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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net


(ISSN: 2372-9937)
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Zhenying Jiang
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K. Ming Chan
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Hongmei Ai
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Fanxia Guo
编委: 陈岳云博士 billchen@uwest.edu
Yueyun (Bill) Chen
2017年 第28期 創刊第769期 10/20-10/27/2017
Table of content - 本期重要目录


  感恩节将至,美国华裔教授专家网衷心祝愿您:亲朋常相伴,幸福常相随,快乐常围绕,福气常拥抱!并欢迎美国华裔教授专家网工作委员会和义工服务团队参加12月9日的岁末感恩分享晚会,观览Huntington Harbor 灯船游行,交流互勉,百尺竿头更进一步!


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:警惕!你的个人信息在“裸奔” - “换脸”APP 后果很严重! :陈文玲: 必须推动中美关系回到正确轨道 :广州再生医学与健康广东省实验室2019年诚聘海内外英才 Colleen Flaherty 翻译 刘勤:MIT教授发文《美国经济评论》 :生命科学受益于明星科学家们的死亡 :北京和上海金融人的最新鄙视链 :日本政府《氢能利用进度表》 :美国《2016-2045年新兴科技趋势报告》 :天津工业大学“经纬英才”引进计划
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中国驻洛杉矶总领事馆说:留言于2017-11-03 07:43:02(第8条)



  二、地点:Center Hall 105, UCSD(9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093),请点击这里浏览地图。  






Barstow College说:留言于2017-11-02 07:09:37(第7条)
This Sunday at 2:00 PM we have a unique opportunity to hear a world-class pianist, Richard Bishop, performing a rich variety of Classical Music at the PAC, Barstow College. He will perform music by Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, Chopin, and more! Richard has played with the New York Philharmonic under the direction of Leonard Bernstein, and has accompanied American Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and violinist/conductor Isaac Stern. This is sure to be a classical music feast on the beautiful 9' Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano at the Performing Arts Center.

Don’t miss it. Tickets are available online at – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/concert-pianist-richard-bishop-tickets-36900232589
• Regular Admission $15
• Military/Seniors $10
• Student/Child $5
Best Regards,

Barstow College
2700 Barstow Road,
Barstow, CA 92311
Phone: (760) 252-2411 ext. 7350
USC U.S.-China Institute说:留言于2017-11-01 06:41:39(第6条)
Screening: Vanished Archives
Date: Friday, November 3, 2017
Time: 4:00-5:30pm
Location: Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, ASC 204, USC

About the Film
The 1967 riots are a watershed in Hong Kong history and some would say the starting point for the development of Hong Kong consciousness. Yet the official records of this critical period today are sadly incomplete. What information can be found online is hard to verify and authenticate. Documentary film director Connie Lo Yan-wai spent four years interviewing participants of the riots, from the children of the leftist leaders of the time, to members of the "bomb squads", union leaders and patriotic students. Others who share their personal experiences include former police officers, a senior government information director, journalists and a number of witnesses and victims. Lo sifted through piles of old newspapers, government documents and declassified British government records in order to produce the documentary, Vanished Archives. As a number of those who experienced the events of the time passed away during the four years it took to produce the film, the documentary has become their final record of their recollections of and reflections on those times. Are the political entanglements between the Mainland and Hong Kong fifty years ago a mirror reflecting today''s Hong Kong? Some maintain traces of the past can be detected in the present.

Ching Cheong, a veteran journalist based in Hong Kong, will provide prescreening comments.
The film (click here to watch the trailer) is 119 minutes long and will be screened in Cantonese with English subtitles. Discussion with the director follows the screening.

Over the past two decades, Connie Yan-wai Lo worked in different media groups including the TV Division of Radio Television Hong Kong, the News and Public Affairs Department of Asia Television Limited, Fairchild TV in Canada and the News and Public Affairs Department of Television Broadcasts Limited. She has founded Studio for Public Humanities Limited in 2012 with a focus in history documentation.

USC U.S.-China Institute
3502 Watt Way, ASC G24
Los Angeles, CA 90089
ALPHA-LA说:留言于2017-11-01 02:02:37(第5条)
Dear Friends:
Please join us at the unveil ceremony of the monument for Dr. Robert Wilson who remained in Nanjing during 1937 and saved thousands of lives.

Date: November 12th Sunday at 11:00 A.M
Venue:United Methodist Church
400 W Durate Road, (Cross with Holly)
Arcadia, CA 91007
International Conference, Maynooth University, Ire说:留言于2017-11-01 01:52:57(第4条)
Dear colleagues,
The Mathematics Education for the Future Project was founded in 1986 as an international non-profit independent body to support and encourage innovation in mathematics, science, statistics and computer education. Since 1999 we have held 14 international conferences throughout the world culminating in our Hungary Conference in September 2017 which was attended by 125 people from 22 countries. Our conferences are renowned for their friendly and productive atmosphere and are attended by many of the movers and shakers in innovation in mathematics education. Please see the attached Second Announcement of the Hungary Conference and also the photo albums of our last three conferences at https://alantrogerson.imgur.com/

We are now planning our next conference to be held in Maynooth University, Ireland in 2019 from Aug 4 (arrival and welcome reception only) - Aug 9th (departure day only) so 5 nights and 4 working days. If you are interested in attending would you be kind enough to return this email with your responses below, a simple X would be fine. Please note we do not take your responses as promises or guarantees, this survey is simply to get an idea of INTENTIONS and really does help us with advance planning.
Best wishes,

International Coordinator of the Mathematics Education for the Future Project
Please check out the new website address for DQME: http://www.dqime.uni-dortmund.de
NECINA说:留言于2017-10-31 12:16:28(第3条)
NECINA E Club Lunch Meetup - 11/02
NECINA E Club will have a lunch meetup on Thursday, November 2nd from 12-1:30pm in Natick. We will catch up with everyone, discus our plan, share our business experience, seek suggestions from all E Club members. We have also invited NECINA president, board members and successful entrepreneurs to join us. All E Club members are invited. If you own a tech/biotech company, you are welcome to join us after you become an E Club member. Please email eclub@necina.org to reserve your seat.

About E Club:
NECINA Entrepreneur Club (E Club) is a community of technology company founders and Executives. Through its partnership with other businesses or organizations, E Club organizes regular meetings/network events, and provides a resourceful platform for E Club members to get training, conduct network, and promote their businesses.

The missions of the club are:
* To leverage NECINA resources to connect the club members to more senior and successful entrepreneurs, VCs and service firms as well as business counterparts in Asia to seek mentors, advices and business opportunities.
* To provide a social network platform for the entrepreneurs to share their successful stories and lessons learned, and help each other Membership Qualification
To join E Club, you need to be (1) a NECINA member, and (2) a founder/co-founder or an executive of a technology company

Contact Us
UCLA Center for Chinese Studies说:留言于2017-10-31 07:37:17(第2条)
Travels with Chaekgeori: An Art Historical Journey with Korean Screen Painting
Saturday, November 04, 2017
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Lenart Auditorium - UCLA Fowler Museum

30th Annual Sammy Yukuan Lee Lecture
Cultures appropriate from near and far, for reasons all their own, and they often adapt their borrowings to local standards without knowing the issues that gave rise to these borrowings in the first place. Derived from Chinese models, the Korean genre of chaekgeori – multi-panel screen paintings and scrolls depicting books, antiques, and other collectables – represents their scholars'''' love of Chinese arts and literature and was initially promoted for political and nationalist purposes. But a still-longer historical sequence underlay chaekgeori, leading back through Qing court culture and Jesuits in China to 15th-century depictions of European scholars' studios. Following separate lines of development in Europe and China, the European scholar's studio gave rise to public museums in the West, while their derivatives failed to do so in China and Korea until a much later date. Why this difference? Such developments exemplify how style and its meanings can become detached and transmitted separately, embedded yet hidden in a global history of meanings and purposes unseen by most who produced and patronized the arts.

About Sammy Lee Lecture Series
First presented in 1982 in celebration of his 80th birthday, the Sammy Yukuan Lee Lectures on Chinese Art and Archaeology honors the life and philanthropy of respected businessman, art collector, and Chinese art authority, Sammy Yukuan Lee. This series is presented annually by the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies with support from the Sammy Yukuan Lee Foundation, and in partnership with the Fowler Museum at UCLA.

11381 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel: (310) 825-8683
Fax: (310) 206-3555
Chinese Studies UCLA说:留言于2017-10-31 07:35:18(第1条)
Myths My Teachers Believed about Song-Yuan Painting History
Friday, November 03, 2017
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Bunche Hall 6275, UCLA
Sammy Lee Seminar by Jerome Silbergeld, Princeton University
and what this means for Chinese art historical practice today

Chinese painting history is a thriving, growing, changing, and diverse discipline. Song and Yuan painting lay at the core of my teachers'' academic interests, Song naturalism and the rise of Yuan literati painting. Everything grew out of this. To some in my generation, many of our teachers''
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