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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net


(ISSN: 2372-9937)
主編: 姜镇英博士 zjiang@barstow.edu
Zhenying Jiang
執委: 陳鈞銘博士 kmchan@csulb.edu
K. Ming Chan
副主编: 艾红梅博士 hongmeiai@hotmail.com
Hongmei Ai
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Fanxia Guo
编委: 陈岳云博士 billchen@uwest.edu
Yueyun (Bill) Chen
2015年 第34期 創刊第703期 10/16-10/30/2015
Table of content - 本期重要目录




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:中国336个国家重点实验室布局 :中澳政府联合出手打击洗钱和逃税漏税 大量中国居民海外账户遭冻结 :摄影师苏唐诗与寂寞百年的故宫对话6年,3万张照片美伦美奂 :大数据分析图解:2019中国企业500强 张梦然:英国惠康桑格研究所:人体内的微生物与出生方式有关 :美众议院将调查华裔部长赵小兰“利用职权为家族谋利“ :UCLA CCS 2019 Fall Quarter Lecture Series Overview 谭晶晶:美国科技界高度关注中国科技创新进展
第十七届留交会组委会说:留言于2015-11-06 08:42:54(第12条)
尊敬的美国华裔教授专家网 陳鈞銘先生:

欢迎你们组团报名参加第十七届中国留学人员广州科技交流会。经组委会审核通过,邀请你们组团参加大会。你们的组团编号为17ST002,请组团负责人将组团编号发送给参团的留学人员;留学人员在留交会官方网站www.ocs-gz.gov.cn注册参会时,必须填写组团编号和参会团体名称。如有任何问题,请联系组委会报名点:电话86-20-83563312、83137599, E-mail: ocs@gz.gov.cn。


cpp.edu说:留言于2015-11-05 11:20:17(第11条)
Millions of thanks for everything. :-)

APEX说:留言于2015-11-05 00:35:23(第10条)
APEX's Fall Benefit Mixer will be held on Thursday, November 12 at General Lee's in Chinatown! Meet new professionals, reconnect with old friends and donate to a worthy cause. We're collecting shoe boxes and donations for less fortunate children. Come out for an evening of dim sum, cocktails and chatter!

A small shoebox can have a huge impact! Join APEX Cares as we team up with Samaritan''''s Purse for our ''Operation Christmas Child'' Shoebox Packing Party on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

Volunteer for the 16th Annual APA Toy Drive on Thursday, December 3 email amy.cheong@apex.org

1137 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017
website apex.org
China-U.S. Friendship Exchange说:留言于2015-11-04 06:12:37(第9条)
Dear Friends,
Please click www.ChinaUSFriendship.com to read
1) “How deep is the Middle East hell?” by Binghe Shui; and
2) “Article 9” by Yung-Sheng Cha.
In the Music Section, we have “Music Fountain in Qiubei, Yunnan Province“ (云南丘北音乐喷泉高清版):
We thank you very much for your continued interest and support! If you do not want to receive this monthly publication reminder, please feel free to contact us.
1)“ 中東到底有幾層’地獄’?” ;及
2) “日本宪法第9条” 。我們歡迎您的意見和評論。謝謝!

California Institute of Advanced Management说:留言于2015-11-04 02:43:55(第8条)
CIAM's Distinguished Guest Speakers on Nov. 9th and 14th
Carl Walsh, Business Executive
Monday, November 9th - 6PM (On Campus)
“Leadership Principles: The So-Called Soft Skills and Emotional I.Q”.
The presentation will cover organizational dysfunction and how to overcome it, together with the concept of Keystone Habits in the pursuit of achieving Distinction in the Professional World. Carl Walsh is a Speaker, Trainer and Performance Coach. He has coached speakers of all types, from high school students to Hollywood personalities. He speaks to over 100 Realtor groups a year across the country and also speaks to various professional and trade groups on Leadership and Communications. As a business professional, Carl spent 24 years in the world of Corporate Information Technology, with such organizations as The Walt Disney Company, C&R Clothiers and Smart & Final, starting out as a Sales Analyst and working up to Director of Quality Assurance. He also served on advisory boards for industry leaders Lexmark and NCR. During that time, he participated in the evolution of desktop computing from simple gaming to industrial and management tools.
Location: 9550 Flair Drive, Suite # 201, El Monte, CA 91731. Contact: 626-350-1500.

Peter Zhang, ZHTECH Corporation - Business Executive
Saturday, November 14th - 10AM (On Campus)
"Cloud Computing and Consulting"
In his presentation, Dr. Zhang will focus on the basics of concepts, characteristics, types, and application of Cloud Computing. He will also cover the major Cloud players in the US industry and the market structure. Dr. Zhang will then explain the consulting business and career opportunities related to Cloud Computing. He will use his company -ZHTECH Corporation as an example to discuss the consulting practices in this special area.
Dr. Peter Zhang is a principal IT consultant at ZHTECH Corporation. Throughout his 20 year professional career, Dr. Zhang has served in different roles, including senior IT consultant, program and project manager, software engineer, and web developer in the governmental agencies, Fortune 100 and SME companies, and his own consulting firm (www.zhtech.com). His recent work and research focus on Cloud computing, big data, business intelligence, and e-learning. He has created an e-learning platform (www.zhtech.org) and is an active instructor in the course rooms. He is also an adjunct professor at California State University, Fullerton. He frequently gives lectures on Cloud computing and big data for academia and industries in US and China. Dr. Zhang received his master degree from University of Minnesota and Ph.D. from Capella University.
Location: 9550 Flair Drive, Suite # 201, El Monte, CA 91731
Congressmember Judy Chu说:留言于2015-11-04 01:12:14(第7条)
Dear Zhenying,

My "Overflow" banquet is only a week away on Tuesday, November 10th at the Ocean Star Restaurant in Monterey Park. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who has already reserved seats. If you haven't responded yet, please let us know if you can join us.

There are so many issues that we are working on in Congress this session. I am advocating for the civil rights of all Americans, fighting for our small businesses, and working to bring more resources to the San Gabriel Mountains. I'm also continuing to chair the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus and co-chair the Creative Rights Caucus, which fights for the protection of some of America's greatest exports, our intellectual property.

Your support allows me to continue to be your voice on the issues you care about most. Click here to reserve your table or seats now. You can also email Heather or Drew at rsvpforjudychu@gmail.com or call 310-477-8081 to R.S.V.P.
See you next week!

In friendship,

You are cordially invited to the "Overflow" Fundraising Banquet Supporting

Judy Chu
Member of Congress, 27th District
UCLA Center for Chinese Studies说:留言于2015-11-04 00:13:50(第6条)
28th Sammy Yukuan Lee Lecture on Chinese Archaeology and Art
Friday, Nov 06, 2015
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Bunche Hall 10383, UCLA
Seminar by Qianshen Bai
China by the late nineteenth century had been governed for centuries by a class of scholar-officials selected by a series of civil service examinations. Scholar-officials were both the nation’s political elite and men of letters (wenren, often translated as literati) who played important roles in the field of artistic production. They were at once the primary patrons of elite art and the elite artists who produced it – poets, calligraphers, and painters. In the second half of the 19th century, imperial China encountered unprecedented crises in a new and challenging international environment. Many key economic and political changes took place in China at that time. In 1905, the civil service examination, the institutional foundation of the traditional scholar-official class and literati art, was abolished, and a modern educational system was introduced. This research will attempt to answer several key questions. To what extent was art by scholar-officials of the second half of the nineteenth century a response to the challenges of the new international environment? What role did literati art play, if any, in projects to reform and modernize China? To what degree was their art transformed in its new social context? In what ways?

Sammy Yukuan Lee Lecture
Saturday, Nov 07, 2015
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Lenart Auditorium, Fowler Museum UCLA
Calligraphy and Everyday Life among Late Qing Officials
Utilizing diaries, letters, and other collections of informal jottings, this lecture describes and analyzes calligraphy in the everyday life of late Qing government officials. It deals with a number of issues, including the daily practice of calligraphy, calligraphies as gifts, fans and couplets as major calligraphic formats, the ways of maximizing the efficiency of calligraphic production to cope with an increasing demand for calligraphy caused by population growth, the taboo on selling calligraphy, and the relation between an economy of gifting and the acquisition of calligraphy. By these means, this lecture seeks to deepen our understanding of the cultural life of the Chinese elite toward the end of imperial China. Prof. Qianshen Bai graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Peking University and a Ph.D. from Yale University. From 1997 to 2015 he taught at Boston University and became a professor of art history at Zhejiang University very recently. He is the author of Fu Shan’s World: The Transformation of Chinese Calligraphy in the Seventeenth Century. He is now conducting a research on Wu Dacheng, a government official, scholar, collector, and painter-calligrapher, in the late Qing dynasty. Professor Bai is also an accomplished calligrapher.

UCLA Center for Chinese Studies
11381 Bunche Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel: (310) 825-8683
Fax: (310) 206-3555
爾灣加大中美研究中心说:留言于2015-11-02 05:23:20(第5条)
中國、美國與德國政府的綠色能源政策,造成三地太陽能與風力發電產業發展進程各異,爾灣加大中美研究中心,將邀請對此一專題進行過兩年研究的學者,在該校舉辦免費講座。講座主講人是布朗大學學者Jonas Nahm,他獲麻省理工學院政治學博士,專研全球政府與創新企業間的互動關係,他將分析、比較三國政經體系與創新產業的個案,有助於跨國企業因應不同政經體系下的管理決策。講座時間是11月5日下午3時起,地點在管理學院SB1 Room 5200。
Chinese Hometown说:留言于2015-11-02 03:09:49(第4条)
http://www.sandiegochinesepress.com :
大赛在即 志在必得 – 华跃龙舟队第11次大赛训练並參加了比賽(图频)
Walgreens 收购 Rite Aid
两项乳癌筛查新论证:晚比早好 少比多
Encinitas 出现绑匪警方发通缉(图频)
圣地亚哥旅游景点介绍:Oceanside Beach(图)
cesasc.org说:留言于2015-11-01 11:31:41(第3条)
中華科工會研討會:第二期打破職場瓶頸的研討會 - 如何與人交談 - 11月22日
在職場除了与同事談公事,更要能夠私下互動談些公事以外的瑣事,例如體育,政治,経濟,文化等日常生活瑣事。這對於第一代移民的你我可是一件不容易的一件事。主要是我們的生活文化背景不同之故。但這些公事外的 "小談話" 卻是我們職塲上的重要潤滑劑。科工會有鍳於在談話方面對應方面的需要,特舉辦了這場由 Jeanette DePatie 主持的研討會。Jeanette 的經驗非常豐富,將由以美國文化為背景包括體育,藝術,音樂等而譲你能軽鬆的和任何人對話而達到交流的目的,壘積了個人的人胍。對你的事業生話有決對性的加分与幫助。除了一些基本的知識她更能現場讓您、參與和互動。不要擔心您的語言能力,因為您的語言能力是足夠的,您需要的是方法,交談的方法,對話的方式。我們會教你。年終假期到來,你無須再擔心參加公司社團的聚會與歡宴,平時更可與人深入的交流而成為核心份子。下次昇遷的機會不會再跳過你了。給自己一個機會,趕快來報名。座位有限。我們分現埸和網路兩類,分別為二十和十元,保證物超所值。另有優惠如您購買整個季票。如您覺的沒用學不到東西我們會全額退款給您。不會有風險。非常希望您和您的朋友一起來,您知道要改變您的社交, 創造您新的機會,來吧不要再想了,機會難得啊。帶著您的社交煩惱来,咱們一起努力解決。
日期: November 22, 2015
時間: 1:30 pm registration and networking, 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm 研討會開始
地奌: 601 Las Tunas Drive, #100, Arcadia CA 91007
登記: www.cesasc.org
jimmy说:留言于2015-10-31 08:07:46(第2条)
Good Morning,
Thank you so much for your kindness! Really appreciate it! Have a wonderful day and happy Halloween!
进来可好说:留言于2015-10-31 07:55:06(第1条)
我是一名中国人 26岁 男,想去参观学习美國華裔教授專家網,请给予我帮助。谢谢了!
We do not know who you are since you did not even want to provide any of your information.

We would never invite any strange individual to United States.


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