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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net
主編: 姜镇英 zjiang@barstow.edu
Zhenying Jiang
執委: 陳鈞銘 kmchan@csulb.edu
K. Ming Chan
副主编: 艾红梅 hongmeiai@hotmail.com
Hongmei Ai
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Fanxia Guo
2014年 第13期 創刊第644期 3/26-4/1/2014
Table of content - 本期重要目录


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Important News and Announcements







UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2014 No.13)

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Scholars-Net is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization. Check payable to CAPPA, to P.O. Box 1953, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Or direct transfer to Bank of America, Huntington Harbour Branch CA 92649, of Account Number 09841-72137.

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2019 No.22) 2019-09-24 [213]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第21期(9/3-9/15) 2019-09-15 [546]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第20期(8/17-9/2) 2019-09-02 [935]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第19期(7/30-8/16) 2019-08-16 [587]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第18期(7/23-7/29) 2019-07-29 [731]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第17期(7/8-7/22) 2019-07-22 [648]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第16期(6/16-7/7) 2019-07-07 [976]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第15期(6/9-6/15) 2019-06-15 [1014]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第14期(5/29-6/8) 2019-06-08 [851]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第13期(5/20-5/28) 2019-05-28 [1012]
:北京452万人将从北京迁至雄安(附部分央企名单) :《2019全球肿瘤趋势报告》 :美国大学的论文代写究竟猖狂到什么地步? :阿尔茨海默病预防与干预核心讯息图解 :涉嫌学术造假  肯塔基大学开除史香林和张卓教授夫妇 :诚邀参加南京医科大学2019年国际青年学者论坛 (12/18-21) :引力波天文台或有助搜寻暗物质粒子 :美国正式发布Wi-Fi 6标准:密集网络环境显优势
美國上海人聯誼會说:留言于2014-04-09 14:04:38(第21条)
各位尊敬的僑領和媒體朋友們, 您們好!
由上海Colorwin文化傳媒主辦,美國上海人聯誼會承辦的《2014美中藝術家藝術作品交易展》將於本月12,13二日(星期六,星期天)在洛杉磯龍鳳大酒店(Bicycle Casino)舉行。為讓更多的朋友了解這次活動,現定於4月10日(星期四)下午3點在洛杉磯龍鳳大酒店舉行新聞發布會。
地點:Bicycle Casino
地址:888 Bicycle Casino DR, Bell Gardens, CA 90201

judy chen说:留言于2014-04-09 01:36:29(第20条)
Royal acrylic sculpture paintings SHOW

Invitations, welcome to attend, please forward, thanks again
X.D. Shi说:留言于2014-04-09 01:33:56(第19条)
New Science/AAAS Webinar

Visualizing Cell Signaling: Current Trends and New Technologies
Wednesday, April 16, 2014, at 9 a.m. Pacific, 12 noon Eastern, 5 p.m. UK, 6 p.m. CEST
Learn about the current state of technology and the latest advances in microscopy in the field of ion signaling research.
Register TODAY: webinar.sciencemag.org
Produced by the Science/AAAS Custom Publishing Office and sponsored by Andor.
American China Artworks Expo说:留言于2014-04-09 01:32:35(第18条)
邀請函 Invitation
Love has no borders in the art, the world of love is no disagreement, not far from the God of heaven and the bliss of the Goddess of Mercy together beckons everyone is happy, warm welcome to the distinguished guests and friends to attend events join the festivities, thanks again! !

American China Artworks Expo
APRIL 12th & 13th ,2014
888 Bicycle Casino DR, Bell Gardens, CA 90201
Zhou Min说:留言于2014-04-09 01:27:25(第17条)
Dear Zhenying,
Greetings from Singapore. I have been on leave from UCLA and am at NTU. Here is a recent report about my study which you may post it on the scholar network news. Thanks.


ZHOU Min, Ph.D.
Tan Lark Sye Chair Professor & Head of Sociology Division Director, Chinese Heritage Centre Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 637332
Division Website: http://sociology.hss.ntu.edu.sg/Pages/Home.aspx
judyc9794@gmail.com说:留言于2014-04-08 09:13:53(第16条)
4/12-4/13: Royal acrylic sculpture paintings SHOW (BICYCLE CASINO)

ROYAL American CHINA Artist Artworks trade show especially Sponsored by the famous American philanthropist LEO CHU will be held in California BICYCLE HOTEL ( Dragon and Phoenix Grand Hotel ) on April 12& 13 2014, the exhibition organizers Shanghai colorwin Culture Media ceo Judy Shen specially invitate talented versatile artist Mr. Xuan Yueming , he spend many years to concentrated on elaborating this outstanding fine art called new bold acrylic sculpture paintings, pieces artworks of celebrity portraits series have fine ACRYLIC COLOUR founder Windsor and Newton, as well as acrylic paints spokesperson British Queen and WILSON, at first glance, it might seem to present a marble relief sculpture work,but it's real oil paint on canvas, artist yue-ming sought a living likeness magnify three-dimensional portrait picture to enlarge and mold convex and concave inimitable shape that accumulate with superimposed layers of oil and acrylic paint meticulously stroke by stroke and layer by layer with a brilliant and vivid color, What ingenious ! It's a special and unique master treasure pieces of top fine art rarely in the world.

There are "The Ode of the River Goddess"," Goddess Guanyin "," Mount Rushmore ","Grand Canyon","Great Falls"," Tiger","horse","eagle"and so on, especially one piece of artworks is " God of Heaven " which can shock everyone's mind ,IF visitors want close to GOD ,they can enter the picture shake hand with GOD and then make photo together, particularly introduce talented artistic painter Mr. Xuan Yueming's meticulous handcrafted unique " nail painting" series of art, representative some artworks such as " money Dragon", "Shadow Dragon", " Dragon boat ", "successful Drogon"was exhibited in Las Vegas RIVIERA CASINO during 2012 the Year of the Dragon , each piece is unique ingenuity to improve the shape of a dragon totem by the soul of God , the dragon is a symbol of the Chinese people , they model successful dragon must rely on their own efforts .

U.S.A contact number 702-630-2164 and email: jx23478@gmail.com
American-Chinese CEO Society说:留言于2014-04-08 06:41:13(第15条)
ACCS CEO Networking Dinner Mixer MISSION 261: 261 S. Mission Dr., San Gabriel, California, 91776 Tel: 626-588-1666
Date: 11 Apr 2014 6:00 PM UTC-07:00
Join ACCS CEOs & Chinese Government representatives for a Networking Dinner Mixer
Event Location: A Traditional Chinese Restaurant in San Gabriel City
Event Host: American-Chinese CEO Society Co-Host Shanghai Office in LA
Topics: How to connect with Chinese business opportunities & build relationships
The agenda will be as follows:
6:00pm -6:45pm Networking
6:45: Introduction of Each Company
7:15pm - 9:00pm Dinner
More information and online registration: ACCS CEO Networking Dinner Mixer
714-715-7318 mobile
www.americanchineseceosociety. wildapricot.org
太原师范学院说:留言于2014-04-06 12:28:09(第14条)
主办单位:太原师范学院 周期:月刊 ISSN:1004-5872 CN:14-1024/G4
哈佛中國文化工作坊说:留言于2014-04-05 01:29:39(第13条)
北美華文作家協會紐英倫分會暨哈佛中國文化工作坊,將於明(5日,周六)下午2時至5時30分,在哈佛燕京圖書館聚會廳(2 Divinity Ave. Cambridge)舉辦春季中國文學演講會和書展。文懷沙將主講「中國文學的風騷傳統與商品社會~『心中』 與『手中』」;於耶魯大學任教的蘇煒主講「張充和與雅文化」;聯合報網路城邦UDN部落格作者大邱(邱大陸)主講「在寫作中療傷」;作家姚蜀平的「戰百年之際~向70萬華工的敬意和懷念」;上海外國語大學文學研究院副教授張曼的「老舍與民間武俠文化~談小說『斷魂槍』等」。活動公開,以中文進行。

哈佛大学中国学联说:留言于2014-04-04 07:14:21(第12条)
「哈佛茶会 Harvard Tea Party」
话题: 谁是来访者?——300余心理咨询个案之心灵馈赠
地点:Science Center 221
主办者: 哈佛大学中国学生学者联合会学术讲座委员会

[Harvard CSSA Alumni Relations and Career Development]
Career Development Panel: Career in Consulting
Time: April 3rd (Thursday), 2014, 5-6:30pm
Rm 118, Yenching Auditorium, Yenching Library, 2 Divinity Ave, Cambridge, MA, 02138
Language: Chinese
Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wlZdVtXE3wfytsUn01LI0YLg36dX73BYYCNYULujJGc/viewform
In this panel, our speakers will share their work/internship/interview experience in the field of management consulting at top firms and discuss their journey and transition from academia to consulting. The following topics are among those to be discussed during the event: (Please list your question(s) in our registration form to make sure they will be asked)
-How to prepare for the interview;
-How to perform during job interview and successfully land an internship or full-time job;
-What qualifications consulting firms are looking for from applicants and how to stand out and impress interviewers;
-How skills developed in academia can be translated and applied to management consulting
-What to expect during internship or full-time job;
-Future career options within or after management consulting.

Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association(HCSSA)
Lehman Hall ∙ Harvard University ∙ Cambridge
website: www.hcssa.org
email: harvardcssa@gmail.com
facebook group: Harvard CSSA
facebook: Harvard CSSA
Twitter: Harvard CSSA
rcafcapt说:留言于2014-04-04 04:38:13(第11条)
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2. 如果你接到一封名叫「华康新俪粗黑」,别打开这封信,它将会删掉你硬盘上的一切。这是一封非常新的而且非常恶劣的人所做的病毒,没有太多人知道的。消息是「微软」昨早公布的。如果这几天收到一封信件名为「江蕙-再相会」或「孙燕姿-风筝」!的信件,内有附加档案,约为二百几K大小,也请大家千万千万别开,因为有毒!!!
Success Institute说:留言于2014-04-04 04:27:12(第10条)
Register Now! The 2nd Annual Scholarship Award Dinner presented by Success Institute
2013 Scholarship Recipients:
It's almost here! Come witness how a community can come together and support the youth of the future by attending our 2nd Annual Scholarship Award Dinner on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014. Our event will be held at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Pomona.

Here is the Evenings Schedule:
Cocktails begin at 6:00 pm
Live music, raffle and silent auction
Dinner begins at 6:30 pm
Program & Scholarship presentation
Individual dinner tickets cost $65.00. Each ticket covers the cost of the meal along with a $35.00 scholarship donation. Register now!Click here to fill out a registration form that you can email OR mail to us (10722 Arrow Route #516 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730)

Success Institute
南京理工大学说:留言于2014-04-04 02:58:31(第9条)
南京理工大学校长尹群将率由该校主要学院的院长或副院长及校人事部门负责人组成的招聘小组,于今年四月中旬来美国进行高层次人才招聘。招聘活动将于旧金山/湾区、芝加哥、教堂山/罗利及纽约/新泽西分四场进行。其中旧金山/湾区招聘会将于4月13日上午在Palo Alto举行。
会议时间:10AM- 1PM
会议地点:Sheraton Palo Alto
地址:625 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA, 94301
关于此次洽谈会以及招聘岗位的详细信息,请前往:www.oceanandsky.org ,洽谈活动免费,请有意向参会者提前报名并提交简历。
网络报名:www.oceanandsky.org OR
电话报名:703-854-1000 ext. 108
设计艺术等相关学科专业。对此次招聘洽谈活动,您如有任何问题,欢迎通过电子邮件或电话与我们联系。 谢谢!
注册信息请查阅 www.csspena.com,请先填写注册表格进入招聘会场
Shanghailanders Club说:留言于2014-04-04 02:56:11(第8条)
Thank you for posting it on the Scholar web site!

In friendship,

Shanghailanders Club
liubingyy说:留言于2014-04-04 02:54:46(第7条)
fujian_hcz说:留言于2014-04-04 02:54:09(第6条)
華僑文教服務中心说:留言于2014-04-04 02:38:50(第5条)


華僑文教服務中心 敬啟
美國上海人聯谊會说:留言于2014-04-03 08:49:49(第4条)
Dear Shanghailanders Club BOD and distinguished guests:
This is a kind reminder.
Event: Liu Bing New Book Press Release
Date: 04/03/2014
Time: 2:00pm
Venue: Santa Barbara Room "A", Hilton San Gabriel, San Gabriel, CA
You''re cordially invited to 《Liu Bing New Book Press Release》at San Gabriel Hinton. Please refer to the attachments for details. Mr. Bing Liu is the founder of Shanghailanders Club.
J. Ho说:留言于2014-04-03 02:51:45(第3条)
Citizenship Day 公民日 4月12日, 2014
最近入籍申請已有改變。邀請聖塔克拉拉縣居民參加公民日(星期六),4月12日以瞭解申請公民的程序中,聽取關於費用減免,並可預約完成申請公民。講習會是在聖荷西市立學院,科技大樓,(San Jose City College, Tech Building, 600 S.Bascom Ave,San Jose,CA 95128). 廣東話在上午9點和普通話在上午11點。請致電Holly(408)287-9710。這個免費的活動是由聖克拉拉縣公民協會 (Santa Clara County Citizenship Collaborative)贊助。 欲了解更多信息,請致電Holly (408)287-9710.
日期: 即日開始 結止: 4月12日
連絡: (408) 287-9710
地點:San Jose City College, Tech Building (聖荷西市立學院,科技大樓), 600 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128
HBS Asia business club说:留言于2014-04-03 00:53:55(第2条)
3C Culture | Celebration | Charity show
Wed April 2nd
8pm doors open
9pm sharp show starts
afterparty immediately afterwards
@ Royale Nightclub
All proceeds will go to Plan USA (www.planusa.org), one of the oldest international development organizations serving 50 countries and over 50 million children to end the cycle of poverty and ensure long-term sustainability. Brought to you by Harvard Business School & MIT Sloan Business School. This is a show AND party that you will not want to miss! Tickets are LIMITED so BUY NOW!

HBS Asia business club
上海立信会计学院说:留言于2014-04-03 00:51:47(第1条)
上海立信会计学院---"特聘教授"、"双轨特聘岗"及青年骨干教师招聘启事,有意向至面试,审核后通知面试补助50美元交通及餐补。可选择长期或一年服务立信学院请有意向参会者提前报名并提交简历。递交简历者经赛选会单独安排面试及报销车费50美元。简历请邮至 infornacs@gmail.com
上海立信会计学院是上海市人民政府举办的全日制普通高等学校,是中国现代会计教育的发源地之一。学校由被誉为"中国现代会计之父"的著名教育家潘序伦先生始创于1928年。学校现有松江和徐汇两个校区,占地面积735亩,总建筑面积26万平方米。学校设有12个教学院部,会计学、财务管理、工商管理、国际经济与贸易、金融学、英语等22个本科专业,一个专业硕士点,涵盖管理学、经济学、理学、法学、文学五大学科门类。现有在编教职工800余人,其中具有高级专业技术职务的教师200余人、具有博士学位的教师200余人,全日制在校学生1万余人。学校初步形成了以会计学为重点,管理学、经济学为主体,文学、理学、法学为支撑的多学科协调发展学科专业布局。启动了会计与治理、开放经济与风险管理两大学科群建设。诚邀海内外英才加盟上海立信会计学院,共创辉煌!注册信息请查阅 www.csspena.com,请先填写注册表格进入招聘会场
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