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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net


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Zhenying Jiang
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2019年 第2期 創刊第809期 1/6-1/23/2019
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UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2019 No.22) 2019-09-24 [734]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第21期(9/3-9/15) 2019-09-15 [1028]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第20期(8/17-9/2) 2019-09-02 [1321]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第19期(7/30-8/16) 2019-08-16 [898]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第18期(7/23-7/29) 2019-07-29 [1038]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第17期(7/8-7/22) 2019-07-22 [1006]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第16期(6/16-7/7) 2019-07-07 [1306]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第15期(6/9-6/15) 2019-06-15 [1333]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第14期(5/29-6/8) 2019-06-08 [1158]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第13期(5/20-5/28) 2019-05-28 [1335]
:北京452万人将从北京迁至雄安(附部分央企名单) :《2019全球肿瘤趋势报告》 :美国大学的论文代写究竟猖狂到什么地步? :阿尔茨海默病预防与干预核心讯息图解 :涉嫌学术造假  肯塔基大学开除史香林和张卓教授夫妇 :诚邀参加南京医科大学2019年国际青年学者论坛 (12/18-21) :引力波天文台或有助搜寻暗物质粒子 :Sail Through the Mist - SoCal Innovation Forum 2019(10/5)
ijrdo.org说:留言于2019-02-07 07:00:05(第17条)
IJRDO Journal (https://ijrdo.org/)

IJRDO Journal announces its new platform OJS for submitting research paper for publication. OJS is an automated platform design by famous universities like Stanford, Oxford, Yale, Cambridge etc. to ensure the quality and standard of research.
Herein we are inviting all researcher to submit their article at https://ijrdo.org/ online. If you face any difficulty in online submission you can also email us at: editor@ijrdo.org

Submission Last Date: 28th February
Review Time: 7-8 Days
Publication: 30th January

For any assistance feel free to contact us.
UCLA Center for Chinese Studies说:留言于2019-02-07 02:58:00(第16条)
China's Belt and Road Initiative: Global Opportunity or Climate Disaster?
Thursday, February 7, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
UCLA Law School
Room 1357
Talk by Isabel Hilton, founder of the ChinaDialogue
Please RSVP at bit.ly/UCLAChinaSeries_Hilton
Lunch will be provided.

In 2013, President Xi Jinping launched the Belt and Road Initiative, an ambitious infrastructure project to create extensive transportation and energy links among China's neighbors in Asia and eventually Europe and South America. To date, more than 70 countries have formally signed on. The plan promises rapid industrial development in partner countries, but also risks unsustainable growth in greenhouse gas pollution and other negative impacts for public health and ecosystems.

Writer and Chine expert Isabel Hilton will discuss the implications of China's international development agenda for a range of environmental trends: global warming, air pollution, biodiversity loss, deep sea mining, overfishing, and more. Hilton addressed these issues in a recent article for Yale Environment 360.

Isabel Hilton is a London-based international journalist and broadcaster. She studied at the Beijing Foreign Language and Culture University and at Fudan University in Shanghai before taking up a career in written and broadcast journalism, working for The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Guardian, and the New Yorker. In 1992 she became a presenter of the BBC’s flagship news program, “The World Tonight,” then BBC Radio Three’s cultural program “Night Waves.” She is a columnist for The Guardian and her work has appeared in the Financial Times, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Granta, the New Statesman, El Pais, Index on Censorship, and many other publications. She is the author and co-auothor of several books and is founder and editor of chinadialogue.net, a non-profit, fully bilingual online publication based in London, Beijing, and Delhi that focuses on the environment and climate change. Hilton holds two honorary doctorates and was awarded the OBE for her work in raising environmental awareness in China.

Center for Chinese Studies, UCLA Law
11381 Bunche Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095
Campus Mail Code: 148703
Tel: (310) 825-8683 Fax: (310) 206-3555
EPH说:留言于2019-02-07 02:45:19(第15条)
Engineering Publication House
Call for paper:
Call for Papers in Journals
Upcoming Issue
Paper Submission Last Date : 30 February 2019
Acceptance Notification : With in 1-2 days
Manuscript Registration : Within 2-3 days after Review Feedback
Manuscript Publication : With in 2-3 days after Receive Registration Fee and Copyright form
Submit your paper to editor@ephjournal.com
Ask your queries to info@ephjournal.com
Conference organizers can mail to conference@ephjournal.com
If any difficulty you can also submit to: editor@ephjournal.com
• Very Easy paper publishing process.
• Full Color soft Copy of full paper with Journal Cover Pages.
• Open Access Journal Database for High visibility and promotion of your research work.
• Inclusion in all Major Bibliographic open Journal Databases like Google Scholar , Thomson Reuters Researcher ID, Index Copernicus, Scribd , academia .
An author can submit a paper for review for free. Only a small amount of fee is charged as Paper Processing Charges for publishing the paper in Green Publicaion journal. Any one of the submitting authors can pay this fee to get the paper published after the approval for acceptance. Following are certain guidelines which are to be followed before making the payment:
Our Journal List
EPH - International Journal of Applied Science ISSN: 2208-2182
EPH - International Journal of Educational Research ISSN: 2208-2205
EPH - International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics ISSN: 2208-221
EPH - International Journal of Science and Engineering: - ISSN: 2555 - 2016
EPH - International Journal of Medical and Health Science: - ISSN: 2556 - 6063
EPH - International Journal of Humanities and Social Science ISSN: 2208-2175
EPH - International Journal of Business & Management Science ISSN: 2208-2190
EPH - International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Research: - ISSN: 2208-2158
EPH - International Journal of Biological & Pharmaceutical Science: - ISSN: 2208-2166
To join our editorial board, or submit CV with current designation and institution at editor@ephjournal.com
EPH journal.
B.Z. Zhao说:留言于2019-02-03 05:50:31(第14条)
DDD: 昨日的東芝,今天的華為!
Sam G.说:留言于2019-02-03 02:12:12(第13条)

声声锣鼓辞旧岁,阵阵鞭炮庆新春。在春节即将到来之际,我和太太特献上一张新年贺卡,让它带着我们衷心的祝福,轻轻飞到您的身旁 --- 见卡如见面。祝愿您和家人在新的一年里身体健康!精神愉快!吉祥如意!心想事成!

BarstowCollege说:留言于2019-01-31 08:15:29(第12条)
Please review the link below and forward to anyone interested in applying. The current job vacancies with Barstow Community College are:
Secretary - EOPS

Chemistry Instructor – Tenure Track
Math Instructor – Tenure Track
Welding Instructor – Tenure Track

Driver - Athletics

Visit https://www.schooljobs.com/careers/barstowcc to apply.

Human Resources
760-252-2411 EXT. 7231
class=blackG>FDA说:>留言于2019-01-31 07:08:42(第11条)
Recently Approved Devices
The FDA has recently approved the following devices to be marketed.

Valiant Navion Thoracic Stent Graft System - P100040/S036
The Valiant Navion Thoracic Stent Graft System is an implantable stent graft (a fabric tube supported by a metal framework) intended to repair lesions in the descending thoracic aorta (large artery in the chest) through a small cut in the groin (area between the abdomen and thigh on either side of the body) without the need for a big cut in the chest. Some of these lesions include aneurysms, transections, and dissections.

GORE® Carotid Stent – P180010
The GORE® Carotid Stent is used to re-open narrowed regions of the carotid arteries in the neck which supply blood to the brain. The implant consists of a self-expanding stent mounted on a delivery catheter system. The stent is made of a nickel-titanium alloy (nitinol) tubing, laser-cut into a mesh shape, with an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) lattice attached to its outer surface. The delivery catheter is a long, thin, tube-like device used to deliver the stent into the artery.

INCRAFT® AAA Stent Graft System - P150002
The INCRAFT® AAA Stent Graft System is a multi-component system that consists of permanent implantable flexible fabric tubes each supported by a metal framework (stent graft), and a long thin tube used to place the stent graft (delivery catheter). The device is used to repair a weakened and bulging section (aneurysm) of the aorta (largest artery in the abdomen) below the renal arteries (infrarenal abdominal aorta).

VASCADE® MVP Venous Vascular Closure System (VVCS) - P120016/S024
The VASCADE MVP VVCS is a system designed to close puncture sites in large vessels in the leg (femoral vein) following catheterization procedures. Catheterization procedures are commonly used to observe a disease or treat a disease/condition in blood vessels or in the heart. The system is comprised of a collagen patch and a long thin tube used to place the patch (delivery catheter).

Pipeline Flex Embolization Device - P100018/S015
The Pipeline Flex Embolization Device is a permanent mesh cylinder (stent) braided from platinum and tungsten and cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy wires intended for the treatment of brain aneurysms that bulge or balloon out the sides of the blood vessel (wide-neck and fusiform). The Pipeline Flex also includes a guidewire-based delivery system used to place the implant inside the patient.

Resolute Onyx Zotarolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System - P160043/S012
The Resolute Onyx Zotarolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System is a drug-coated device that contains two components: the stent and the catheter delivery system with a balloon that will inflate to deploy the stent. The stent is placed into a blood vessel (coronary artery) supplying blood to the heart and helps to keep the coronary artery open. The current approval expands the indications for use to include treatment of a blocked coronary artery (chronic total occlusion).

LIFEPAK® CR2 Defibrillator - P170018
Physio-Control''''s LIFEPAK® CR2 Defibrillator (including the QUICK-STEP Pacing/ECG Defibrillation Electrodes, the LIFEPAK CR2 Lithium Battery, and cprCOACH Feedback™ Technology) is a portable, battery operated, public access automatic external defibrillator (AED). The defibrillator is used to treat people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) a medical condition in which the heart suddently and…
BZS说:留言于2019-01-31 01:45:34(第10条)







Iceland说:留言于2019-01-30 14:45:57(第9条)
昨天,美国三部一局召开联合新闻发布会,引渡、起诉、法院传票同时下达,这在美国司法史上实属罕见,这在中美关系史上也是前所未有。至于是什么原因走到了今天这个地步暂且不提,就刘鹤访美下飞机前演了这场大戏而言就足以证明;“经贸谈判“就是一场大戏,真应了红楼梦里的那句“你方唱罢我登场” 。去年底今年初,中美之间发生了很多事件,全部事件沙盘推演回放可以看出;美国的每一步棋都是精准到位,误差甚小,前一个原因与后一个结果紧密伴随,滴水不漏地把谈判对手一步步带进沟里。不能不承认,美国了解中国比中国了解美国更深透,美国对中国的灵魂深处摸得透彻见底。反观中国,没有一个黄头毛蓝眼睛的人是中国高层智囊团的成员,也就是说;华人在美国的“汉奸”成堆成山,帮着出“馊主意“的门庭若市。恰恰相反,帮着北京出主意的就只有一个“中国人民的老朋友基辛格“,而且他老人家还在关键时刻撩挑子,并且阴阳怪气地说出了“中美关系再也回不到从前了”,阁下一句狠话后扬长而去。更令人悲痛欲绝的是;加拿大老夫麦家廉还没给中国出昏招,只是说了一句心里话就立马被拉出去给“毙了”。可见这个世界多么如此之叫人伤心💔绝情,不公平的棋局如同夜空凡星,不明事理的行为如同豪赌狂欢。劝告一小部分美国人:美国不是你的,美国是美国人民的!劝告川普:不要在国际社会撒野放粗!中美关系不能由华尔街利益集团说了算!两国人民的利益高于华尔街的利益¥!
Shan Shi @usc.edu说:留言于2019-01-29 08:16:39(第8条)
Pacific Northwest Cultural Exchange Council说:留言于2019-01-29 07:49:55(第7条)
Pacific NW Cultural Exchange Council & Bayshore Symphony Orchestra
2019 Spring Concert
Skagit Valley College Student Choir
Conductor Chip Bergeron

February 23, 2019@ 7:30 pm
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
415 S. 18th St., Mount Vernon

February 24, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
Central Lutheran Church
925 N. Forest St., Bellingham

First Half 上半场
– Mozart
•Marriage of Figaro Overture
– Carl Maria von Weber (orch. by Berlioz)
•Invitation to the Dance from der Freischutz
– Dukas
•The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
– Bach
•Brandenburg Concerto #1

Second Half 下半场
– Austin Huang
•“My Motherland” for Soprano, Choir and Orchestra
花腔女高音与合唱《祖国,我亲亲的母亲》- Pei Wang 王佩
•“Qinyuanchun Snow” for Tenor, Choir & Orchestra
男高音与合唱《沁园春-雪》- Frank Li 李越
•”Joy & Prosper“ Overture for tenor and soprano with Choir
序曲《龙腾虎跃》- 交响二人转 - Yi Qu & John Zhang 曲艺和张学滨
•“Huamei” Suona Solo (re-arr. by Austin Huang)
唢呐与乐队《画媚》- Zhongxi Wu 吴忠喜

Pacific Northwest Cultural Exchange Council
10129 Main St 201, Bellevue, Washington 98004
UCLA Center for Chinese Studies说:留言于2019-01-29 07:36:51(第6条)
The Story of the Stone and the visual culture of the Manchu Court
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM, Thursday, January 31, 2019
Bunche Hall 10383, UCLA
Talk by Wei Shang, Columbia University
This talk addresses The Story of the Stone (otherwise known as Dream of the Red Chamber, Honglou meng 紅樓夢), authored by Cao Xueqin (ca. 1715--ca. 1763). In this talk, Shang will focus on the novel’s explicit and implicit references to paintings, including an illusionistic painting and an ambitious project undertaken by Xichun to capture a panorama of the garden in one gigantic painting. More specifically, he emphasizes the impulse of the novel to incorporate into its narrative the popular motifs of the contemporaneous paintings, including the paintings executed by the Jesuit painters employed by the imperial court. Reading the novel from this perspective highlights issues of enormous importance for the comprehension of the cultural dynamics of the time that in return participate in shaping the novel itself: the dialectics of reality and illusion, the mutual fertilization of media and technology, and the constant negotiations between the written and graphic media and between the Chinese and European cultures.

A Front-Row Seat: Perspectives of an American Academic in Beijing
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Friday, February 01, 2019
Entrepreneurs Hall, UCLA Anderson School Room C315
China and Beyond Forum with Michael Powers
RSVP: china@international.ucla.edu
Michael R. Powers is the Zurich Insurance Group Professor of Finance at Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management, and holds a joint appointment as Professor of Economics and Business at Tsinghua’s Schwarzman College. Prof. Powers will talk about his experience as a guest business/economics commentator for China Radio International. In addition to giving his thoughts on the current "trade war," he will offer some broader perspectives on China's emergence as a world power, and the U.S. reaction.

Imperial Chinese Literature and Culture Workshop
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Saturday, February 02, 2019
Bunche Hall 10383, UCLA-NTNU Taiwan Studies Initiative Conference
RSVP: china@international.ucla.edu
*Limited to only faculty and students
The UCLA Center for Chinese Studies will be hosting one-day workshop on imperial Chinese literature and culture on Saturday, February 2, 2019. The workshop will feature presentations by graduate students engaged in a variety of projects on imperial Chinese literature and culture. The students selected for participation in the workshop will present their works-in-progress, which will receive comments by three guest scholars and workshop participants. We have invited three eminent scholars to comment on papers in the workshop: Maram Epstein, who is engaged in research on Ming-Qing novels, gender, and most recently ritual, the body, and representation of self; Martin W. Huang, a specialist in the cultural and literary histories of late imperial China, gender, and memory; and Wei Shang, known for his pioneering work in the fields of pre-modern Chinese literature, print culture, and intellectual history. Every presentation will be 10 minutes. Presentations will be followed by 30 minutes of commentary and 20 minutes of general discussion.

UCLA Center for Chinese Studies
11381 Bunche Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel: (310) 825-8683 Fax: (310) 206-3555
Barstow College说:留言于2019-01-29 07:22:21(第5条)
Please review the link below and forward to anyone interested in applying. The current job vacancies with Barstow College are:

Chemistry Instructor – Tenure Track
Math Instructor – Tenure Track
Welding Instructor – Tenure Track
Visit https://www.schooljobs.com/careers/barstowcc to apply.

Human Resources
Barstow College
760-252-2411 EXT. 7231
CESASC说:留言于2019-01-29 07:10:15(第4条)
Dear CESASC members and friends,

To promote the fusion of arts and science/technology, the Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) and Cultural Foundations of Zhendai He USA (CFZH) jointly launch an Arts-Tech Poster Contest. The contest is open to all undergraduate and graduate students and post-graduates within 2 years’ highest degrees. Students who study arts, architecture, design or related subjects are especially encouraged to participate.

Each contestant is required to create a poster of 18” (wide) x 24” (height) integrating innovative technologies for sustainability and cultural and arts elements related to the Palace Museum (北京故宫) or Mogao Caves (敦煌莫高窟). Digital image of original products no less than 300 dpi can be submitted for review. Original products will be showcased at the 57th CESASC Annual Convention on April 14, 2019 at San Gabriel Hilton. Three prizes will be given based on excellence in creativity and artistry: 1st place $500, $2nd place $300, $3rd place $200. The winners will be recognized at the CESASC 57th Annual Convention Evening Gala on April 14, 2019 in San Gabriel Hilton. Attendance at the convention is required for all winners. The winners will become members of the CFZH artists and be invited to participate in a number of charitable cultural activities organized by CFZH. CESASC and CFZH reserve the rights of using the winning designs in promotional materials for CESASC and CFZH activities throughout the year, including but not limited to T-shirts, bags, stationary and flyers.

Submissions are open now till March 15, 2019. Winners will be notified by March 31, 2019. Poster showcase and award presentation will be held on April 14, 2019 at San Gabriel Hilton during the 57th CESASC Annual Convention. Please submit the image or pdf file of your design along with a resume to the Arts-Tech Poster Contest Committee at ArtsTechFusion@gmail.com.
硅谷燃点说:留言于2019-01-25 22:48:36(第3条)
浏览 1561
收藏 102
1月30日 Wed 15:30-18:00
¥0-¥500 元






10+分钟创直播X PPTV大动作官宣仪式



创直播将在现场和PPTV联手推出跨年度54集《硅谷燃点》系列纪录片,活动得到MBA club、云享客、活动行等伙伴现场协办,同时邀请你一起见证,而且可能入选我们的纪录片主角!多位圈内知名投资人及创业先锋也已确认作为首批主角,将到现场见证这一历史性时刻,与大家零距离交流创业心得!

15:00-15:30 签到 欢迎辞
15:30-17:07 观看电影
17:15 互动
17:15-17:20 主持人登场,开场语后开始介绍今天到场的嘉宾
17:20-17:40 圆桌沙龙1:主题:《燃点》观后
17:40-18:00 圆桌沙龙2:主题:硅谷创新创业及其对中国的借鉴
18:00-18:05 介绍《硅谷燃点》系列纪录片,播放宣传片
18:05-18:10 创直播及协办方代表与所有VIP一起上台,启动第二批主演招募
18:10 活动结束,全场合影
浙江大学伊利诺伊大学联合学院说:留言于2019-01-25 07:42:29(第2条)
日期: 2019年1月26日
时间: 10:00 am-1:00 pm
地点: NTU Alumni Club, near Bonavista MRT, 11 Slim Barracks Rise, Singapore, 138664

浙江大学伊利诺伊大学厄巴纳香槟校区联合学院(ZJU-UIUC Institute, 简称ZJUI)是浙江大学下属的非独立法人中外合作办学学院,由中外合作方——浙江大学和美国伊利诺伊大学厄巴纳香槟校区共同管理。地处上海以南的浙江海宁市浙江大学国际联合学院(海宁国际校区)。

ZJU-UIUC联合学院依托浙江大学和伊利诺伊大学厄巴纳香槟校区驰名中外的工科专业及长期合作的良好基础进行建设,将在全新的浙江大学国际校区上创造独一无二的世界顶尖的多学科交叉教育与研究平台。 学院小而精,以精细化管理为宗旨,培养学生在科技方面的领导力、团队协作能力,创造卓越的学习体验。联合学院诚邀具有多元背景、经验、理念,认同多元和包容价值观的杰出英才加盟联合学院。

ZJU-UIUC联合学院着重工程科学交叉研究领域,打破传统工程学科界限,不按学科属性设立系、所等机构,建立学科交叉研究平台,鼓励多学科知识融合、交叉合作,主要交叉研究领域包括工程与系统科学、信息与数据科学、能源/环境/基础设施科学等学科。目前开设的本科和研究生专业包括土木工程、电子与计算机工程、电气工程及其自动化、机械工程。ZJU-UIUC联合学院工作语言为英语,授课及学生活动均要求用英文进行, 联合学院具备国际一流的教学及科研环境。


• 助理教授 —— 候选人学历要求为博士及以上,要求学术成果卓越,研究计划优异,教学能力突出。有相关行业工作经验、博士后经验、专业服务经验或实习经验都将优先考虑。
• 副教授 —— 候选人须在其学术领域有一定的影响力,具有较强的教学能力、丰硕的学术成果及获资助的研究项目,且参与过跨学科的项目合作。
• 教授 —— 候选人须在其学科领域有较高的国际影响力和地位,尤其欢迎正在寻求交叉研究和教学平台的资深学者。
• 各学科系主任---- -在工业界或学术界的领导经历,有影响力的创业或领导过的主要研究项目和计划经历,具有影响力的学术论文或专著,清晰的制定和执行有未来计划的能力,吸引和招募顶尖人才的能力。


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