Liu said.


Technologies for prospecting and developing oil and gas resources in the deep water in the South China Sea will be introduced, as well as those for monitoring the marine environment in China's exclusive economic zone, which extends to a distance of 200 nautical miles, 370 km, out from its coast, and other important sea areas. "The current situation of low-level usage of marine resources will change," Liu said.


In the field of environmental protection, breakthroughs are expected to be made in 10 to 15 crucial technologies relating to ecological restoration for rivers and lakes, and in 30 technologies on urban air-condition monitoring and soil pollution control, the blueprint said.


Also yesterday, the ministry launched its third project for social progress, entitled the "Regional Sustainable Development Science Promotion Act." It follows the Spark Plan, which began in 1986 and the Torch Plan of 1988, which greatly promoted processes in the agricultural science and hi-tech industries.


During the 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-05), more than 24,000 scientific discoveries were made and 3,000 of them have been patented, Liu said.


Among the most important achievements were the invention of 22 new medicines, including seven chemical, seven biochemical and eight traditional Chinese medicines.


There were also breakthroughs in seawater desalting and in developing the offshore oil reserve in Bohai Bay. Facilities each producing 10,000 tons of fresh water per day are being set up in East China's Shandong Province, while new technologies in offshore drilling are helping to make Bohai Bay the third largest oil production base in East China.




中国美国商会近日发布了新的企业状况年度调查。它在同时发布的报告中称,美国企业必须认清一个事实,它们的全球竞争力越来越依赖于在中国的表现。 纽约《华尔街日报》27日报道,在接受该商会调查的会员企业中,有73%称其中国业务是盈利的,高于上一次年度调查时64%的比例。大多数企业还表示,2006年其中国业务的运营利润率实现了增长。至少有60%的会员公司自2001年以来每年都表示利润率出现了上升。






Conference on China's soft power


Dear ACPSS Fellow Members,


I'm sending this short message to solicit ideas/participation for a conference on China's soft power we're organizing in Singapore in October.  


This conference will be hosted by the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies ( Nanyang Technological University ). The conference is intended to systematically examine the sources, limitations, practice of China's soft power and its impact on international relations, regional as well as global. There will be a volume out of the conference. Our school will cover all expenses for paper contributors and will provide an honorarium.


About ten scholars have already committed to participate. We'd like to invite a few more participants. 


If you are interested in this conference, please simply let me know your idea/topic (a few sentences will do). We'll seriously consider your topic as long as it is related to our conference theme and has not been covered by other participants.


We'd like to finalize the list of participants in early May. So 10 May will be the deadline.  Many thanks for your attention.


Yours truly,


Li Mingjiang

Assistant Professor

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Nanyang Technological University

Block S4, Level B4, Nanyang Avenue

Singapore 639798

Tel: 65-6790-6836

Fax: 65-67932991

Email: ismjli@ntu.edu.sg



读者来稿:品味时分 怀念品味女人雷诺夫人 (.玛丽安娜)


Life is too shortYou have to enjoy it at every moment”人生苦短,你必须时时刻刻懂得享受它!这是弗莱恩教会我的一个简单得不能再单纯的道理,它改变了我的人生。

我与 Fran Lino.(弗兰恩.雷诺) 夫人相识,是在1995年的圣诞夜,雷诺夫妇邀请我到他们在Arlington Heights阿灵顿岗市的家做客,我欣然前往。那时候的我刚刚在Schaumburg香柏城的Wood field mall[伍德菲尔商城(世界最大的时尚零售业商城)]开业不到一年,和雷诺先生有些生意往来。那时候的我,只有二十四岁,生活与生意的双重压力时时刻刻地笼罩着我,紧张的神情天天挂在脸上!芝加哥干燥寒冷的空气,带走了皮肤的湿润。紧绷的面孔和难眠的焦虑夜夜折磨着我,沉甸甸的心情,根本不像一个二十四岁的女孩儿……我已经有6个月没有见过阳光了,清晨6点半钟离家,夜晚十点钟离开公司,每天六条电话响个不停,连上洗手间都是一路小跑。夜晚,当我蜷缩着脖子,紧裹着大衣,一个人匆匆走在零下十五度的寒风里,来到积雪一英尺米厚的停车场,行驶在风雪路滑的290号高速公路上,陪伴我的是雨刷器左右晃动的刷刷声和那首可以让我扶平焦躁情绪的《绿岛小夜曲》……蔡琴醇厚、悠扬的歌声里,我一次次的问自己:为什么我要放弃故乡那么安逸的生活来到美国芝加哥?为什么事业越好,压力越大,快乐就越少?生活中我到底要什么?冥冥中我感觉仿佛踏上了一条不归路……

当我第一眼见到雷诺夫人时,60岁的她长得很一般,个子矮矮的,不足5英尺3英寸(16),瘦瘦的没有什么线条,眉眼也最多只能还是算做普通,但是她热情的拥抱了我,和她握手的瞬间,当我伸出我那戴着手套还冻得发凉的手,握住她厚重而温暖的手时,她明亮的双眼与慈祥的目光,深深地温暖了我。我至今还清晰记得她当年的打扮。浅米色的四平针高领紧身羊毛衫,外披一条深咖啡色喀什米尔手工羊绒披肩、精致而有型的深兰色牛仔裤,脚蹬咖啡色方头中高跟小短筒皮靴,简约而帅气。一眼看去不经意的打扮,却可以推敲出女主人对自身装束每个细节的在意。否则,是为了让客人感觉她身材显得高挑些,让高跟鞋踩在浅驼色室内地毯上的事,不是所有家庭主妇都会舍得做的……她牵着我的手急忙地向我展示她从艺术品商店淘来的所谓中国艺术品,最让我感到有趣的是那用来做为茶几的是一只老式的,上海人家用来做为女儿陪嫁的朱红漆马桶。旧时候,人们会把红枣,红蛋,花生连同娘家人早生贵子的美好祝福,满满的盛在里头,伴随女儿家,从此蝶变成一个某姓夫家的女人……古董留声机里放送着百老汇歌剧《猫女》的序曲,她侃侃而谈对东方的向往,对中国之行的渴望。告诉我她每周五的下午都会去安迪生大道上那家越南华侨艾米丽开的美甲店做指甲,之后和雷诺先生去隔壁那家中国小餐馆China Kitchen吃炸春卷,酱油炒饭和甜酸鸡,晚上再去看电影。她说那是她吃过的世界上最好吃的鸡(尽管我不敢告诉她,中国人的口感会认为那样的饭菜难以下咽……)她幽默的笑声映着墙角壁炉里窜起的兰色火苗,一旁的雷诺先生眯着眼睛凝望着他那有些童真和唠叨的太太,眼神里充满爱意和欣赏。

这一幕,让我看到幸福,恬淡与浪漫已是离自己如此之近,平实得看得见,摸得到。品尝恬淡精致的生活滋味,享受自然品质的幸福时分,其实并不遥远!它触手可及,只要你稍稍停下匆匆的步履,用欣赏的眼睛去捕捉生活中美好的瞬间和事物,平凡而重复的生活也可以这般的有品味。我知道,其实多年以后,我创办Quality Time EnterprisesInc.(美国品味时分礼仪形象集团)的思想火花和商业冲动都来源于1995年圣诞夜这个难忘的品味时刻……


其实,品味时分就是时时刻刻懂得品尝美好生活的滋味,享受幸福生活的乐趣,品味并不一定是要花费两个月的薪水去买一件名牌的百分之一百羊毛的西服,或是一支万宝龙钢笔,笔挺腰板,表情严肃的故作权威;也不是一定要在烈日炎炎的草地上挥动着你并不是那么热爱的高尔夫球杆,或者听一场从头到尾没有一句能听懂的意大利古典歌剧……虽然这些高贵的品位享受是永恒的主题,可是作为普通人的我们或许不是人人都有这样的幸运机会,但人人都有一种平凡而珍贵的能力:爱的能力 ─ 对美、对幸福的追求能力。