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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net
主編: 姜镇英 zjiang@barstow.edu
Zhenying Jiang
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Hongmei Ai
2010年 第22期 創刊第503期 7/8-7/14/2010
Table of content - 本期重要目录




Upcoming Events and Call for Participation

Important News and Announcements





UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2010 No.22)

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:商洛学院2019年高层次人才招聘公告 :面臨中美貿易戰長期摩擦考驗 企業可思考具體因應的8項措施 宋楷文:庆祝北大建校120周年 林建华率团出席第八届北大北美校友代表大会 :董洁林:2018年,诺贝尔经济学奖颁给了一个错误的理论 :英国13岁少年发明变色安全套 - 可自动测试性病病毒 :沙烨:美国副总统彭斯的演讲是充满修辞、夸张、臆想和煽动的谎言 :王红教授代表ScholarsNet出席2018相聚上海、共谋发展和国庆招待会 :陈岳云:平衡性发展是中国可持续高质量发展的基础
Community Outreach说:留言于2010-07-22 09:45:42(第30条)
Thank you so much! Have a wonderful week!
Pacific Asia Museum说:留言于2010-07-22 08:33:36(第29条)
Thank you for updating us on the latest news related to US and China. In celebration of our special exhibition: China Modern: Designing Popular Culture 1910-1970 (press release in Chinese to be provided soon), our museum is hosting a community partners family day on Sunday August 29, 2010, with scheduled program between 4-6 pm. I’m writing to see if Chinese American Professors and Professional Net will be interested in co-presenting this event with us. No financial contribution is required to become a community co-presenter, all it takes is a commitment to spread the word and encourage your members to come.

Liu, Zhijing说:留言于2010-07-22 00:06:55(第28条)

Liu, Zhijing说:留言于2010-07-21 02:30:20(第27条)
Thank you for the info.

Can you add me to the list?

Thanks a lot.

Will do!
WENDY说:留言于2010-07-21 02:25:45(第26条)

而在国内同年男女比,他们都已成家,孩子已不小了. 我想在每个人的心底深处还是希望有个家的.遇到自己的另一半.大家都需要努一些力,做些牺牲与妥协.



因我参加过几次"真爱教会"举办的单身营,看过一些交友,约会,择偶方面的书,拿过一些协谈辅导的课. 曾成功介绍一位弟兄给我的同事.


在报名过程中,希望对方.写下自己的: 年龄,性别, 籍贯,曾学习工作居住过的地方,学历,职业,收入来美年数,兴趣爱好,婚姻状况,信仰状况,人生目标,婚姻中角色安排,用30字左右描述一下自己个性,人品等情况.





世界经济贸易文化论坛组织委员会说:留言于2010-07-20 23:57:19(第25条)


于2010年8月20日—22日在北京隆重召开“世界经济贸易文化论坛”。 鉴于您和您的单位在世界各地区、各领域所做出的突出贡献,我们将推荐您为世界华人爱国之星”荣誉称号,特此诚挚向您发出邀请,希望您能够在百忙之中抽出时间出席本次盛会!我们表示忠心的感谢!期待您的回复, 谢谢!

顺颂 商祺!

世界经济贸易文化论坛组织委员会 吕 成
电话:+86-10-86200977 传 真:+86-10-88933799


None of our members will not attend the event.
joseph yuan说:留言于2010-07-20 17:05:41(第24条)

謝謝! YUAN
Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders Community Forum说:留言于2010-07-20 13:26:33(第23条)
Dear Friends & Colleagues,

You are cordially invited by Southern California Edison (SCE) to attend the 2010 Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders Community Forum on Friday, August 13, 2010, at Long Beach. Please join Veronica Gutierrez, Vice President of SCE Corporate Communications and Lisa Cagnolatti, Vice President of SCE Business Customer Division in this collaborative effort to develop an impactful framework and forge new partnerships for the AAPI community.

Meet and connect with SCE executives, nonprofit leaders, businesses, and corporate partners
Learn about SCE''''s community initiatives, programs and services as well as partnership opportunities in meeting the needs of our communities
Collaborate on creating specific strategies to partner directly with SCE as well as other stakeholder organizations

Friday, August 13, 2010
8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Cost is FREE

The Grand Long Beach Event Center
4101 E. Willow Street
Long Beach, CA 90815

Continental Breakfast and lunch will be served.

RSVP Deadline: August 6, 2010
To RSVP, please contact Elizabeth Canadas (626)302-1156, or e-mail Elizabeth.Canadas@sce.com

This event is co-hosted with:
Asian Pacific American Leadership Project
Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council
Guam Communications Network
Pacific Asian Counseling Services
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
NECINA说:留言于2010-07-20 11:52:31(第22条)
The followings are the upcoming events from NECINA and its partners. We hope you could attend and enjoy the events.
1. Legal Seminar: China Intellectual Property Landscape & Practice (July 24th)
2. New England Chinese Professional Summer Outing (Aug 14th)
Free Legal Seminar
• Title: China Intellectual Property Landscape & Practice
• Time: 10:00am-12:00pm, July 24 (Saturday)
• Place: MIT, Building E-25, room 117
45 Carleton St., Cambridge MA 02142
• Speaker: Dr. Zoe (Zhaohui) Wang, J.D., Ph.D
• Cost:Free.
The surging growth of china in the past 20 years as an economic super-power has made it a magnet to international businesses. Intellectual property protection is increasingly critical for companies to establish and maintain strong competitive edge in the marketplace. Yet foreign companies entering the Chinese markets often find themselves operating in an uncharted territory with different IP laws and regulations. IP rights protection in China is as challenging as it is confusing.
To help our members to better understand and navigate China's complex IP system, OCEAN, along with CABA, NECINA and ACBEA, is pleased to host a free seminar about current Chinese IP law and practice. The invited speaker is Dr. Zoe (Zhaohui) Wang, currently a partner at JUN HE, a prominent law firm in China, with over 300 attorneys and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Haikou, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and New York City. Zoe is widely recognized as one of top IP prosecutors/litigators in China.
Please contact Karl Qin at Biopharma Vision (617-470-6099) if you have any questions.
Background about the speaker
Zoe's practice is focused on patent prosecution, infringement and validity opinions, freedom-to-operate analyses, due diligence review, patent litigation, technology transfers and licensing, trademark and trade secret protection strategies. Her work involves technologies in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, material science, software, electronics and device.
Prior to joining Jun He, Zoe was the managing partner of Perkins Coie LLP. She joined Perkins Coie in 2005 and moved to Shanghai to help open the Perkins Coie Shanghai office. Prior to Perkins Coie, Zoe practiced law in New York at Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom (1999 to 2003), and at Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner (2003 to 2005).
Zoe graduated from Wuhan University with a B.S. in Virology; a Ph.D. in biology from Duke University; a J.D. from Columbia University.
New England Chinese Professional Summer Outing
An annual event co-organized by ACMA, CABA, CAIPLA, NECINA & OCEAN
• When: Saturday, August 14, 2010 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (rain date: Aug. 15)
• Where: Hopkinton State Park, 268 Cedar Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748
• Activities:
- Picnic, biking, hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, beach, soccer, volleyball, raffle prizes, kids games
- Consultation with professionals including doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs
• Tickets:
Members & Family: $8/adult, $5/kid (5-18y), free/kid
Non-members: $10 / adult, $5/kid (5-18y), free/kid
Payment is due on site. Cash Only.
• Pre-registration:
- Please RSVP by August 7th to secure the seats, space is limited. Last year it's was a sold-out event! http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/TECAVMJKSWHZBWPPGKJZ/summer2010
• Members of hosting organization, when you register @ Evite, please indicate your organization …
wenchen yao说:留言于2010-07-19 13:38:09(第21条)
试行免费 住宿方案请大家多提宝贵意见

我们海归都有着共同的想法,回国做点事情,安全信用程度大大高于陌生网友,但是除了开会,平时联系不是很频繁。我的倡议,在于大家经常能见面。若到其他城市旅行办事,自住宾馆,完事就走,不能 很好交流。如下是粗浅方案内容,请大家 多提宝贵意见,加以改进提高。

2. 更多旅行者还是希望在目的地有朋友为自己参谋。那么“换伴”是你最好的旅行顾问,他们会告诉你在哪能吃到地道小吃、哪些无聊景点需要退避三舍,这些第一手的旅行资讯,比最华丽的旅游指南都要实用得多。大多数交换伙伴之间的友谊都可以长期保持。若是工作出差,也许可以帮点小忙。
3.共享资源 以全球免费住宿俱乐部的形式出现,共享俱乐部成员的资源,不一定是一对一的交换,可能你提供房间给广州的朋友,而你去了上海由上海的朋友负责接待。
房主每次提供1人1晚住宿(无论卧床还是沙发)积分 +1。
房客每次到其他房主借宿,一人一晚,(无论卧床还是沙发)积分 -1。
分别记账,作为信用参考。年底可以 正副 销账。 可以建立电子 档案。
为扩大朋友圈子,房主可以让 同城市信赖的亲戚朋友提供住宿,以积累正分。
正分多者,当自己的亲戚朋友到他地 旅行时,也可推荐借宿。

1. “换房旅游”是一种最需要“将心比心”的活动,在整个过程中,诚信是此项活动成功与否的前提条件。另外,如果会员向你提出借宿申请,尽量及时回复,为人诚信。
2. 一定要签署换房协议,协议中注明房屋交换日期、入住人数、如何支付水、电和电话及清洁卫生用品费用等。双方换房后的长期交流将成为你一项不可多得的无形资产。另外,还需提供协议双方的证明文件复印件,一般应包括户口本或身份证,房屋产权文件、租房协议,由协议双方签字确认的房内贵重财产清单、双方的详细地址及联系方式等。
3. 许多换房旅游者为了接待远方而来的客人,都会在家里做一些准备,比如:做一下整理和清扫,清理不安全的物品和其他隐患。将抽屉和壁橱腾空,以便对方有地方放自己的东西。借住人准备自己毛巾和牙刷等日用必需品,房主给对方留一份资料,包括你家附近的街道名称和特殊建筑,周围的餐厅、名胜、休闲场所、垃圾倾倒方法、医院和你一个亲戚或朋友的电话,或者可以交换旅游手册、地图甚至旅游妙招,给对方的旅游计划提出建议等。
4. 在朋友家里,不要随便乱动朋友的东西,有些实在必须要使用的东西(比如:家用电器,厨具等),在使用以后一定要记清洗干净后物归原处。另外,注意保持朋友家里的清洁,就像保持自己家的清洁一样。在旅游结束之前,一定别忘了打扫卫生。当然,如果是住到一个陌生人的家里去,还要了解这家人的卫生状况和有无传染病,同时也要了解住到自己家里的房客的健康状况,因为,换房旅游中最重要的环节就是卫生和健康,食具、用具消毒关绝对不能忽略。
5. 安全机制
(1). 你在向会员发出住宿请求时,把自己的Passport number 或 身份证 写上,以便到达会员家让接待你的主人验明正身;等你接待、住宿完后,主人、客人双方互留评价(Comment)并表明身份主人(Host)/ 客人(Guest),其中一项包括身份(Identity)是否验证过(Identity checked)。
(2). 担保:这个担保首先来自于发起人,凡是跟他打过交道的人,他可能提供担保以证明此人是好人。以此类推,他担保过的人如法炮制,可以为他人提供担保以增加可信度。
6. 是否如下签约 双方自己决定。

定义: "房主" - 该房的合法拥有者。
"房主代理人" :由房主指定行使房主权利者。

1. 换房时间从 年 月 日到 年 月 日。
2. 在换房前的房屋水电费由房主支付。换房前房屋及其设施必须处于良好状态,并做过全面的
3. 正常情况下房屋及其设施出现损坏,而需要及时维修的费用由房主或房主代理人支付。
4. 对于紧急情况,使用者将在24小时内通知房主或房主的代理人,并允许其进入房间检查和安
5. 使用者对房屋和设施不当使用造成的损坏由使用者负责适当赔偿。对于房间内物品的损坏,
6. 使用者对于小物品自己承担费用(例如灯泡的损坏等)。
7. 在换房期间,使用者不得将其转租给他人。
8. 在换房前,双方保证自己的房屋处于安全状态,门窗已被锁好。
9. 使用者是否可在对方的房间内抽烟,协商决定。
10. 房主或房主的代理人负责计算使用者所消耗的水电费用和电话帐单,由使用者确认和支付该
11. 使用者有义务将房主的所有邮件转交给房主或房主的代理人。
1. 协议双方的证明文件复印件(一般应包括身份证1份,学生证1份)
2. 由协议双方签字确认的房内贵重财产清单1份
3. 双方的详细地址及联系方式

  房主或代理人:(签字)         使用者:(签字)
  签约时间:       签约时间:

wenchen yao说:留言于2010-07-19 03:29:19(第20条)
Hi all:

This is 姚文臣 Yao wenchen , I am in Beijing ,China now.

I have a suggestion to all of you.

The CouchSurfing Club have the great idea which share the member’s bedroom or couch to the travelers for free. But most people worry about the security.

For me I trust our group It is the Summer vacation , If we post our location and the available numbers of bedroom or couch and the available days and period, maybe it will save our family or friends travel cost.

Today I post my available bedroom for free living : number 2 bedroom, and one free living couch.

Available period: July 20 to Aug. 16, 2010

Location: Fengtai district ,Beijing ,China

My E-mail : wenchen_yao68@yahoo.com.cn
Cell phone : 13521686476

Welcome to Beijing, China
CAT说:留言于2010-07-19 02:44:26(第19条)

Very interesting!!!
Magi T.L说:留言于2010-07-19 02:38:41(第18条)
luow98说:留言于2010-07-18 14:44:24(第17条)
As a fellow Chinese American Professor, I would like to let you know about my memoir that was just published by a division of Penguin Books. It is currently the #1 nonfiction bestseller at Kepler's Bookstore in Menlo Park, and it received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews. The Kitchen Shrink: A Psychiatrist's Reflections on Healing in a Changing World is my memoir of working as a psychiatrist and physician, and engages issues of health care reform. Yet it is grounded in my identity as a Chinese American who grew up in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles, something uncommon for a literary book.

I would welcome any opportunities to let your organization know about my book, or to speak to your organization. I apologize that my reading is not good enough to fully read Chinese. However, I have tried. My parents sent me to Chinese classes at Cerritos College when I was a kid, and then I interned at National Taiwan University Hospital, and took Mandarin classes. However, since I grew up speaking Mandarin to my parents, I speak better than I read.

Here is information about my book.

Also, I will be reading at Crowell Public Library in San Marino on Monday July 16, at 6 p.m.

Very best,
Dora Wang, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Author, "The Kitchen Shrink: A Psychiatrist's Reflections on Healing in a Changing World"
(Riverhead Books, The Penguin Group, 2010)
luow98说:留言于2010-07-18 14:42:41(第16条)

Thanks so much!
金刘说:留言于2010-07-18 14:23:37(第15条)

Bruce说:留言于2010-07-17 15:33:30(第14条)
Fat-bottomed women tend to be more forgetful:


Wei Luo说:留言于2010-07-17 15:28:15(第13条)
Thanks a lot... I will follow up with you when it gets close. One more thing, do you know to subcribe to your UPDATE weekly list?

Many thanks!
Wei Luo
tina leow说:留言于2010-07-17 15:15:46(第12条)
my father received your email of the update of the journal. I'''' m going to finish my study in NY next year and I think the journal is very helpful to me. so would you please send the every update to me later. I would appreciate that.
best wishes!

Tina Zhang
Asia Media说:留言于2010-07-17 14:51:21(第11条)
USS Midway Hosts Seventh Annual Asian Heritage Awards
The trip to San Diego from Washington for Navy Capt. Cynthia Macri last weekend was full of surprises. A little more than half-way there, an elderly man on her flight took ill and collapsed. A physician, Macri attended the man as best she could, then asked the captain of the flight to divert the plane to Omaha, so the man could be taken to the hospital.
Later, Saturday evening, her name was called to receive the Seventh Annual Asian Heritage Award for Military Service, presented by Congresswoman Susan Davis of San Diego, a champion of veterans affairs, who beforehand praised the military for their sacrifices beyond the call of duty.
“That’s what I do,” Macri, the daughter of a renowned plant geneticist and a World War II Japanese relocation camp internee, told the audience of some 500 in attendance aboard the USS Midway. “I am not an extrovert by any means. I just do my job.”
Macri was among 15 men and women of Asian descent honored for their achievements and community service as part of the Seventh Annual Asian Heritage Awards.
Dr. Lilly Cheng, who followed Macri, in accepting the Humanitarian Outreach Award for her 40 years of global work on cross-cultural communication and speech pathology, told the audience that “speech-language communication” is a human right. That award was presented by Navy Rear Admiral Ron MacLaren, who said, “I am honored to be able to give back to my (Korean) roots and to honor those who have achieved so much.” The U.S. Navy was among the major sponsors of the Awards. Other major sponsors included the Avery-Tsui Foundation, Ford Motor Company Fund, Barona Resort and Casino and Phamatech of San Diego. Added MacLaren: “The important thing about events like these is to show how diverse our Navy community is.”
Indeed, the night was as diverse as any could be – from five-month-old Rhys Dann, half Thai and half Welsh, who came in a tux, with his parents, to show support for grandma Rosalynn Carmen, co-founder of the Awards, to octogenarian and retired chief boatswain’s mate Richard Kong, who, proudly in uniform, rendered the Pledge of Allegiance. Before that, a Junior Navy ROTC color guard comprised of Asian American high school students from Troy High School in Fullerton, California, presented the colors.
The theme of the event was set at the opening by the One Dream Children’s Choir of San Diego, led by Darleen Herriman, a teacher at Francis Parker School. The 65 youngsters, all dressed in ethnic attire and representing the event’s theme of inclusiveness, sang “One World,” a musical composition written by Chinese composer Wang Lee Hom.
The message resonated throughout the night, even to the end, when Tom Hom, who received the final honor for Special Recognition, told the current generation of Asian Americans that they need to “reach outside the box and embrace all cultures.”
While ethnic enclaves like Chinatown in San Francisco are important for the older generation, said Hom, “second and third generations” have to embrace the greater community. “By blending the ancient wisdom of Asia with the dynamic culture of America, you can make a new and wonderful contribution,” he said.
A large part of the audience had come to honor Hom, 83, who received the major award for breaking ground more than a generation ago as the first Asian American in San Diego to hold public office. Hom was elected to the San Diego City Council and later became only the third member of the California Assembly. In pres…
严炜说:留言于2010-07-17 02:47:28(第10条)
中国公益事业促进会 严炜
Hugo说:留言于2010-07-17 02:44:38(第9条)

I enjoy all the newsletters, but please update my email to victorhugomiranda@hotmail.com.

This email account is going to be deleted.


Will do!
xzkyxy.om说:留言于2010-07-17 02:42:06(第8条)
Thanks a lot ! I love you, Mr. Jiang and Mr. Chen, every periods please!
Victor说:留言于2010-07-17 02:19:28(第7条)
Grace Chen说:留言于2010-07-16 23:37:08(第6条)


我是通过李大西博士的介绍在美国华裔教授专家网上看到您的联系方式的。国际华人科技工商协会(Chinese Association for Science and Business)是在美国注册的﹐美国联邦税务局批准(501(c)(3))的免税非盈利民间组织,其宗旨是寻求科技界和工商界更直接更广泛的沟通和结合,协助科技进入工商界,鼓励创办高新科技产业。科商协的成员主要是有高等科技教育背景的中国留学生,协会的很多骨干是诺贝尔奖获得者李政道教授当年CUSPEA计划招收到美国的科技精英。李政道先生是协会的顾问。以下是我们的网站链接http://www.casbi.org/。网站正在进一步的修缮和建设之中。



Wei说:留言于2010-07-16 23:30:45(第5条)
I got your contract from my old classmate in College. We both graduated from Tsinghua University and went for Ph.D. program in US. He attended "2008 海外学人回国创业周" and registered through you. Now he has returned back to China for his career development with much greater opportunities. He strongly recommended this event and suggested me to contact you for the event this year. I wonder if you have any information about the registration for 2010 event.

I am very interested to attend this event and see the potential career opportunities in China. I would really appreciate if you give any advice or information.


We will email the information to you.
Yang, Guibao说:留言于2010-07-16 23:15:13(第4条)
Dear All,

We are in the process of developing the next newsletter. If you have any news, please send them to me or Dr. Zan Gao a few days before the end of July.

Thank you very much for your support.


Guibao Yang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Chair, Division of Physical Education and Dance
Oxford College of Emory University
Office Phone: 770-784-8371
E-mail: gyang2@emory.edu
CDN PR说:留言于2010-07-16 08:53:52(第3条)
My email address has changed. It has changed from formerly being pr@cdnnews.com to pr-la@worldjournal.com. To contact me in the future, please email me at my new email address pr-la@worldjournal.com. Thank you.
Have updated your email address. Thank you!
NECINA说:留言于2010-07-16 05:37:16(第2条)
The followings are the upcoming events from NECINA and its partners. We hope you could attend and enjoy the events.

Dear NECINA & SAPA-NE members, families and friends,

This year''''s NECINA& SAPA-NE Summer outing is a luxury treat with the theme of ocean breeze! We will be gathering at the White Cliffs Country Club (usually a club-member-only place, needs business casual as dress code even in summer outing time) in Plymouth, MA for a special lunch buffet under a large tent overseeing the beach and ocean on the White Cliffs. The ocean view of the Cape Cod bay is breath-taking, so bring your best summer mood and your favorite camera! After a very special lunch buffet and photos taking, come join the organized groups to visit beautiful beaches and relive the history at places like Mayflower ship in Plymouth, MA!

Don''''t miss this rare opportunity and click here to sign up now. Be smart and pay the early birds rate by July 15. If you are not a member, join now! Only members get the subsidized rate!

Fondly yours,
2010 NECINA & SAPA-NE Social & Networking Team
1. Meeting at the White Cliffs Country Club for Lunch and Activities (11:30am-2:00pm)
Address:One East Cliff Drive, Plymouth MA 02360
o 11:30-12:00pm Registration
o 12:00-1:00pm Social Networking and Lunch (Hot Buffet)
o 1:00-1:15pm Remarks by NECINA & SAPA-NE Presidents
o 1:15-1:45pm Group and Family/Friends photos
o 1:45-2:00pm Meet your group leaders, get ready for next activity
o Questions? For NECINA, contact Jenny Chen at 508.361.3490
For SAPA-NE, contact Derek Tou at 617.319.8265
2. More Fun at the Historical Sites and Whitehorse Beach in Plymouth (2:00-4:30pm)
Please pick one of the following recommended places now:
o Mayflower II & Plymouth Rock (Note: These two places are close to each other)
o Plimouth Plantation http://www.visit-plymouth.com/plimothplantation.htm
o Whitehorse Beach http://www.visit-plymouth.com/whitehorsebeach.htm
3. Ticket Prices & Registration:
NECINA, SAPA-NE Members: By 7/15: $25 per adult, $13 per child (3-12yr old)
After July 15: $30 per adult, $18 per child (3-12yr old); General Public: $40 per person
Please RSVP Online: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=204559
Outing Photo Competition & Raffle
• NECINA Summer Outing Photo Competition:
Each NECINA family is encouraged to submit one of their best outing pictures to the Event Committee by 8/21(Sat.) for annual NECINA Photo Competition. (Note: Prize to be announced on 8/8)
• Cancun Vacation Package Prize: We are going to do a raffle during the lunch time. The prize will be 5 one-week membership priced (40% discounted) Cancun vacation packages at the outing!
MiMi Hsieh说:留言于2010-07-16 05:36:09(第1条)
My email address has changed. It has changed from formerly being mimihsieh@cdnnews.com to mimih@worldjournal.com. To contact me in the future, please email me at my new email address mimih@worldjournal.com. Thank you.


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