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v     欢迎您参加美国华裔教授学者协会的年度盛会-2007 CSA年会(UCLA 11/10星期六)

v     CSA 2007华裔教授协会2007年会网上登记

v     US-China Business Law Confenrence (UCLA10/26)

v     “中西文化交流回顾和展望”国际学术研讨会(10/25-27)

v     欢迎您参加CSA华裔教授学者协会2008-2009理事会选举


News and Announcements

v     Comments regarding hearings of the Pasadena Human Relations Commission on Rose Parade Float commemorating Beijing Olympics

v     河濱加大(UCR)投入改善中國環污  CSA终身会员李百炼教授任研究中心主任

v     Net Forum -学者论坛: 如何提高创新能力? (邓伟志)

v     Finding of Dr.Qiang Lu (UCLA吕倩教授): Staying positive may help kids deal with pain

v     美国洛杉矶时报未来不是中国的 (?!)

v     美國民主黨總統參選人喜萊莉:美中關係最重要  若當選將與北京合作

v     Center for Chinese Studies Reception (UCLA 10/25)

v     雅培科學家發現具有兩種抗體功能的分子 首次顯示藥物特性和制造可行性的大分子結合

v     学者来稿:防范暴力犯罪与现代自卫防身学(SJSU陈工教授、陈大威助教)

v     UCR joins in China venture

v     每年400万人参加 锻炼力量和耐力 美国提倡爬楼梯健身

v     六种不良心态危害老年人

v     Speech: Development of Inner-Party Democracy in Taiwan: Consequences for Taiwan's Party Politics (UCLA10/25)

v     当代[三高]女士的困惑

v     读者荐稿:寓言-如何从生命中的枯井脱困

v     First Monoclonal Targeting Drug for Liver Cancer

v     聯合國貿易暨發展會議(UNCTAD): 最佳投資地區   中国、印度排名最高

v     WHO: 中醫術語英譯標準訂定 漢字使用繁體中文 中國接納

v     More Progresses for HTSC Study (CAS)

v     中国有关大学设立“国学学位”当慎行

v     国学有必要成为学科部类吗?

v     Nanocarrier Cross Brain Barrier

v     教育绝不是服务

v     中国大学不是"像官场"而是就是官场

v     China releases space development plan

v     中国教育要拒绝产业化

v     中國扶貧新策略: 擴大中等收入階層

v     USC US-China Institute: Talking Points (October 17 - October 31, 2007)


v     中国海关总署就“海归”免税购车政策答问(全文)


v     DV-2009 綠卡抽簽資格要求

v     美国ETS澄清:中国大陆GRE考题目前不会改变


欢迎您参加美国华裔教授学者协会的年度盛会-2007 CSA年会(UCLA 11/10星期六)


Conference Theme/大会主题:

Interaction of US-China in the Frontier of Academic Research



Date:          Nov. 10th. 2007, Saturday星期六

Time:          1:00pm 9:00pm

Address:     University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) 加大洛杉矶分校

405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90098; Phone: (310) 825-4321


2007 CSA年会作学术报告的著名专家教授

详情请看: http://www.csasc.org/2007conference/contents.pdf


Dr. Chih-Ming Ho 何志明教授 (UCLA-Keynote Speaker

Educating young professionals to face an unknown future


Dr. Zhen-Gang Wang 王振刚教授 (Caltech)

“Electrostatic Regulation in Viral Genome Packaging”



Dr. Xiangdong Ye 叶向东博士 (S&T Consul)

 “The Transformation of Innovation Paradigm: Challenges and Opportunities”



Dr. Yong-Gang Li   郦永刚教授 (USC)  

“Earthquake Hazards and Tsunami”



Dr. Yunxiang Yan 阎云翔教授 (UCLA)

“The Embarrassment of Virtue: Moral Decline and the Predicament of the Chinese Person in the 21st Century”



Dr. Lisa Wang   王云霞教授 (Cal Poly Pomona)   

“The State-of-the-art Seismic Design Approaches with Structural Protective Systems”


Dr. Louis Rubino (CSUN)

Healthcare reform system in China-Chinese medical management training



Dr. Xiaochuan Song 宋晓川教授(SDCCD)



Dr. Qian Lu 吕倩教授(UCLA)

 “Randomized Controlled Trials of Written Emotional Disclosure among Asian Americans”



Dr. Zhou, Chongwu   周崇武教授 USC) 

Recent Advance in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology



Dr. Kylie Hsu 许凯莉教授 (CSULA 加州大洛杉矶分校)



Dr. Dr. Justine Su (Zhixin) 苏智欣教授 (CSUN

“Transformation of Mind-Set for Reform and Development: A Follow-Up Study of Returned Scholars in Guangzhou Government”



Dr. Kwan Ming Chan 陈钧铭教授 (CSU-LB)

Da Vinci Code” of the Ancient Kong Chow Temple - A discussion on the spirit of the pioneers

详情请看: http://www.csasc.org/2007conference/contents.pdf


CSA 2007 Convention Online registration (华裔教授协会2007年会网上登记)



CSA Conference Fee:  Free to all Scholars, students and professionals


CSA Conference Banquet fee:



CSA Lifetime member:  Free



CSA Regular member: Free (if pay the CSA membership fee $25 for 2008)



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Non-CSA member: $50 (just to cover the actual price of the UCLA Faculty Club)



入会申请表CSA Membership: http://csasc.org/pages/application.php


Online registration (网上注册): http://www.csasc.org/2007conference


Or make your RSVP to: 陈钧铭 drkmchan@gmail.com

Please return the form and your payment check to “CSA” before 11/6/07

Prof. Kwan Ming Chan, CSA Treasurer
P. O. Box 1953, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA


我们借此机会诚挚地感谢Ms Linda Wu的热情支持和慷慨赞助


请愿意赞助年会的团体和个人同我们联系:CSA President 姜镇英教授 zjiang@barstow.edu

年会详情请看 http://www.csasc.org/2007conference/contents.pdf



US-China Business Law Confenrence (UCLA10/26)

On October 26, join top attorneys and U.S.-China businesspeople at UCLA for the inside scoop on Chinese business law. Learn how to structure partnerships and safeguard your intellectual property. Get expert advice on legal due diligence, and understand your options for resolving disputes with Chinese companies when they arise. The China Law Association at UCLA has partnered with UCLA’s Center for Chinese Studies, Anderson School of Management, the Center for International Business Education & Research, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and top law firms to provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for international businesspeople to understand crucial changes to law in China today. Come to network, learn, and enjoy!

Due to limited space, we will not be able to admit new guests on the day of the conference.


8:30 - 9:00 am --Registration and Breakfast Buffet / Main Hallway

9:00 - 9:30 am --Introduction and Topical Overview / Room 1347
Ryan Rylee, President, The China Law Association at UCLA
David Schaberg, Co-Director, UCLA Center for Chinese Studies

9:30 - 10:30 am --Featured Presentation: Litigation in China / Room 1347

How to Litigate a Case and Win in China
1. Gordon Gao, Partner, Fangda Law Firm, Beijing
2. Xiang Ji, Partner, Fangda Law Firm, Beijing
3. Dixon Zhang, Partner, Fangda Law Firm, Beijing

10:40 am - 12:00 pm -- Concurrent Panels:

(A) Investing in Chinese Companies: Private Equity, Mergers, and IPOs
1. James Hsu, Partner, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP: Venture Capital Financing
2. Kevin Leung, Partner, Richardson & Patel LLP: Private Equity, Public Listing, and Reverse Shell Mergers
3. Adam Schorr, Partner, Margolis & Tisman LLP: China’s M&A Law and Investment in Chinese Companies in the U.S.
Moderator: Michael Gisser, Partner, Skadden Arps LLP

(B) Establishing Operations in China: Partners and Business Forms
1. James Fang, Partner, Davis, Wright, & Tremaine: Structuring Your Business venture in China
2. Tom Chan, Partner, Chan Law Group LLP: Tackling Thorny Chinese Intellectual Property Issues
3. John Zhang, Partner, Greenberg Traurig LLP: Vetting Your Chinese Partner and Avoiding Common Pitfalls
Moderator: Marshall Horowitz, Partner, Dreier Stein & Kahan LLP

12:00 – 12:20 pm -- Break / Lunch Served / Main Hallway

12:20 - 1:00 pm -- Luncheon Seminar: Negotiation / Room 1347

Legal Negotiations with Chinese Partners: Strategies for Effective Communication
1. Stacey Sun, CEO, Asia Pacific-USA Chamber of Commerce: Adapting Your Negotiation Style to China
2. Adam Schorr, Partner, Margolis & Tisman LLP: The Lawyer’s Role in U.S.-China Business Negotiations

1:10 - 2:30 pm -- Concurrent Panels:

(A) Chinese Companies Coming to America: Market-Entry and U.S. Acquisitions
1. John Zhang, Partner, Greenberg Traurig LLP:  Representing Chinese Companies in U.S. M&A
2. Michael Gisser, Partner, Skadden Arps LLP: Representing China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) in the Bid for U.S. Company Unocal
3. Tom Chan, Partner, Chan Law Group LLP: Chinese Misconceptions of the U.S. Legal System: The Need to Go Native
4. Paul Lin, Of Counsel, Jones Day LLP: Legal Issues: Chinese Companies Acquiring U.S. Companies
Moderator: Donald Straszheim, Vice Chairman, Roth Capital Partners LLC

(B) Hollywood in China: Film Production and IP Licensing from T-Shirts to Theme Parks
1. John Malcolm, Vice President, Motion Picture Association: Strategies for Fighting Piracy
2. Larry McCallister, Vice President, Paramount Licensing: Bringing Themed Entertainment to China
3. Peter Shiao, CEO and Executive Producer, Ironpond: Film Production and Distribution: Navigating China’s Legal-Political Environment

2:30 - 2:50 pm -- Afternoon Refreshments and Networking / Main Hallway

2:50 - 4:00 PM Made in China: Sourcing, Customs, and Supply Chain Management
1. Elon Pollack, Partner, Stein, Shostak, Shostak, Pollack, & O’Hara, LLPU.S. and Chinese Customs and Supply-Chain Security
2. Russell Wolpert, Chief Legal Officer, 99¢ Only Stores: The Changing Landscape of Sourcing from China
3. James Fang, Partner, Davis Wright & Tremaine: Certain Key Terms of Outsourcing and Supply Agreements
4. Bruce Berton, Director of International Business Consulting, Stonefielf Josephson, Inc.: Knowing Who You Are Dealing With Is Not Enough: Auditing and Background-Checking a Chinese Company
Moderator: Ryan Rylee, President, The China Law Association at UCLA

4:00 - 4:10 Closing Remarks


The conference will be held in the School of Law.
Parking is available in for $8 in Parking Structure 3.


UCLA Center for Chinese Studies
(310) 825-8683

Sponsors and Partners


 About the China Law Association at UCLA

The China Law Association (CLA) at the UCLA School of Law promotes understanding of the development of law in the People’s Republic of China and U.S. law as it relates to China through events and conferences with US-China attorneys, scholars, and professionals. CLA and our partner organizations offer exciting events on US-China law as it relates to trade, investment, politics, society, culture, and media.  

CLA Leadership

CLA is led by UCLA School of Law students and alumni with experience working in China in law and business, as well as with NGOs and public interest organizations. China-focused attorneys, businesspeople, and U.S. government policymakers are among our group of program advisors. Interested parties may contact CLA Founder and President Ryan Rylee at rylee2009@lawnet.ucla.edu.




时间:2007 1025-27

地点:William Carey International University

              1539 E. Howard Street, Pasadena, CA 91104




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This is the time to elect the CSA board of 7 members for the term of 2008-09.  CSA members are encouraged to participate in the entire process.  Each member should remain current CSA membership in order to be nominated or self-nominated and to exercise one’s voting right (you may find the membership form at our CSA website: http://csasc.org/pages/application.php ). Since there are 7 board positions available for the election, each member can nominate and vote for up to 7 candidates.


The CSA Election Committee consists of Drs. Zhenying Jiang (chair), Kern Kwong, and Yan Xiao.  Nominations, campaign statements, and votes should be sent to a special email address that was set just for this election: e.election@yahoo.com .  You may also send any question regarding the election to the same email address.  All of the committee members can check the email account simultaneously. 

Election Schedule:
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我们衷心地欢迎您1111日前将理事会7位候选人的名单荐举给CSA选举委员会(我们也热诚地提倡您自我推荐)。在征得候选人同意之后, 我们会将理事候选人的简历、像片和竞选宣言在121日发送给全体CSA会员。选举将于1211日午夜前结束并在寒假前公布结果。像以往一样,为了保证快捷准确地进行交流,我们这次依旧采用电子邮件选举。(注:所有选举委员会成员均不接受提名)


我们的选举原则是:入会不论先后,资格不论长短,选举不分新老,只要是CSA会员,所有人都有选举权和被选举权。您可以下载CSA会员表:http://csasc.org/pages/application.php  并及时送交选举委员会。凡是缴纳终身会员费($200) 2008年会员费 ($25) 的教授和学者专家都会免费获得参加即将在UCLA举办的“CSA2007年会和晚宴 ($50)”及“CSA年会代缴UCLA泊车费 ($8)”等礼遇(11/10星期六–CSA年会网上注册http://www.csasc.org/2007conference)。




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4th Annual Student Competition, Sponsored by Adventus Americas, Inc.

at the AEHS West Coast Conference

March 10-13, 2008, San Diego, CA


  • During the conference, a committee will select the two best student presentations.
  • Both poster and platform presenters are eligible.
  • Contestants will be invited to attend the Wednesday luncheon at the conference, where the winners will be announced.
  • The two winners will receive an award of $500 each.
  • Proof of full-time student status is required.
  • Contestants must be entered in the competition prior to the conference.
  • Both undergrad and graduate students are eligible (must be full time.)
  • Questions? contact the Committee Chair, Susan Henry (susanhenry@cox.net)
  • To Enter, email your abstract and proof of student status to the Conference Coordinator, Brenna Lockwood (brenna@aehs.com). Please be sure to follow the abstract submission guidelines at http://www.aehs.com/conferences/westcoast/index.htm. You will receive an email reply, confirming that you are entered in the competition, within 3 business days.



Winners from the 2007 conference:

Billa Cyprian Nkem, Roskilde University, Denmark

Angela Perez, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR



AEHS, 150 Fearing St., Suite 21, Amherst, MA 01002



Comments regarding hearings of the Pasadena Human Relations Commission on Rose Parade Float commemorating Beijing Olympics

By Prof. Kwan M Chan (CSA Board Director)


A final hearing by the Human Relations Commission was held on October 15, 2007 at Pasadena. This was attended by Sue Zhang, Dr. and Mrs. May Hsu, Prof. and Mrs. Kwan Chan and other members of the Roundtable of Southern California Chinese American Organizations (RSCCAO) and the Caltech Chinese Student Association (Caltech C), the Chinese Scholars Association (CSA) and other individuals.


An open letter from the Caltech C pointed out that the opposition group has published a report of the meeting in its mouthpiece newspaper as well on its website, in which appeared the following statement, “The newly elected Commissioner Felipe Infante told the reporters after the meeting that he understood why these Chinese students were supportive of the Beijing Olympics. He believed that since most of them were financially supported by the Chinese government, they didn’t want to offend it.  However, this is contradictory to the fact that the predominant students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels receive full financial support from the institute in the form of scholarships, and research and teaching assistants, which can be verified by the Caltech Financial Aid Office. For the record, all students did express their minds freely in the meeting.”


“The Commission has recognized that the City of Pasadena is a separate legal entity from the Tournament of Roses and has no formal role in the float approval process. The Commission acknowledges the tremendous effort of the Tournament of Roses in organizing and hosting the Rose Parade each year. The parade greatly benefits Pasadena and is enjoyed by many people throughout the world. The Commission understands the rational of the float sponsors and the Tournament of Roses for choosing to have a float in the 2008 Rose parade that commemorates the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There is also a tradition of Rose Parade floats commemorating the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee has in fact granted the right to hold the Olympic Games to Beijing, China. In United States and elsewhere in the world there is a tremendous support from the community for the above events. The economic and social developments in China have made the hosting of the Beijing Olympics feasible.”


However, the Commission has miss-interpreted the majority of the float supporters on human rights issue. Dr. Chan pointed out in the hearings that all float supporters have engaged in improving the human right conditions in China by the improvement of living conditions of ordinary people, by providing education resources to the communities and, last but not the least, by promoting cultural or scientific exchanges. “The Commission does not intend to downplay the importance of this benefit to the human right conditions in China. There were four to five speakers, who publicly supported the float but also expressed concern about human rights issues in China and elsewhere. These included Mayor Bogaard, Mr. Lamson, Ms. Chen, and a few other individuals. Their position, explicitly or implicitly, was that keeping communication channels and interactions open between the United States and China is more likely to lead to the progressive development of China, and that the Beijing Olympics was part of this process.”     


 The statement in the report that “The Commission does not have resources to investigate the accuracy of the statements made to the Commission about the particular human rights violations” is also somewhat misleading. Prof. Chan pointed out that the Commission should not have any problem if they have an open mind to study the reports issued by those “credible private organizations and governmental agencies about the improvements in human rights in China”. Actually the Commission should be able to check the resources of the opposition groups, which include the daily free mouthpiece newspaper and TV station. The backgrounds of the speakers from the opposition group can also be easily verified.


Finally in the report that “The Commissions perceives that all of the parties and individuals involved, including the protestors, are very interested in the progressive development of China and very proud of the ability of China to be able to host the Olympics.”


The Commissions recommended a dialogue among all parties involved be established. Any concerns or discussion shall be communicated in appropriate manner to the Xicheng District of Beijing, the sister city of Pasadena.


At the end of the hearing, the supporting group had a friendly exchange with the members of the Commission. Ms Sue Zhang invited the Commission to participate future activities of the Beijing Rose Parade events. Excerpts from documents in the hearing are marked with quotation.


河濱加大(UCR)投入改善中國環污  CSA终身会员李百炼教授任研究中心主任 (World Journal陳青)

在世界各國愈來越重視生態環境以及持續發展之際,河濱加大(UCR)與中國農業大學合作,攜手建立國際生態與可持續發展研究中心(CAU-UCR International Center for Ecology and Sustainability),幫助中國解決高速發展對生態環境所帶來的一系列嚴峻挑戰。










因此,河濱加州大學華裔教授李百煉(Larry Li)在大會上的發言,引起了中國科研部門及各大學的注意,會中紛紛表達與美國合作研究的意向。


在短短的兩、三個月內,河濱加大校長葛瑞(Robert D. Grey)和中國農業大學校長陳章良分別進行互訪,兩所大學以最快速度商討合作細節,簽署合作協議,820日,中心在北京中國農業大學揭幕。由李百煉與中國農業大學的吳文良教授擔任主任。






UCR Partners with Chinese University to Address China’s Environmental Problems

Collaborative research activities on preventing ecological degradation to benefit California also

(October 16, 2007)


Signing the agreement at UCR to establish the CAU-UCR International Center for Ecology and Sustainability.  Front row, left to right: Zhangliang Chen, president of China Agricultural University; and UCR Acting Chancellor Robert D. Grey. Back row, left to right: UCR's Charles F. Louis, Donald Cooksey, and Bai-lian (Larry) Li.

Signing the agreement at UCR to establish the CAU-UCR International Center for Ecology and Sustainability. Front row, left to right: Zhangliang Chen, president of China Agricultural University; and UCR Acting Chancellor Robert D. Grey. Back row, left to right: UCR's Charles F. Louis, Donald Cooksey, and Bai-lian (Larry) Li.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – According to the World Bank, China has one of the worst pollution problems on the planet, and is second only to the United States in emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas linked to global warming. China is also home to 20 of the world’s 30 most air-polluted cities.

To address China’s increasing environmental challenges, such as smog, acid rain and water pollution, scientists at UC Riverside and China Agricultural University (CAU) have teamed up to launch a new center: the CAU-UCR International Center for Ecology and Sustainability.

Located in Beijing, China, the center will attempt to solve environmental and agricultural problems, restore damaged ecosystems, and ensure food safety – concerns common not just to China and Southern California but the world at large.

“This center brings together some of the leading researchers at UCR with colleagues at CAU, the premier agricultural university in China, to solve what is being recognized as the major challenge of the 21st century,” said Charles Louis, vice chancellor for research at UCR. “The proposed bidirectional exchanges of faculty and students will enhance both research and partnerships between California and China.”

Besides doing collaborative research on key ecological and sustainable development issues, the center will promote public awareness of these issues and advise policy-makers at the local, regional, federal and global levels on important questions in ecosystem management.

“The issues of ecology and sustainability facing China today are massive and, in many cases, mirror those faced by California,” said Bai-lian (Larry) Li, a professor of ecology in UCR’s Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, who joins Wenliang Wu, the chief scientist of the National Agroecology Program and provost at CAU, in co-directing the center. “The center will utilize the combined strengths of UCR and CAU in ecology, agriculture and sustainability research to find viable and effective solutions to environmental problems.”

The center’s six initial research areas of focus are: (1) ecosystem complexity and regional sustainability; (2) management and treatment of agricultural nonpoint (indirect) pollution; (3) conservative farming and ecological restoration; (4) effective use of agricultural wastes and “circulative agriculture” (agricultural systems that recycle materials/resources); (5) environmental security and food safety; and (6) microbial ecology and molecular ecology.

“These initial research foci reflect many of the hot-button topics that the faculty and researchers in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences are working on right now,” said Donald Cooksey, interim dean of the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. “Ecological issues today transcend national or even crop-level boundaries – we all have similar sustainability problems, whether we’re growing rice or oranges.”

Currently, the center includes six laboratories in China as well as two experimental stations, also in China, that are engaged in intensive agro-ecosystems and grassland ecosystems studies.

CAU initially plans to allocate about five of its graduate students to the new center. Thereafter it will offer research opportunities to visiting UCR faculty and students.

In addition, Chinese institutions other than CAU will participate in the center’s research activities. The center also plans to include other international members in upcoming years.

“We will soon have other Asian colleagues, as well as European researchers at the center,” Li said. “German, Italian and Dutch scientists have already expressed an interest in joining our efforts.”

Each year, the center will host an annual international forum on the key issues related to ecology and sustainability, and arrange publication of the conference proceedings.

Plans are underway at UCR to establish an office for coordinating the center’s collaborative efforts, including the exchange of research and education programs between UCR and CAU.

“We are extremely pleased to be a part of this effort to finding solutions to an enormous problem,” Louis said. “We fully expect the research emerging from this center to benefit not only China and California but also the international community.”

Bai-lian (Larry) Li (left), a professor of ecology at UCR, and Wenliang Wu (right), provost of China Agricultural University, are co-directors of the CAU-UCR International Center for Ecology and Sustainability.


Photo Caption: Bai-lian (Larry) Li (left), a professor of ecology at UCR, and Wenliang Wu (right), provost of China Agricultural University, are co-directors of the CAU-UCR International Center for Ecology and Sustainability.

Related Links:

·  Office of Research

·  College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

·  China Agricultural University

Additional Contacts:

·  Charles Louis, vice chancellor for research

·  Donald Cooksey, interim dean of CNAS

·  Bai-lian (Larry) Li, professor of Ecology



Net Forum -学者论坛: 如何提高创新能力? (邓伟志)










第三,要用创新的规律指导创新。创新是高难度的工作。创新有自己特殊的规律。创新与一般不同的是,可以订计划,又难以订计划。创新是寻找必然,有时又会出在偶然。创新不大可能以年计,更不大可能跟着节日转。创新的道路是用“失败牌”的砖头铺出来的。假如一万人有创新愿望,可是,能够提出几种创新方案的不会超过10%;在提出创新方案的人当中,最后能拿出创新成果的可能不到1%。古人说: “失败是成功之母”。这话从根本上说,没错。从具体上说,从短时间看,这“母”多有不孕不育的时候。因此,这就要求管理者要宽容创新中的失败,甚至要为创新中的错误争一席之地。如果一见失败就下马,一听错误就封杀,永远不会有创新。因此,创新包括管理创新、制度创新、理论创新。只有全方位创新才能保住一方的创新。一方接一方地创新了,才是焕然一新。创新需要理论指导。理论不创新难以指导创新。“以其昏昏”如何“使人昭昭”?理论创新是全面的,包括在理论观点上创新,在理论体系上创新,还要在理论方法上创新。上下一致是指原则一致。在具体理念方面,老是“上下一般粗”,这不是对上的尊重。创新是要尽量做到人云亦云不用, 老生常谈不谈。








Finding of Dr.Qiang Lu (吕倩教授UCLA): Staying positive may help kids deal with pain

Reuters Health

Thursday, October 11, 2007

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - It may be mind over matter when it comes to children's ability to cope with pain, a study suggests.

Researchers found that children and teenagers who said they typically dealt with pain through positive thinking were able to better tolerate uncomfortable circumstances, like pressure on a finger or heat against their skin.

Those who typically turned to less-positive coping strategies -- like worrying inwardly or to someone else -- had less pain tolerance. [abs & p 711, par 4]

The findings, according to the study authors, suggest that teaching kids positive coping tactics could help them deal with short-term pain, including pain from injections or other medical procedures. [email]

Dr. Qian Lu and colleagues at the University of California Los Angeles report the findings in the Journal of Pain.

For their study, the researchers recruited 244 healthy children and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 18. They used a standard questionnaire to gauge the children's typical reactions to pain that lasted hours to days. [p 711, par 4]

Some of these reactions included positive thinking ("say to myself, things will be ok," for example); seeking emotional support ("let my feelings out to a friend"); internalizing/catastrophizing ("worry that I will always be in pain"); and finding a distraction ("do something fun").

The children then underwent three uncomfortable procedures to test their pain tolerance: one where pressure was applied to their fingers, and two where either heat and cold was applied to their skin. The researchers measured how long each child waited before moving away from the painful stimulus, then asked them to rate the intensity and "unpleasantness" of the sensation. [p 710]

In general, Lu's team found, children who typically used positive thinking or distractions to deal with pain had less discomfort during the study procedures than their peers did. The opposite was true of children who typically dealt with pain by internalizing/catastrophizing or by seeking emotional support. [abs]

"Children's ability to tolerate pain varies considerably," Lu told Reuters Health. "How they cope with pain may play a significant role in how much they can tolerate pain, and how they feel about the pain." [email]

Coping style, Lu explained, can affect people's anticipation of pain, or their perception of whether the pain is under their conscious control, for example.

"If a child copes with pain by focusing on how much the pain hurts, this will likely intensify their pain perception and the unpleasant feelings associated with pain, which is what we found in our study," Lu said.

All of this suggests that teaching children more-positive ways of coping might help them get through transient pain, according to the researchers. "We can help children go through medical procedures," Lu said, "by teaching them to reassure themselves, 'be strong,' 'everything will be ok,' and 'I can handle anything that happens'."

SOURCE: Journal of Pain, September 2007.



美国洛杉矶时报未来不是中国的 (?!) (Walter Russell Mead, LA Times 10/14)


























美國民主黨總統參選人喜萊莉:美中關係最重要  若當選將與北京合作

黨內民調與資金都遙遙領先的民主黨總統參選人喜萊莉.柯林頓(Hilary Clinton) 在最新一期「外交事務」 (Foreign Affaris) 雙月刊上全面闡述外交思路。喜萊莉表示,美國與中國的關係將成為本世紀全球最重要的雙邊關係,並表示如果當選,將推行積極的對中政策。


這篇題為「21世紀的安全與機遇」(Security and Opportunity for the Twenty-first Century)的文章中,喜萊莉表示,下任總統將有機會向世界展示一個全新的美國。而為世界安全、繁榮和公正,美國必須從伊拉克撤軍,重塑(國際)領導力,推行作為力量源泉的民主理念。這也是喜萊莉首次正式對外交主張做出系統論述。











Center for Chinese Studies Reception (UCLA 10/25)

Annual reception of the Center for Chinese Studies. All are welcome!

Thursday, October 25, 2007
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Sequoia Room
Faculty Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Please join us on Thursday, October 25, 2007, for our annual reception in honor of the students and faculty in Chinese studies at UCLA.

Refreshments will be served.


RSVP: china@international.ucla.edu or 310 825-8683


 For more information please contact: Richard Gunde Tel: 310 825-8683 gunde@ucla.edu

Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies


雅培科學家發現具有兩種抗體功能的分子 首次顯示藥物特性和制造可行性的大分子結合


雅培 (Abbott) (NYSE: ABT) 上周宣布,該公司科學家率先發現了一種專有技術,這種技術將兩種或更多種單克隆抗體 (mAb) 的功能和特性結合進了一種分子實體,該分子實體被證實具有類似藥物的特性和制造可行性。這些被稱為對偶變量域 Ig (DVD-Ig(TM)) ( http://www.abbott.com/global/url/content/en_US/60.15:15/feature/Feature_0029.htm ) 的分子將使針對各種治療領域的多種疾病導致的分子的個體候選藥物的開發成為可能。


這項裡程碑式的研究於上周早些時候發表在《Nature Biotechnology》網絡版 ( http://www.nature.com/nbt/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nbt1345.html  ) 上,它展現了一個可能與癌癥、自身免疫疾病及其他疑難病癥有關的全新平台,在這些疾病中有多種疾病介體在產生作用。與利用一個 mAb 對單個標靶進行抑制相比,利用 DVD-Ig 類藥劑對多種標靶同時封鎖可能會提高功效。


設計了 DVD-Ig 分子並負責領導該研究小組的雅培科學家 Chengbin Wu 博士和 Tariq Ghayur 博士表示:“將兩種或更多種抗體的特性整合進一種藥物中對於尋求新一代生物療法的研究人員來說一直是項重大挑戰。雅培的方法在開發具有藥物特性和多種疾病介體靶向能力的單個分子實體方面非常通用且有效。對於其在多個治療領域開闢的藥物開發道路,我們感到非常振奮。” 合並兩種或更多種 mAb 的過程涉及分子生物技術的使用,如聚合 鏈反應 (PCR),以便連接兩種不同抗體的各區域(可變域),這兩種抗體針對因疾病引起的特種分子。由此產生的分子具有兩個不同的(雙的)可變域,每個域靶向因疾病引起的不同抗原。


用一種傳統的 mAb 僅應對一種疾病的功效是有限的,因為這種疾病可能會發展至多種程度。例如風濕性關節炎 (RA),不同的疾病介體(機理)可導致該疾病出現不同的癥狀,入炎癥、血管增生、關節翳的形成(肉芽組織層變厚)以及骨和軟骨的病損。因此,對風濕性關節炎的兩種或更多種病理進行靶定或許能比僅靶定一種病理收到更好的療效。

利用 DVD-Ig 技術,雅培的研究小組已經開發出了一種單一的候選藥物,該候選藥物可對多種疾病成分進行靶定,其中一種就是 TNF-alpha -- 關節炎中一種理想的標靶。有關該候選藥物的臨床前評估目前正在進行中。

mAb 和先前的開發多特性抗體努力相比,雅培的 DVD-Ig 方法具有明顯的技術、科學和藥物開發優勢。該方法可與任何一種抗體兼容,包括人源化 mAb、完全人源化 mAb 以及嵌合 mAb,並有可能從抗體延伸至受體蛋白和其他類似的分子。DVD-Ig 藥物可能還有更高的功效,因為他們靶向的是多種因病所致的分子,並可以應對多餘疾病過程,在該過程中,兩種不同的分子具有相同的疾病所致的影響。

雅培已經完成了 DVD-Ig 項目的技術驗證,該公司目前正在驗證用於該技術平台的工藝開發和制造。與此同時,雅培還已經就多種覆合藥物展開了臨床前工作。

雅培簡介 雅培是一家全球性、涉足廣泛的醫療保健公司,致力於發現、開發、生產和銷售醫藥和醫療產品,包括營養品、設備和診斷技術。該公司共有65,000名員工,其產品暢銷130多個國家。






陈工博士, 圣何塞州立大学体育系教授, SmarTough 自卫防身学创始人

陈大威,SmarTough 自卫防身学助理











1.       防御性与被动性。由于在各种暴力犯罪中都是歹徒去主动攻击受害者,因而受害者(即自卫者)只能被动地去反应去对付歹徒,而决没有先去攻击歹徒的事情发生。即使是自卫者在歹徒未尚攻击他们之前采取一些措施使自己的家变得更安全,那也是一种被动性防卫性的反应。这就决定了自卫防身者在与歹徒的较量中,歹徒永远都占有先机,而自卫者却总要被动防御,而一般被动防御者总是占劣势。


2.       不可预知性。自卫防身者与歹徒之间的较量是一场不对等、不公平的战争,受害者都在明处,而歹徒却是在暗处。人们不知道谁是歹徒、他们的攻击目标是谁、他们想干什么、处在何时何地如何作案,因而防范起来也是困难重重,这是自卫防身者的最大弱点。如2002年十月至十一月间在美国首都华盛顿发生的枪击案,及911恐怖攻击都是这场不对等战争的最有说明力的例证,如同在股票市场上的投资及预防地震,这种不可预知性极大地增加了自卫防身的困难。


3.       残酷性。当自卫者遭遇歹徒攻击时,其格斗往往残酷而惨烈。大部分罪犯都是阴险狡猾、心狠手辣、无法无天的冷血亡命之徒。他们什么都敢作、什么都敢干,刀枪棍棒、膝肘拳脚、砖头酒瓶,无所不用其极地达到他们的攻击目的,而自卫者一方亦是拼死反抗以保护自己的生命安全。双方在手段的应用上和格斗程度上都没有任何限制,这种战争的残酷程度可想而知。


4.       复杂性。自卫者要防范和对付各种各样的犯罪,各种各式的歹徒,千奇百怪的犯罪手法,及不可预测的时间地点。这好比一场战争,又好比一场体育比赛,双方的准备程度、智力水平、技术水平及身体条件以及特定的场合与具体情况都对胜负产生重大影响。歹徒无时不刻不在研究如何猎取目标以增加其胜算,而自卫防身者也在研究歹徒的招数以提高取胜的机率。情况之复杂,不可能靠一招一式就能取胜。自卫者不但要知道怎样防范,而且要会识别危险情况并迅速作出决定并采用合理措施以保护自己。







UCR joins in China venture

10:44 AM PDT on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Press-Enterprise

UC Riverside has partnered with China Agricultural University to launch a new center in Beijing to study ways to stem the country's growing environmental issues, officials announced Tuesday.

The new CAU-UCR International Center for Ecology and Sustainability will focus on pollution issues related to farming such as pesticide use, soil degradation and runoff that contaminates lakes, said Larry Li, a UCR ecology professor who will co-direct the center with a scientist from the Chinese university.

Li, who has worked at UCR since 2001 and is from central China, said the country's growing population and rapid pace of development -- similar, although on a larger scale, to what's happening in California and the Inland region -- has intensified the nation's environmental problems.

"The problem is huge. It's difficult to change overnight," Li said.

Li will spend some time in Beijing while remaining mostly at UCR to coordinate research efforts. Eventually, UCR faculty and students will be offered research opportunities there.

China's pollution problems have been highlighted by the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. U.S. athletes may be housed outside the city to avoid being affected by the smog, officials have said. The country is also second behind the United States in emissions of carbon dioxide, a key contributor to global warming.

"We know environmental problems don't have borders; they influence the surrounding countries," Li said. "On a global scale, Americans, everyone has to deal with this."

Reach Jennifer Bowles at 951-368-9548 or jbowles@PE.com, or view her blog at www.PE.com/blogs/environment


每年400万人参加 锻炼力量和耐力 美国提倡爬楼梯健身  (人民日报驻美国特派记者 管克江10/17)







(人民网 http://paper.people.com.cn/smsb/html/2007-10/16/content_25199402.htm )






















Speech: Development of Inner-Party Democracy in Taiwan: Consequences for Taiwan's Party Politics (UCLA10/25)

A talk by Dafydd Fell, SOAS, University of London

Thursday, October 25, 2007
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
10383 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Dr. Fell will introduce how Taiwan’s political parties have democratized their candidate selection systems over the last two decades, how we can best explain the varying degrees of inner-party democracy, and the consequences of more authoritarian/democratic selection systems.

Dafydd Fell (PhD, Politics, SOAS, London) is a Lecturer in Taiwan Studies in the Department of Politics and International Studies, and a Research Fellow in Taiwan Studies with the Department of Financial & Management Studies, at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). Since 2003 he has been the Coordinator for the SOAS Taiwan Studies Programme and the European Association of Taiwan Studies. He has published articles on political parties and electioneering in Taiwan. His first book, Party Politics in Taiwan (Routledge), appeared in 2005. In 2006 he coedited an anthology, What Has Changed? Taiwan Before and After the Change in Ruling Parties (Harrassowitz, 2006).

For more information please contact

Richard Gunde
Tel: 310 825-8683

Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies























读者荐稿:寓言-如何从生命中的枯井脱困 (Mary Ann Xu  徐耀 FW)














First Monoclonal Targeting Drug for Liver Cancer

Iodine[131I] Metuximab, China’s first proprietary monoclonal antibody targeting drug granted with a national class I new drug certificate two year ago, has been put into clinical application in both Shanghai and Guangzhou.


In July and August 2007, Shanghai No. 10 People’s Hospital and Guangzhou PLA 458 Hospital has used the new therapy to treat advanced primary liver cancers. According to a briefing, the previous clinical trials have shown that the new therapy produces a fine therapeutic effect. In the clinical application, doctors directly inject the drug into the arteries that feed blood to liver cancers via a tube, which produces a strong kill to the cancerous cells. Doctors found that the therapy can easily lead to relieved symptoms, such as pains, fever, and abnormal body temperature. Doctors told reporters that population-based studies are needed in order to further confirm the therapeutic effects of the new therapy.


聯合國貿易暨發展會議(UNCTAD): 最佳投資地區   中国、印度排名最高  

聯合國貿易暨發展會議(UNCTAD)16日公布2007年全球投資報告指出,最吸引直接外資的投資地區,印度排名第二,僅次於中國,但排名在美國、俄羅斯和巴西之前。 「中央社」報告指出,在外國投資者的投資地區選擇上,選擇中國者佔52%,選擇印度者佔41%,美國、俄羅斯和巴西則分別為36%22%12% 身為開發中亞洲地區的主要直接外資來源,印度與中國正開始挑戰亞洲新興工業經濟體的主導地位,如香港、韓國、新加坡和台灣。 報告說,藉由印度與中國強勁的表現支撐,南亞、東亞和東南亞仍可能繼續維持快速的經濟成長。此外,由於印度、中國、印尼和越南等國家的發展基礎建設計劃,這些地區對「尋求效率」型的外資,將可能更具吸引力。 但據國際諮詢機構普華永道會計事務所16日公布的2007年全球經濟犯罪調查指出,盡管印度已成為全球投資者的新標的,但全球超過5400家接受調查的企業代表,有38%表示他們在過去兩年裏,被要求必須行賄才能取得在印度經營事業的許可。


WHO: 中醫術語英譯標準訂定 漢字使用繁體中文 中國接納










More Progresses for HTSC Study (CAS)

In collaboration with a study team headed by P.C. Dai of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a research team, led by WEN Haihu of State Key Laboratory for Superconductivity, CAS Institute of Physics and Center for Condensed Matter, has made important progresses in understanding the high-temperature superconductor mechanism of PrLaCeCuO, and unveiled a linkage between spin fluctuation and high-temperature superconducting. The finding was published in a recent issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


The team led by WEN Haihu has been working on the subject for some years, with a number of laudable results. For example, it has found that some high-temperature superconductors possess Fermi arc, which means they will leave a new energy gap on the surface of Fermi arc in a superconducting state. Its size reflects the scale of superconducting energy. This model has been reconfirmed by other technical means, and has become a hot spot for research. In the study, researchers selected a mixed superconductor of PrLaCeCuO. They obtained high quality superconducting data in the broad temperature area, and accurately worked out the evolution of condensed energy in the magnetic field. At the same time, its US collaborators have observed a resonance peak in a neutron scattering experiment, and found that it has a magnetic field suppression identical to the variation of condensed energy in the magnetic field. The condensed energy and resonance peak would simultaneously disappear, when the magnetic field was higher than the critical magnetic field. Instead, an antiferromagnetic ordering would appear. These findings have confirmed the fact that there is a close relationship between HTSC and magnetic intensity. In addition, researchers also found that the competition between superconducting and antiferromagnetic ordering would result in two different basic states. These findings will improve people’s understanding of HTSC.
















( 信时  李清10/17


























(新京 徐来10/18)


Nanocarrier Cross Brain Barrier

Targeting nanocarrier drug and its application in treating cerebral diseases, a basic research project, has been established and entered the implementation phase. JIANG Xinguo, a research fellow at the Fudan University School of Pharmacy, said that the research will aim at four major brain diseases: brain tumors, cerebral infarction, dementia, and Parkinson's disease. Chinese scientists will develop novel, safe, and efficient targeting nanocarrier drugs to improve the effectiveness of cerebral disease treatment and accuracy of diagnosis, using modern nanotechnology, pharmaceutical techniques, and molecular biology.



教育绝不是服务 (高 飞)

















































中国大学不是"像官场"而是就是官场 (于立生)



  陈平原说:“我反对第一流学者当领导!”,并非新见,当年“非汉语语言学之父”李方桂曾对邀其担任所长的 “中央研究院”总干事傅斯年说:“我认为,研究人员是一等人才,教学人员是二等人才,当所长做官的是三等人才。”傅斯年听后立刻退后作揖;陈平原称:“中国大学的特点就是越来越像官场!”,也不够直截,中国大学不是“像官场”,而是本来就是官场!


  如不然,何来“副部级大学”、“正厅级大学”、“副厅级大学“之行政标签?如不然,何来“厅级干部一走廊,处级干部一礼堂,科级干部一操场”之怪诞现状?当年安徽大学校长刘文典纵拒不了蒋介石 “训话”于门外,亦可不安排“欢迎如仪”,——声称:“大学不是衙门!”;当年清华可以出学生“三赶校长”之壮举,而今哪来此等事?哪一个大学校长,不是一纸行政命令,高来高去?何干师生半点事?




“尊重知识,尊重人才。”“要反对不尊重知识分子的错误思想。”,——改革开放之初,1977年,邓小平提出此语迄今已三十年矣!我在一篇旧文中曾写到:“只有做到对于知识分子主体性的充分尊重,才是对知识分子真正的尊重。……学术领域的事,必须由知识分子说了算,知识分子基于科学精神的制度安排说了算”( 《学术水平如何,谁说了算》 2005921日《新京报》),而今日之大学中,本应为大学主体的教师、学生,却成附庸,却为“圈养”,这样的大学,如何不是官场?!


China releases space development plan

China plans to realize space-walking, spacecraft rendezvous and docking and set up a space laboratory, according to a blueprint approved by the State Council.

Meanwhile, the government would also give priority to developing a satellite, aircraft and stratosphere airship-based high definition earth observation system, said a senior official with the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence.


The blueprint, framed by the commission, is the 11th five-year (2006-2010) plan for space development.

The blueprint said China would improve its Compass navigation system, according to the official.


The system, based on plans to launch five geostationary earth orbit satellites and 30 medium earth orbit satellites, is aimed at providing navigation and positioning services in transportation, meteorology, petroleum prospecting, forest fire monitoring, disaster forecasting, telecommunications and public security.

Apart from launching the country's first moon orbiter, China would also study the second and third stages of its lunar exploration projects, the official said.

China was making final preparations for the launch of its first moon orbiter at the end of October, Zhang Qingwei, minister in charge of the commission, said last Thursday.


Advanced cameras and X-ray spectrometers have been installed in the orbiter for mapping three-dimensional images of the lunar surface, analyzing dust, and studying the space environment between the Earth and the moon.

The next step in the ambitious mission is to launch a recoverable moon vehicle.


中国教育要拒绝产业化 (梁江涛)














中國扶貧新策略: 擴大中等收入階層






USC US-China Institute: Talking Points (October 17 - October 31, 2007)

USC U.S.-China Institute

“We in no way want to stir the pot and make China feel that we are poking a stick in their eye.... We understand the Chinese have very strong feelings about this.”

-- Dana Perino, White House press secretary, speaking to reporters on October 16, 2007 following a Tuesday meeting between the Dalai Lama and the president and Mrs. Bush. Perino was explaining why no official photo from the meeting was being released.


“We solemnly demand that the US side cancel the extremely wrong arrangement…. The Chinese side has made solemn representations on this many times."

-- Yang Jiechi, Chinese Foreign Minister, speaking to reporters in Beijing on Oct. 16, 2007


“I said [to Chinese President Hu] I'm going because I want to honor this man. I have consistently told the Chinese that religious freedom is in their nation's interest. I've also told them that it's in their interest to meet with the Dalai Lama and will say so at the ceremony."

-- George W. Bush, Oct. 17, 2007 press conference, explaining why he will join today’s ceremony honoring the Dalai Lama with the Congressional Gold Medal


Neither the Bush administration nor China’s leaders want differences over Tibet’s present and future to become a major issue in our bilateral relationship. Both governments understand this and while both find it necessary to vigorously affirm their values and positions, neither wants the issue to escalate.


Improving understanding of the multidimensional U.S.-China relationship and trends in contemporary China is the central mission of the U.S.-China Institute. This Friday, we have asked Irv Drasnin, producer of 1972’s Misunderstanding China and other influential CBS and PBS documentaries, to discuss the challenges confronting filmmakers working in China trying to explain China to Americans. Details about “Documenting China” are below.


One reason the Chinese foreign minister reacted so strongly is that China’s Communist Party is in the midst of its 17th Plenum in Beijing. It’s not yet clear who will join General Secretary (and President) Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao on the Party’s Political Bureau, but in his opening address Hu has already affirmed that despite China’s obvious and remarkable gains, there remain great economic disparities from region to region and between cities and the countryside. Hu’s argued that the Party and government must address this as well as social unease over these disparities, environmental degradation, and official corruption.


At the USC Global Conference in Tokyo next week, distinguished business leaders such as Ronnie Chan (Chair, Han Lung Group) and scholars from China, Taiwan, and the U.S. will examine these challenges and discuss the investment climate in the Pacific Rim as well as the geopolitical implications of China’s economic rise. USCI has organized two of the conference’s panels. More than 300 people have registered to attend the gathering.


Other events this week include USC Architecture Dean Qingyun Ma’s talk on curatorial urbanism, Sun Hua’s talk at UCLA on archaeology in the area of the Three Gorges Dam, and a major conference in Washington on Hong Kong today. As always, look below and to the calendar section of our website for information about China-related events, performances, and exhibitions.


Thank you for sharing the newsletter with friends and colleagues. They can subscribe themselves at: http://china.usc.edu/Subscribe.aspx. And we love hearing from readers. Please send your comments to us at uschina@usc.edu.


Best wishes,

The USC U.S.-China Institute


  USC Events 

10/25/2007: 2007 USC Global Conference
Shinjuku Hilton Tokyo 6-2 Nishi-Shinjuku 6-chome Shinjuku-Ku, Japan 160-0023
Cost: Please visit website
The 2007 USC Global Conference held in Tokyo, Japan explores the opportunities and challenges facing the Pacific Rim.

California Events 

10/26/2007: The Alley-Level State: Residents and Neighborhood Organizations in Beijing and Taipei
IEAS Conference Room
Address: 2223 Fulton Street, 6th Floor, Berkeley, CA
Cost: Free
Time: 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Ben Read compares and contrasts Beijing's Residents Committees and Taipei's Neighborhood Heads. 


10/26/2007: Lecture: Tibetan Buddhism
UCLA Charles E. Young Grand Salon
Address: 248 Kerkhoff, Los Angeles, CA 90095
Cost: Free
Time: 4:00PM - 6:30PM
The UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies presents a talk on Tibetan Buddhism by Robert Thurman.
10/26/2007: Ann Hui: The Post-Modern Life of My Aunt (Yimade Houxiandai Shenghuo)
UCLA Film & Television Archive at the Billy Wilder Theater
Address: UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Cost: See website for details
Time: 7:30PM - 9:30PM
Part of the Jack H. Skirball Screening Series - New Chinese Cinema: The Unofficial Stories of Tang Tang, Fourth Child, Little Moth and Others
10/30/2007: Reactions to China’s Control Crisis--an Analysis of Recent Incidents of Social Unrest
IEAS Conference Room
Address: 2223 Fulton Street, 6th Floor, Berkeley, CA
Cost: Free
Website: ieas.berkeley.edu/events/2007.10.30.html
Time: 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Lecture will be conducted in Chinese with English translation
Yu Jianrong explores current instances of social unrest in the People's Republic of China. 
10/31/2007: Strategic Deterrence: A Chinese Scholar’s Perspective
3401 Dwinelle Hall, Berkeley, CA
Cost: Free
Time: 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Bao Shixiu gives a talk on the strategic deterrence.


North America Events


10/30/2007: Who Made China's One-Child Policy?
School of Social Work Building, Room 1636
Address: 1080 S. University , Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106
Cost: Free
Time: 12:00PM - 1:30PM
Susan Greenhalgh examines China's one-child policy from 1978 - 1980.


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San José, California

Subject to Budgetary Approval

Sport Management Specialist

Department of Kinesiology

Job Opening ID (JOID): 013166

Rank: Assistant or Associate Professor (Tenure-Track)


1. Doctorate strongly preferred (if ABD, completion of the doctorate will be required for continued employment and

will be a prerequisite for promotion and tenure). Candidate must be a specialist in Sport Management and be willing

to collaborate to further develop existing graduate and undergraduate sport management programs. Initially candidate

will teach some physical activity, general education, undergraduate, and graduate courses as necessary. To be eligible

for appointment at the advanced rank, the successful candidate must have broad teaching experience and present

demonstrated scholarly/professional achievement.

2. Ability to serve on thesis committees, supervise internships, and advise undergraduate students

3. Ability to conduct research, develop grants, and publish; must have a theoretical background in Kinesiology

4. Experience and background working in a metropolitan university setting

5. Ability to work with colleagues to continue the development of a contemporary multidisciplinary program/approach at

both the undergraduate and graduate level

6. Membership in appropriate professional associations

7. Applicants must have an awareness of and sensitivity to the educational goals of a multicultural population as might

have been gained in cross-cultural study, training, teaching and other comparable experience


1. Primary responsibility to teach undergraduate and graduate sport management classes to be supplemented initially by

teaching physical activity, general education, undergraduate major and/or graduate classes

2. Possible additional teaching in the undergraduate major and/or graduate major programs, supervise interns, serve on

thesis committees, and advise students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels

3. Actively engage in community and university outreach to develop sport management internship/fieldwork sites and

applied research opportunities, and to generate community support and involvement

4. Willingness to expand knowledge and skill base related to an interdisciplinary perspective of kinesiology

5. Integrate and build bridges across the sub-disciplines within the Kinesiology Department and serve to interface

programs with other departments across the university

6. Conduct research, develop grants, present professional papers, and publish in professional journals.

7. Serve on department, college and university committees as appropriate

8. Candidate must address the needs of a student population of great diversity – in age, cultural background, ethnicity,

primary language and academic preparation – through course materials, teaching strategies and advisement

Salary Range: Commensurate with experience, qualifications, and degree

Starting Date: August 21, 2008

Eligibility: Employment is contingent upon proof of eligibility to work in the United States.


Procedures: For full consideration send a letter of application (please place JOID number on all correspondence), vitae, statement of teaching interests/philosophy and research plans, and at least three original letters of reference with contact information for at least three references by November 26, 2007

To: Chair, Sport Management Position Search Committee E-mail: sreekie@kin.sjsu.edu

Department of Kinesiology Phone (408) 924 3012

San José State University Fax (408) 924 3053

San José, CA 95192-0054 For more information see www.sjsu.edu/kinesiology


Job Opening ID (JOID): 013168

Rank: Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


1. Doctorate strongly preferred (if ABD, completion of the doctorate will be required for continued employment and will be a prerequisite for promotion and tenure). Candidate must have a broad knowledge/skill base in Kinesiology with ability to teach graduate and undergraduate core classes (Research Methods; Analysis of Research; Senior

Seminar; Introduction to Kinesiology, Writing Workshop) plus physical activity courses, and other general education, undergraduate, and graduate courses as necessary.

2. Ability to serve on thesis committees, supervise internships, and advise undergraduate students

3. Ability to conduct research, develop grants, and publish; must have a theoretical background in Kinesiology

4. Experience and background working in a metropolitan university setting

5. Ability to work with colleagues to continue the development of a contemporary multidisciplinary program/approach at both the undergraduate and graduate level

6. Membership in appropriate professional associations

7. Applicants must have an awareness of and sensitivity to the educational goals of a multicultural population as might have been gained in cross-cultural study, training, teaching and other comparable experience


1. Primary responsibility to teach undergraduate and graduate core classes

2. Possible additional teaching in the undergraduate major and/or graduate major programs, supervise interns, serve on thesis committees, and advise students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels

3. Actively engage in community and university outreach to develop applied research perspective to the teaching of core classes, and to generate community support and involvement

4. Willingness to expand knowledge and skill base related to an interdisciplinary perspective of kinesiology

5. Integrate and build bridges across the sub-disciplines within the Kinesiology Department and serve to interface programs with other departments across the university

6. Conduct research, develop grants, present professional papers, and publish in professional journals

7. Serve on department, college and university committees as appropriate

8. Candidate must address the needs of a student population of great diversity – in age, cultural background, ethnicity, primary language and academic preparation – through course materials, teaching strategies and advisement

Salary Range: Commensurate with experience, qualifications, and degree.

Starting Date: August 21, 2008

Eligibility: Employment is contingent upon proof of eligibility to work in the United States.


Procedures: For full consideration send a letter of application (please place JOID number on all correspondence), vitae, statement of teaching interests/philosophy and research plans, and at least three original letters of reference with contact information for at least three references by November 26, 2007 to:

Chair, Research/Core Position Search Committee E-mail: sreekie@kin.sjsu.edu

Department of Kinesiology Phone (408) 924 3012

San José State University Fax (408) 924 3053

San José, CA 95192-0054  

For more information see www.sjsu.edu/kinesiology

San José State University is California’s oldest institution of public higher learning. The campus is located on the southern end of San Francisco Bay in downtown San José (Pop. 945,000), hub of the world-famous Silicon Valley high-technology research and development center.

 Many of California’s most popular national, recreational, and cultural attractions are conveniently close. A member of the 23- campus CSU system, San José State University enrolls approximately 30,000 students, a significant percentage of whom are members of minority groups. The University is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty so our disciplines, students and the community can benefit from multiple ethnic and gender perspectives.


DV-2009 綠卡抽簽資格要求

美國國務院公佈了DV-2009美國綠卡抽籤規則, 從東岸時間2007103日中午12:00起至2007122日這段時間受理網路申請, 與去年一樣只有網路申請才有效﹐國務院不受理郵寄申請。

  對一些很想移民美國﹐但是又不符合親屬或勞工移民的人士而言﹐綠卡抽籤是一個取得綠卡的捷徑。除了下列國家出生的人士不能參加DV-2009 綠卡抽籤活動外﹐其他地區出生的人都可以試試機會。不能參加DV-2009 綠卡抽籤的人士包括﹕巴西, 加拿大﹑中國(大陸)﹑哥倫比亞﹑多明尼加共和國﹑厄瓜多爾, 祕魯﹑薩爾瓦多﹑瓜地馬拉, 海地﹑印度﹑牙買加﹑墨西哥﹑巴基斯坦﹑俄羅斯﹑菲律賓﹑波蘭﹑南韓﹑英國(不包括北愛爾蘭)及其相關領土﹑越南。出生於香港﹑澳門及台灣的人士則可以參加綠卡抽籤。(BRAZIL, CANADA, CHINA (mainland-born), COLOMBIA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, ECUADOR, EL SALVADOR, GUATEMALA, HAITI, INDIA, JAMAICA, MEXICO, PAKISTAN, PHILIPPINES, PERU, POLAND, RUSSIA, SOUTH KOREA, UNITED KINGDOM (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and VIETNAM. Persons born in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan are eligible. )

  申請人出生國家的要求﹕與往年一樣﹐有意參加美國綠卡抽籤的人,必須符合是過去的5年中沒有超過5萬人移民美國的國家﹐所謂具備具備資格參加美國綠卡抽籤國家的“國民”(Native)-- 通常指的是“在該國出生者”。然而﹐ 若是不在具備資格參加綠卡抽籤的國家出生的國民﹐只要符合下列資格者﹐也能提出DV-2009 美國綠卡抽籤的申請。


  2. 參加者出生的國家不是其父、母親兩人出生的國家 (例如,某人出生在不合要求的國家,但其父親或母親不是出生在那裡,或只有生他時住在那裡的話),參加者可透過其父親、或母親的出生國家獲得參加資格;

  3. 國家的領土在參加者出生以後有所變動,此參加者因此屬於可參加抽獎國家的話。

  學歷或工作經驗的要求﹕有意參加美國綠卡抽籤的申請人必須具有高中或相當學歷(相當於在美國完成12年學校課程)﹔或者在過去5年裡有2年工作經驗,而這個工作需要至少2年的訓練及經驗才可以勝任的。至於什麼樣的工作經驗才能符合美國綠卡抽籤的要求﹐可以到美國勞工部的O*Net OnLine資料庫查詢。





  美国教育考试服务中心(ETS)昨天传出消息,其近日在全球官方网站(www.ets.org )上宣布:“计算机化GRE普通考试自200711月起增加新题型(Computer-Based GRE General Test to Include New Question Types in November 2007)”,该变化将不会影响中国大陆的考生。




  考生如需了解更多有关GRE普通考试的信息,请浏览:www.ets.org/gre 。中国考生还可以联系教育部考试中心(电话:86-10-6279-9911;电邮:RRC.PTC@prometric.net.cn )


* 宋小川,重庆工商大学、美国圣地亚哥美厦学院,邮政编码:400067,电子信箱:xsong@sdccd.edu。作者感谢重庆工商大学财政金融学院的许多老师对本文初稿提出的建设性意见;感谢两名匿名审稿人提出的宝贵修改意见。文责作者自负。