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CSUN | 2022-3 CSC Scholarship:Study in China for Free!
2022/1/26 10:27:35 | 浏览:690 | 评论:1

Hi, all,

Hope you all have a great start of the semester. Please find attached the upcoming workshop for our Study in China for Free program, and let your students and friends know about the event. The panelists will answer to any questions you might have.

Time:2-3:30 pm, Feb. 3rd, Thursday, 2022

Register in advance for this meeting: https://csun.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYoc-6tpj4jHNx-k710cHG7fubldzW_vGIj

Also, please be reminded that on Feb. 15 at 2pm, CSUN will host a virtual talk by Dr. Jeffery Wasserstrom of UC Irvine, on “Hong Kong in Crisis:Perspectives on the Popular Movements of the 2010s and the New National Security Law”  More information can be found here: https://www.csun.edu/social-behavioral-sciences/political-science/events/hong-kong-crisis-perspectives-popular-movements

Dr. Weimin Sun

Professor of Philosophy and Director of CSUN China Institute

California State University Northridge

Northridge, CA 91330-8253


Workshop for CSC program:Study in China for Free!

Time:2-3:30 pm, Feb. 3rd, Thursday, 2022

Register in advance for this meeting:


 After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


• Ms. Xuejing Sun, Education Consul, the Consulate-General of China in Los Angeles

• Ms. Rebecca Spector, Study Abroad & National Student Exchange Advisor, IESC, CSUN

• Dr. Weimin Sun, Director of China Institute, CSUN

• Mr. Andrew Javidi, former CSUN students and CSC scholarship recipient(obtaining a M.A. from People’s University in China)

China Scholarship Council(CSC)program is offered independently from CSUN for graduating seniors and alumni to apply for a full-year of study with possibility of renewal(including options for a Master or Ph.D. program). It is a prestigious and generous scholarship for American students who want to study in China.

CSUN has worked closely with the Consulate-General of China at Los Angeles to obtain the best opportunities for our students. Since the program’s inception, more than 80 CSUN students were awarded this scholarship and gone to study in China’s best universities(including Beijing University, Tsing-hua University, People’s University, Fudan University, and many more), with free tuition and free room and board. Some students obtained a Master degree in two or three years, and most of our students had a life transforming experience from their study in China.

COVID-19 is still a significant concern for international educational collaboration, and many international and exchange students had to study online instead. The year of 2022 looks brighter, and CSC(China Scholarship Council)is planning to have student come to China to study for 2022-2023. Currently our application is only open to graduating seniors and all alumni. Please let your students and friends know about this wonderful opportunity.



Hong Kong in Crisis:Perspectives on the Popular Movements of the 2010s and the New National Security Law

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 - 2:00pm

Online via Zoom

CSUN | 2022-3 CSC Scholarship:Study in China for Free!

About This Event

This illustrated talk will focus on patterns of protest and the tightening of political controls in Hong Kong during the last few decades. It will pay particular attention to the 2014 Umbrella Movement and the dramatic events of June through December of 2019, including two large protests that the speaker was in Hong Kong to witness. The presenter, who has been visiting Hong Kong regularly since 1987, will draw on his work as a specialist in the history of anti-authoritarian movements in various parts of the world and his work on global cities of Asia. The presentation will showcase ideas in his new short book Vigil:Hong Kong on the Brink (Columbia Global Reports, 2020).

About the Speaker

CSUN | 2022-3 CSC Scholarship:Study in China for Free!Dr. Jeffery Wasserstrom is Chancellor's Professor of History at UC Irvine, where he also holds a courtesy appointment in the School of Law. A former editor of the Journal of Asian Studies and the Historical Writing Mentor for UCI's Literary Journalism Program, his most recent books are Vigil:Hong Kong on the Brink (Columbia Global Reports 2020), Eight Juxtapositions:China through Imperfect Analogies from Mark Twain to Manchukuo (Penguin 2016)and the co-authored third edition of China in the 21st Century:What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford 2018). In addition to writing for scholarly periodicals, he is a regular contributor to newspapers(e.g. The New York Times, The Financial Times), magazines(e.g., The Atlantic), and literary reviews(e.g, The TLS).

Accommodations for our Guests with Disabilities

Communication services(sign language, interpreters, notetakers, real-time captionists or assistive listening devices)are available for this event. Requests for services must be submitted at least five(5)working days in advance.


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The 7thAnnual Global Congress of Knowledge Economy说:留言于2022-02-07 11:39:42(第1条)
The 7thAnnual Global Congress of Knowledge Economy
January 09-11, 2023
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Dear Zhenying Jiang,

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are proud to launch The 7th Annual Global Congress of Knowledge Economy (GCKE-2023) will be held during January 09-11, 2023 at Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. As per your background in the field, it is an honor to welcome you to present a speech at this grand conference.

GCKE-2023 will provide such a platform for you to strengthen cooperation, overcome the impact of the epidemic and promote world economic recovery. It covers the economic, IT/ICT, AI, education, smart world and such as the hot topics. We would like to provide the participants a high standard, high level, specialization, and internationalization event.

We expect to receive your replies on the following questions:
1. What is the title of your speech?
2. Do you have any suggestions about our program?
Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, drawing international visitors for its annual Snow Festival and its world-famous ramen. Those seeking out the full diversity of Japanese cuisine will want to visit: a city with a ramen-inspired theme park is one that embraces and pampers foodies.

We sincerely wish you can join us to contribute your invaluable experience and knowledge at this magnificent conference.Your early reply will be highly appreciated.
Sincerely Yours

Organizing Committee of GCKE Event
Email: bonnie.tan@gala-tek.com
注意: 留言内容不要超过4000字,否则会被截断。
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