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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net


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2018年 第14期 創刊第788期 5/31-6/5/2018
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:中国336个国家重点实验室布局 :中澳政府联合出手打击洗钱和逃税漏税 大量中国居民海外账户遭冻结 :摄影师苏唐诗与寂寞百年的故宫对话6年,3万张照片美伦美奂 :大数据分析图解:2019中国企业500强 张梦然:英国惠康桑格研究所:人体内的微生物与出生方式有关 :美众议院将调查华裔部长赵小兰“利用职权为家族谋利“ :UCLA CCS 2019 Fall Quarter Lecture Series Overview 谭晶晶:美国科技界高度关注中国科技创新进展
David说:留言于2018-06-14 19:31:57(第7条)
第二十届(2018)江苏农业国际合作洽谈会(简称江苏省农洽会)初拟定于2018年9月14日至16日在江苏省连云港市举行,热烈欢迎并诚挚邀请海外华侨华人或外籍人士中从事农业及相关行业的侨商、企业家或专家、教授等专业人士前来参加会议或参加展销。除国际、国内往返旅途费用由嘉宾自己承担外,会议期间展览地的食宿及参加组委会指定活动的交通费用等均由组委会承担。参会名额及参展展位非常有限,如有明确参会或参展意向的海外华侨华人涉农界朋友,敬请尽快与我联系报名,非常感谢!(联系人:江苏省侨办、省海协会 贺大为)
留言于2018-06-11 09:41:36(第6条)
Jin Wang说:留言于2018-06-11 09:41:36(第5条)
Thanks for sharing.
上海市欧美同学会说:留言于2018-06-11 01:26:01(第4条)
讲到人工智能(Artificial Intelligence - AI),大家多会想到《全民公敌》、《终结者》等好莱坞大片里那些可怕的战争机器人。在现实生活中,皇家墨尔本理工大学AI专家宋正博士(Andy Song)则认为,AI是造福人类的,减少人力成本,提高生产效率,创造全新价值。那么人工智能带来的工业变革与前景究竟是怎么样的?

日 期: 6月14日(星期四)
议 程: 18:30-19:00 签到
19:00-20:30 嘉宾演讲
20:30-21:00 Q&A
地 点: 上海民主党派大厦六楼会议厅 (陕西北路128号)
主 办: 上海市欧美同学会 上海市留学人员联合会
FDA说:留言于2018-06-09 15:17:00(第3条)
Recently Approved Devices
FDA has recently approved the following devices to be marketed:

Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine - P040024/S099
Restylane® Lyft with Lidocaine is a clear injectable dermal filler gel. This supplement expands the indication for Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine to include being intended to help improve the appearance of aging hands with moderate to severe volume loss. Restylane® Lyft with Lidocaine consists of hyaluronic acid and lidocaine.

SYNOJOYNT™ - P170016
SYNOJOYNT™ contains a single‐use syringe prefilled with a thick substance made of sodium hyaluronate in a salt water (saline) solution for injection in the osteoarthritic knee joint. This substance is similar to hyaluronic acid found in the knee joint space.

CustomFlex™ Artificial Iris - P170039
The CustomFlex Artificial Iris is a prosthetic iris (the colored part of the eye around the pupil) made of thin, foldable medical-grade silicone. This device is custom-made and can be sized and colored for each individual patient. The CustomFlex Artificial Iris can be used to treat congenital (genetic disorder in which the iris is completely or partially absent) and traumatic aniridia.It can also be used to treat iris defects due to other reasons or conditions, such as albinism, or surgical removal due to melanoma.

Abbott RealTime IDH2 - P170005
The Abbott RealTime IDH2 is a laboratory test intended to detect the presence of nine (9) specific mutations in the isocitrate dehydrogenase-2 (IDH2) gene in blood or bone marrow from patients with relapsed or refractory (residual leukemic cells in the marrow even after intensive treatment) acute myeloid leukemia (AML). If the test result is positive for IDH2 mutation, the patient may be able to achieve remission and require fewer blood transfusions when treated with IDHIFA (enasidenib), a drug that targets the mutant IDH2 protein.
留言于2018-06-09 15:14:36(第2条)
sicc说:留言于2018-06-09 15:14:35(第1条)
We are pleased to inform you that the DEADLINE for abstract and paper submission to the 2018 Workshop on Complexity in Engineering (COMPENG) http://compeng2018.ieeesezioneitalia.it/ has been EXTENDED to Friday June 15. Please be aware that no further extensions will be possible. The meeting will take place on October 10-12, 2018 in Florence - Italy. Authors are encouraged to submit abstract or papers on their research considering, but not being limited to, the following topics:
- Agent-based systems
- Big Data and data-driven systems
- Bio-physics, stochastic processes and noise
- Complex Networks
- Critical Infrastructures, transportation systems, realtime management
- Dynamics in Memristor circuits
- Machine Learning
- Laser dynamics and optoelectronic systems
- Plasma control and nuclear fusion
- Control in sensor and actuator networks
- Smart grids

Website: http://compeng2018.ieeesezioneitalia.it/
E-mail: compeng2018@ino.cnr.it
Looking forward to seeing you in Florence!
The SICC secretariat on behalf of The Organizing Committee of COMPENG 2018
SICC - Societa'' Italiana Caos e Complessita''
e-mail info@sicc-it.org
Web http://www.sicc-it.org
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