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MIT-CHIEF / NECINA Joint Big Data Conference, Career Seminars & Partner Events
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MIT-CHIEF / NECINA Joint Big Data Conference, Career Seminars & Partner Events
MIT-CHIEF / NECINA Joint Big Data Conference, Career Seminars & Partner Events Dear ,

NECINA has moved! We recentely moved our website from necina.net to necina.org. The old site has stopped updating. Please visit necina.org and check out our brand new look!

The followings are the upcoming events from NECINA and its partners in the next few weeks. We hope you will enjoy these events.
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11/18 MIT-CHIEF / NECINA Joint Conference:The Big Data Revolution
11/19 Career Seminar Series:Strategic and Productive Networking
11/10 Bridge Program by NECINA-UMass Lowell CSSA
Sponsor Event:IBM Healthcare Campfire
Partner Event:HBS CEC Talk:What's the Big Deal about "Big Data"?
Partner Event:Tianjin City 2012 Boston Recruiting Event
Partner Event:Hanhai Z-Park East Coast Outreach
Partner Program:OCEAN MBA Class 13 Registration Opens
MIT-CHIEF / NECINA Joint Conference:The Big Data Revolution

The Big Data Revolution

-- A Joint Conference between MIT-CHIEF and NECINA

The Big Data Conference is a part of the MIT-CHIEF's 2-day conference which includes 11 more keynotes/panels on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as an exciting "Pitch to China" business plan contest. The NECINA Big Data Conference Tickets grant access to the Big Data Session only. Join the MIT-CHIEF 2-Day Conference! Enjoy the 20% discount for NECINA friends by purchasing tickets here. Check out the not-to-miss MIT-CHIEF conference at http://mitchief.org.


Big Data has become one of the most important technology trends driving business growth and innovation. According to the MassTLC Big Data report, Boston alone now features nearly 100 companies engaged in Big Data technology, plus some 20 startups still in stealth mode!

Join us in this Big Data event, where a group of 10+ leaders from academia, industry and investment communities will cover:

  • Trends in the Big Data technology and applications
  • Case study on start-ups monetizing from data
  • Survey of Big Data technology and tools on the market

MIT-CHIEF / NECINA Joint Big Data Conference, Career Seminars & Partner Events

See the event website for an additional group of 7 high profile panelists.

Register now >>

Event Contacts

Andy(Zhenyu)Li zhenyu.li@necina.org
Chen Song song.chen@mitchief.org
Shanshan Liu shanshan.liu@necina.org
Mingsheng Hong mingsheng.hong@necina.org

Career Seminar Series:Strategic and Productive Networking
NECINA Proudly Present:Career Development Seminar Series
Strategic and Productive Networking

Date/Time: Monday, November 19th, 2012, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Venue: One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142(Microsoft NERD Center)
Online registration:http://necina.org/career-development-seminar-series/

Why Linkedin people is not good enough to build an effective network? Why hopping among networking events do not necessarily help find ideal jobs or secure key clients? What are the unique challenges minorities confront when it comes to networking? How do we overcome language and cultural barriers and turn weaknesses into strengths to develop a useful network? Whether you are looking to advance your career or grow your business, networking is a key component of sustained professional success. Juliette Mayers and Madge Meyer will share their insights that go beyond traditional networking to help you unleash the power to achieve your dreams.

Speakers and Topics

MIT-CHIEF / NECINA Joint Big Data Conference, Career Seminars & Partner Events

Event Contacts:

Bridge Program by NECINA-UMass Lowell CSSA
This is a program for helping students and scholars find job opportunities (full time, part time, internship and start-up)through the network of NECINA and university CSSAs in the greater Boston area.
Come to attend this kickoff event!
Date and time: 10:00AM, Saturday, November 10, 2012
Venue: Ball Hall 214, UMASS Lowell, 1, University Ave, Lowell, MA, 01854
Hosted by:UMass Lowell CSSA
Speaker: NECINA Chair of Entrepreneur Programs - Harry Gao, Ph.D.
Details:Free for all CSSA members and invited guests. Drinks and food provided.

  • The employment situation of Greater Boston Area
  • How to prepare for your first internship or job
  • Where to find a decent internship or job especially for Chinese students
  • Bridge Program" details; What you can earn from your participation

Contact:Peilong Li:Peilong_Li@student.uml.edu

Sponsor Event:IBM Healthcare Campfire

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Venue: 404 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 02454
The healthcare industry is at a pivotal point to transform, reinvent and realign to a more vital model. There is broad recognition that cost increases are unsustainable, and the status quo is inadequate.

The future requires a new definition of value for all stakeholders within the ecosystem, especially patients It will require new care models that promote coordination and sharing of knowledge among all caregivers to the benefit of the patient. It will require technology and tools to collect and analyze data to support decisions with trusted evidence.

In this campfire session we assemble a panel of experts from technology and healthcare fields, to discuss and debate how technology can positively impact healthcare outcomes.


6:00pm - 6:30pm Networking & Light Dinner
6:30pm - 8:00pm Interactive Panel Discussion

Partner Event:
HBS CEC Talk:What's the Big Deal about "Big Data"?

Date/Time:November 14(Wednesday), 5:40PM-7PM
Venue:Aldrich 208, Allston, MA
Speaker:Mingsheng Hong, Chief Data Scientist at Hadapt, President of NECINA
Online registration:Use this link
Today, when you search "Big Data" on Google, it returns 725 million results, compared to only 152 million for "Lady Gaga". So, what's the big deal about "Big Data"? Why is it so hot a topic right now?

Topics covered:
  • What is Big Data?
  • Why should you care about Big Data as an entrepreneur, technologist, or business stakeholder(e.g. CMO, CIO, CFO, etc)?
  • What are the success stories of leveraging Big Data to build new business models, increase revenue, or cut cost?
  • What is Big Data eco system and major players?
  • What are some of the current customer pain points, and the opportunities for innovation?
Parking information
Harvard Business School Lot
105 Western Ave., Allston
Visitor Parking Hours:7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., 7 days a week
Click here for more parking information.
China Entrepreneurship Club [CEC] of Harvard Business School is a platform that aims to foster effective interaction and entrepreneurial activities among students, entrepreneurs, professional investors and faculties who are interested in entrepreneurial business in China. CEC is also a subsidiary of Greater China Club of Harvard Business School.

Register here >>

Partner Event:Tianjin City 2012 Boston Recruiting Event


Date/Time: December 2(Sunday), 9:40AM-4PM
Venue:Marriott Cambridge Hotel
  • 职位薪金待遇极高。相当数量职位薪金待遇(绝对收入)等于或高于美国同等职位平均水平,有的职位给出了高达20-50万美元的待遇。
  • 上升空间大。大部分职位为项目领头人,高校的教授院长职务,留学归国人才的智慧和才干将得到充分的重视。
  • 提供职位多,涉及领域广。本次招聘会欲招募的人才的专业领域近一百个, 既包括诸如通信、能源、医学、金融、工程这样的热门专业,也包括诸如文学、哲学、社会学这样的相对"冷门"的专业,为各个学科的人才提供施展才干的机遇
  • 引进人才形式多样。为"两栖人才"和外籍人士提供灵活多样的选择,鼓励来天津从事科研、讲学、咨询、兼职活动;鼓励开展技术合作、技术入股、投资办企业或从事相关专业领域的工作;鼓励用人单位以岗位聘用、项目聘用、任务聘用、项目合作等方式,引进海外高层次人才智力;鼓励海外人才采用符合自身与用人单位实际的方式,在海外为天津提供人才智力服务。
  • 招聘会上可以直接签订协议。前来与会的中方人员将不仅仅介绍职位、发布信息,他们可以直接签订聘用合同,直接有用人决定权。

    Learn more >>
Partner Event:Hanhai Z-Park East Coast Outreach

Hanhai Z-Park East Coast Outreach
One-Stop-Shop Solution to US Rooted Startups

Hanhai Investment established its first high-tech Silicon Valley incubator - Hanhai Z-Park in 2012. They are looking to establish two more incubators by 2017, focusing on BioPharmaceutical, Clean Tech and New Materials.

They currently accept applications for:
Incubator Program(for startups, based in San Jose)
Incubator Office Space(for startups and established companies, based in San Jose)

Intern Positions
Tech Writer/Media Intern Program(year round)
Business Development Intern Program(year round)
Venture Intern Program(Summer only)

For more information please email applyhanhai@gmail.com.
Partner Program:OCEAN MBA Class 13 Registration Opens

OCEAN MBA培训班第十三期即将开始(11/17/2012 - 3/23/2013)

  • 你是否想知道自己是否有创业的可能, 具有创业的基础知识并在创业中成长
  • 你是否想接受MBA 训练但又不愿放弃现有工作或有财务困难
  • 你是否想迅速扩展人脉结识志同道合的朋友但又困与繁忙的工作与家事
  • 你是否想开展自己的事业而又不愿或不能放弃已有的工作
  • 你是否想知道你不知道而你MBA老板比你懂得的东西是什么
  • 你是否想知道进入公司管理层需要具备哪些技术之外的技能
  • 你是否想知道与你背景相似的华人企业家的过去,未来和创业的酸甜苦辣

机会就在眼前!未雨绸缪, 为自己添一份自信, 多一份Control, 克服自己的恐惧和担心,勇敢地迈出第一步。

  • 成功举办十二年
  • 学员超过300, 均感受益匪浅
  • 十四周周末密集课程
  • 浓缩MBA课程, 涵盖中西商管精华
  • BOSTON著名教授授课, 双语教学
  • 提供学员与在美成功企业家及CEO的交流及经验分享
  • 与国内企业家互动,获得商机, 迅速融入历届毕业生网络, 成为OCEAN终身会员
  • 学费合理, 物超所值可抵税,可申请麻州 Workforce Training Funds)

(Please call 617-909-0199 for detail.)

机会不容错过!!! 为了更成功的事业, 更精彩的人生, 请查询我们的招生信息
Tel:617.909.0199 Email:
edu@ocean-usa.org or wukaibin@hotmail.com

MIT-CHIEF / NECINA Joint Big Data Conference, Career Seminars & Partner Events
New England Chinese Information and Networking Association

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