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亞太博物館合家歡樂節 & 中美电影节博物馆之夜(Pasadena 11/18)
2010/10/21 5:40:57 | 浏览:2121 | 评论:2


Screening:SF Stories

Pacific Asia Museum

Thursday November 18, 2010, 8 pm


Director:Raul Jocson, 112 mins
Cast: Michael David Cheng, Tiffany Yoshida, Michael Xiang, Josh Pollock

Can an Asian man have an Asian fetish? Follow an Asian-American man as he pursues the Asian woman of his dreams through a series of nine stories set in San Francisco, featuring characters whose lives overlap in unexpected ways. English.


Special Jury Award for Best Screenplay, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2010

Winner of Best Narrative Feature Award, 2010 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Free for museum members, included with museum admission for non-members:$9 adults, $7 students/seniors. Free onsite parking on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call 626-449-2742 ext. 31 to RSVP!


46 N. Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

 1).  不同的文化,相似的傳統,亞太博物館慶祝家族傳統,合家歡樂節歡迎您!

星期六,2010年10月30日  中午12 - 下午4

亞太博物館   46 N. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101巴沙迪納市
電話626-449-2742   網址  www.pacificasiamuseum.org

本活動由巴沙迪納市文化事務處、亞太博物館中秋年會支持者、格林基金會、巴沙迪納藝術及文化委員會、巴沙迪納藝術聯盟、朗..史密斯基金會、目標公司、聯盟銀行基金會和凱瑟琳. 奧黛麗.韋伯基金會和富國銀行部分贊助

                                                      Family Festival

Admission is free!

Honoring our Ancestors/Celebrating Family History – a pan-Asian celebration of performances, hands-on crafts, demonstrations, music, dance and activities for the whole family presented by the cultural Arts Councils of Pacific Asia Museum. Kids are welcome to come in costume. Free fun for all ages!

                                               Saturday, October 30, 2010

Noon – 4:00 p.m.

Pacific Asia Museum, 46 N. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101

626-449-2742                   www.pacificasiamuseum.org

Just take the Gold Line to Memorial Park!

Made possible in part by the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division, Festival of the Autumn Moon supporters, Green Foundation, Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission, Pasadena Arts League, Lon V. Smith Foundation, Target, Union Bank Foundation, Wells Fargo, and Katharine Audrey Webb Foundation

Free Family Festival

October 30, 2010

In the Courtyard

12:00    Kodama Taiko

12:30    (pending thai dance or chinese music)

1:00      (pending thai dance or chinese music)

1:30      Synergy Bhangra

2:00      Three Burmese Dances

by children from the Network of Myanmar American Association

2:30      Tradional erhu by Minghan

3:00      Synergy Bhangra

3:30      Obon dance

                                              Also be sure to…

·       Enjoy tasty treats and beautiful artifacts from Burma

·       Make a traditional clay figure and enjoy delicious snacks from Pakistan

·       Fill out a survey and be entered in the prize drawing 

Upstairs in the Auditorium/Foyer

 ·       Make fans with the Japanese Arts Council.  (Bring them at 3:30 to use in the Obon dance!)

·       Create your own Thai headdress

·       Make a China Modern-inspired craft

·       Enjoy a special exhibition by author/illustrator Belle Yang

·       At 2pm hear the story of Maneki Neko- Japan’s waving cat

In the Galleries

 Enjoy the museum’s collection plus special exhibition China Modern:Designing Popular Culture 1910-1970 and family favorite Journeys:the Silk Road

2). 中美电影节博物馆之夜-亚太博物馆


6:30 pm- 小型招待会

7-8 pm- 中美电影节主办方和参加影展的制片、导演和演员等致辞介绍中国电影现状,观众问答

8-10:10 pm- 特别放映由周润发主演的电影《孔子》


Museum Night provides an opportunity for museum audience to meet with the film festival organizers, local filmmakers and cast members, and to know more about the latest on China's film industry and market. As one of the most popular cultural exchange forms, film industry itself experiences a sustaining growth in international collaborations and partnerships. 


The special screening of Confucius will enable museum audience who visited our past exhibition Confucius:Shaping Values Through Art to take a close look at Confucius' legendary life and revisit Confucius teachings that have a far-reaching and long-lasting influence in Asia and beyond.



117日下午1时的介绍上海艺术村的纪录片《大东方》,下午3时的中国首部以跑酷为主题的电影《玩酷青春》,以及1118日晚上8时的反映旧金山亚裔生活的SF Stories.


More screenings of Chinese American Film Festival at the museum explore urban life and growth stories of 90's born generation in China, and present mini-stories about Asian Americans in San Francisco.


Sunday Matinee, November 7

1 pm- Orient Top Town大东方, investigating a creative solution to real estate overbuilding in Shanghai - the creation of an artists' village. Chinese with English subtitles.


3 pm- City Monkey玩酷青春, exploring urban life of 90s born youth in China, when their cool hobbies clash with parental expectations...Starring award-winning actress Lu Li-Ping and actor Guo Tao. Chinese with English subtitles.


Thursday, November 18, 8 pm

SF Stories - Award Winning documentary, presents a collection of 9 mini stories set in San Francisco featuring characters whose lives overlap in unexpected ways. English.


Free for museum members, included with museum admission for non-members:$9 for adult, $7 for students/seniors

RSVP line:626.449.2742 ext 31


博物馆会员免费,成人$9,学生和年长者$7。预订电话626.449.2742 ext 31(英文


Pacific Asia Museum

46 N. Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

626.449.2742, www.pacificasiamuseum.org <http://www.pacificasiamuseum.org/>




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Pacific Asia Museum说:留言于2010-10-22 06:07:51(第2条)
Free Family Festival at Pacific Asia Museum-honoring ancestors/celebrating family history
This holiday season, Pacific Asia Museum is presenting a Pan-Asia free family festival honoring ancestors and invite people of different cultures to come celebrate family history together. It will be a free fun event for all ages and all cultures whether people celebrate Chinese Qing Ming Festival, Japanese Obon Festival, Halloween or Latino’s Day of the Dead at home. Halloween costumes or Asian attires welcome.

The program will feature dazzling performances of Taiko drum, Chinese musical performance, Thai dance, Burmese dances, Synergy Bhangra and Obon dance. Exciting hands-on activities include traditional clay figure making, Thai headdress making, fan-making and China Modern inspired craft. Also enjoy tasty treats from Burma and Pakistan!

Saturday, October 30, 2010, Noon – 4:00 p.m.
Pacific Asia Museum, 46 N. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101
626.449.2742, www.pacificasiamuseum.org

星期六,2010年10月30日, 中午12時 - 下午4時
亞太博物館 46 N. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101巴沙迪納市
電話626-449-2742 網址 www.pacificasiamuseum.org 大眾可搭乘金線至紀念公園!

Becky Sun说:留言于2010-10-22 05:55:37(第1条)
Thank you!

Becky Sun
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