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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net


(ISSN: 2372-9937)
主編: 姜镇英博士 zjiang@barstow.edu
Zhenying Jiang
執委: 陳鈞銘博士 kmchan@csulb.edu
K. Ming Chan
副主编: 艾红梅博士 hongmeiai@hotmail.com
Hongmei Ai
网站: 郭繁夏博士 fanxiaguo@hotmail.com
Fanxia Guo
编委: 陈岳云博士 billchen@uwest.edu
Yueyun (Bill) Chen
2016年 第18期 創刊第727期 6/3-6/9/2016
Table of content - 本期重要目录


  2016年国家优秀自费留学生奖学金开始接受申请!洛杉矶领区申请人,请于5月20日-7月10日之间,将纸质材料寄到洛杉矶总领馆教育组,地址:443 shatto place Los Angeles CA90020,请注明“申请国家优秀自费留学生奖学金”。


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Scholars-Net is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization. Check payable to CAPPA, to P.O. Box 1953, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Or direct transfer to Bank of America, Huntington Harbour Branch CA 92649, of Account Number 09841-72137.

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2019 No.22) 2019-09-24 [1319]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第21期(9/3-9/15) 2019-09-15 [1632]
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《即时通讯》周电—2019年第13期(5/20-5/28) 2019-05-28 [2055]
:印裔人才在美碾压华裔:我们可以从印度教育中学到什么? :北京452万人将从北京迁至雄安(附部分央企名单) :《2019全球肿瘤趋势报告》 :阿尔茨海默病预防与干预核心讯息图解 :引力波天文台或有助搜寻暗物质粒子 :Sail Through the Mist - SoCal Innovation Forum 2019(10/5) 游天龙:《唐人街》是如何炼成的:UCLA社会学教授周敏的学术之路 :“为什么海外华人那么爱国,但是让他回国却不愿意?...“
精明稅務講座说:留言于2016-07-07 11:01:26(第53条)

其實,出了贈與和繼承,還有其他有效方式。比如說父母仍然持有房產的產權,所以他們是可以選擇繼續住在房子裡一定的時間,子女是沒有權利把他們趕走的。事實上,這幾種方法都是各有利弊。如果為人父母希望將房產送給子女,由於條件不同要求不同,因此還是需要按照個人情況仔細斟酌。如果您的房產價值高又想達到最佳省稅效果,或者您作為父母希望早點享受醫療福利想贈與?我們誠摯的邀請您來參加【自住房增值超$500K的精明稅務】講座。時間是本週六7/9@2-5pm。講座報名電話:1-877-253-8288,Email: Jenny@EliteWealths.com
bizevents说:留言于2016-07-07 10:55:16(第52条)
Manufacturers and Business Leaders' Roundtable Luncheon
presented by: Thursday, August 11, 2016
Murrieta Innovation Center
Complimentary Admission (RSVP required)
The City of Murrieta and Murrieta Chamber of Commerce
would like to invite manufacturers and business leaders in the region to join them for an experience sharing and networking lunch hosted by the
Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Tentative Program
12 Noon Networking
12:15 am Welcome remarks by Bruce Coleman, Economic Development Director, City of Murrieta
and Betty Young, Small Business Administration
12:25 pm Lunch
12:40 pm Briefing by Ms. Stella Poon, Director, Los Angeles, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
12:50 pm Q&A
1:00 pm Open discussion to be moderated by Bruce Coleman
1:50 pm Raffle Prize Drawing (courtesy of Hong Kong Trade Development Council)
1:55 pm Closing remarks
The event will be small scale with limited seats. To RSVP, please contact: bizevents@murrieta.org

Murrieta Innovation Center
26442 Beckman Court, Murrieta, California, 92562
CCR说:留言于2016-07-06 18:14:27(第51条)
Greetings from Beijing!
The July issue of the China Call Report contains one great message -- exchange and learn from each other. This message is crystalized by the Chicago Forum on Global Cities, Ronnie Chan's breakfast discussion at the Hong Kong Business Association of the Midwest in Chicago, and the Terracotta Warrior's exhibits at the Field Museum -- Exchange and Learn. To access the July 2016 issue of China Call Report online, please follow this link: www.rroots.net/0716eng.pdf
经科处说:留言于2016-07-06 18:07:40(第50条)

CESASC说:留言于2016-07-06 13:44:55(第49条)
Dear CESASC Friends and Supporters,
Greetings. We take great pride in sharing with you that Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) started a radio program about a year ago in January 2015 with Radio Golden Vintage located in Arcadia CA 91007 (www.usaradiochinese.com) to discuss the impact of Science and Technology in our life. This weekly program is broadcast in Mandarin from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM, every Saturday afternoon (LA time). You can listen to our archived programs by clicking this link: https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-zhang-16/sets/xpxuxdcgnrfy
CCA说:留言于2016-07-06 12:09:43(第48条)
CCA's Part-time Faculty Job Security Bill Heads to Senate Appropriations
AB 1690, the job security bill for part-time faculty by Assembly member José Medina (D-Riverside), passed the Senate Education Committee 5-2 and is moving onto the Senate Appropriations Committee for an Aug. 1 hearing. Use CCA's talking points to contact Committee members (click on each Senator''s webpage and then "Contact") urging them to pass this important legislation. Student success relies on a stable faculty and a stable faculty means equity for all. Learn more about the bill.

Come to CCA's Strand at CTA's Presidents Conference
Time to hone those presidential skills by attending the CTA Presidents Conference July 21-24 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Find out more information as well as how to register for the Presidents Conference, CTA's Summer Institute and other CCA Conferences.

Supreme Court Denies Petition to Rehear Friedrichs Case
The U.S. Supreme Court, in one of its last acts for the term, denied a petition to rehear Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, challenging the constitutionality of fair share fees. Find out more about the case and how fair share gives a voice to working families and the middle class.

Stand with Students and Educators to Support DACA
Educators will continue pursuing remedies to ensure immigrant students reach their full potential and remain with their families, despite a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that effectively blocks two programs by President Barack Obama. Read more at cca4me.org and then sign the Pledge to Stand with Students and Educators to Support DACA.

CCA/CTA/NEA United with Orlando
Leaders of the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, the Florida Education Association, the Service Employees International Union, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees have coordinated efforts to provide support and resources to the Orlando community in the wake of last month's horrific shooting. Find resources and what you can do in light of yet another tragedy.

Are You Lonely Tonight? Try Making Contact with Other CCA Chapters
Looking for tips on how to reach more of your chapter''s members? You can learn how other…
www.ChinaUSFriendship.com说:留言于2016-07-06 09:33:27(第47条)
Dear Friends,
Please click www.ChinaUSFriendship.com to read
1) “Reciprocate Beijing’s Olive Branch” by Wang Shengwei;
2) “The Pentagon Is Endangering Our Economic Ties With China” by Patrick Smith; and
3) “US-China Relations Do Not Need Another Lawyer” by Ifay Chang.
In the Music Section, we have “Folk Songs are like Spring Waters” : www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg7J6P0YsPI
千人计划网说:留言于2016-07-06 08:19:58(第46条)
申报条件:团队包括1名负责人和至少3名核心成员; 负责人具有硕士及以上学位;核心成员具有硕士及以上学位或副高及以上职称人数占50%以上;年龄≦55周岁,团队平均年龄≦45周岁等。
申报条件:团队包括1名负责人和至少3名核心成员, 负责人具有博士学位;核心成员具有硕士及以上学位或副高及以上职称人数占50%以上;年龄≦55周岁,团队平均年龄≦45周岁,两院院士年龄放宽至65周岁;核心成员至少2名,在安吉连续服务5年、每年工作≧9个月等。

申报条件:硕士及以上学位, 年龄在65周岁以下;
Lisa L.说:留言于2016-07-06 07:43:38(第45条)
What type of email service does my son need while he is in china?

gmail.com, hotmail.com or both.
Murrieta Business Roundtable说:留言于2016-07-06 07:41:05(第44条)
You're invited to the next Murrieta Business Roundtable
at the Murrieta Innovation Center
Wednesday, July 20, 8:00 - 9:00 am
Holly Reyes
Owner, 951 Fitness and The Wellness Lounge
Motivation...Its what's for breakfast.
Refreshments provided

Murrieta Innovation Center
26442 Beckman Ct, Murrieta, CA 92562
CCNU说:留言于2016-07-05 19:58:43(第43条)
REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE说:留言于2016-07-03 15:51:02(第42条)
Dear All Trump Supporters,
THURSDAY, JULY 14, 2016 - 5:30 PM
Contact: 626-825-7735; scwong2@earthlink.net
Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity说:留言于2016-07-03 09:30:04(第41条)
<< Paradigmatic Models in Social Sciences >> to be held on September 26-28, 2016 in Milano, Italy
Organizers: Fabio Della Rossa, Fabio Dercole, and Sergio Rinaldi, Politecnico di Milano
The workshop PMSS2016 offers a unique opportunity to meet researchers working across (and between) disciplines linked to mathematical modeling and social sciences. The program of invited contributions will show how the scientific approach of systems analysis, traditionally followed in physics and engineering, can be used to tackle social problems.

A series of paradigmatic examples will be presented in a particular sequence that allows the main issues of nonlinear dynamics and networks theory to be introduced: from bistability to catastrophes, from stationary and cyclic to quasi-periodic and chaotic regimes, from the spreading of successful strategies to the emergence of clusters in networks. The workshop is the 11th of a series of tutorial workshops annually organized by the Italian Society of Chaos and Complexity (SICC) to explore the emergence of new research fields in which the modeling of nonlinear phenomena plays a growing role.

These workshops have been traditionally devoted to an interdisciplinary audience with particular attention to PhD students and young researchers. In this spirit, PMSS2016 is addressed to researchers working in various areas of science and engineering and interested in applying mathematical modeling to social sciences:

e-mail info@sicc-it.org
Web http://www.sicc-it.org
JSOM说:留言于2016-07-02 12:02:54(第40条)
July 20, 2016 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ET)
Health Innovation: This activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists, medical coders, healthcare executives, social workers, pharmacists, case managers, psychologists, speech language professionals, counselors and other healthcare professionals who support/care for U.S. active-duty service members, reservists, National Guardsmen, military veterans and/or their families.

The topics covered during this event support a joint, integrated, premier system of health, supporting those who serve in the defense of our country and the newly established DHA objectives. The event will:
Educate MHS personnel on how their (individual) contributions help to successfully improve readiness, health, care, and management of costs. Provide specific training and leverage peer networking with military, civilian and private sector experts so attendees can return to their workplace and apply the lessons learned. Registration webinar at: https://ldd.adobeconnect.com/mhsjul2016/event/event_info.html
Contack: Upon .mbx.dcoe-mhs-speaker-series@mail.mil
YMC说:留言于2016-07-02 11:31:52(第39条)
Dear colleagues, dear students,
This is our second and general announcement of the 13th annual YOUNG MATHEMATICIANS CONFERENCE at The Ohio State University on August 19 - 21, 2016 (Fri-Sun)
Information about this year's conference can be found at http://ymc.osu.edu

In order to apply please visit http://ymc.osu.edu/apply-ymc and carefully follow all instructions. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the applicant resources in order to improve their submitted abstracts. The deadline for applications is
Wednesday July 20th 5:00pm EDT

Judges Wanted
If you are interested in undergraduate research, hold a mathematics Ph.D. (preferably faculty position), have 4-5 or so hours' time and internet access in the days following the deadline, and would like to help with judging please email us at ymc@math.osu.edu

YMC 2016 Organizing Committee
YMC 2016 Advisory Board
C. Chui说:留言于2016-07-02 08:35:08(第38条)
Dear Colleagues,

Greetings to you! Happy July 4!
HFSC说:留言于2016-07-01 07:43:33(第37条)
2nd Annual Back to School Symposium!
Sunday, August 14th, 2016 9:30am-3:00pm
Omni Los Angeles Hotel, 251 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA
Prepare your Individual Health and 504 Plans!
Receive Free Backpacks and School Supplies including personalized factor boxes!
Free Valet Parking, meals and childcare
Free youth manicures
PACER's National Bullying Prevention
Polly Klaas Foundation Child ID Kits
Hearing Tests
JPL Petting Zoo (drive a miniature Mars Rover!)

Summer camp is for youth ages 7-16 with bleeding disorders. Ages 17-18 should apply to the Leader in Training module. July 15-20, 2016.
Siblings of those with bleeding disorders camp August 10-14. Call us with questions!
(323) 255-8811 or (818) 248-8811

Junior National Championship (JNC)
Gettin' in the Game JNC is an all expense paid national competition in either golf, baseball or swimming with fellow participants from around the country.

September 30-October 2, 2016
Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Hotel, Phoenix, AZ
Eligibility requirements include:
Must have a bleeding disorder
Must be between 7-18 years of age
Must not have participated previously
Nominee must be accompanied by one parent or caregiver
Email info@hemosocal.org if you are interested in being nominated with your sport category by Friday, August 26th. All nominees will be drawn from a random lottery.
Teen Leadership Summit-Last Call!
Apply for our new, one week teen summit to be held at the HFSC office. Only 4-6 teens will be chosen. August 1-5, 2016. Application due June 30, 2016. Email info@hemosocal.org re: "Teen Summit App".

Eligibility requirements include:
Must have a bleeding disorder
Must be entering 10th, 11th or 12th grades
Must reside in HFSC counties (Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern)
Must complete an application including a statement of interest, transcript, and one letter of recommendation
Teens involved with HFSC will be given priority
Join us for an extraordinary, one week program teaching leadership, empowerment and advocacy for high school students. Participants will work together on an important state project and present to local legislative offices on August 5, 2016. In addition, participants will receive advocacy and career training including public speaking, interviewing and resume writing skills, visit a local HTC, and publish an article in our newsletter, HemophiliAction. All expenses will be paid and participants will be housed in a hotel in Pasadena, located 1 mile from the HFSC office. Made possible by a generous LEAD grant from CSL Behring
HFSC Scholarship Application now available
Contact Info@hemosocal.org for an application!
Deadline July 25, 2016

Hispanic Celebration Day!
Saturday, September 24, 2016, Elysian Park (1:00-5:00pm)
Join us for a day of festivity, programs, games and food! All programming in Spanish-
Followed by Dodgers v. Rockies for La Gran Fiesta night! All attendees will receive a "Los Dodgers" t-shirt!
Immediate family only and $5/person administrative fee

St. Louis, Missouri (August 18-21, 2016)
This Summit will provide a dynamic weekend of inhibitor-related education alongside other inhibitor families. This program:
Is available to anyone with hemophilia A or B who currently has or once had inhibitors.
Caregivers that live in the same household as the person with an inhibitor (active or tolerized). Complimentary travel, hotel accommodations and registr…
Barstow College说:留言于2016-07-01 07:33:20(第36条)
Good Afternoon,

Please review the attached job announcements and forward them to anyone interested in applying. The current job vacancies with Barstow Community College are:

Classified - Administrative Secretary
Management - Director, Special Programs & Services

Visit: http://www.barstow.edu/HR_Employement_Opportunities.html for an application. Thank You,

Human Resources
760/252-2411 EXT. 7232
江苏省侨办经科处 陈锋说:留言于2016-07-01 07:30:45(第35条)

City of Murrieta说:留言于2016-06-30 14:13:12(第34条)
1. Business Development Manager Recruitment, City of Murrieta
Murrieta, CA, June 29, 2016 - The City of Murrieta is seeking an individual to fill the Business Development Manager position with the Department of Economic Development. Under direction of the Economic Development Director he or she will perform professional level duties associated with the City''s economic development program to proactively implement the City''s Economic Development Strategy. Conduct market research on industry trends; analyze information on target businesses; serve as an advocate for businesses in the City; prepare research materials for site selectors, businesses and others; design, develop and disseminate informational materials to internal and external audiences; implement an effective communications/marketing program; provide professional and technical staff support to higher level management staff; and to do related work as required. For a complete job description, list of benefits, applicatio, click this link http://bit.ly/298J06P. The deadline to apply is July 21st, 2016.
Murrieta is a young, affluent community ideally located at the junction of the I-15 and I-215 freeways (275,000 trips per day) with close proximity to San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties (9 million people within a one hour drive time). With a population over 113,795, Murrieta is currently the fourth largest city in Riverside County (pop. 2.29 million) having grown more than 400% in the past 23 years. Home to citizens looking to work and conduct business within their community, 54% earn $75,000 to $200,000 with over 40% of the population around the $100,000 mark (Kosmont). Highly educated, 60% are classified as "Boomburbs," "Up and Coming Families," "Soccer Moms," and "Bright Young Professionals" (Kosmont).

2. The City of Murrieta and Murrieta Chamber of Commerce would like to invite manufacturers and business leaders in the region to join them for an experience sharing and networking lunch hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
12 Noon Networking
12:15 am Welcome remarks by Bruce Coleman, Economic Development Director, City of Murrieta
12:20 pm Lunch
12:35 pm Briefing by Ms. Stella Poon, Director, Los Angeles, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
12:50 pm Q&A
1:00 pm Open discussion to be moderated by Bruce Coleman
1:50 pm Raffle Prize Drawing (courtesy of Hong Kong Trade Development Council)
1:55 pm Closing remarks by Bruce Coleman

1 Town Square, 24601 Jefferson Ave., Murrieta, CA 92562
San Diego Chinese Press说:留言于2016-06-30 14:10:36(第33条)
http://www.sandiegochinesepress.com 近期报道:
从正确步骤走过来 —【创业真经】读后感(图)
又一新城项目孕育 圣地亚哥憧憬无比(图)
周末游圣地亚哥散记 - 西蒙(图)
山火野蛮人有情 男子不顾安危冲火场助老人(视频)
更新: 美墨边境野火蔓延今达7500英亩(视频)
提高警惕 防火防偷 千余车辆遭毒手(图)
2016‘父亲节 美南加炎热创纪录(图频)
画家乱画 陷入囹圄(图)
2016南加房产市场将更强劲 专访侯佳音(知名圣地亚哥房地产经纪)
保护牙齿为何那么重要 - 爱新牙科医生专业回答 F& A
中國四川自貢燈展说:留言于2016-06-30 01:01:10(第32条)
來自中國四川自貢燈展將于7月16日在Gilroy Gardens展出。
本次燈展展出的展品是在中國大陸製成半成品後,再用15個大型集裝箱運抵美國,在Gilroy Gardens進行總組裝。這次燈展內容十分豐富精彩,有些大型作品非常壯觀氣勢恢宏。燈展所有專題都帶著中國傳統的民間故事,如:《九天樓》、《花瓶》、《紅樓夢》、《天壇》、《紅紅火火》、《長龍》、《桃樹林》、《鯉魚躍龍門》、《麒麟獻瑞》、《中國長城》。
地震知识社区讲座说:留言于2016-06-28 21:26:50(第31条)
Community Seminar on Earthquakes
Time & Date: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, July 17, 2016 (Sunday)
Location: Arcadia Community Center, 365 Campus Dr., Arcadia, CA 91007
Purposes: This is a free public seminar designed to help people in the Chinese community of Southern California to gain knowledge about earthquakes, earthquake disaster preventive preparations, and survival skills during and after earthquakes.
Content: The seminar will be conducted in Chinese language, including presentations and questions & answers. The focus will be on the issues of earthquakes concerned by the Chinese community in Southern California and touch on the relevant topics of public interest.
Topics and Speakers:
1. "Causes of Earthquakes in California, Hazards and Assessment" - Dr. Yongang Li / University of Southern California and Southern California Earthquake Center 2. "Seismic Design of Buildings in US and Retrofit of Old Houses" - Dr. Xiaozhe Zhang / Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety 3. "Earthquakes and Urban Water Supply" - Dr. Jianping Hu / Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 4. "How to Prepare for and Respond to Earthquakes" - Dr. Liping Yan / Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
RSVP: All are cordially invited to this seminar. Please click on or copy the following link for registration -
Contact: LipingYan.GE@gmail.com
C.L. Imagination说:留言于2016-06-26 22:13:14(第30条)
detrasims说:留言于2016-06-23 22:51:38(第29条)
Wow that is great. Thank you so much for the link.
I know you will make a difference.
artsculture说:留言于2016-06-23 08:52:32(第28条)
New York Asian Film Festival Screening & Reception: What''s in the Darkness
Schedule: Monday, June 27
6:15 pm - 7:50 pm: Film Screening
7:55 pm - 8:25 pm: Q&A with Director Wang Yichun
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm: Reception featuring a talk with Subway Cinema, Freida & Roy Furman Gallery
Location: Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, 165 West 65th Street, New York, 10023
Event fee: Reception is Free
Screening: $14 general, $11 students & senior, $9 FSLC member

The 2015 Village Voice Best Film Festival award winner is back! China Institute is thrilled to be a part of this year''s New York Asian Film Festival, co-hosting the North American Premiere of What''s in the Darkness. A coming-of-age fable mapped onto an unsolved crime story, at once dream-hazed and sharp-edged with suspense, Variety called writer/director Wang Yichun''s outstanding debut "the most acute and uncompromisingly grim murder mystery to come out of China in years." Following the screening there will be a Q&A with director Wang Yichun and a free reception hosted by China Institute and sponsored by Tsingtao Beer.

What''s In The Darkness
Wang Yichun, China, 2015, DCP, 98m
Mandarin with English subtitles
Starring: Su Xiaotong, Guo Xiao, Lu Qiwei, Deng Gang
A coming-of-age fable mapped onto an unsolved crime story, at once dream-hazed and sharp-edged with suspense, Variety called writer/director Wang Yichun''s outstanding debut "the most acute and uncompromisingly grim murder mystery to come out of China in years," but the film owes as much to The Diary of a Teenage Girl as it does to Diary of a Serial Killer. What''s in the Darkness brilliantly evokes the perils of repressed desire, while equating China''s transition to capitalism with the prurient confusion of puberty. In a semi-rural village of Hebei Province in the early 1990s, someone is raping and killing young women, and carving a cross into their flesh. Following the case with perverse fascination, Jing (Su Xiaotong) struggles to harness her emerging sexuality while her father (Guo Xiao), a low-level cop, futilely tries to convince his incompetent colleagues of the merits of forensic investigation. For questions or to register by phone, please contact us at 212-744-8181 ext. 149 or by email at mbuening@chinainstitute.org
AAPA说:留言于2016-06-23 08:48:33(第27条)
Do you have what it takes to overcome obstacles, maintain focus despite setbacks, and still pursue your passions? Take the GRIT SCALE. Join us on June 27 at the AAPA Executive Forum and hear panelists from top companies discuss what it takes to have GRIT and succeed!
WHEN: Monday, June 27, 2016
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM: Networking (appetizers will be served)
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM: Program (Panel, Q&A, Networking session)
WHERE: SoCalGas Energy Resource Center | 9240 Firestone Blvd., Downey, CA
WHO: Free | Open to all AAPA members and non-members by Friday, June 24
AIST说:留言于2016-06-22 20:21:19(第26条)
The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology(AIST2016) -July 15th - 17th, 2016, Shanghai

The 2016 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology will be held in Shanghai, China, during July 15th-17th, 2016. The professionals from different countries and regions will be invited to give specific speech. Warmly welcome you to AIST2016!

AIST2016 is an infusive international conference including its professional organization team, dependable reputation and sponsors from all over the world,which will provide the scholars, engineers, scientists with a valued opportunity to communicate with each other about their academic results face to face. It is a great chance for academic and industry professionals to explore the Sci-Tech-Front. 大会目前正在进行最后一轮征稿,投稿截止日期:6月30日,请抓紧投稿. 大会酒店已确定为上海锦荣国际大酒店。
Submission Deadline: Jun 30th, 2016
Notification Deadline: 1-2 weeks after submission
Registration Deadline: July 10th, 2016
Conference Date:July 15th-17th, 2016
Online Submission Peer Review:可通过邮箱投稿:aist2016@126.com

• All the papers accepted by AIST2016 will be published by World Scientific Publishing Company and be submitted to EI and CPCI Indexing by the publisher.
• Some excellent papers will be selected and recommended to EI or SCI journals.
• All submissions should not be less than 4 pages and please follow the conference template to prepare you paper: Email to aist2016@126.com to ask for the template.

Contact: aist2016@126.com; AIST2016@vip.126.com
Tel: +86 13249824995
City of Murrieta说:留言于2016-06-22 20:10:03(第25条)
You are cordially invited to attend the second Global Service Expo organized by the San Diego World Trade Center and SD Economic Development Center on 6/30/16, at the Symphony Tower highlighting the City's efforts in promoting international trade. Alongside San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, World Trade Center San Diego will announce the 2016 MetroConnect Program companies in conjunction with a Global Services Expo. The MetroConnect Program acts as an export accelerator for SMEs looking to establish or grow their global footprint.

The Global Services Expo introduces all San Diego-based companies interested in expanding their global reach to international service providers throughout the San Diego region. Please see more info by clicking this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/metroconnect-launch-global-services-expo-tickets-25435747004

City of Murrieta
1 Town Square, 24601 Jefferson Ave., Murrieta, CA 92562
Goodheart-Willcox说:留言于2016-06-21 07:59:29(第24条)
We hope you will be attending the HOSA 39th Annual International Leadership Conference in Nashville June 22–25. If so, let’s meet and discuss how Goodheart-Willcox can best meet your health sciences needs. Please stop by our Goodheart-Willcox Booth, which will feature many of our health sciences titles—including our brand new titles Introduction to Medical Terminology and Medical Law & Professional Ethics.

800.323.0440 * www.g-w.com
Public Program说:留言于2016-06-21 07:54:10(第23条)
Night at the Museums: China Institute
Tuesday, June 21, 4:00-8:00PM
100 Washington Street, New York, NY 10006
Event Fee: FREE
China Institute, in collaboration with the Downtown Cultural Group, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Downtown Alliance, NYC & Company, River to River, and Make Music New York is participating in Night at the Museums. Join us for this opportunity to experience 15 of Lower Manhattan's museums and historic sites. China Institute will be celebrating its new Downtown headquarters as well as its upcoming fall exhibition: Art in a Time of Chaos: Masterworks from Six Dynasties China, 3rd-6th Centuries.
Contact 212-744-8181 or by email at marketing@chinainstitute.org

New York Asian Film Festival Screening & Reception: What's in the Darkness
Monday, June 27
6:15 pm - 7:50 pm: Film Screening
7:55 pm - 8:25 pm: Q&A with Director Wang Yichun
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm: Reception featuring a talk with Subway Cinema, Freida & Roy Furman Gallery
Location: Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, 165 West 65th Street, New York, 10023
Event fee: Reception is Free
Screening: $14 general, $11 students & senior, $9 FSLC member.
For questions or to register by phone, please contact at 212-744-8181 ext. 149 or by email at mbuening@chinainstitute.org
汕头大学说:留言于2016-06-18 23:18:24(第22条)
西湖大学说:留言于2016-06-18 23:13:02(第21条)
招聘学科: 生物学、医学、物理学、数学、化学、力学与工程、信息科学与工程等。



  高研院人力资源部信息 hr@westlakeuniv.com
中国知网(CNKI)说:留言于2016-06-18 09:31:03(第20条)
尊敬的 姜镇英:








广州开发区高层次人才协会说:留言于2016-06-17 23:22:15(第19条)




点击LinkedIn “广州高层次人才”连结: https://www.linkedin.com/company/7955754?trk=tyah&trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Acompany,entityType%3AentityHistoryName,clickedEntityId%3Acompany_7955754,idx%3A2

Best Regards

绍兴市人民政府外事与侨务办公室说:留言于2016-06-17 23:14:32(第18条)
四、组织机构:绍兴市委人才办 绍兴市归国华侨联合会
7月14日上午 参观考察;下午 离绍送行

0575-88937892, 0575-88937893
ChineseHometown说:留言于2016-06-17 13:30:49(第17条)
近期报道:http://www.sandiegochinesepress.com :
恐怖活动 圣地亚哥有动静(视频)
融于社区 警民合作 圣地亚哥警方亲民宣传(视频)
对付网络暴力美立法更严 网络巨头联盟逐达成协议(图)
一死五被捕 美墨边境贩毒嫌疑团伙与警博战(视频)
Hometown Buffet 等多家美知名自助餐馆关闭(图)
Mira Mesa Kohl’s 店19号关门,赶紧去最后淘宝(图)
2016南加房产市场将更强劲 专访侯佳音(知名圣地亚哥房地产经纪)
保护牙齿为何那么重要 - 爱新牙科医生专业回答 F& A
CIAM说:留言于2016-06-17 08:29:27(第16条)
NEW Guest Speakers June 20th & 22nd
A Free Series of Presentations for the Public by Business Experts on Tomorrow's Ideas for Success​

Simon Burrow - June 20th @11am: Presentation Topic: "Creating Luck"
His presentation, which he has delivered before to enthusiastic student audiences, is about the role of "luck" in business success. His theme is that we are all "lucky" if we are paying attention, and that the real issue isn''t whether a person is just "lucky" or not, but how each of us can identify and exploit the luck we already have.

Nevin Kamath - June 22nd @7pm: Presentation Topic: "The historical development of the company"
The modern day business has historical roots that stretch back to the cradle of civilization upon the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Join CIAM Professor Nevin Kamath on a 40 minute tour through its history, with 10 minutes for Q&A. Professor Kamath is a business attorney, coach, and consultant based in Santa Monica, CA with worldwide clientele.

Contact: 1(626)350-1500 or info@ciam.edu
www.CIAM.eduSimon Burrow - June 20th @11am: Presentation Topic:
LLJ说:留言于2016-06-15 23:47:05(第15条)
音乐是心灵的窗户。6月25日,湾区“知音合唱团”将在联合城James Logan High School的Center of the Performing Arts举办第十九届音乐会。这次音乐会门票仅为20美元。今年音乐会的主题为“月之叙事曲”,以接近20首关于月亮故事的中外名曲,将其以多种不同的组合进行演唱。

本次音乐会全体大合唱的曲目包括《在银色的月光下》、《小河淌水》、《半个月亮爬上来》、《望月》、《湾湾的月亮》、《関山月》、《中秋月》、《水调歌头》。另外,知音合唱团南湾分部还将会以台语演唱台湾名曲《月亱愁》、原住民语山歌《跳月》和脍炙人口的《月亮代表我的心》。合唱团东湾分部则将选择《Moon River》、《Fly me to the moon》和《Ballade to the moon》作为演唱曲目。知音女声小组的曲目将会是《Moonlight》、《Song To the Moon》外加长达十五分钟, 由唐朝诗人张若虚的名作编曲的 《春江花月夜》。除了知音合唱团以外,整场音乐会还有箫独奏 《平湖秋月》、葫芦丝独奏《月光下的凤尾竹》二胡独奏《二泉映月》及钢琴独奏贝多芬《Moonlight Sonata》。
EliteWealths.com说:留言于2016-06-15 21:42:10(第14条)
最近,巴拿馬文件揭露了世界各地的富人及政客刻意地隱藏資產、洗錢和逃稅!最新報導,國稅局追查公民或永久居民在海外的資產日趨嚴峻! 現在的最新局勢是國稅局與全球近15萬家銀行和金融機構簽訂了直接海外資料交換服務。也就是說,在大數據時代,電腦連線易如反掌。您不報,國稅局也有辦法知道! 兩岸三地有房地產、股票帳戶、銀行存款的灣區朋友不要刻意再隱瞞,以免觸法而被重罰和刑期。

申報截止6/30,不得延期! 對不申報或不實報的處罰分為兩種:非蓄意及蓄意違規。 非蓄意違規每次罰款不超過1萬美元 ;蓄意違規每次罰款為10萬元或違規時帳戶金額的50%,兩者取其高。 假設違規時帳戶內有100萬元,則罰款為50萬元。若海外資產未有任何收益,或者該收益已經及時報稅。可儘快提交Amended tax returns (1040X) 補報8938;並補報114表格。若海外資產有收益,且該收益未及時報稅。可考慮參加Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program或Streamlined Program。

對於居住在美國境內或海外的美國居民納稅人,或未及時申報原因的不同Willful vs. Nonwillful,都有不同的處理方法。美國稅法中沒有不知者無罪! 面對海外資產申報截止日6/30的倒計時間,卓越財富將在本週六6/18@2pm舉辦【海外帳戶申報 & 退休早10年】緊急講座!講座報名電話:1-877-253-8288。 電郵:Jenny@EliteWealths.com
SOMA说:留言于2016-06-15 21:24:30(第13条)
SAVE THE DATE: Psychological Health Webinar:
Obesity, Eating Behaviors, and Stigma among Service Members
June 23, 2016; 1-2:30 p.m. (ET)
This webinar will highlight DoD weight standards and explain the construct of weight stigma and its impact on active-duty service members. In addition, it will discuss the Fit4Duty study, which seeks to reduce excess weight gain in the military population, and recommendations for how to address the issue of obesity in health care settings.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
Interpret the construct of weight stigma and the potentially adverse effect of weight stigma on the psychological functioning of active-duty service members with overweight and obesity. Use new strategies to address excess weight among service members without shame or bias. Recognize the presence of weight stigma within the military in order to more effectively address presenting medical, psychological and social issues.

Continuing Education
Continuing education credit is available from Professional Education Services Group (PESG). You must register by 3 p.m. (ET) June 23, 2016, to qualify for the receipt of continuing education credit.
The awarding of continuing education credit is limited in scope to health care providers who actively provide psychological health and traumatic brain injury care to U.S. active-duty service members, reservists, National Guardsmen, military veterans and their families.

Sign up for the webinar at http://dcoe.cds.pesgce.com. Please note, registration is required for each webinar regardless if the participant has an existing PESG account. Upon completion of registration, a confirmation email will be sent providing webinar event details. Once registered, you may use Adobe Connect or Defense Collaboration Services to attend the webinar. If you have questions or need assistance, please email the DCoE webinar team at usarmy.ncr.medcom-usamrmc-dcoe.mbx.dcoe-monthly@mail.mil.

NAEMT/North American Rescue Military Medic of the Year Award recognizes a military medic who demonstrates excellence in the performance of military emergency medicine. Those eligible include any active or reserve U.S. Army Medic, Navy Corpsman, or Air Force Medic.The award recipient receives $1,000 in cash, three core program registrations, and an additional $1,200 for travel and lodging at the 2016 EMS World Expo/NAEMT Annual Meeting, October 3-7 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Journal of Special Operations Medicine说:留言于2016-06-15 21:16:59(第12条)
The 2016 MHSRS Annual Awards recognize outstanding accomplishments in research over the past year. Get your nominations in!! Submissions are being accepted online until 30 June 2016.
Note: You will need to have registered with the MHSRS website in order to submit an award.

Nominations are being accepted in the following categories:
- Outstanding Research Accomplishment (Individual/Military and Individual/Academia)
- Outstanding Research Accomplishment (Team/Academia and Team/Military)
- Distinguished Service Award

1) Go to
https://mhsrs.amedd.army.mil/SitePages/MHSRS_2016_AwardsCriteria.aspx to view the Award criteria for submitting an award.

2) Click on the "View/Add/Edit Your 2016 MHSRS Award Submission tab to display "2016 MHSRS Award Submission" page. This page has instructions on how to add or edit an award submission and what is acceptable award content. Click the "Add new item" link on the "2016 MHSRS Award Submissions" page to add a new award submission.

3) When done filling out the on-line form, click Save to save and submit the award record. A confirmation email will be sent upon saving your submission.
Note: You may edit your award submission as needed until the site is closed for the Award Submission process.
2016“安徽海智对接活动”组委会说:留言于2016-06-15 09:40:17(第11条)
一、活动名称: 第七届中国(芜湖)科普产品博览交易会·海智项目对接活动
二、活动时间、地点: 2016年11月9—12日,主活动在芜湖市举行,在马鞍山市、滁州市、安庆市举行分会场。
1、主办单位 安徽省科协
2、支持单位 中国科协海智办
3、承办单位 安徽省海智专家科技创新协会、芜湖市科协、马鞍山市科协、滁州市科协、安庆市科协
11月10日(星期四)上午 分别在滁州、马鞍山、安庆考察对接 下午 所有专家到芜湖市报到
11月11日(星期五)上午 参加第七届中国(芜湖)科普产品博览交易会·海智项目对接活动主场活动(领导讲话、科技人才政策推介、合作签约等)下午 芜湖市考察对接
五、 活动费用

电话:0551-62661745 0551-62661725 62661749
传真:0551-62661744 0551-62655031
E-mail : gjb@ahpst.net.cn  bgsh@ahpst.net.cn
cesasc.org说:留言于2016-06-15 02:33:22(第10条)
Dear CESASC members,
There are two upcoming events for you to consider to attend. See attached. No CESASC compensation for the first event (6/19). CESASC will compensate $25 for the second event (6/25) and you pay $25 to get in (we try to have the number to attend under 5 people).
1. CTUAA-SC picnic
When: June 19th 2016 (Sunday), 11:30am - 4:00pm
Where: El Dorado Park East Regional Park, 7550 East Spring Street, Long Beach, CA 90815
Tel: 5625701771
•11:30 - 12:00: Admission and registration
•12:00 - 1:30: Picnic, social
•1:30 - 4:00: Hiking, photography and game
Ticket: $15/person, park admission and food are included. Contact: 424-324-0500

2. Luncheon in honor of Dr. Frank Chang, President of National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu (CESASC co-sponsored)
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, June 25, 2016 (Saturday)
Location: The Boathouse on the Bay, 190 N. Marina Drive, Long Beach, CA 90803
Organizer: Chiao Tung University Alumni Association of Southern California
Co-sponsors: Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Southern California
Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California
Schedule: 9:00 am - 10:30 am: Photos, drinking, register...
10:30 am - 11:30 am: Lunch
11:30 am - 1:30 pm: Speech, Q&A, and group photo
1:30 pm: Water taxi in rainbow bay
Cost: $50 per person
RSVP: LipingYan.GE@gmail.com; Cell No.: 714-414-2905)
City of Murrieta说:留言于2016-06-15 02:26:57(第9条)
A Panel of Experts Talk Financing and Accounting
You're invited to the next Murrieta Business Roundtable at the Murrieta Innovation Center
Wednesday, June 15
8:00 - 9:00 am
Refreshments provided
Murrieta Innovation Center, 26442 Beckman Ct, Murrieta, CA 92562

City of Murrieta
1 Town Square, 24601 Jefferson Ave., Murrieta, CA 92562
China California Heart Watch说:留言于2016-06-15 02:23:00(第8条)
Fighting Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD)

Dear Supporter ,
Two of every one thousand babies are born with critical congenital heart disease (CCHD). These babies will not survive more than one month unless they make it to the operating table to correct their lethal birth defect.
In the United States and other developed countries, all newborns undergo simple cardiac screening at birth and those with CCHD are treated promptly with appropriate surgery. Most survive to adulthood.
In rural Yunnan Province, all infants with CCHD die. None are detected by screening because there are no heart screening programs for Yunnan newborns. None receive proper diagnosis or treatment. Lacking knowledge about cardiac screening, families and local medical personnel cannot help these babies and, in fact, are left with little idea as to why these infants do not survive past the first few weeks of life.
Three years ago, China Cal, in cooperation with the University of California, Irvine, the Masimo Corporation, Irvine, and the Ping and Amy Chao Foundation, set out to end this senseless loss of life.
The Yunnan Newborn Cardiac Training Program trains rural obstetricians and obstetric nurses in proper cardiac examinations of newborns. China Cal has already trained all obstetric doctors and nurses in half of the Yunnan Province counties. Over 30,000 newborns have undergone appropriate screening exams because of this training program. Hundreds of doctors and nurses have received training. High quality Masimo pulse oximeters, necessary for appropriate heart screening, have been donated to 60 poor rural county hospitals.
Baby Luo is one month old and is proof that the China Cal screening program works. Baby Luo’s CCHD (pulmonary valve atresia) was detected because of the China Cal screening program, and he is now recovering from CCHD surgery in Chengdu West China Hospital. His surgery was supported by China Cal’s collaborators, the Ai You foundation and the Ping and Amy Chao Foundation.
Baby Luo is only the first of many newborns who will be given a chance to survive. We calculate that about 2,000 newborns in Yunnan Province have CCHD. We implore you to help. Get involved. Join our summer externships. If you are a doctor or a nurse, volunteer to help us train and screen newborns. Please donate now to our Grants for Kids and training programs.
Thank you.

China California Heart Watch
28251 Silverado Canyon Road, # 517, Silverado, CA, 92676, USA
wechat: 13808757068
chinainstitute.org说:留言于2016-06-15 02:19:09(第7条)
Night at the Museums: China Institute
Tuesday, June 21, 4:00-8:00PM
40 Rector Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10006
Event Fee: FREE
China Institute, in collaboration with the Downtown Cultural Group, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Downtown Alliance, NYC & Company, River to River, and Make Music New York is participating in Night at the Museums. Join us for this opportunity to experience 15 of Lower Manhattan's museums and historic sites. China Institute will be celebrating its new Downtown headquarters as well as its upcoming fall exhibition: Art in a Time of Chaos: Masterworks from Six Dynasties China, 3rd-6th Centuries.
Enjoy ice cream from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Jianbing street food with Mr. Bing, live music featuring the Stephanie Chou Trio and MusicDish*China Presents Ji Yoo, Yui Tsuchida, and Nagi Okamoto, and more!
What we will offer?
Live Music featuring the Stephanie Chou Trio and MusicDish*China Presents Ji Yoo, Yui Tsuchida, and Nagi Okamoto
Ice Cream from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Jianbing street food
Calligraphy Demonstration
Family-friendly activities
For questions or to register by phone, please contact 212-744-8181 or by email at marketing@chinainstitute.org
wxmwrkhp说:留言于2016-06-14 21:59:17(第6条)
Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare说:留言于2016-06-14 21:49:20(第5条)
Submit your research to Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare
Benefits of publishing with Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare include:
Rigorous peer review
Expert Editorial Board
High visibility for maximum global exposure
Guaranteed targeted, multidisciplinary audience

Read the Latest Articles
Head and neck surgery in a tertiary centre: Predictors of difficult airway and anaesthetic management by Patrick Wong, Rehana Iqbal, Karen Patricia Light, Elisabeth Williams, and James Hayward
A qualitative study exploring first time mothers’ experiences of breastfeeding in Singapore by Pey Jia Choo and Kath Ryan
Impact of a nurse-led feeding protocol in a pediatric intensive care unit by Bixia Ang, Wee Meng Han, Judith Ju-Ming Wong, Ang Noi Lee, Yoke Hwee Chan, and Jan Hau Lee

SAGE Office:
Los Angeles: 2455 Teller Rd Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, USA www.sagepub.com

China Institute NY说:留言于2016-06-14 09:45:27(第4条)
SAVE THE DATE: 90th Anniversary Gala
Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Cipriani 25 Broadway, New York City
6:30 p.m. ~ Reception
7:30 p.m. ~ Dinner and Awards Ceremony

Join us as we celebrate China Institute's 90th Anniversary Gala on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. The Gala will take place at the former Cunard Building at 25 Broadway; its stunning landmarked interior will provide the perfect backdrop for this festive occasion. Contact: 212-744-8181, ext. 139
Barstow College说:留言于2016-06-14 09:41:44(第3条)
Dear BCC Compatriots,
You can view a video about our completed Solar Project here - https://youtu.be/SgGhrmVKKj0
ICSSHE说:留言于2016-06-14 09:38:30(第2条)
ICSSHE2016 7月23日到24日三亚召开,文章需英文书写,出版文章全部CPCI-SSH和CNKI收录,8月初出版,出版之后3-6月CPCI收录
邮箱icsshe@163.com 电话18689570865
Oxford Symposium on Population & Migration说:留言于2016-06-11 00:10:47(第1条)
We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Oxford Symposium on Population, Migration, and the Environment.
The symposium will be held 1 and 2 August 2016 at the Rothermere American Institute, Oxford, U.K. Our Fall Symposium will be held 5 & 6 December 2016 at St Cross College, Oxford, U.K. We invite you to present a paper that encourages the exchange of interdisciplinary ideas about the main themes of the conference: world population increase, human migration, and environmental sustainability. Alternatively, you may wish to attend as an observer or panel member.

The Symposium seeks to cover a broad agenda that includes disciplines such as economics, education, environmental studies, agriculture, law, political science, religion, and social studies. Topics for presentation may reach beyond these areas, and our website contains an extensive list of suggested topics. Papers presented at the meeting will be subsequently peer-reviewed by external readers for possible inclusion in Symposium Books or sponsored academic journals. Email: contact@oxford-population-and-environment-symposium.com if you have questions.
注意: 留言内容不要超过4000字,否则会被截断。
未 审 核:  是
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