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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net
主編: 姜镇英 zjiang@barstow.edu
Zhenying Jiang
執委: 陳鈞銘 kmchan@csulb.edu
K. Ming Chan
网站: 艾红梅 hongmeiai@hotmail.com
Hongmei Ai
杨鸣 ming.s.yang@gmail.com
Ming Yang
2011年 第29期 創刊第548期 9/18-9/24/2011
Table of content - 本期重要目录


Upcoming Events and Call for Participation

Important News and Announcements





UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2011 No.29)

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:中澳政府联合出手打击洗钱和逃税漏税 大量中国居民海外账户遭冻结 :摄影师苏唐诗与寂寞百年的故宫对话6年,3万张照片美伦美奂 :大数据分析图解:2019中国企业500强 张梦然:英国惠康桑格研究所:人体内的微生物与出生方式有关 :美众议院将调查华裔部长赵小兰“利用职权为家族谋利“ :UCLA CCS 2019 Fall Quarter Lecture Series Overview 谭晶晶:美国科技界高度关注中国科技创新进展 :推荐:2019年底前中国高校重要学术论坛(10月 - 12 月)
horny说:留言于2014-05-19 19:32:28(第37条)
DESERTDISPATCH: 16 Barstow College students honored
Byiasnmu说:留言于2014-03-18 05:20:29(第36条)
Fei Lu说:留言于2011-10-03 06:13:22(第35条)
San Diego Chinese Press

Richard Wong说:留言于2011-10-03 00:54:45(第34条)
I attach here a short article on the appointments of VMC Commissioners for your consideration. This has some implications on the role of Chinese community leaders in the multicultural affairs in Victoria, Australia.
With best wishes,
Richard Wong
常州武进区说:留言于2011-10-03 00:43:42(第33条)
常州武进区晚餐恳谈会(免费)已确定(具体通知见下列通知)。10月1日之前报名的,将全部受到邀请。如有意参加者,仍可根据通知报名,我们将在10月6日与各位确认是否参加和晚餐地点。常州市武进区将来美国硅谷访问,吸引高层次人才。10月9日下午5:45分在美国硅谷(南湾)举办晚餐恳谈推介会。 有兴趣参加者请登记: http://www.returnchina.org/index.php?option=com_bfsurvey_pro&view=onepage&catid=54&Itemid=68&lang=zh

NECINA BIG DATA TECH CONFERENCE说:留言于2011-10-02 12:46:08(第32条)
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00pm, October 15th, 2011
Venue: Radisson Hotel Chelmsford, 10 Independence Drive, Chelmsford MA 01824 Tel: (978) 256-0800
Cost: Free to NECINA members and VIP guests, $15 non-members. Online Registration: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=223436
Big Data is becoming a big deal! It is like air -- You may not be aware of it, but it's permeating everywhere, impacting all aspects of your work and life. Do you work in the following industries, and know how Big Data has been transforming them: High tech, Financial, Telecommunications, Retail, Biotech, Healthcare, Marketing, Intelligence and home land security... Do you use the following services for quality of life, and know how Big Data has been a key technology enabler: social networking, gaming, online recommendation of shopping, movie, travel, and apps... In this age of information explosion, a company doesn't need to be a Fortune 500 to own and monetize from terabytes or petabytes of data; an individual doesn't need to be a Big Data professional to enjoy its benefits at work and in life. Join us in this NECINA's first ever Big Data conference, where a group of remarkable speakers and panelists will cover:
The exciting opportunities and new business models leveraging Big Data
The new tools purpose built for Big Data
The challenges and solutions in Big Data use cases
No background in Big Data is needed for you to enjoy the talks and panel discussion. You will also have the opportunity to network with the speakers, panelists and attendees, discussing how Big Data is impacting your career and life.
Jo Tango, Leading investor in Big Data and other areas: "A great conference to address one of the major waves affecting technology today."
Mike Stonebraker, Founding father and industry luminary in relational databases: "This is a very interesting program on Big Data for students and technologists to attend."
October 15, 2011, 9am -- 1pm
9:00 - 9:05
Opening remark
9:05 - 9:3 Keynote: Jeff Fagnan, Partner of Atlas Venture. The Big Data Stack
9:35 - 9:55 Vendor talk 1:shilpa Lawande, VP Engineering of HP Vertica - The Anatomy of a 21st centry Big Data Analytics Platform
9:55 - 10:15 Use case talk 1: Matt Papi, Senior Software Engineer of Trip Advisor
The Data Warehouse Platform at TripAdvisor
10:15 - 10:35 Vendor talk 2: George Radford, Field CTO of EMC Greenplum
10:35 - 10:55 Use case talk 2: Christopher Gillet, Chief Architect of Visible Measures - The Evolution of "Big Data" Technology Stack
10:55 - 11:10 Break and networking
11:10 - 11:55 Panel discussion
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch and networking
Get a bite of Big Data before the conference, please visit our website or follow us on Twitter.
PARTNER: IBM SmartCamp Shanghai
We are looking for smart entrepreneurs, with businesses less than 5 years old, to help us build a smarter planet. Does your solution address problems the world is facing in energy, healthcare, food, telecommunications, education, government, public safety or any other areas related to smarter planet? If that sounds like you, then apply to participate in IBM SmartCamp Shanghai on October 27 & 28th.
IBM SmartCamp is an exclusive global event bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and experienced mentors who want to build a Smarter Planet. IBM SmartCamp provides selected startups access to world-
class advisors plus a direct route to s…
San Diego Chinese Press说:留言于2011-10-02 11:52:09(第31条)
Fei Lu
谁言子綦 应声而起 -- 本地新鲜事即时报道
百商萃集 供求互济 -- 社区好信息一网打尽
B. Shen说:留言于2011-10-02 08:30:37(第30条)
How are you recently? I am wondering if you may post 北美浙江大学校友会2011年第三十五届年会 onto your next “UPDATE”. Thank you very much in advance.
Binghui Shen, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Cancer Biology
City of Hope
William Liu说:留言于2011-10-01 15:37:04(第29条)
tmcwnyt说:留言于2011-10-01 14:36:08(第28条)
边海露, 擦干额头的汗水,丢开沉重的包袱,唤譹醒沉睡的心灵,周末到了,好好休息,明天会更好,愿你一切都美好,周末快乐!
nankai-sfba说:留言于2011-10-01 13:34:54(第27条)
Dear Nankai 82 Physics
next year, 2012, will the 30th anniversary for 82 grade for getting into Nankai University. We are planning to have a big celerabration at Nankai. Please do not hesitate to join this group to discuss the finalization for the schedule and arrangements. If you are not part of this group yet, please join asap: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nankai82Phys or you can contact with me: wenshengz@yahoo.com.
Asian Professional Exchange (APEX)说:留言于2011-10-01 01:27:02(第26条)
“So You Think You Want a Marketing Career?”
What does it take to have a successful career in the marketing industry? What if you want to start your own firm? The panel will consist of successful players in the marketing industry, who will take turns providing insight into the industry’s inner workings as well as provide tips on how to “get your foot in the door”.

Giancarlo Pacheco, President & COO, Plan C Agency
Tatum Wan, PR Director, RL Public Relations
Christina Yoon, Marketing Director, California, Yelp
Premium Members & Students $30
Students must show valid school ID day of event.

Non-Members $40
Career Fair & Workshops Only $15

Register here: http://apexcareersymposium2011.eventbrite.com/
Premium Members, register here: http://membership.apex.org/
For more information, and to RSVP, please contact Ming Chou, Director of Professional Development at Ming.Chou@apex.org.
Also, if you, or some one you know is interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jon Fong at Jon.Fong@apex.org.

Calling all volunteers: Help out and meet some awesome people by joining us at any of our upcoming meetings!
Wednesdays, September 28, October 5, 12
Wilshire and Vermont Station
3185 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(Parking available in the Wilshire and Vermont garage or on Shatto Pl.)
Contact Ming Chou at ming.chou@apex.org for more information!
Asian Professional Exchange (APEX)说:留言于2011-10-01 01:22:21(第25条)
Singafest Film Festival: "The Girl with No Number"
Make it a gorgeous, and meaningful Sunday evening. Kickoff Fall with friends, and community leaders at the Singafest Film Festival's closing night feature, The Girl with No Number, a film that tackles the topic of human trafficking. Star Bebe Pham is Phuong Ly, an impoverished Vietnamese woman who travels to Saigon to work as a cleaner at a marriage agency, where she is tricked into a life of sexual slavery in the U.S. This gripping tale highlights an issue that is swept under the rug far too often, and relegated to the sidelines as a rare and far-removed occurrence. Proceeds from the evening benefit APEX and CPAF (Center for the Pacific Asian Family), which works to protect victims of domestic violence in the Asian American community. Afterwards, discuss the film in good company, at the Napa Valley Grille in Westwood for complimentary Asian-Fusion tapas and sponsored bar.

Sunday, October 2, 2011
7:45PM-9:00PM (red carpet starts at 7:15PM; after party from 9:30PM-11:00PM)
Bigfoot Crest Theater
1262 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
*Get $20 discounted tickets from Goldstar:
For more information on this special screening:

APEX's 2011 Career Symposium: Recharge Your Career, Plug Into Your Future
This year's Career Symposium promises to be a great one, whether you're actively looking for a position, or just curious about the different opportunities and industries out there, so come join us on Saturday, October 15th at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Downtown LA.
Keynote speaker, Tom Byun, Vice President and General Manager from Yahoo! will share some insight on personal and professional development, and guests will enjoy a 3-course luncheon over casual conversation with representatives from industries that interest them most. After lunch, head over to Resume Critiques, Career Fair and/or Workshops.
There's plenty of do at this year's Career Symposium, whether you're looking for a new career or a recharge in your professional and personal life!
Saturday, October 15, 2011
Wilshire Grand Hotel
930 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017

• Industry Networking Luncheon
• Diversity Career Fair
• Social Media Workshop
• Marketing/PR Industry Workshop
• On-site Resume Critiques

“URLimitless: Developing Your Career Through Social Media”
Most of us are already users of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but how can these platforms help us when it comes to advancing our careers? Social media is increasingly being used by employers and employees alike, making it an essential tool for career advancement. This workshop will provide a lively discussion by experts in various fields on how we can leverage the low-cost/high-reward nature of social media to our advantage when taking the next step in our careers.
Moderator: Joy Chen, Founder of Chen Partners & blogger of GlobalRencai.com
Clifton Chang, Regional Recruiting Manager, Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson
Dyanna Gonzaga, Talent Acquision & Staffing, Union Bank
Rica Lilly, Senior Area Recruiter, Kaiser Permanente
Kelly M., Advertising Officer, Central Intelligence Agency
John P. Roberts, Sr Vice President, Digital Content & Cross-platform Entertainment, The Hub

dehuan2002@yahoo.com.cn说:留言于2011-10-01 01:12:59(第24条)
【2011浙江杭州国际人才交流与合作大会】报名截止日期推迟至10月10日,请有兴趣参会的会员,请在10月10日之前将申请表等申请资料提交黄德欢: dehuan2002@yahoo.com.cn。
San Diego Chinese Press说:留言于2011-10-01 01:09:52(第23条)
Fei Lu
《San Diego Chinese Press》
Michael Zhang说:留言于2011-10-01 01:04:33(第22条)
張 軍 UCLA法律講座
YI LIU说:留言于2011-09-30 08:58:27(第21条)
Thanks a lot!! YILIU
Technology Conference and Society说:留言于2011-09-30 03:33:04(第20条)
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
16-18 January 2012

We are pleased to host the Technology Conference this year at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Los Angeles is a world economic center of business, science and technology as well as entertainment, art, media and culture. With its diverse mix of industry and innovation Los Angeles is the ideal place to discuss Technology and Society. This year's conference will include presentations from plenary speakers:
- Henry Jenkins, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
- Christiane Paul, The New School, New York, USA
- Victoria Vesna, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

This cross-disciplinary conference is attracting scholars from all backgrounds, all over the world. It is a meeting point for technologists with a concern for the social, and social scientists with a concern for the technological. The focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on information and communications technologies. Presenters may choose to submit written papers for publication in the fully refereed International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society. If you are unable to attend the conference in person, virtual registrations are also available. Visit our website for more information about the conference, our submission process and this year''''s themes, to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, and to become an active member of our community. It is all available at: http://www.Technology-Conference.com.
The deadline for the next round in the call for papers (a title and short abstract) is 11 October 2011. Proposals are reviewed within two weeks of submission.
Ma, Sheng-Xing说:留言于2011-09-30 02:51:17(第19条)
Thank you very much for your help!
Min Zhou说:留言于2011-09-30 02:02:54(第18条)
Thanks a lot and hope to see you soon. Min
The Dragon Usa说:留言于2011-09-30 01:19:50(第17条)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-09/17/content_524312.htm (南加大留学生将组织活动庆国庆--侨报2011/9/17)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-09/26/content_530917.htm (海上生明月天涯共此时--侨报2011/9/26)

http://www.chinesetoday.com/news/show/id/517472 (侨领参与华人企业首办“世界海洋日”公益活动--国际日报2011/7/19)

http://epaperla.worldjournal.com/showla.html?YJ9kK5Q47Yk9DooiCiw1kw==,wMoNrpCaReOZcvDG01ueQw== (北京小記者團搭船遊海灣--世界日報B4版2011/7/25)

http://www.worldjournal.com/view/full_news/14830240/article-%E5%8C%97%E4%BA%AC%E5%B0%8F%E8%A8%98%E8%80%85%E5%9C%98%E6%90%AD%E8%88%B9%E9%81%8A%E6%B5%B7%E7%81%A3?instance=news_pics (北京小記者團搭船遊海灣--世界新闻网2011/7/25)

http://www.chinesedailynews.com/article/article-c140584.aspx (南加华人积极响应“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动--美国世界新闻网2011/7/9)
http://www.chinesedailynews.com/article/article-c140870.aspx (“让梦想飞”航海系列主题摄影&摄像展暨赛事公告--美国世界新闻网2011/7/12)
http://www.chinesedailynews.com/article/article-c141103.aspx (2011年“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动之“海洋明星时尚模特儿队”成立--美国世界新闻网2011/7/17)
http://www.chinesedailynews.com/article/article-c141448.aspx (海洋骄女 龙的传人-- 张素久--美国世界新闻网2011/7/22)
http://www.chinesedailynews.com/article/article-c141574.aspx (張素久率小記者访美團参加“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动--美国世界新闻网2011/7/24)
http://www.chinesedailynews.com/article/article-c141649.aspx (华资收购“海洋女神号”帆船宣传海洋生态环保--美国世界新闻网2011/7/26)

http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17523.aspx (华人社区积极响应“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动--五洲四海新闻网2011/7/9)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17525.aspx (2011年度“让梦想飞”航海系列主题摄影摄像展--五洲四海新闻网2011/7/13)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17529.aspx (“世界海洋日”公益活动之“海洋明星时尚模特队”成立--五洲四海新闻网2011/7/15)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/PostBar/MaterialItem2430.aspx (海洋骄女 龙的传人—张素久--五洲四海新闻网2011/7/17)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17535.aspx (中国小记者访问洛城 参加“世界海洋日”公益活动--五洲四海新闻网2011/7/24)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17540.aspx (华资收购“海洋女神号”帆船 宣传海洋生态环保--五洲四海新闻网2011/7/27)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17544.aspx (选美小姐积极参与2011年“世界海洋日”航海公益活动--五洲四海新闻网2011/7/31)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17550.aspx (2011年“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动 南加州中国学生学者联合会组织参与--五洲四海新闻网2011/8/5)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17554.aspx (金发美人酷爱炫舞激情 自告奋勇做时尚表演--五洲四海新闻网2011/8/13)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17556.aspx (A Dancer Passion, A High School Girl at a Charity Event--5 ZHOU 4 HAI 2011/8/15)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17559.aspx (美国北京联合会参加“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动--五洲四海新闻网2011/8/18)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17566.aspx (CAROL BACA成明萃女士偕同国际狮子会参与2011“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动航游--五洲四海新闻网2011/8/24)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/PostBar/MaterialItem2498.aspx (重温经典瞬间 再现辉煌时刻 续写“海洋女神”不朽传奇--五洲四海新闻网2011/9/2)
http://www.5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17578.aspx (中国留学生王玄徒步横穿美国大陆 受海洋女神号欢迎--五洲四海新闻网2011/9/6)
http://5zhou4hai.com/News/NewsItem17585.aspx (“ 海上升明月,天涯共此時”主題秀節目 南加州中國學生學者聯合會部分學生參加--五洲四海新聞網2011/9/14)
The dragon Usa说:留言于2011-09-30 01:18:05(第16条)
2011“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动-联合国世界海洋组织活动http://www.worldoceansday.org/test-3/?event_id=452 (2011“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动公布)
全美中华青年联合会http://www.aacyf.org/info/info_detail.asp?intArticleid=396&intSortId=7 (华资收购“海洋女神号”帆船 宣传海洋生态环保2011/7/25)
《中华商报》http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_177_060411/pdf/CBN_177_15.pdf (纪念“世界海洋日” 洛杉矶华人别出心裁--中华商报2011/6/4)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_178_061111/pdf/CBN_178_16.pdf (华人创意航海系列公益活动成功首航--中华商报2011/6/11)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_179_061811/pdf/CBN_179_16.pdf (中华商报赞助海洋女神号帆船公益航游--中华商报2011/6/18)
http://issuu.com/dragonus/docs/cbn_180_a?viewMode=magazine&mode=embed (“海洋女神号”公益航游引起关注--中华商报16版2011/6/25)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_181_070211/pdf/CBN_181_16.pdf (2011“让梦想飞”航海系列主题摄影与摄像赛事公告--中华商报2011/7/2)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_182_070911/pdf/CBN_182_16.pdf (帆船公益航游 展示华人风采--中华商报2011/7-/9)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_183_071611/pdf/CBN_183_15.pdf (海洋明星时尚模特队欲与“海洋女神号”媲美--中华商报2011/7/16)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_184_072311/pdf/CBN_184_02.pdf (美国著名侨领南加州华人社团联合会主席张素久 让美中文化交流活动更加多姿多彩--中华商报2011/7/23)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_186_080611/pdf/CBN_186_15.pdf (南加州中国学生学者联合会组织参与2011年“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动--中华商报2011/8/6)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_187_081311/pdf/CBN_187_15.pdf (金发美女在“海洋女神号”帆船上激情炫舞 参与2011年“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动时尚表演--中华商报2011/8/13)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_189_082711/pdf/CBN_189_15.pdf (社区名人CAROL BACA成明萃女士参与2011航海系列公益活动航游--中华商报2011/8/27)
http://www.chinesebiznews.com/index.php/component/content/article/60-2008-09-23-18-33-03/13534-2011-09-07-06-39-34.html (中國留學生王玄成功徒步橫穿美國大陸--中华商报网2011/9/6)
http://enewspaper.chinesebiznews.com/enews/business_news_191_091011/pdf/CBN_191_15.pdf (从纽约自由女神像到洛杉矶海洋女神号帆船 中國留學生王玄成功徒步橫穿美國大陸--中华商报2011/9/10)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-06/06/content_470655.htm (华人航海俱乐部启动“世界海洋日”公益活动--侨报2011/6/6)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-06/13/content_474245.htm (世界海洋日海洋女神号首航成功--侨报2011/6/13)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-06/20/content_477893.htm (龙的船人--侨报2011/6/20)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-06/27/content_481699.htm (海洋女神号帆船“让梦想飞翔” --侨报2011/6/27)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-07/05/content_485212.htm (劲武门功夫登上“海洋女神”号--侨报2011/7/5)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-07/11/content_488624.htm (图片新闻 洛城摄影学会以及侨报摄影组积极响应“世界海洋日”航海系列公益活动,参加摄影赛事--侨报2011/7/11)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-07/18/content_491797.htm (海洋骄女 龙的传人—张素久--侨报2011/7/18)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-07/25/content_495274.htm (北京初中生在南加州登船航海--侨报2011/7/25)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-08/01/content_498773.htm (选美小姐登船参与时尚表演--侨报2011/8/1)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-08/06/content_501793.htm (留学生登帆船 体验航海乐趣--侨报2011/8/6)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-08/15/content_506661.htm (船上的北京人--侨报2011/8/15)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-08/22/content_510517.htm (成明粹登船宣导海洋环保--侨报2011/8/22)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-08/29/content_514271.htm (海洋女神参与梦想家园节目拍摄--侨报2011/8/29)
http://epaper.uschinapress.com:81/qiaobao/html/2011-09/07/content_518892.htm (从自由女神到海洋女神 王玄徒步横跨美国大陆抵达终点--侨报2011/9/7)
谢志南说:留言于2011-09-30 00:59:52(第15条)
I have new email address(haizhu618@139.com; xzn2000@tom.com), Thank you!
zhi nan
Y. Chen说:留言于2011-09-29 06:11:20(第14条)

叶伟说:留言于2011-09-29 06:08:54(第13条)
borr说:留言于2011-09-29 01:52:47(第12条)
Fantastic. Good job.
Southwestern Chinese Students and Scholars Associa说:留言于2011-09-28 23:59:15(第11条)
Best Regards,
UCLA Chinese Studies说:留言于2011-09-28 23:56:43(第10条)
Thank you!
gbm说:留言于2011-09-27 08:59:28(第9条)
Dr CATH Tee说:留言于2011-09-27 08:31:14(第8条)
I will be in Stanford end of Dec 2011. I was wondering wehther there is any professional network over there for the chinese professors where i can join for academic and research collaboration?

Here it is: http://www.stanford.edu/group/acsss/cgi-bin/entry
asia mediainc.com说:留言于2011-09-26 12:31:34(第7条)

NECAINA BIG DATA TECH CONFERENCE说:留言于2011-09-26 12:29:22(第6条)
2011 - 2012 Tech Conference -- Big Data
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00pm, October 15th, 2011
Venue: Radisson Hotel Chelmsford, 10 Independence Drive, Chelmsford MA 01824 Tel: (978) 256-0800
Cost: Free to NECINA members and VIP guests, $15 non-members
Online Registration: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=223436

NECAINA and NANOPOLIS SUZHOU Cooperation说:留言于2011-09-26 12:21:34(第5条)
NECAINA and NANOPOLIS SUZHOU Cooperation Established
In August, NECINA and Suzhou Nanotech Industry Park signed agreement to set up a cooperation relation between two organizations. NECINA will help promote Suzhou Nanotech in the United States, help organizations of meetings for the delegations from the Park. The Suzhou Nanotech Park will provide help and necessary subsidize to NECINA members and entrepreneur teams going to the events in the Suzhou Industry Park and those sponsored by Suzhou municipal government. Located in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park with a total investment of USD 1 billion, Nanopolis Suzhou is to be built for nano technology R&D, public technical platforms, pilot manufacturing, headquarter,small-scale manufacturing specializing in Micro-Nano building, etc. With a land area of 1 sq km and the overall construction space of 1.5 million sqm, Nanopolis Suzhou offers flexible choices for our potential clients including leasing with the option of buying back, built-to-suit, green field solutions, etc. For more information, please visit http://www.chinanosz.com and send email to info@necina.org.

dehuan说:留言于2011-09-26 12:14:33(第4条)
【2011浙江杭州国际人才交流与合作大会】已经开始接受报名,请期望参加此次活动的会员,于2011年9月30日之前,报名请洽: dehuan2002@yahoo.com.cn。
San Diego Chinese Press说:留言于2011-09-26 12:11:26(第3条)

Fei Lu
谁言子綦 应声而起 -- 本地新鲜事即时报道
百商萃集 供求互济 -- 社区好信息一网打尽

Liping Yan说:留言于2011-09-25 06:14:38(第2条)
A Lunch Meeting on 9/30/2011 about LuValley (麓谷) – You First Choice to Invest in Central China for Biological & Pharmaceutical Business
The event is specially held for the biological & pharmaceutical companies, business associations and other investment companies that are interested in doing business in Central China.

Event Date: September 30, 2011 (Friday)
Event Venue: Hotel Embassy Suites San Diego – La Jolla 4550 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, CA 92122 Direction Phone: 858.431.2108
Sponsor: Administrative Committee of Changsha National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Hunan, China
Special Supporter: San Diego Hunan Chamber of Commerce (SDHCC)
Organizer: Investment Promotion Bureau of Changsha Hi-Tech Zone, Hunan, China
This event is free for participants.

Event Details:
10:00 Registration
10:30 Beginning of the meeting, Introduction of VIPs and companies by the host
10:35 Speech by Mr. Luo Shehui, director of Administrative Committee of Changsha Hi-Tech Zone
10:55 Introduction of investment projects by Mr. Liu Qingwen, deputy director of Administrative Committee of Changsha Hi-Tech Zone
11:05 Introduction of policies for returned overseas entrepreneurs by Mr. Yang Jinglin, director of Personnel Bureau of Changsha Hi-Tech Zone
11:15 Speech by a representative of SDHCC
11:20 Speech by a representative of SABPA
11:25 Speech by a representative of Biocom
11:30 Speech by a representative of a local company
11:35 Buffet lunch and networking
14:30 The end

Chinese-English interpretation will be provided in the meeting.
For more information or to register for this event, please send an e-mail to
Ms. Anna Chen at anna28@163.com or
Mr. Shaoyi He at shaoyihe@gmail.com or
Ms. Anne Chao at anne_Chao@yahoo.com

When register, please provide the following information:
Attendee’s name, e-mail address, and tel/fax numbers
Company’s name, address, and website
Please register by the deadline of September 27, 2011.
浦东新区归国留学人员联合会说:留言于2011-09-25 04:25:10(第1条)
“新三板”- 关于举办资本市场上市及“新三板”挂牌第三期培训辅导班的通知
【培训时间】 2011年9月27日 08:30 报到  09:00-17:00 培训
【培训对象】 各分园内准备未来走资本市场的高新技术企业(各拟挂牌上市董事长、总经理)本期培训班限额50家企业。各分园不限名额,以报名时间为优先参训原则,额满为止。
【培训费用】 人民币400元/人(含培训费、资料费、午餐费等)。
【培训地点】 上海市中山西路1525号(中山西路/徐虹中路口)技贸大厦。
【报名热线】 021- 38953306-815 182-1721-2145 张丹妮
【培训咨询】 021- 38953306-817 139-1608-1698 顾威
(传真号码:021-50800439 )

传  真:021-50800439
网  址:www.paros.cn www.expofriends.cn

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