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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net


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2016年 第28期 創刊第737期 10/13-10/20/2016
Table of content - 本期重要目录


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:当中国幼教在狠着劲拔苗助长和敛财时,德国的幼儿园在干什么? :中医药真实世界研究的基本考虑 :荀凤元:依靠技工院校培养的青年技能大军实现制造强国梦 :杜绝洋垃圾:大陆必须取消对外国留学生的“超国民待遇” :高培勇:不能身子进了高质量发展阶段,脑袋还停留于高速增长阶段 :职场社交真相:谁更会“聊”? :2019年第二届 悦·少儿美术馆小馆长全球招募 :2019杭州海外创新创业大赛
Rocky Mountain Winter Conference说:留言于2016-11-02 09:24:37(第21条)
Rocky Mountain Winter Conference on Emergency Medicine, held at the Copper Mountain Resort in Copper, Colorado February 25-March 1, 2017.
Winter Wilderness Medicine And Snow Skills Workshop. Saturday, February 25, 2017. Learn to survive and thrive in the face of winter and mountain emergencies. Join international wilderness medicine experts Dr. Todd Miner and Dr. Jay Lemery to practice winter survival on the mountain. Topics include managing cold injuries, building snow shelters, sleds, litters and carries, as well as an introduction to avalanche safety. Backcountry skis or snowshoes required and available for rent. Participants responsible for lunch and ski lift ticket. 8 additional CME Hours. Space is limited so sign fast
at http://www.rockymtncme.com/

The Saturday evening, February 25th Welcome Reception is always a must! Saturday evening''s keynote speaker is Dr Peter Hackett, Director for Institute of Altitude Medicine, speaking on "Mountain High Adventures: Lessons from the Wilderness for your ED!".
ACEP legend Dr. Amal Mattu returns to kick off Monday with "VTach Mimics that ACLS will Kill!" To create a truly exceptional learning experience for all the participants, Rocky Mountain Winter Conference brings together the very best educators from the top emergency medicine training programs throughout the United States. Every detail of the curriculum has been developed specifically for today''s practicing Emergency Physician.

Target Audience:
The Rocky Mountain Winter Conference on Emergency Medicine has been designed primarily for the Emergency Physician. It is also a valuable educational experience for healthcare providers including, Intensivists, Hospitalists, Family Physicians, Paramedics, Nurses and Physician Assistants utilizing the talents of the most respected emergency medicine training hospitals in the country. Please book reservations directly with the Copper Resort Group Reservations at 888-760-7561 and reference the Rocky Mountain Winter Conference and/or code #2394. When booking lodging, group discounted lift tickets, rentals, and ski school can also be purchased - in addition to other winter activities/offerings. Visit the Rocky Mountain Winter Conference website for more information or call 503-635-4761. Toll free at 866-924-7929.
AMSUS说:留言于2016-11-02 09:15:45(第20条)
Policy makers, planners and providers, the U.S. Military Trauma System has revolutionized casualty care, but there is still work to be done! Come to the 2016 AMSUS Annual Meeting to learn how they did it and what is needed next -straight from the people who were responsible, our modern "giants" of trauma care.

Among others, hear COL (Ret) John Holcomb describe the Joint Trauma System; CAPT (Ret) Frank Butler on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC); and how research into shock, resuscitation and wound management have saved so many lives. And most important, a look toward tomorrow for how the skills and knowledge learned so dearly on yesterday''s battlefield will be transitioned to civilians and maintained into the future. View the draft agenda on the Meeting website. Meeting registration is now open. We look forward to seeing you in November.
AMSUS | 301-897-8800 | amsus.org | amsusmeetings.org

Did you know approximately 22 military veterans take their own lives every day due to a mental health crisis? Preventing suicide among U.S. Service Members and Veterans is a national priority. So what can be done to help? Hear about state-of-the-art solutions for suicide prevention training and outreach on Wednesday, 30 November from the VA, DoD and other federal partners at the AMSUS Annual Meeting.
Session content includes:
•VA, DoD Suicide Prevention Programs
•VA Suicide Data Report
•VA''s Perceptive Reach Program
•Predictive Modeling in Suicide Prevention
•Federal Partners Panel: CDC, SAMHSA, NIH
For more about this session and others visit amsus.org
Join the conversation on Twitter by #AMSUS2016
World Extreme Medicine Expo说:留言于2016-11-02 09:11:42(第19条)
World Extreme Medicine; where mankind goes, medicine must follow. We are dedicated to sharing and spreading best practice for the world's medical professionals, willing to risk themselves to help others. Now in its 5th year, the World Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo is a powerful and high profile event, recognized for its world-renowned speakers, its authoritative and innovative content plus its contribution to sharing information for those practicing medicine at its most remote and austere.

We have built a platform where inspiring medical minds meet, share experiences and promote cross-disciplinary working. We have an eclectic range of partners from a variety of disciplines; medicine to zoology, military to aero-medical retrieval. We introduce research, left field paradigms and innovation. The energy is unparalleled and the presence of so many amazingly energetic minds creates an electrifying experience. The combination of an incredible speaker line-up, practical workshops and demonstrations of medical techniques in challenging environments, is a compelling proposition for our international audience of medical professionals, more than 800 of whom attended the event in 2015. Being a medic just became the most exciting career on earth...

Join us at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 18 - 21 NOVEMBER 2016.
Visit http://www.extrememedicineexpo.com/
Follow on TWITTER @ExpedMedicine @Extremeexpo
清华大学圣地亚哥校友会说:留言于2016-11-02 01:41:50(第18条)
2016 年10月29日(周六),圣地亚哥清华校友在Torrey Pines Reserve举办了一次爬山活动。约30位在本地的清华校友,包括来自本地各大公司、加大圣地亚哥分校、Scripps 高校研究所等,以及兄弟院校的朋友一起参加了这次爬山活动。爬山活动中大家精神抖擞,兴致所至,圆满完成了爬山的计划。活动之后还在大中华美食城举行聚餐,清华校友和亲朋好友欢快轻松地度过了美好的一天。
清华在圣地亚哥的校友开展本次活动,主要是针对过一段时期,总有一些清华校友新搬入圣地亚哥工作或者学习,因此 Hiking 活动基本上成为加强校友间联系,同时帮助新来乍到的新校友快速融入到SD清华校友大家庭里来主要的一项联谊活动。清华大学圣地亚哥校友会网址为:http://tsinghua-sandiego.org

UWEST.EDU说:留言于2016-11-02 01:37:23(第17条)

CTC说:留言于2016-11-02 01:33:12(第16条)
Thank you so much for your prompt and kind arrangement for this event as your top News of the week! Really appreciate it! Have a good night! All the best, L.
西安电子科技大学说:留言于2016-10-29 09:10:48(第15条)

西安是一个美丽的城市,是我国十三朝古都,有着深厚的文化底蕴和精神内涵,我们非常欢迎柴老师、姜会长来西安访问! 颂秋褀。

Ming Li
Personnel Devision and Talents Service Center
Xidian University
Chinese Studies - UCLA说:留言于2016-10-28 06:34:48(第14条)
Seminar - Aspirations and Illusions: A Trompe L'oeil Collage tradition in Chinese Painting
Friday, November 04, 2016 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
10383 Bunche Hall, UCLA
A radically new genre of painting appeared in China during the mid-nineteenth century and then disappeared, forgotten in the dust heaps of history. Artists – calling their paintings bapo, Eight Brokens -- depicted scattered, deteriorating papers, usually of artistic and scholarly importance, arranged in a collage-like appearance. Torn, worm-eaten calligraphies, paintings, printed pages lay alongside quotidian ephemera, such as advertisements and postmarked envelopes. Now, in the twenty-first century, the time is ripe to explore and recognize the ingenuity, creativity, aesthetics, humor, and literati expressions of these unique paintings. Nancy Berliner examines the story of the mysterious development of bapo in China and the layered stories the artists were telling. Contact: china@international.ucla.edu
UCLA Chinese Studies说:留言于2016-10-27 07:28:15(第13条)
29th Sammy Yukuan Lee Lecture
Saturday, November 05, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Harry and Yvonne Lenart Auditorium
Fowler Museum at UCLA
Talk by Nancy Berliner, Wu Tung Curator of Chinese Art at the Museum of Fine Arts
Within the Forbidden City, the Qianlong Garden with its 26 buildings and pavilions, designed inside and out by the emperor is a thrilling manifestation of an emperor's visual imagination. One of the world's greatest art connoisseurs, the 18th century Qianlong Emperor, collected a myriad of ancient masterpieces, but also relished his privileged opportunity to work with the finest artists and artisans to design and create all manner of inspired objects. With a deep knowledge of Chinese artistic traditions and a hungry interest in European aesthetics and styles, he and his workers produced extraordinary porcelains, trompe-l'oeil murals and fantastical garden estates, the likes of which had never before been seen in China.

Nancy Berliner, PhD., a historian of Chinese art and architecture, is the Wu Tung Curator of Chinese Art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her most recent exhibition is “Court Ladies or Pin-Up Girls? Chinese Painting from the Museum of Fine Arts.” Until 2012, she was the Curator of Chinese Art at the Peabody Essex Museum and curator of Yin Yu Tang, a 200-year old rural Chinese house now at the Peabody Essex Museum. She also serves as an interpretive and curatorial advisor to the World Monuments Fund on the Qianlong Garden, Forbidden City, conservation project in Beijing. She is the author of Chinese Folk Art: The Small Skills of Carving Insects; Friends of the House, Furniture of China’s Towns and Villages; Beyond the Screen, Chinese Furniture of the 16th and 17th Centuries; Yin Yu Tang, the Daily Life and Architecture of a Chinese House, which was selected as a Notable Book of 2003 by the New York Times Book Review Section; co-author with Edward Cooke of Inspired by China: Contemporary Furnituremakers Explore Chinese Traditions, and editor of Juanqinzhai in the Qianlong Garden.
Contact: china@international.ucla.edu
China Institute说:留言于2016-10-27 06:59:17(第12条)
Literature of the Six Dynasties Period
A Ben Wang Lecture Series
3 Session Series: Thursdays, October 27, November 3, 10, 6:30-8:00PM
40 Rector Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10006

In conjunction with Art in a Time of Chaos, the grand exhibition of cultural relics from the Six Dynasties Period at China Institute, Ben Wang, Senior Lecturer of Language and Humanity of the Institute, offers a special course on literature of the Six Dynasties Period. Lives and works by representative poets of the period as well as the quintessential spirit of famed texts A New Account of Tales of the World and Zhaoming's Collection of Literary Works will be discussed in this three-session series.

The Six Dynasties Period (220-589) marks as one of the most significant and influential periods in the history of Chinese literature, namely poetry, in that pentasyllabic and heptasyllabic quatrains emerged. These new poetic styles would flourish and dominate the poetic scene in the later Tang Dynasty (618-907). Another unique linguistic happening of this period was the start of the formal tonal system (the four tones) of the Chinese language, which led to an ideal musicality in poetry.

One of the two most important collections of literature from the period is Zhaoming's Collection of Literary Works by Crown Prince Zhaoming (501-531) of the Liang Dynasty (502-557), the first and a stupendous collection of literary and poetic works published before the untimely death of the young prince. The other is A New Account of Tales of the World, an amusing book, the first of its kind, on the romantic anecdotes and sayings of the witty men of letters of the time, which was compiled and edited by Liu Yiqing (403-444) of the Song Dynasty (420-581) of the Six Dynasties. This lecture will be conducted in English. No previous knowledge of the Chinese language is required.

Contact: 212-744-8181 ext. 138 or by email at anicholson@chinainstitute.org
SICC - Societa'''' Italiana Caos e Complessita''''说:留言于2016-10-27 00:14:01(第11条)
Lake Como School of Advanced Studies
Villa del Grumello, Como, Italy, 15-19 May 2017
Sponsored by SICC - Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity
Many real systems can be modeled as networks, where the elements of the system are nodes and interactions between elements are edges. An even larger set of systems can be modeled using dynamical processes on networks, which are in turn affected by the dynamics. Networks thus represent the backbone of many complex systems, and their theoretical and computational analysis makes it possible to gain insights into numerous applications. Networks permeate almost every conceivable discipline---including sociology, transportation, economics and finance, biology, and myriad others---and the study of "network science" has thus become a crucial component of modern scientific education.
The school "Complex Networks: Theory, Methods, and Applications" offers a succinct education in network science. It is open to all aspiring scholars in any area of science or engineering who wish to study networks of any kind (whether theoretical or applied), and it is especially addressed to doctoral students and young postdoctoral scholars. The aim of the school is to deepen into both theoretical developments and applications in targeted fields.

.STEFANO BATTISTON, University of Zurich .VITTORIA COLIZZA, Inserm & Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, and ISI Foundation, Turin .PETTER HOLME, Sungkyunkwan University .YAMIR MORENO, University of Zaragoza .CARLO PICCARDI, Politecnico di Milano .MASON A. PORTER, UCLA

.GINESTRA BIANCONI, Queen Mary University of London .JAVIER BORGE-HOLTHOEFER, Complex Systems Group, Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona .CIRO CATTUTO, Scientific Director & Data Science Laboratory head, ISI Foundation, Turin .JAMES GLEESON, MACSI, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick .THILO GROSS, Department of Engineering Mathematics, Merchant Venturers School of Engineering, University of Bristol .YAMIR MORENO, Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems
(BIFI) & Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Zaragoza

Monday, 15 May, morning: Introduction to Networks (Bianconi)
Monday, 15 May, afternoon: Continuous-state Dynamics on Networks (Gross)
Tuesday, 16 May, morning: Discrete-state Dynamics on Networks (Gleeson)
Tuesday, 16 May, afternoon: no lectures
Wednesday, 17 May, morning: Multilayer Networks (Bianconi)
Wednesday, 17 May, afternoon: short talks by students
Thursday, 18 May, morning: Evolutionary Game Theory and Human Behavior (Moreno)
Thursday, 18 May, afternoon: no lectures
Friday, 19 May, morning: Computational Social Science/1 - Unconventional Approaches to Collective
Behavior: Information and Urban ecosystems (Borge-Holthoefer)
Friday, 19 May, afternoon: Computational Social Science/2 (Cattuto)
For more information and application:
Sponsored by SICC - Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity http://www.sicc-it.org
e-mail info@sicc-it.org
BC Human Resources说:留言于2016-10-26 05:33:05(第10条)
Good Afternoon,
Please review the attached job announcements and forward them to anyone interested in applying. Visit http://www.barstow.edu/HR_Employement_Opportunities.html for an application. Positions are also posted at www.edjoin.org and www.cccregistry.org. The current job opportunities with Barstow College are:
Classified: Financial Aid Technician I, Closes on Nov 8, 2016
Confidential: Human Resources Technicial, Closes on Nov. 8, 2016
Management: Civic Center & College Events Manager, First Paper Screening on Nov 3, 2016
Thank You,

Human Resources
Barstow College
760-252-2411, Ext. 7232
UCLA CCS说:留言于2016-10-25 09:44:00(第9条)
The Optical Illusion Revisited: What Happens in Six Months
Thursday, October 27, 2016 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
10383 Bunche Hall, UCLA
Talk by Tina Lu, Yale University
The image above is part of a famous series of illustrations of Xixiangji (The Story of the Western Wing) and dates from right before the fall of the Ming dynasty. The particular woodblock print depicts a zoumadeng, a revolving lantern powered by the heat of a candle. Six months ago, Tina Lu gave a lecture at UCLA about a seventeenth-century community of lens specialists (what Joseph Needham calls
中美電影節说:留言于2016-10-24 03:38:44(第8条)

聖地牙哥亞洲電影節说:留言于2016-10-24 03:37:01(第7条)
代表台灣角逐2017年奧斯卡最佳外語片的「只要我長大」將在聖地牙哥亞洲電影節閃亮登場。喜愛台灣電影的觀眾有福了! 聖地牙哥年度規模最大的「亞洲電影節」(San Diego Asian FilmFestival),將於11月4日至6日在聖地牙哥加大(UCSD)舉辦「台灣電影櫥窗」(Taiwan Cinema Showcase),預計放映七場次十部台灣電影,其中還包括代表台灣角逐2017年奧斯卡最佳外語片的「只要我長大」(Hang In There, Kids),讓民眾一睹為快。「台灣電影櫥窗」是由聖地牙哥亞洲電影節、聖地牙哥加大台灣研究講座(UCSD Taiwan StudiesLecture Series)、川流台灣研究講座(UCSD Chuan LyuEndowed Chair in Taiwan Studies)所共同主辦,也是台灣電影在南加州重要展示平台。此外,還有台北電影節開幕片「菜鳥」(Maverick)、犯罪心理電影「失控謊言」(White Lies,Black Lies)、經典影片「風兒踢踏踩」(Cheerful Wind)、紀錄片「海的彼端」(After Spring, The Tamaki Family)和「日曜日式散步者」(Le Moulin),以及短片「禁止下錨」(Anchorage Prohibited)、「阿尼」(Arnie)、「銅板少年」(Coin Boy)、「一念」(Single Belief)等,皆可看出台灣的多元文化及語言面貌。

電影「只要我長大」是以國語搭配泰雅族語發音,敘述三名在部落長大的小男孩,拿著老師的錄音帶來到台北,展開一連串的故事;「菜鳥」則是描述剛進入分局的警察小葉,為了追求正義,不得不遊走在道德犯罪的邊緣;「失控謊言」是敘述一名周刊記者因採訪,意外發現另一樁草草了結的命案;紀錄片「海的彼端」和「日曜日式散步者」皆以日據殖民時代為背景,描寫上一個世代日本與台灣間的糾葛情懷與文化激盪。聖地牙哥「亞洲電影節」票價12元,連買六部電影票為60元,網路購票和放映時間可上 festival.sdaff.org 網站查詢。「台灣電影櫥窗」影片播放地址:UCSD Calit2 Atkinson Hall Auditorium, Voigt Dr. and Equality Ln, La Jolla, CA 92093。
大波士頓區中華文化協會合唱團说:留言于2016-10-24 02:37:16(第6条)
大波士頓區中華文化協會合唱團年度音樂會,將於11月5日(周六)晚7時30分,在尼頓鎮(Needham)Christ Episcopal教堂舉行。主題為「今山古道,古吟今唱」,曲目包括:古詩古詞「聽董大彈胡笳弄」、「白雲歌送劉十六歸山」、「問世間情是何物」的現代合唱版;民歌合唱曲「頭擺的你」、「嘎額麗泰」和「今山古道」;台灣原住民歌曲「收割歌」、「收穫歌」、「我懷念的朋友」和「來甦」,以及法國作曲家Maurice Durufle譜寫的三首經文歌。免費入場,會後有茶點招待。聯絡可電:(781)608-3985,或電郵:gbccagcs2016@gmail.com。地址:1132 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA 02494。
北美中華醫學會说:留言于2016-10-24 02:31:34(第5条)
北美中華醫學會(American Chinese Medical Association)將於11月6日(周日)下午12時30分至4時30分,在安多福鎮(Andover)老年中心(The Center at Punchard)舉辦「醫學講座和健康諮詢」。專題講座有「在美國怎麼看病?」、「我需要做體檢嗎?」、「怎樣預防心血管疾病?」、「我是不是老年癡呆了?」,以及「什麼是DNR(do not resuscitate)?」。將有20多位來自內科、家庭、老年、心臟內外、神經內外、消化、精神、泌尿、風濕、內分泌、兒科、麻醉疼痛、腫瘤、病理、牙科、藥劑等科等,能說中英文的專家提供免費諮詢。北美中華醫學會定期在大波士頓地區不同社區提供服務,此次活動由安多福華人協會協辦。聯絡可電郵:jkliu01@yahoo.com,或:yican@caandover.org。
南加州華裔教師協會说:留言于2016-10-24 01:17:10(第4条)
南加州華裔教師協會於23日(周日)下午2時30分至5時,舉辦慶祝成立九周年慶暨會員大會、專題演講。專題演講講解如何利用YouTube中文教材來授課、Illuminate 網址與布置作業好處、如何在公立學校系統生存經驗、網上教學(Verso and Webex) 的經驗。南加州華裔教師協會是加州唯一公立中小學華裔教師組織,目的是鼓勵華裔人士進入主流中小學擔任教職。九年來分別舉辦過加州教師檢定考試輔導班(CBEST)、高中單科中文考試輔導班(CSET-Mandarin)、中文教學法研討會等培訓課程。並曾於數年前由中國漢辦邀請赴上海培訓基地與中國漢語專家研討中文教學經驗。

活動地點在華僑文教服務中心會議廳,地址:9443 Telstar Ave, El Monte, CA 91761。
YT He说:留言于2016-10-24 00:45:27(第3条)
Many thanks, Prof. Jiang!

- YT
Think-Israel.org说:留言于2016-10-23 12:25:52(第2条)
THINK-ISRAEL features essays, contextual analyses and commentaries on the war Islam is waging against Israel and the West. This issue examines the legal and historic rights of the Jews of Israel to the Land of Israel.

Who Are the Palestinian People? (Sagamori, Hertz, Dann, Sharpe, Kaufman, Mandelbaum)
What Is The History Of the Ancient Kingdom Of Palestine? (Simpson, Ronen, Berlyn, Brand, Gottheil, Hertz)
Why Invent The Palestinian People? (Reilly, Steele, Brand, Yee, Bukay)
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