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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net
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2010年 第13期 創刊第494期 4/18-4/24/2010
Table of content - 本期重要目录




Upcoming Events and Call for Participation

Important News and Announcements





UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2010 No.13)

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:美国《2016-2045年新兴科技趋势报告》 :天津工业大学“经纬英才”引进计划 :浙江财经大学国际青年学者论坛的邀请函 (10/31-11/1) :美国加大审查范围 北大多名美国留学生遭联邦调查局质询 :天安门广场喜迎“十一”花团锦簇的美丽景象 马亮:做院长就能够发更多论文?论文发表是不是一场“权力的游戏”? :印裔人才在美碾压华裔:我们可以从印度教育中学到什么? :北京452万人将从北京迁至雄安(附部分央企名单)
Asia Media说:留言于2010-05-02 12:04:59(第18条)
Pomp and Circumstances: The pomp was the dynamite annual Kyoto Price Gala, which emcee Ian Campbell called “the great intellectual and social event of the year.” The circumstances were tough ones that surrounded an economically deprived community in Chiang, Mai Thailand – until former President Jimmy Carter stepped in with his Habitat for Humanity. Read about both on pages 3 and 4 in this issue.

Pushing Boundaries: That’s what renowned artist Jian Wang does with his art – paintings that tug at your soul, your heart and your emotions. He is profiled on page 3.

Judge’s Delight: That’s what it was for Judge Lillian Lim as she watched her parents, Al and Corinne Lim, repeat their marriage vows after 65 years. Their lives, which merged during World War II, were part of a special celebration. (Page 7)

Author! Author: We have several this issue, including our own columnists, Wayne Chan, Virginia Loh, Ray Wong and Giovanna Pang Garcia, as well as celebrated novelist Mingmei Yip, with the latest on their works. (Pages 5, 19)

Click on the link below for the full stories and let us know how you like this form of delivery.


Also, find out what special Asian events are going on in Southern California by clicking on the Asia Society link

And don’t miss the Dragon Boat Festival, Saturday at Mission Bay Park’s Playa Pacifica. Festivities get underway at 9 a.m.

Asia Media
cheng yuan说:留言于2010-05-02 11:59:46(第17条)
Happy May Day!

Thank you for everything you are doing
Alice说:留言于2010-05-02 11:56:51(第16条)


Gily Yu说:留言于2010-04-30 08:58:02(第15条)

Gily Yu
Wang, Arthur说:留言于2010-04-29 06:59:40(第14条)
Dear Dr. Ai,

Thank you very much for your help in getting our guests to your email list.


Arthur Wang, Assistant Director
International Programs, Asia
California State University, Fullerton
浦东新区归国留学人员联合会说:留言于2010-04-29 00:55:38(第13条)
  联合会周四主题沙龙活动—Evening Talk因恰逢上海世博开幕前夕,原定于本周四晚(4月29日)主题为:“中国的职业教育”的沙龙活动暂停,具体时间请随时留意我们的邮件。敬请谅解。


haiguang说:留言于2010-04-29 00:41:44(第12条)
Thanks so muchl.
All the best!
Kang haiguang
Chinese Daily News说:留言于2010-04-29 00:20:27(第11条)
請點擊: 伍國慶談父親、老婆與政治


Jie Rong说:留言于2010-04-27 09:14:00(第10条)
On behalf of PUAASC, I really appreciate your support. We look forward to meeting you and your members in our event.

Victor Yeh说:留言于2010-04-27 07:26:45(第9条)

Yang, Guibao说:留言于2010-04-27 06:33:53(第8条)
Thanks so much for your wonderful suggestion. We will try to do that. Meantime, could you also post the newsletter in your network, it would be greatly appreciated.


Guibao Yang, Ph.D.
Kitt O''''Malley & Nick Nichols说:留言于2010-04-27 06:07:55(第7条)
Thank you very much.
GCIS & WCSE 2010 CFP [Wuhan, China]说:留言于2010-04-25 15:58:56(第6条)
2010 Second Global Congress on Intelligent Systems (GCIS 2010)


16-17 December 2010, Wuhan, China

2010 Second World Congress on Software Engineering (WCSE 2010)


19-20 December 2010, Wuhan, China

GCIS & WCSE 2010 intends to be a global forum for researchers and engineers to present and discuss recent innovations and new techniques in intelligent systems and software engineering.

GCIS & WCSE 2010 conference proceedings will be published by the CPS which will include the conference proceedings in the IEEE Xplore and submit the conference proceedings to Ei Compendex and ISTP for indexing (GCIS & WCSE 2009 proceedings were already indexed in Ei Compendex). The registration fee of US D 400 or RM B 2700 includes publication of 1 paper, lunches, dinners, and banquet.

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

GCIS: artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent control and automation, computational intelligence, soft computing, nature-inspired computation, bio-inspired algorithms, neuro-fuzzy techniques, genetic and evolutionary algorithms, semantic web, etc..

WCSE: Software metrics; Software tools and development environments; Software policy and ethics; Programming languages; Internet and information systems development; Software requirements; Software architecture and design; Software components and reuse; Software testing and analysis; Human-Computer Interaction; Software processes and workflows; Software dependability, safety, privacy and reliability; Reverse engineering and maintenance; Program comprehension and visualization, etc..

Wuhan is known as the "Homeland of White Clouds and Yellow Crane" and is one of China´s largest cities. There are many scenic spots and historical sites within and around Wuhan, for example, the Yellow Crane Tower, the East Lake, many charming colonial style buildings along Yanjiang Street and around Hongshan Square.

Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline: 30 May 2010
Review Notification: 1 September 2010
Final Papers and Author Registration Deadline: 15 September 2010

In addition to research papers, the conference also encourages companies and institutions to showcase their modern products and equipment in the conference area.

Please email your inquiries to GCIS2010@whut.edu.cn (for GCIS 2010) or WCSE2010@whut.edu.cn (for WCSE 2010).
karin yu说:留言于2010-04-25 15:42:09(第5条)


大自然豔麗色彩, 真的是五彩繽紛
中国网视台说:留言于2010-04-25 00:01:33(第4条)
中国网视台: 美中企业家商会欢迎济南市副书记殷鲁谦及代表团-

Dr. Jennifer Fowler说:留言于2010-04-24 06:46:51(第3条)
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Dr. Jennifer Fowler
Academic Careers Online
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Wayne, PA 19087, USA
Telephone USA 610-964-9200
guangzhe li说:留言于2010-04-24 01:06:40(第2条)
Thank you very much!

Guangzhe Li Ph.D.
Northeast Normal University
US Qiao Bao说:留言于2010-04-24 00:33:07(第1条)

Please change our email to adv@uschinapress.com


China Press USA

Thanks for your updated information.

Scholars Net
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