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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net
主編: 姜镇英 zjiang@barstow.edu
Zhenying Jiang
執委: 陳鈞銘 kmchan@csulb.edu
K. Ming Chan
网站: 艾红梅 hongmeiai@hotmail.com
Hongmei Ai
2010年 第16期 創刊第497期 5/10-5/17/2010
Table of content - 本期重要目录




Upcoming Events and Call for Participation

Important News and Announcements





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:北京和上海金融人的最新鄙视链 :日本政府《氢能利用进度表》 :美国《2016-2045年新兴科技趋势报告》 :天津工业大学“经纬英才”引进计划 :浙江财经大学国际青年学者论坛的邀请函 (10/31-11/1) :美国加大审查范围 北大多名美国留学生遭联邦调查局质询 :天安门广场喜迎“十一”花团锦簇的美丽景象 马亮:做院长就能够发更多论文?论文发表是不是一场“权力的游戏”?
Da Hsuan说:留言于2010-05-23 12:31:09(第34条)
I was asked to write the following Editorial for Texas Institute of Science


by: Dr. Da Hsuan Feng

In 1946, the year before India achieved independence, my father (who at the time was
stationed in New Delhi as a foreign correspondent for China’s Central News Agency)
interviewed the man who would go on to be the first Prime Minister of India,
Jawaharlal Nehru. During the interview, the future Prime Minister uttered twelve
insightful words to my father…“If India and China hold together, the future of Asia
is secured.”

What Nehru said nearly sixty five years ago is clearly just as relevant today. Last
August, I was asked to be the summary speaker for a conference in Taiwan organized by
the Asia Development Bank. The subject of the conference dealt with ‘Global Economic
Crisis: Impacts and Implications for Industrial Restructuring in Asia.’ Trained as a
theoretical physicist, I kept asking myself what I could say on the matter. What makes
this crisis different from all other economic crises in the past century?

Having experienced the petroleum crises of the 1970’s and early 80’s, and later the
dot-com burst and Asia financial tsunami in the late 90’s, it occurred to me that
this global crisis is fundamentally different. Unlike the other financial setbacks of
the last 40 years where China and India were merely showing signs of economic
greatness, this crisis is occurring at a time when both nations serve as two risen
world class economic powers. This fact is no more evident in that paper after paper
set forth at the recent conference seemed to generate a general consensus that if the
West is to recover from this current economic state, it is necessary that they fold
into their calculations the strengths of India and China, and to not do so will be
economic suicide.

It is realized that the rise of India and China may have an even more profound impact
on Asia itself. Throughout the 20th century, Asia was psychologically “coupled” to
the West, and understandably so. With superior economic and intellectual strengths, it
is quite natural that Asia viewed the West as the ‘standard of excellence.’ However,
after such a period as this with the West so palpably exposing its social & economic
weaknesses, this may be the first time in the modern global economy that Asia can
psychologically “DECOUPLE” from the West. This is not to suggest that Asia should
decouple economically and intellectually from the West; rather, I am talking about a
“psychological decoupling” to undo a sense of reliance on the West, without which it
is unlikely that Asia will develop a deep sense of inherent self-confidence and
without which the 21st century is surely not to be the “Asian Century.”

-Dr. Da Hsuan Feng
Greorge Tang说:留言于2010-05-23 00:44:31(第33条)
請大家點擊以下鏈接,閱覽本期人物專訪:北美崔哥 洛杉磯開侃


上海市人民政府侨务办公室经济科技处说:留言于2010-05-22 18:01:57(第32条)

wycsbl说:留言于2010-05-22 17:48:23(第31条)
我是一名内地的高二学生,现在纠结于本科是否需要去国外读(请允许我先介绍下自己的情况:若在国内高考,我能够冲击清华北大或是香港的大学;若申请国外的本科,比如美国,我打算冲击top20的大学 P.S 经济上暂时没有问题,我个人适应能力还行,也能吃苦)。我目前对将来的规划是——经商或是进金融机构、企业管理层(不过本科我打算读工科,可能的话辅修商科)。




Thank for referring the enquiry to me. Right now I am in Shanghai and would not be back by June 7. Somehow the student's email address does not appear in my screen. I just reply in a very brief way and you may forward my response to him. In fact I have an article in the website of CSA which the student may use it as a reference.
From the student's letter, it seems that he is one of the top students. If he is the top 0.1 % or the top 10 scholars in his province, his ability in academic should not be a problem.. He should be successful no matter in China or USA or anywhere in the world. The other factor is his social skill, his emotion and his philosophy in life. This means his leadership, ability to work in a team or leading a team especially with other race or nationality. His emotion means if he can adjust to his friends and families. We have seen many cases of bloddy violence with top students. The third challenge is his ability to handle financial situation. This does not mean his tuition and living expenses, but somehow he has to be financially independent. People may pick up bad habit, like gambling. Another point is driving. In USA everyone depends on car.
The final decision is the student himself. To study abroad is a challenge. If the student likes to meet any challenge including discrimination and downside of his life, then by all means try it out in USA. The student can always return home, if he could not build a rose garden in the foreign soil.
The student is still young, he has "time".

Prof Kwan Ming Chan
Christine Ma说:留言于2010-05-22 17:38:05(第30条)
I just wanted to share some information that the West Valley detention as of today released 50 inmates; not only West Valley, but also San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties. By the end of the month they will be releasing about 750 inmates. They are counting on it saving the state millions of dollars.
So I was warned to make sure I''''m aware of my surroundings at all times. Make sure you lock your doors to your house and car. Don''''t walk out at night by yourself. When leaving your house, get in your car, lock the doors, and start it before you open your garage. They are expecting a lot of things to happen since these guys need money and won''''t be able to find a job. Share this info with your kids so they are aware since I know some of us have kids that walk to and from school. Share it with your family and friends. So everyone be safe, be aware...pass it on to make them aware.

Alex Reynoso
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Victim-Witness Assistance Program
3204 Rosemead Blvd., Suite 200
El Monte, CA 91731
(626) 283-5314 Office Videophone
(626) 569-9541 Fax
UCLA Center for Chinese Studies说:留言于2010-05-22 12:00:06(第29条)
Responsible Stakeholder or Revisionist Superpower?
China and the World in the 21st Century
An all-day conference sponsored by the UCLA Burkle Center, UCLA Center for Chinese Studies, UCLA International Institute, and Center for American Progress.

Limited registration is available at the day of the conference
Monday, May 24
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
James West Alumni Center, UCLA
Conference Room

UCLA Center for Chinese Studies
11381 Bunche Hall • Los Angeles, CA 90095-1487
Campus Mail Code: 148703 • Tel: (310) 825-8683 • Fax: (310) 206-3555 • Email: china@international.ucla.edu
壹基金之家说:留言于2010-05-22 11:51:40(第28条)







西北师范大学社会发展与公共政策专业由赵修平夫妇基金会创设的“中国奖学金项目”(China Fellowship Program,简称CFP)支持,采取先选拔入校学习,后参加教育部统一考试的方式,从2010年5月开始招生,首届拟招收15—20名社会发展与公共政策专业硕士研究生。项目将有条件地为入选者提供学费、住宿费和部分生活费。


在2010南非世界怀开赛之即,VSO全球总裁Marg Mayne女士倡议有更多的人加入由VSO等组织发起的“发出我们的声音”活动,让世界政要及公众同时为了实现全世界儿童的教育这一目标而做出承诺和行动。愿意支持这一倡议的伙伴们可以通过点击VSO在线注册来声援这一行动,也可组织一些切实可行的关注儿童教育的活动。







社会组织登记将降低门槛 民政部门帮助找“婆家”(图)






William说:留言于2010-05-21 04:37:57(第27条)

I look forward to hearing from you again!

Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Jeremy Wong说:留言于2010-05-21 04:20:45(第26条)

Thanks and have a great break!

Sarah说:留言于2010-05-21 04:16:43(第25条)

Hope you are well.

HMTCF Angel Care Students Assistantship Project说:留言于2010-05-21 02:45:08(第24条)
Dearest Friend :

How are you ?!

唯有愛和關懷 , 人間才有希望 ! ~ Angel Care ~ We Care What You Care !

Here is 2010 HMTCF ~ Angel Care ~ Students Assistantship Projects ! [For the students in China , Singapore , Taiwan , Hong Kong & Macau]:


All The Best Wishes !

Your Sincerely !

HMTCF ~ Angel Care ~

Angelique Yeh
HK & MACAU TAIWANESE CHARITY FUND LTD www.hmtcf.org/organise.html
852-61028108 (M) 852-29519044 (Fax)

说:留言于2010-05-21 02:31:34(第23条)
I enjoy to read The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network. I find it very informational and stimulating to read.

罗军说:留言于2010-05-21 02:18:04(第22条)
That is wonderful.
Many thanks for your quick reaction about this competition. If there is any question about it from the readers, please feel free to let me know.

Best regards,

Arthur说:留言于2010-05-21 02:09:34(第21条)
Thank you so very much.

I deeply appreciate your great support.

Have a wonderful visit in Sichuan!


John Lee说:留言于2010-05-21 02:07:17(第20条)

Thank you.

Moses Chu说:留言于2010-05-21 01:28:36(第19条)

Thanks to your team for following through.

The situation was resolved. And Zhenying had identify the root cause of it.

Have a good day!

人物專訪说:留言于2010-05-21 01:24:52(第18条)
以下是本期人物專訪: 王立楨講前臺灣國防部長唐飛的故事


Cheng Lu说:留言于2010-05-20 09:10:52(第17条)
Dear all:

Under the great leadership of Richard Lee and with great team efforts made by all delegation members, our visit to Shanghai World Expo including Nantong and Anji has scored great successes in both business connections and personal experiences.

It is very memorable and leaves us a prolonged aftertaste. We will release related news step by step on www.chineseceo.org and we encourage you to go visit the website as often as you can. Attached below is news released today on World Journal 世界日报。

美國百人團訪世博 滿載而歸

Somebody has already send us a suggestion that we may schedule a date for reunion in USA for freindship and ongoing plan.

Best wishes,

Cheng Lu
Victor Yeh说:留言于2010-05-20 05:07:12(第16条)

吴程说:留言于2010-05-20 04:51:57(第15条)
Thank you
ghh_dwk说:留言于2010-05-20 00:09:33(第14条)
Thanks for the information.
david lin说:留言于2010-05-20 00:07:45(第13条)
Thank you very much!
SHANGHAILANDER CLUB说:留言于2010-05-20 00:06:26(第12条)
正當全世界的注意力都集中在上海世博的時候,一個电影將悄悄地把世人的眼光引向美國的一群 “老外上海人”。


美国上海人联谊会将为大家解开这个鲜为人知的近半个世纪的谜,一百年前上海从一个小鱼村逐步变成了国际化的大都市,70年前成千上万的犹太人为躲避德国法西斯的种族迫害携家逃到了上海,上海成了他们的避风堂,他们在上海生儿育女,有自己的学校,教堂等过着舒适安宁的生活,一直到德国,日本投降后他们才陆陆续续离开上海各奔东西,这就是后人所讲的“出上海记”。美国著名犹太人道演MR. GRED ANDERMANN将这段历史拍成了近两小时的记录影片,片名就叫“出上海记”,为大家叙述了老外上海人的故事,这些上海出生现已花甲的上海老手的真实回顾催人泪下,感慨万千。

美国上海人联谊会与蒙市图书馆联合为大家免费放映电影“SHANGHAI EXODUS 出上海记”, 届时导演MR GREG ANDERMANN 和太太 FAWN ANDERMANN将会出席,电影结束後將舉行研討會。正在洛杉矶的一些犹太人、“中國老手”、研究犹太人历史和研究居住中國的外國人歷史的学者專家也將與會參與討論。


地點: 蒙市議會廰 320 W NEWMARK AVE, MONTEREY PARK, CA 91754
時間: 2010年5月22日 (星期六) 下午1 点

影片簡介請看参考網站: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi3238003481/

联络人:鹿强 626-458-7666
Jiang Lee说:留言于2010-05-20 00:00:42(第11条)

hong.li说:留言于2010-05-19 23:34:44(第10条)
我的这篇文章被新浪网采用,放到博克的首页了,可否帮我们刊登在贵《及时通讯》呢? http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4d03d1440100iyue.html?tj=1


Hong Li 李红
American Bonus Mortgage
American Bonus Realty
DRE Lic. 01414165
626-236-0886 (Cell)
626-956-0889 (Fax)
626-810-8922 (Office)
Wei Guo说:留言于2010-05-19 23:29:58(第9条)
Hi,Please change my address to wfa5395@bigpond.com

Thank you.
Steve Chu说:留言于2010-05-19 05:43:32(第8条)
I can now be best reached at


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road, Mail Stop 50A-4112
Berkeley, California 94720

My Stanford e-mail address will be CLOSED soon.
Li CoCo说:留言于2010-05-19 03:47:41(第7条)
I am Coco Lee, this is my new email: cococcyp@hotmail.com, before it not work,
I am very like about your news.

Thank you

Coco Lee
2010 Global Green Strategies Conference说:留言于2010-05-19 03:42:26(第6条)
Dear business and community leaders, entrepreneurs,

Southern California Edison cordially invites you to attend the 2010 Global Green Strategic Conference scheduled on Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 5pm - 8pm. The conference will take place at Southern California Edison headquarter located at 2244 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead. This event is co-hosted with Hong Kong Association of Southern California and Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Please share this invitations with your business networks and members. Admission is FREE.

This conference will provide a forum to present renewable energy industry, small business rebates and incentives, energy efficiency programs to lower your bill, and money saving tips with improved environmental practices for local businesses.

Seating is limited. For conference information and registration, please click this link http://hkasc.org/event_rsvp_may25.html for online registration.

Daphne Ng
Community Partnerships Director
Southern California Edison
Telephone: (626)302-1885
Fax: (626)302-7113
翁萍说:留言于2010-05-19 03:39:14(第5条)
【Evening Talk】商业领袖的道德教育
Improvement in personal ethics of business leaders critical for survival——《哈佛商业评论》
  本周四晚主题沙龙活动特邀温哥华的Tom Culham 先生与您一起解析商业道德、人际关系及情商在商业中的作用。如此精彩的话题,千万不要错过哦。

  时 间: 2010年5月20日18时
  地 点:忆叶情咖啡吧时尚俱乐部
  电 话:021-50800399*8003
  邮 箱:info@paros.cn

Tom Culham P. Eng M.A. Sc. Candidate for Ph.D. Philosophy of Education
Business Career
Tom, an engineer with a 30 year career, has held senior business leadership roles including: Managing Director International Rail Consultants, which carried out worldwide engineering projects; Vice President Transportation and Competitiveness of the Council of Forest Industries, an association providing government-industry relations services, and Director Materials and Logistics of Weldwood of Canada Ltd a forest products manufacturing company with annual sales of $1 billion. Reporting to the Weldwood president, he managed logistics and materials procurement expenditures exceeding $300 million annually and led a supply chain transformation to support realignment of the firm to a customer centric focus. Tom, currently principal of his management consulting firm, is also a sessional instructor in the Operations and Logistics Division of the Sauder School of Business at UBC.
Current Academic Studies
In 2007 Tom formalized his life-long interest in Asian philosophies and contemplative practices by enrolling in SFU’s Ph.D. Philosophy of Education program. He has completed his comprehensive exam and is his third year of doctoral studies. His research topic is ethics education of leaders, focusing on pedagogy that enhances professional-ethical judgment by complementing and balancing instrumental rationality with attention to “reasons of the heart,” also popularly known as emotional intelligence (EI). The theoretical framework informing his doctoral research is drawn from three areas of scholarship: 1) the philosophy and practice of virtue ethics in the west with a focus in MacIntyre’s neo-Aristotelian ethics; 2) the contemplative philosophy and practice of Daoism with respect to virtue; 3) contemporary pedagogy of leadership education with an emphasis on emotional intelligence (EI) and regulation. At the invitation of the Sauder School of Business, Tom has incorporated emotional intelligence and contemplative concepts into business classes.

2010 HMTCF ~ Angel Care ~ Students Assistantship说:留言于2010-05-19 03:36:44(第4条)
2010 HMTCF ~ Angel Care ~ Students Assistantship Projects !

[ China , Singapore , Taiwan , Hong Kong & Macau ]

had beeen announced ~

HK & MACAU TAIWANESE CHARITY FUND LTD www.hmtcf.org/organise.html

2010.HMTCF.Angel.Care.Projects@gmail.com www.facebook.com/2010.HMTCF.Angel.Care.Projects


All The Best Wishes !

Your Sincerely !
HMTCF ~ Angel Care ~ Angelique Yeh
852-61028108 (M) 852-29519044 (Fax)

唯有愛和關懷 , 人間才有希望 ! ~ Angel Care ~ We Care What You Care !
first communication说:留言于2010-05-19 03:34:47(第3条)
Dear friends,

Please click the below two links



You will find your picture(s) by yourself or with other friends.

Enjoy it!
Editorial Admin说:留言于2010-05-19 03:33:02(第2条)
Festival and Fanfare: The Asian Cultural Festival returns to San Diego after a five-year absence while Asian Heritage Awards nominees share the spotlight with noted artist Jian Wang.

Elephants and Temples: They’re pretty synonymous with Thailand. While Bangkok undergoes daily turmoil, the rest of the country survives and tries to put on a game face.

Mainly Sarah: Violin virtuoso Sarah Chang returns to San Diego to perform at this year’s Mainly Mozart Festival. But will she perform Mozart?

A Life Lived: Sombati “Sam” Hmudpongtua – never one to shy away from conflict.

Click on the link below for the full stories:


Also, find out what special Asian events are going on in Southern California by clicking on the Asia Society link


Asia Media
5857 B Mission Gorge Road
San Diego, CA 92120

Contact Name: Editorial Admin
Telephone Number: (619) 521-8008
Jimmy Wang说:留言于2010-05-19 02:58:53(第1条)
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