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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net
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2010年 第25期 創刊第506期 7/30-8/4/2010
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UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2010 No.25)

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:美国凯斯西储大学研究人员最新实验表明:脊髓损伤呼吸障碍恢复有望 :卡内基中国透视2018年11月(总第144期) :桂林理工大学诚邀海内外人才加盟 :USC:Eileen Chang's Sea Burial And Special Collection(1/17) :Call for Candidates of ICSPAH Executive Council Officers :赤峰学院2019年招聘高层次人才 :张平大使专程拜访国泰银行总行 :美国总统科技政策办公室新STEM计划:保证未来科技“领袖地位“
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DANIEL KWONG说:留言于2010-08-31 07:00:55(第49条)
Thanks for the updates.

第二屆中華大族谱國際會議秘書處说:留言于2010-08-27 09:57:49(第48条)
第二屆中華大族谱文化交流國際會議(簡稱第二屆中華大族谱國際會議)定于2010年12月1日至3日在中国南京, 南京師範大學召开。
本屆大會由中華大族譜協會與南京師範大學聯合主辦,南京師範大學虚拟地理环境教育部重点实验室承辦。大會旨在凝聚各方力量,規範譜牒工 作,尋求更好的技術方案,爭取更大的社會支持,以為大中華譜牒申請世界記憶遺產為目標,組建大中華譜牒申請世界記憶聯合會,並組建一個跨國界、跨地域、跨行業的网络大平台,以推進中華譜牒文化的發展。會議形式以小會為主大會為輔,其性质属于非論壇式的非常務實的學術研討會(seminar)。舆會對象包括海外及港澳台相关人士與團體,各姓氏源流研究會,各纂修大成譜或統譜的宗親會,有關國家機關,高等院校,圖書馆,檔案館及學術社團,媒体以及首屆國際中華大族谱會議代表。

本着不講排場,不請客送禮,不封紅包的務實原則辦會。凡與會代表會費用原则上自理 (除該校師生外),
每人¥1,000 (含兩晚三日住宿與餐費及會議文件費等)。具體繳費辦法將另行公佈。


Pacific Asia Museum说:留言于2010-08-27 01:28:39(第47条)
Thanks for spreading the words. Hope to see you all sometime at the museum.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Ku Yin Kay说:留言于2010-08-26 12:04:23(第46条)
Message from HKU Industrial Engineering Class of ''''77

Dear Fellow Alumni,

It is with great sadness that we write to inform you that our classmate, Leung Kam-wing, Kenneth, and his two daughters, Doris and Jessie, were among the victims of the Manila hostage-taking siege. His son, Jason, is still in Intensive Care Unit.

To all of us who knew Ken whose nickname was 牛榮 , he was a kind and courageous man, devoted to his family, dedicated to his profession, and committed to doing good for humanity. A straight-forward, straight-talking man, he was always helpful to anyone who needed a hand and gave 100% of himself to everything he did. He was the Managing Director of Stadium Asia Ltd, a UK-based electronic manufacturing services company, and was an ardent supporter of the HKU Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, of which he was an active member on its Industrial Advisory Committee.

One of Ken''''s daughters who was also a victim in the siege, Doris, had just completed the Summer Programme in the Arts Faculty this year.

By all reports, Ken made the ultimate sacrifice — using his body to shield his loved ones from the killer''''s bullets. For his classmates, this was only to be expected of this brave man. We feel very sad, but are proud of him!

We offer our deepest condolences to Ken''''s wife, Amy, and son, Jason, who is critically ill in hospital, and all the families and friends of the victims of this terrible and tragic event.

HKU Industrial Engineering Class of ''''77
Keith Cho说:留言于2010-08-26 12:03:03(第45条)
All HK people felt shock and sad about the Manila shooting. May those who died rest in peace.
The woman who was released in the beginning with 2 children and one child followed them out (pretended to be relatives), Ricky can recognise her. Her daughter is the best friend of Ricky''''s daughter Ella QQ.
Our 2 maids were very sad too, watching the TV. Mom asked why the man was so cruel.
kwan chan说:留言于2010-08-26 12:02:09(第44条)
其實菲国對华僑一直以來是"另眼相看". 傳說救火隊到中国城要收"潛規"才開水喉. 這次如是重賞,或是康泰,或是...當場声言救一人則打賞若干,警隊軍隊為賞錢開眼. 否則無人願伸援手. 落後地區作業方式有他們的一套慣例. 也許這是猜猜而巳. 臨危之時,一定要懂當地"招數"或規矩才可保命.
我希望將來有機會把這些觀點發表一下. 讓大家"心裡有數". 我並不是鼓吹貪污.但這也不是逞英雄的時候.
Becky Sun说:留言于2010-08-25 10:04:54(第43条)
周日, 2010年8月29日下午4-6时
亚太博物馆, 46 N. Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101
门票:成人9元,学生和年长者7元; 12岁以下儿童免票。博物馆会员免票。
www.pacificasiamuseum.org, tel: 626.449.2742

Pacific Asia Museum, 46 N. Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101
Celebrate China Modern: Designing Popular Culture 1910-1970 with community partners! Docent-led tours, hands-on activity, musical performance by String and Bamboo Music. Featuring popular Coolhaus ice-cream sandwiches truck! Enjoy a chance to win a museum membership!
Free for museum members, included with admission for non-members. (regular admission: $9 for adults, $7 for seniors and students, free for children under 12)
Co-presented by Asia Society of S.C, Asian Business Association, Chinese American Citizens Alliance GSGV, Chinese Chamber of Commerce of L.A., Kiangsu-Chekiang-Shanghai Association of USA, Peking University Alumni Association S.C., Roundtable of Chinese American Organizations
www.pacificasiamuseum.org, tel: 626.449.2742


Becky Sun|Community Outreach Coordinator
Pacific Asia Museum
46 N. Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101
Tel: 626.449.2742 ext 12
Email: b.sun@pacificasiamuseum.org
Asian American Professional Association说:留言于2010-08-25 10:01:04(第42条)
Dear Business Owners, Trade Association and Community Leaders:

This year, Southern California Edison''''s (SCE) popular annual Harvest Moon Mixer event will take place at the Garden Grove Community Center in Garden Grove, and you are cordially invited to join us in recognizing service excellence in our community with elected officials, community and business leaders, and SCE representatives from Business Customer Division, Business Solutions, Community Involvement, Corporate Communications, Energy Efficiency, Local Public Affairs, Marketing, Customer Products & Services, Supplier Diversity, Electric Transportation and Affinity groups.

While this is a FREE event, due to space limitation, pre-registration is necessary. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Please RSVP today!!

Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Place: Garden Grove Community Center, 11300 Stanford Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92840
RSVP: Vi Nguyen, (714)640-3416 or vnguyen@thevncoc.org,
LaWanda Payton, (626)633-7183 or lawandajpayton@sce.com by September 20, 2010.

We shall look forward to having you join us on September 29!


Daphne Ng
Executive Director
Asian American Professional Association
Southern California Edison
2244 Walnut Grove Avenue
Rosemead, CA 91770
Tel.: (626)302-1885
Fax: (626)302-7113
Chih-Hung Ying说:留言于2010-08-25 04:22:55(第41条)

DreamDance说:留言于2010-08-24 14:35:21(第40条)
Dear Frineds,

Please come to see us at the Ford Amphitheatre on Friday, September 3rd, at 8:30 p.m. DreamDance Contemporary Arts presents "Falling Petals," an evening of contemporary dances infused with Asian elements The company, under the leadership of artistic director Ting-Ting Chang — winner of the 10th Annual Dance under Stars Choreography Festival at McCallum Theater and 6th China National Dance Competition — will showcase her award-winning work, Falling Petals, along with two new choreographies. Also featured is choreographer Young Sun Lee’s work of her name sake, which will be making its west coast premiere after being selected as a finalist in the 2010 National College Dance Festival at the John F. Kennedy Center. Event: http://fordtheatres.org/en/events/details/id/104 ; Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF6vDXlbV14

Tickets, priced at $25 and $8 for full-time students with ID and children 12 and under, are available at http://fordtheatres.org/en/events/details/id/104 or 323 GO 1-FORD (323 461-3673). Through the Ford’s early buyer incentive, adults who buy tickets on or before August 27 pay only $20. The Ford Amphitheatre is located at 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood, CA 90068, just off the 101 Hollywood Freeway across from the Hollywood Bowl and south of Universal Studios. The grounds open two hours before showtime for picnicking. The Ford offers a number of dining options: a variety of food and beverages is available on site and box dinners for evening events may be ordered in advance. Patrons are welcome to bring their own food and drink.

"Falling Petals” is the winner of the 10th Annual Dance under the Stars Choreography Festival at the McCallum Theatre in 2007, competing among 145 professional work submissions from Europe and North America, and was also selected for the 2009 American College Dance Festival Gala. The philosophy of Yin (female energy) and Yang (male energy), achieving balance and harmony in space, underlies this title work of the evening. It takes the audience beyond cultural boundaries to where tradition meets innovation and freedom arises from discipline.

DreamDance Contemporary Arts is one of two companies supported by DreamDance Foundation, a state registered non-profit organization based in Arcadia, California. Focusing on contemporary modern dance, it celebrates the diversity of cultures, bridging East and West by blending different cultural elements into a contemporary dance production infused with Chinese philosophy and concepts.
法兰克福-中国商务午餐会说:留言于2010-08-24 07:30:39(第39条)



Dirk Mussenbrock

3. Frankfurt-China Business Lunch
16.09.2010 (12:30 - 15:00)

Wir laden Sie hiermit zum

Treffen Sie in ungezwungener Atmosphäre auf Chinesen und Nicht-Chinesen und tauschen Sie sich beim Lunch aus.

Mussenbrock & Wang führt diese Veranstaltung zusammen mit der Asian Social Business Community e.V. durch.


Donnerstag, den 16. September 2010 um 12:30


Einen Dresscode gibt es nicht. Business Casual ist akzeptiert und keine Hürde.


Wir erheben für die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung eine Teilnahmegebühr von 25 EUR. Darin erhalten sind die Organisation des Events, Namenschilder und traditionelles chinesisches Menü sowie ein Softgetränk.


Bitte seien Sie pünktlich. Wir beginnen um 12:30 Uhr und Sie haben Zeit, Ihr Getränk zu bestellen. Die Wartezeit bis zum Servieren des Menüs nutzen wir für eine Vorstellungsrunde. Jeder von Ihnen sollte in ca. 30 sec. etwas über sich berichten. Anschließen haben wir genügend Zeit, um sich ungezwungen auszutauschen.


Wir treffen uns SHANGRILA - Chinesisch & Mongolisches Restaurant
Friedberger Anlage 1- 3 (In der Zoopassage) 60314 Frankfurt/ Main

Das SHANGRILA übernimmt für Sie die Parkgebühren! Parkhaus Zoopassage, Einfahrt Grüne Straße.

上海交大说:留言于2010-08-22 15:08:21(第38条)
学习连锁企业的经营之道 ; 获得全部连锁经营管理技能. 破译本土连锁与特许企业在发展与壮大过程中所面临的问题. 提升连锁与特许企业的管理及领导管理水平,从而提升企业形象与业绩. 建立高端的业界人脉网络平台.
听 -- 专家论述连锁与特许企业的未来及商业玄机!
说 -- 企业家自己创业以来最成功的经典案例!
想 -- 同样的连锁与特许企业,他们快速发展的奥秘在哪里?
比 -- 企业自身的现状与同行业的差距到底在哪里?
看 -- 全国各地的各路精英畅谈企业快速发展之道!
借 -- 力使力不费力,把同行业成功案例运用自己的企业中去!
研修对象: 连锁与特许企业的董事长 , 总经理 , 决策层 , 执行总监 , 营运总监 , 市场部经理 , 区域总经理以及准备涉足连锁与特许企业的社会各界人士
模块一: 连锁战略, 布局与管控:连锁的经营和发展趋势;连锁战略规划;店铺规划与布局;连锁价值挖掘
模块二: 特许经营与加盟管理特许加盟三金的订定与执行;加盟运作和控制技巧;科学规划特许经营的费用及加盟期;全面建设安全规范的特许经营法律体系;成功构建特许经营体系五步法;单店赢利模式设计与管理
模块三: 连锁经营人力资源管理;打造高执行力团队;连锁企业人力资源的目标与策略;连锁经营人力资源系统的建立与战术;人力资源管理与企业经营的国际化;建立适应连锁企业战略的组织支持系统;多元化团队的管理;连锁企业资本模块四: 财务管理与税务筹划;运作税收政策分析;股权重组筹划案例分析;国内各种税种的改革;税收筹划的条件和主要方法;财务商法
模块五: 连锁经营信息化战略与创新:连锁企业信息化新应用;商品管理之品类管理;顾客管理之会员管理;精准营销之短信平台;连锁配送信息化工作台
模块六: 连锁经营的微利模式(中小连锁与特许企业的盈利模式的设计):总部不是盈利中心,必须有若干个盈利直营店支撑总部费用;配送中心也不是盈利中心,必须有若干个盈利直营店支撑配送中心费用;连锁的核心要素:门店一定是盈利中心;连锁总部系统建立;中小连锁企业发展注意事项
模块七: 连锁经营物流, 采购与供应链战略:采购新型理念;方法与策略制定;
模块八: 客户管理与服务流程优化:精益服务流程再造和优化;服务核心流程的标准:服务流程的设计再造;VIP客户管理与顾客忠诚度;深耕化行销;策略联盟的运用
模块九: 连锁经营中的品牌战略:品牌战略导论;选择品牌要素的标准;围绕品牌的产品 , 定价 , 渠道和商标策略;品牌命名战略;品牌延伸;长期品牌管理
模块十: 用资本打造连锁持续经营航母:连锁企业的投融资战略;连锁经营的项目选择与操作决策;连锁经营项目资本运营;连锁企业的国内资本市场与投融资形式
选修课程模块: 连锁企业深化产业经验与促进交流;精选多家国内外著名连锁企业考察; 业内专家全程协同考察; 现场讲解与指导; 提交研讨交流考察报告.
学制:课程历时12个月 ; 每月集中2-4天 ; 双休日研修
研修费用:学 费 人民币31800元; 含学费, 教材费, 讲义费;国内外游学及考察费用自理.
报名费: 人民币200元
简章索取及咨询电话: O21一一 55827 O O 1
【交大课程目录】《国学》智慧学堂:易, 儒, 佛, 道, 兵, 养生等
私募股权投融资: 企业转型创新投融资方向
国际MBA核心管理课程: 可得国家认可美国硕士学位,北京,上海均有上课
国际财务总监(CFO): 权威资格证书: 英国资深财务会计师(FFA)
物流与供应链管理: 最前沿的物流理念与实际操作方式 ; 强大的国内外师资
中国连锁经营课程: 学习连锁企业经营之道; 获得全部连锁经营管理技能
国际金融投资课程: VC,外汇,私募,股票,期货,基金,黄金,融资并购,私人银行
国际银行家顶级课程: 梁定邦; 蒋超良; 张建国; 马蔚华; 朱民; 魏国雄
地产金融CEO: 联合香港地产行政师学会
基业长青—企业接班人培养计划: 赴西点军校,欧洲工商管理学院,剑桥大学学习
简章索取: O21一一55827OO1
Robert Detrano说:留言于2010-08-20 23:37:53(第37条)
Dear China Cal supporter,

China Cal is offering a free trip to Kunming this fall or winter.

This little girl, Zhang Ming, has two holes in her heart, a ventricular septal defect measuring about 19 mm by 12 mm and a patent ductus arteriosus measuring about 3 mm at its apex to 11 mm at its base. If these two holes are not closed either surgically or with closure devices within the next six months, she probably will not live beyond early adulthood and her life will be miserable. She will suffer severe shortness of breath and chest pain; she will suffer from strokes and infections in her brain; her blood will become thick and she will have infarcts in her bones and inner organs causing severe pain in her arms, legs and abdomen.

If you may donate, you will save her life and you will win a prize of one round trip (economy) to Yunnan to work with us here for at least one week helping people who are so much less fortunate than yourselves.

Please help Zhang Ming. Please donate.

Bob Detrano
China California Heart Watch
Ting-Ting说:留言于2010-08-20 23:35:44(第36条)
Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

Ting-Ting Chang
Assistant Professor in Dance | National Taiwan University of Arts
Postdoctoral Fellow in Dance | Washington University in St. Louis
Qiang Bjornbak说:留言于2010-08-20 13:47:12(第35条)

Katey Lewis说:留言于2010-08-20 10:59:43(第34条)
The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has been using the existing IMPAC listserv to contact discipline faculty in an on-going manner since IMPAC''''s demise. These listservs have been a convenient means of reaching out to discipline faculty, but are in need of updating. We have been using these listservs to contact faculty with regards to intersegmental efforts such as C-ID (www.c-id.net) and Statewide Career Pathways (www.statewidepathways.org) and expect that the need to disseminate information to discipline faculty will only increase in the near future as we anticipate the passage of legislation that will require the convening of discipline faculty to have significant conversations regarding degrees and major preparation. Given the importance of this work, we want to ensure that all faculty are informed and provided with an opportunity to participate.

We ask that you share this message with other faculty and encourage them to subscribe to the list. Note, too, that IMPAC listserv members that wish to be removed can also do so at anytime. Below are the instructions on how to subscribe or unsubscribe to the list.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the Nursing listserv, click on the link below:


Then, enter your Email address and Name then click on “Join or Leave the list.”

Do not change any of the settings under the following items:
Subscription Type
Mail Header Style

You will receive a confirmation email to join the list. You will need to confirm your subscription to the list before you are able to receive emails. There is a time limit to confirm your subscription, so please do not wait to confirm or you will need to re-subscribe.

Please note that this is not a two-way list - information will only be dispersed via this mechanism and members will not suddenly find themselves overwhelmed with emails.

Your assistance with ensuring that we are effectively reaching discipline faculty across the state is much appreciated.

Academic Senate

Katey Lewis
Program Specialist  Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
555 Capitol Mall, Suite 525  Sacramento, CA 95814
phone: 916.445.4753  fax: 916.323.9867
西來大學说:留言于2010-08-20 06:48:11(第33条)
洛杉磯西來大學2008年秋季開始,成立一個金融投資實驗室(Investment Laboratory), 教導如何投資金融市場,如何管理投資組合,分散風險。 該實驗室亦進行實際投資操作,投資管理該校一個基金 (目前共計2.5万美元)。全美只有幾所大學設有這樣的實際投資操作的學生投資實驗室。在南加州更是獨一無二。歡迎社會大眾報名參加,相關課程8月26日(週四)開學。
西來大學聘請了三位有着實際經驗與理論知識的教授,一步步指導學生如何投資操作; 學習了解世界金融市場的歷史,現狀和發展規律;傳授如何選擇合適的股票等證券,如何分散降低整個投資組合的風險,並能獲得盡可能高的投資囘報率。
西來大學位在洛杉磯郡聖蓋博谷的精華地帶,環境優美而幽靜,交通便捷。學校的設備齊全而現代化。宿舍寬敞、舒適而寧靜,每個房間都有冷暖氣、浴室、電話和電腦網線。西來大學聯繫電話:(626)571─8811,傳真:(626)571─1413; 網址:www.uwest.edu,地址:1409 N. Walnut Grove, Rosemead, CA 91770。
Yunshan Han说:留言于2010-08-20 06:33:20(第32条)
North American Oriental & Western Medicine Academy
主 辦:北美中西醫結合學會
主 講 人:胥京生醫師(特邀來自中國的著名中醫婦科專家)
時 間:2010年8月22日(星期日)上午9:30-下午5:30
地 點:9108 E. Garvey Ave., Room FGT. Rosemead,CA 91770
要 求:1、本會會員免聽課費,午餐需付費;
聯 系 人:邵曉鴻949-653-1187 梁京健626-710-2185

主 辦:北美中西醫結合學會
主 講 人:薄智云醫師
時 間:2010年10月24日(星期日) 上午9:30-下午5:30
地 點:9108 E. Garvey Ave., Room FGT. Rosemead,CA 91770
主 辦:北美中西醫結合學會
主 講 人:陸飆醫師
時 間:2010年11月14日(星期日) 下午1:00-下午7:00
地 點:9108 E. Garvey Ave., Room FGT. Rosemead,CA 91770

胥京生醫師具有較強的科研能力,在國家級、省級學術刊物和學術會議上發表醫學論文30多篇,其中“中醫週期調經法”獲全國中青年優秀論文三等獎;“不孕癥辯證瑣談”獲第二屆世界醫學大會優秀成果獎; “化瘤四法”獲南京市優秀論文獎。曾主持省、市科研項目3項,其中“化瘤合劑治療子宮肌瘤療效和應用研究”2000年通過省科技廳科研成果鑒定,2004年或全國現代醫藥科技進步一等獎。主編、副主編《月經病中醫治療》、《不孕不育中醫治療》等專著6部。每年在國際、國家級、省級、市級繼續教育學習班授課,并每年帶教中醫藥大學的國際留學生、實習生、進修生數十人,把自己寶貴經驗毫無保留地傳授給年輕醫師們。

North American Oriental & Western Medicine Academy
10050 E. Garvey Ave. #103, El Monte, CA 91733
DreamDance说:留言于2010-08-20 02:29:54(第31条)

本次演出由中國舞蹈比賽優秀創作獎及美國星光之舞首獎著名編導張婷婷擔任藝術總監,並邀集韓國著名編舞家李揚蓀,前巴沙迪那芭蕾劇場首席舞者馮健成,前上海歌舞團首席舞者沈琦等傑出舞蹈精英,呈現給您今夏最精采一場邂逅!『花瓣隨想』9月3日 僅此一場,錯過此次,您可能要到亞洲才能再看的到我們的作品。演出地點在好萊塢的福特劇場,地址是:Ford Amphitheatre (2580 Cahuenga Blvd, East, Hollywood, CA 90068)。票價: 成人$25, 學生及孩童 $8; 於8月27日前購買: 成人優惠價 $20。購票網址: http://fordtheatres.org/en/events/details/id/104;
舞碼預告: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF6vDXlbV14

『舞夢基金會』不定期舉辦教育性質的專題講座、課程以及演出給一般社會大眾。基金會旗下分有著重創作的『舞夢當代』現代舞團以及致力推廣中國舞的『舞夢2團』。在過去的一年半裡,全美已有超過一萬五千人次欣賞過舞夢舞團的演出。舞夢所有活動及演出收入,全部是非營利性質,並全部投入社區服務性質的講座及活動、舞者的培訓、舞團服裝及演出支出。我們衷心希望華裔企業家及社區熱心人士的支持樂捐,培植本地傑出的新生代華裔舞者及藝術家。此次演出全數售票金額將作為演出支出,以及舞夢基金會培植優秀華裔美籍青年的舞團獎學金計畫,所有的愛心捐款可以全額抵稅。有您的支援,我們的路才能走得更長更遠。基金會聯絡方式: (213)880-2161, P.O. Box 660866, Arcadia, CA91066。

藝術總監/張婷婷現為台灣藝術大學舞蹈系助理教授,美國聖路易市華盛頓大學表演藝術系博士後研究 (河濱加大舞蹈博士、爾灣加大編導碩士、洛杉磯加大學士)。經歷:臺北民族舞團舞者、美國舞蹈節等不同團體,赴北美洲、南非、韓國等地巡迴演出。舞蹈作品由全世界140個專業級作品之中榮獲McCallum劇院『2007 星光之舞』舞蹈節首獎、第六屆中國全國舞蹈比賽優秀創作獎等大獎。她的最新文章亦獲得法國巴黎歌劇院採用發表。Tel: 213-880-2161; ting2chang@aol.com

DreamDance, a LA based, state registered 501(C)3 Non-profit Dance organization in the Southern California.
Upcoming event: http://fordtheatres.org/en/events/details/id/104
Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF6vDXlbV14
Press: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=117467301597052
Qiang Bjornbak说:留言于2010-08-19 12:26:36(第30条)
加州律师公会将在今年的9 月26 日在Monterey 市举办海外投资和移民的讲座。我把有关的信息作如下的提供。会上有资深的专家,如果你们感兴趣的话可以参加。

The 83rd Annual Meeting of the State Bar of California
At Portola Hotel & Spa, Monterey, CA

Title: Investment in the U.S. and Obtaining Permanent Residence
Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Do you represent multinational and/or founders, company owners, or wealthy clients who wish to transfer to the US or invest in the U.S. with permanent residence as their ultimate goal? This panel will discuss how to take such cases and advise clients on individual transfers, individual investment and regional center programs. Plus, you will learn what risks your clients and you are exposed to when accepting investment cases and how to watch out for the most important pitfalls.

In addition, the panel will further discuss how to set up a regional center as an alternative to traditional bank financing in the current economy in dire straits.

• Options for your clients (E-2, EB-1, EB-5)
• Regular vs. Regional Center Investment—Pros and Cons
• Evaluating Regional Center Programs—Issues to Watch Out For
• Source of funds Issues
• How to file your first case
• Counseling Clients Through the Maze
• Risks of Accepting EB-5 Cases
• Regional Center Designation as an Alternative to Bank Financing
• How to run a successful regional center
• How to structure the business entity by foreign investors
Qiang Bjornbak, Immigration Attorney, Los Angeles, CA
Stephanie Lee, Immigration Attorney, Irvine, CA
Ronald Darling, Regional Center Owner, Santa Ana, CA
Michael Homeier, Corporate Lawyer, Sherman Oaks, CA
Michael R. Newman, Corporate Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA
For Registration, Please visit

Xilin Chinese Academy说:留言于2010-08-19 12:15:59(第29条)
Dear parents and students:
It is sad to admitted that the fun summer is almost over and school is about to start within a couple of weeks. All the kids have to put down their video game controllers and pick up the school text books.

Xilin's online registration for 2010's Fall semester is up and running. The fall class schedule is available at xilin.org. Please log onto xilin.org to register. A $5 discount will be applied to each class registered before and on the day of August 22, 2010.

Xilin's 2010 Fall semester starts on Saturday, August 28, and Sunday August 29, 2010.

See you all in the fall!


"Letters About Literature" Contest

Secretary of the State and State Librarian Jeese White is urging students in grades 4 to 12 enter the 2011 "Letters About Literature" (LAL) contest, a national reading and writing contest sponsored by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress and the Illinois Center for the book in partnership with Target.

The deadline to enter the competition is December 10, 2010. State winners will be announced in April 2011. For more information about the competition, contact Bonnie Matheis at 217-558-2065. Information can also be found at http://illinoiscenterforthebook.org.

Good Luck!

Xilin Chinese Academy
Fang, Hsing说:留言于2010-08-19 12:12:32(第28条)
I will visit Shanghai Expo from Sept 13 to Sept 15. Can you please help me for hotel reservation and transportation to Expo? Thank you very much.
H. Fang, Ph.D.

We did contact you but failed to reach you. We will try again.
John Qu说:留言于2010-08-19 12:08:26(第27条)

国际著名二胡演奏家, 上海民族乐团独奏家马晓晖近日应邀在美国芝加哥和加拿大等地巡回演出。她将于8月25日晚七时在蒙市环球传播中心举行二胡二胡演奏音乐会,与洛杉矶大提琴演奏家严凌等艺术家同台演出。

这台旨在为上海世博会喝采的经典音乐会,由美国加州教育文化基金会主办,由上海晓晖艺术中心 、ECF国际堂和美国富兰克林基金会联合承办。将为洛杉矶地区喜爱音乐的朋友们带来梦幻般的音乐享受。欢迎大家前往欣赏。





地点: 蒙特利公园市
Add: 437 South Garfield Avenue
Monterey Park, CA 91754

咨询电话Tel: (626) 288-8828
營志宏说:留言于2010-08-19 05:58:02(第26条)




施代表是很認真的,他為我安排了與一位曾任荷蘭内閣閣員的資深國會議員在海牙餐敍。囘機場之前又開車載著我在街頭轉了轉,天開始下雨,古老而雅致的海牙街巷只有寧靜, 沒有喧囂。他知道我是學法律的,特地載我到海牙國際法庭,沒有時間下車,卻也在雨中一瞥國際法庭門内花木扶疏綠意盎然的庭園。



每個人的人生都似倏忽而過的流星,能在自己的軌道上彼此望見,已是有緣。雖然只是偶然一瞥,卻也讓我記起雨中的海牙街巷,和身邊那位邊開車便做解説的文人外交官。 08/18/2010
Guatney, Jiansheng说:留言于2010-08-19 01:14:52(第25条)
The Scholars Net & UPDATE has benefited a lot of people. You are doing a very meaningful job. I like to read the Scholars Net & UPDATE. :)
《医学信息》说:留言于2010-08-18 17:00:58(第24条)







健康文摘说:留言于2010-08-18 10:01:29(第23条)
1 文题 应简明确切反映本文的特定内容,一般不用副标题,尽可能不用代号。文题以不超过20个字为宜。实验研究、临床研究、新技术研究稿件须附中英文题目、摘要、关键词和作者名拼音,中英文必须一致。
2 作者单位 按次序写在文题下一行,单位后用圆括号写邮政编码,后空一格写作者姓名,送排后作者排序不再改动。
3 摘要 采用结构式文摘,按目的、方法、结果、结论四要素撰写,以300字左右为宜。
4 关键词 3~8个关键词,请采用MesH(《医学主题词注释字顺表》)中的主题词,MesH 词表中无该词的可使用自由词。
5 图表 凡文字能说明的内容尽量不用表和图,正文、表、图三者中的数据不应重复。统计表应另纸绘出附在稿件中,以便审阅。表有表题,图有图题及各自的序号。采用三线表或王字表,表中数据务必核实,纵横之和一致,小数点后最少保留一位。表中需要说明的问题采用*,2个以上依次用*,**,***表示,置于表的下方,加“注:……。图的坐标要设计准确,刻度均匀,坐标轴上有数值,不用箭头。须用绘图笔,硫酸纸绘制,曲线应均匀圆滑,图面清洁,图中数字和符号应打印后植入,纵横坐标应同时有量及单位,例如t/min。统计学处理结果用P>0.05,P<0.05,P<0.01三档表示。
6 医学名词与药物名称 使用医学名词、药物名称应注意全稿前后统一。必须使用全国自然科学名词委员会公布的各科名词,医学名词不得随意缩写,如所用名词过长,而文件中又需多次使用则在第一次引用时在全名后加圆括号注意缩写,如流行性脑脊髓膜炎(流脑)。药物名称以《中国药典》和《中国通用药名》为淮。
7 计量单位 按我国的法定计量单位。标点符号、数字用法等均按国家标准执行。
8 标题序号 全部左顶格写,按1,1.1 ,1.1.1 ,序号,后空一格再写标题,限分4级,标题后空一格,接排。正文内序号用①……②……等。
9 讨论 重点阐述本文新的发现及得出的结果与观点,勿作文献综述,不要重复在结果中已叙述过的内容.论述应联系本文目的与研究结果,并可与其所报告的结果相联系,理由充足时,可恰如其分地提出设想和建议.“本文结果与文献(4)结果相符”应写成“本文结果与文献[4]结果相符”。
10 参考文献 极易出错,务必引起注意.只限作者亲自阅读过的近期公开出版的主要文献,外文限近5年内,中文限近3年内,按文中首次出现的次序编号,在右上角用圆括号注明,如“王书中,李国坚, 等(1.2~6)报道”。内部刊物或未公开发表的资料均不列入。“参考文献”四人字另起段,所列文献按次号另起段,序号不加括号。其格式如下:
10.1 期刊 作者(三个以内的作者全部列出,三个以上作者只写前三位,后加“,等.”或“,et cd”,作者间用逗号隔开).文题,刊名,年;卷(期):起页~迄页。
10.2 书籍 作者 书名 版本(第一版可不写).出版地:出版者,年.起页~迄页。
地址:北京市朝阳区东四环中路62号D801 邮编:100025
电话:010-59648687 传真:010-89702055
Charles Lu说:留言于2010-08-18 00:54:03(第22条)
邀 请 信





地址:侨报大厅 2121 W Mission Rd. Alhambra, CA 91803

Tel: 626 281-8500


庆祝中华人民共和国成立61周年 筹委会

敬 邀

罗大骥说:留言于2010-08-18 00:34:59(第21条)






罗大骥 南京市侨办
Email: njqb2008@vip.163.com , njqb2008@yahoo.com.cn

NECINA说:留言于2010-08-16 23:59:59(第20条)
NECINA Career Development Seminar
Professional Skills for Finance Professionals

When: Sept 13, 2010, Monday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Brandeis University
Lee Hall & Lemberg Word Court Center

Fee: Free for NECINA members, $15 for general public
Registration: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=207899
Event Contacts:
Nancy Li, email Nancy.Li@necina.org
Yawei Lu, email yaweilu@brandeis.edu or call 857-756-9219

To join NECINA, please click: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=202574

So you are almost there! You have the hard skills under your belt, with good scores in your academic profile! You are the wizard when it comes to numbers! You are proud of yourself in constructing financial models and knowing all the short cuts with the computer software systems. Are you ready to knock down all the road blocks in your way to the top? What is missing? What are the soft skills that people are referring to? How important is that?

No one can answer you better than those who have tons of experience in the field, the top players who has won the race and still have the upper hand in today''s tough job markets. To help you get the answers, New England Chinese Information & Networking Association (NECINA) and Brandeis University International Business School Consulting Club invite you to join us for a career development seminar.

The topic will be "Professional skills for Finance Professionals".

This discussion will bring together finance professionals from different consulting as well as non-consulting firms. The focus of the panel discussion will be to make finance students and young financial professionals aware of the necessary consulting skill and their application in non-consulting job profiles.


6:00pm - 6:30 pm Registration; Pizza and Networking
6:30pm - 7:00 pm Opening Remarks by NECINA and Brandeis IBS
7:00pm - 7:45pm Panel Discussion: "ProfessionalSkills for Professionals"
7:45pm - 8:30pm Breakout Sessions Small Group Discussions
8:30pm - 9:00pm More Networking and Closing
jiang minglang说:留言于2010-08-16 23:54:06(第19条)
Professor Jiang:
thank you very much, i will work hrad to connect to other scientist. i hope i have chance to meet you in USA.

Robert Patterson说:留言于2010-08-16 13:08:04(第18条)
Dear Dr. Zhenying,

Recently you were selected as an inductee into the Distinguished Professionals Online Registry Among Executives. This selection was based on our research committees efforts to identify top professionals around the globe.

Click Here
Unfortunately, we did not receive your vital networking information. In the workplace it isn''''t what you know, it''''s who you know...and who knows you. Social and business networking is the modern standard in developing relationships throughout the world. The potential for recognition and building networks within a community of 400,000 working professionals in numerous fields on a global scale is unlimited.

Consider this: if you make just one contact using the connections and visibility that Who''''s Who provides, it will benefit you for a lifetime. As we are trying to build a comprehensive network of business professionals, there is no cost for your inclusion. Please click the link below to fill out your basic listing. Our community needs you as much as you need it.

It is professional, accomplished individuals like yourself that allows us to offer the visibility and advertising potential that we do. Again, we do require additional information to complete the selection process and kindly ask that you access this form on our website by clicking here.

Our registration deadline for this year''''s candidates is August 31st, 2010. To ensure you are included, we must receive your verification on or before this date. On behalf of our Committee, I salute your achievement and welcome you to our association.

Robert Patterson
Vice President, Research Division

Distinguished Professionals Online
26 Bond Street
Westbury, NY 11542, USA

Thanks for the invitation.

We are not interested in your event.
Dee Bruce Sun说:留言于2010-08-15 23:39:08(第17条)
Talent means will power more than intellectual power.
无臂人弹钢琴 A young man without arms playing piano:

WS Jia说:留言于2010-08-15 14:05:44(第16条)
Thanks so much. WS
Hugh Zhao说:留言于2010-08-14 05:17:59(第15条)
Have a great summer!
Keep in touch, Hugh
shen howard说:留言于2010-08-14 03:31:13(第14条)
Wow, there is a rich resource of info and communication in the website. Thanks.

Hu, Ke-Qin说:留言于2010-08-14 03:24:12(第13条)
I hope all is well.

Thanks for doing this constantly. I am sure this benefits so much to our association and the community.

You have a nice weekend.

Agnes Yang说:留言于2010-08-13 05:04:57(第12条)
Thank you very much
Wenshan Jia说:留言于2010-08-13 00:34:11(第11条)
讲座目标:通过系统的跨文化培训,助进贵院学科发展, 提升贵院国际化程度, 使学员了解最新的国际跨文化媒体战略、对话、说服、修辞等理论与实践,就学员的专长开设专题课或学术论坛,使其能在自己擅长的领域里更好地展开研究,提高自身的国际竞争力。
主讲人:贾文山(Dr. Wenshan Jia ),现任美国加州杰普曼大学( Chapman University) 传播系终身教授,美国腾胜国际咨询公司首席跨文化专家。获美国麻省大学传播学博士学位。曾任系主任和杰普曼大学教授人事委员会主任,现兼任国际跨文化研究院研究员、中国跨文化交际协会常务理事、《跨文化学刊》顾问编辑、清华大学《全球传媒学刊》编委,并担任多家出版社及国际学术刊物审稿人。他是富布莱特高访学者指导教授、清华大学高访学者,并曾为中国人民大学新闻学院进行跨文化传播师资培训。其主要研究领域为传播理论、跨文化传播、全球传播、中国媒体等。其三部英文箸作均获得美国图书馆协会杰出学术著作荣誉。因其对跨文化传播研究的重要贡献,曾荣获国际跨文化研究院杰出成就奖及杰普曼大学教授最高学术成就奖。
培训对象: 世界华人社会的高等院校外语外贸和传播学院等教师,研究生等。

美国联系方式: wjia66@hotmail.com; (949) 422-8029 (cell). Alice (美国南加州橘县) 邮箱:Nancyren26@yahoo.com; wjia66@hotmail.com; 电话:(949) 422-4277
中国联系方式: wjia66@hotmail.com; 月圆yue_yuan123@163.com 手机18609339088;

 第一讲:当代跨文化传播学科简介
 第二讲:跨文化传播前沿理论评判

 第三讲:中国文化对当代传播理论的贡献
 第四讲:展示当代传播理论体系所包含的西方文化偏见
 第五讲:反思中国和平崛起过程中的全球跨文化传播战略

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【时 间】2010年 8月 14日 9:00-12:00
【地 点】北京科技大学会议中心
【主 题】现代企业的绩效管理思维方法
罗颖说:留言于2010-08-11 14:07:52(第9条)
Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (hereafter “CIEP”), we cordially invite you and your esteemed company to attend the following exchange conference and the Chinese Overseas Returnees from North America High-tech Project and Talent Exchange Fair.

Attached please find the formal invitation. It will be appreciated if you can present and contact us by email or fax by the end of Sept.30, 2010.

Thank you very much for your attention and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

罗颖(Sarah Law)
Shenzhen Fangsheng Human Resources Service Co.,Ltd
Beijing Foreign Human Resources Service Co.,Ltd.Shenzhen Branch

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My current NYU email account will be disabled soon. Could you please add my personal account sfan53704@yahoo.com to the mailing list?


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The nine NSF funded US math institutes are sponsoring a workshop on September 29-30, 2010. This two-day workshop will include scientific talks related to the topics of the programs at US-based Mathematics Institutes and give an overview of activities at the institutes. It is ppropriate for postdocs, graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. Some funding for postdocs and students is available.


Thank you,
Dave Auckly, Associate Director
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
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江俊輝籌款餐會 貴賓雲集

daicy wang说:留言于2010-08-10 23:46:35(第4条)

Wenshan Jia说:留言于2010-08-10 23:40:51(第3条)
Please Publicize the News as you see fit

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Have a nice trip!
Victor Yeh
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