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New York China Institute -  Highlights
New York China Institute - Highlights
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New York China Institute -  Highlights

November 2013

New York China Institute -  Highlights


Calendar of Events:

New York China Institute -  Highlights

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New York China Institute -  Highlights

General Highlights:

Upcoming Exhibition - Inspired by Dunhuang:Re-creation in Contemporary Chinese Art ~ Opening on December 14, 2013

Inspired by Dunhuang:Re-creation in Contemporary Chinese Art is the second exhibition celebrating The Year of Dunhuang at China Institute Gallery in 2013.

Like the old masters before them, modern and contemporary luminaries, such as Zhang Daqian, Zhang Hongtu, Liu Jude, Liu Dan, Yu Hong, and others, have sought inspiration from Dunhuang's ancient sculptures and murals. Inspired by Dunhuang presents the breathtaking results of their painstaking creative efforts, works which capture the experience of Dunhuang in ways that are powerfully transformative. With its carefully curated group of paintings, calligraphy, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media installations encompassing a variety of themes and forms, this exhibition is a pioneering exploration of the historical, literary, artistic, and conceptual nature of the inspiration and influence exerted by Dunhuang's thousand-year-old tradition on contemporary artistic creation. More...

The 10th China Institute Executive Summit ~ November 8, 2013

Newly confirmed keynote speakers will include The Honorable CUI Tiankai, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the US, Byron Wien, Chairman of Blackstone Advisory Partners LP, and Kin Moy, Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, US Department of State.

Our 2013 Summit, entitled The Chinese Dream and the American Dream:Common Perspectives, Consumer Expectations, and Economic Outlook, will take place on November 8th in New York City. The opening dinner will be hosted at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP on November 7th. Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, the Summit co-organizer, will bring a delegation of Chinese CEOs to attend the Summit. More...

Summer Study in China - Open House ~ November 16, 2013

China Institute's Summer Study in China(SSC)invites high school students interested in applying for our summer 2014 program to an open house. Students and their families will join SSC's administrators and past participants for an evening of refreshments and conversation. Program leaders will introduce the anticipated offerings for summer 2014 and, along with a number of former students, remain on hand throughout the evening to discuss the program and answer any questions you may have. More...

Famous Legends of China - Outreach Workshops Open House ~ November 24, 2013

Explore our brand new Outreach Workshops program by having your child take part in two engaging, back-to-back workshops on a Sunday afternoon, and share in their joy as they learn about the legends of the Monkey King and the Butterfly Lovers. Our experienced teaching artists will approach each story through a different lens of Chinese culture, incorporating interactive activities such as tai chi and dance. This program will soon be offered as a part of the after school curriculum at select public and private schools in New York City. NYC elementary school teachers and educators are welcome to come in and observe this program while young students sample the two workshops. More...

Programs and Events
Lecture:John Dewey and Our Time ~ November 14, 2013

John Dewey's ideas – particularly his philosophy on education – are still relevant for a 21st century audience. Educational, social, and political institutions still have much that they can learn from Dewey while applying a global perspective.

Led by Dr. Larry A. Hickman, the Director of the Center for Dewey Studies and Professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, this lecture will explore Dewey's philosophical ideas from a historical perspective, look into Dewey's connection with China, and share with the audience new researches and practices in both U.S. and China on Dewey's relevance to our time. More...

Renwen Society
Lecture:Rethinking the Ming Dynasty by Professor Mao Peiqi ~ November 2, 2013

Between the eras of Mongol and Manchu dominance, the Ming(1368 - 1644)was the last dynasty in China ruled by ethnic Han Chinese. The Ming is described by some as "one of the greatest eras of orderly government and social stability in human history." During the reign of the Ming dynasty, China exerted immense cultural and political influence on East Asia and the Turks to the west, as well as on Vietnam and Myanmar to the south. To help understand the unique history of the Ming Dynasty, Prof. Mao Peiqi of the Renmin University in Beijing, China, who is an authority on the Ming history and a popular speaker on CCTV's Lecture Forum Program, will give a lecture offering new insights into the 300 years of the Ming reign on the afternoon of Saturday, November 2, 2-4 pm. More...

Lecture:Tracing the History of the Chinese Language by Dr. Yue Yan ~ November 23, 2013

With more than 1.372 billion speakers in the world, Chinese is the planet's most-used language. More and more schools in the U.S. and elsewhere are offering Chinese classes. The Independent, a UK newspaper, recently ran a sensational headline:ChineseThe Language the Whole World Wants to Learn. To help Chinese language teachers and language lovers gain a deeper insight of the language, Dr. Yue Yan of the United Nations will take us on a journey through its 4,000 years of history. She will discuss the development of Chinese phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and writing and how the Chinese language embodies the worldview and values of the Chinese people. Dr. Yue holds a Master's degree in linguistics, a Ph.D. in the history of the Chinese language and a post-doc in policy studies, all from Tsinghua University of China. More...

Members' Events
Tea with the Young Associates ~ November 16, 2013

China Institute Young Associates invite you to tea! The afternoon will feature tea tasting, as well as calligraphy and guohai demonstrations. More...

Special Events
SAVE THE DATE! Chinese New Year Party - "Year of the Horse" ~ February 7, 2014

Join us for our festive annual New Year's party on Friday, February 7, 2014 at Cipriani 42nd Street to celebrate the "Year of the Horse" and to honor Ming Cho Lee, recipient of the 2013 Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement and China Institute's first Blue Cloud Award recipient. The celebration includes a reception and family style dinner, traditional lion dance, Shaolin Monk performance, silent auction, and dancing. More...



New York China Institute -  Highlights
(English summary:Dr. Yue Yan of the United Nations will take us on a journey through 4,000 years of history of the Chinese language to help Chinese language teachers and language lovers gain a deeper insight of Chinese.)










Date:Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time:2:00-4:00 pm





New York China Institute -  Highlights

China Institute
125 East 65th Street
New York, New York 10065
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