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加州大学校长办公室发信对Prop 16被加州公投否决表示遗憾
作者:远鸣 | 2020/11/11 15:48:19 | 浏览:1643 | 评论:0

就在加州华人乃至全球华人为种族主义的Prop 16加州xf修正案被加州民众公投否决欢欣鼓舞的时候,加州大学校长办公室公然发表了藐视加州人民决定的声明。

标题很漂亮,是这样说的:《UC to continue to champion diverse student body despite rejection of Proposition 16》(哪怕Prop 16被拒绝,加州大学将继续引领学生构成的多元化)




"The University of California is disappointed that Proposition 16, the state ballot measure and constitutional amendment that would have repealed Proposition 209, did not pass in this election. Proposition 16 would have helped reverse the detrimental and far-reaching initiative that banned the consideration of race, ethnicity and gender in admissions across public higher education, and other arenas, almost a quarter-century ago".





“UC remains steadfast in its commitment to attract and support a student body that reflects California’s dynamism and diversity, despite this setback,” said UC President Michael V. Drake, M.D. “We will continue our unwavering efforts to expand underrepresented groups’ access to a UC education.”


The UC Board of Regents supported the passage of ACA 5, which became Proposition 16, a move that acknowledged the serious need to address systemic inequities in public higher education. By repealing Proposition 209, Proposition 16 would have ended the prohibition on granting preferential treatment to(or discriminating against)any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting. The rejection of this ballot measure is an unfortunate continuation of the status quo.

声明表示,加州大学致力于解决种族不公平的努力极大地被州xf的相关规定给阻碍了。而Prop 16的被拒绝意味着阻碍将继续存在。声明将很多学生和家庭都拉了进来。声明表示拒绝加大校园中的不平等,将继续致力于解决种族和性别的不平等。


“The University of California’s efforts to address racial inequities were greatly hindered by Proposition 209,” said UC Regents Chair John A. Pérez. “The failure of Proposition 16 means barriers will remain in place to the detriment of many students, families and California at large. We will not accept inequality on our campuses and will continue addressing the inescapable effects of racial and gender inequity.”


UC has a longstanding commitment to enrolling a diverse student body, one that reflects California’s flourishing cultural, racial, geographic and socioeconomic heterogeneity. After the implementation of Proposition 209, the University saw a sharp decline in the admission and enrollment of students from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. On every UC campus, the percentage of new California-resident, underrepresented freshmen decreased. While racial and ethnic diversity have improved in the past two decades, much of that growth is attributable to systemwide enrollment growth. UC still does not reflect the diversity of California’s population. Another negative impact:The percentage of students from underrepresented groups enrolled in UC’s outreach programs dropped from 90 percent before Proposition 209 to 75 percent thereafter.



Despite the failure of Proposition 16, the University will continue to look for innovative and creative approaches to further improve the diversity of its student body through outreach to underserved groups, schools and communities; support for college preparation; and efforts to close equity gaps among students attaining a UC education.


To uphold its commitment to diversity, UC will continue comprehensive review in admissions. The holistic method is used by most campuses and seeks to fully understand and evaluate each applicant through multiple dimensions. However, excluding race and gender from that consideration continues to be a tall barrier to women and students from underrepresented groups. UC will also explore opportunities to further encourage underrepresented groups to apply for and join UC’s outstanding student body. It will utilize and refine the many race-neutral alternatives developed following Proposition 209 for both outreach and admission.

还是那句话,人口决定一切。随着种族主义多元化的荒诞主张在美国乃至全世界扩张,Prop 16的主张,恐怕终将在加州实现,只是时间问题。



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