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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net
主編: 姜镇英 zjiang@barstow.edu
Zhenying Jiang
執委: 陳鈞銘 kmchan@csulb.edu
K. Ming Chan
网站: 艾红梅 hongmeiai@hotmail.com
Hongmei Ai
杨鸣 ming.s.yang@gmail.com
Ming Yang
2012年 第27期 創刊第584期 10/31-11/07/2012
Table of content - 本期重要目录


Upcoming Events and Call for Participation

Important News and Announcements







UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2012 No.27)

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Scholars-Net is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization. Check payable to CAPPA, to P.O. Box 1953, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Or direct transfer to Bank of America, Huntington Harbour Branch CA 92649, of Account Number 09841-72137.

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2019 No.22) 2019-09-24 [3636]
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《即时通讯》周电—2019年第13期(5/20-5/28) 2019-05-28 [4719]
:引力波天文台或有助搜寻暗物质粒子 :Sail Through the Mist - SoCal Innovation Forum 2019(10/5) 游天龙:《唐人街》是如何炼成的:UCLA社会学教授周敏的学术之路 :“为什么海外华人那么爱国,但是让他回国却不愿意?...“ :学术出版巨头Elsevier 彻查433名审稿人“强迫引用”黑幕 :中国336个国家重点实验室布局 :中澳政府联合出手打击洗钱和逃税漏税 大量中国居民海外账户遭冻结 :摄影师苏唐诗与寂寞百年的故宫对话6年,3万张照片美伦美奂
Law Offices of Ping C. Shen说:留言于2012-11-13 05:49:04(第22条)
Thank you very much indeed.
Shen CP
Walter L.说:留言于2012-11-13 05:42:13(第21条)
Thanks and best wish.

huang alex说:留言于2012-11-13 00:29:53(第20条)
please delete mail like this (請立即刪除這一類郵件): 黃XX Huang想分享一張新相片給您

Dear Friends,
I received an email from a friend and foung that it tapped into my contact list and send a mail to everyone on my contact list. So please kindly delete any mail with the above subject or any mail from "zoost" or "zoosk". My apology for any trouble I caused.
Best regards

若收到有上述標題或來自"zoost" or "zoosk"的郵件,請立即刪除。我不小心打開一個朋友郵件而似乎被駭進我的通訊錄,寄出電子郵件給我每一位聯絡人。對於我所造成的不便,謹致上最大歉意。
昭胤 敬上
B. Chen说:留言于2012-11-11 06:54:27(第19条)
Thanks! B. Chen
Ting D.说:留言于2012-11-11 00:02:02(第18条)
Thank you very much! Ting
波士顿天津市海外精英招聘洽谈会说:留言于2012-11-10 13:21:23(第17条)
大家好!2012年波士顿天津市海外精英招聘洽谈会暨中国环渤海经济区域组合与两栖人才高层论坛将于2012年12月02日(星期日)在Marriott Cambridge Hotel召开。会议将安排丰富的内容和免费的自助午餐,既是了解天津的机会,也是社交的机会,欢迎踊跃报名。
• 报名截止期为11月28日,或者名满为止
• 12月2日请自行前去会议
ghh说:留言于2012-11-10 12:47:42(第16条)
Have a good/long weekend. Best, Dr. W. Kwong
北美中華醫學會(ACMA)说:留言于2012-11-10 06:48:37(第15条)
劍橋醫學峰會 百專家交流8領域
北美中華醫學會(ACMA)將於本月10日及11日,假波士頓Westin Copley Place(10 Huntington Ave, Boston)舉辦第二屆劍橋醫學峰會(BMS)。屆時將有上百位醫學中心和生物醫藥研發機構的醫生、科學家和企業家,通過大會講座、專家組討論、小組討論等方式,進行交流。 峰會內容將涵蓋腫瘤、心腦血管疾病、精神疾病、感染疾病、神經病學和神經生物學、內分泌和代謝疾病、炎症及免疫疾病和再生醫學八大領域。

劍橋峰會三個熱門是「醫學職業論壇」、「醫學與發展論壇」和「醫療實踐論壇」,分別就醫學院申請和學習、醫學院畢業後住院醫生及專科培訓、醫學學術和實踐的職業發展、外國醫學院畢業生在美國接受培訓及行醫、中國生物醫藥研發的政策等話題展開討論。 大會10日(周六)晚上特設招待晚宴和演出,也開放給沒有註冊會議者參加。詳情可查覽www.acma.org/bms2012,或發電郵到bms@acma.org。

c. yang说:留言于2012-11-10 02:03:18(第14条)

也许你知道了这个tool 可以检查网站在各地区运行情况的,给你作为备用:
li qing说:留言于2012-11-10 01:48:40(第13条)
xilin-asian-community说:留言于2012-11-09 09:33:12(第12条)
Book Signing Event
Come and Meet Local Young Author Karen Ge
She'll be signing her brand new nonfiction book

czm说:留言于2012-11-09 08:30:14(第11条)
So efficient! Thanks a lot.
Chinese Studies - UCLA说:留言于2012-11-09 07:48:52(第10条)
Thank you very much Professor!

Vivienne - CCS
S. Ho说:留言于2012-11-09 07:36:59(第9条)

S. Ho
Henry Wong说:留言于2012-11-09 03:20:36(第8条)
The ART of Fund Raising
CSPA @Venture Series 7 will be on November 15 (Thurs). If you are looking for funding, starting your new venture, or just looking for great inspiration and a deeper look into how the venture world works, come join us on two awesome back-to-back sessions about ‘funding’. Get the inside scoops of how to get funding, how to address key concerns of investors, and best practices of pitching to VCs. Network, learn, and meet our stellar panel of early stage prominent VCs – August Capital, Onset Ventures, Voyager Capital, Wasabi Ventures, Outlook Ventures, Garage Ventures and more. You will walk away inspired!

Event: @Venture Series 7: Tackle the Basics of Funding
Date: Nov 15 (Thurs), from 5PM-9PM
Venue: Gunderson at 1200 Seaport Blvd, Redwood City, CA
Link: http://ventureseries7.eventbrite.com/

Confirmed Speakers:
• Daniel Ahn, Voyager Capital
• Steve Bernardez, ONSET Ventures
• Yu-kai Chou, Reward Me
• Joyce Chung, Garage Ventures
• Howard Hartenbaum, August Capital
• Randy Haykin, Outlook Ventures
• Ullas Naik, Angel Investor
• Chris Yeh, Wasabi Venture
Lynn Koh
Program Chair of CSPA @Venture
China Institute Renwen Society说:留言于2012-11-09 03:15:19(第7条)
Dear Friends:
Greetings from the Kunqu Society , a cultural-arts organization devoted to the study, promotion, and preservation of classical Chinese kunqu theatre. Kunqu is a theatre with a history of more than four hundred years that was proclaimed by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2001 as a masterpiece of "the oral and intangible heritage of humanity." We are writing to share with you the upcoming kunqu events we are to present in November 2012 that will continue our mission of promoting and presenting kunqu in our community.
1. "Masters and Plays" Lecture-demonstration: Thursday, November 15, 6:30-8 p.m., Queens Library at Flushing (41-17 Main Street, Flushing , NY 11355), Free admission.
At this event Mr. Cai, Mr. Huang, and Ms. Wang Weijian will discuss and demonstrate the performing characteristics of kunqu through excerpts from classical kunqu plays, followed by a Q&A session.
2. "Masters and Students" Workshop: Saturday, November 17, 1-3 p.m., College Point Arts Center (14-48 College Point Blvd. College Point, NY 11356, Q20A& Q65 bus at 15th Ave.), RSVP recommended. At this event, Mr. Cai and Mr. Huang will provide personal instruction on the acting training of students of the society''s Kunqu Workshop. They will use classical kunqu pieces as examples to explain and demonstrate the singing and performing techniques of the young and old male role types and lead the students to practice the pieces.
3. "Masters and Masterpieces" Kunqu Performance: In Memory and Honor of Mr. Fu-yen Chen: Sunday, November 18, 2-4:30 p.m., Miller Theatre of Columbia University (2960 Broadway, New York , NY 10027 , #1 Subway Train @ 116 St.)
In this performance Mr. Cai, Mr. Huang, and Ms. Wang will perform the following classical kunqu pieces together with Mr. Qinglin Cai, Ms. Jiehua Shi, Mr. Fulin Wen, Mr. Min Cheng, and Ms. Ling Yang, resident artists of the Society: "An Investigation in Disguise," "Advice on Banqueting," "Traces in the Snow," and "Mother''s Visit." These classical pieces feature a diversity of characters and depict stories about moral concerns, compassion, and the vulnerability of humanity, which set them apart from the characteristic kunqu plays about the romances between scholars and beauties. Among the four pieces, three will be New York premieres.
Tickets are $50, $35, and $20 ($5 for members, seniors, and students).

Anna Chen Wu
President, the Kunqu Society
(718)-352-0070 info@kunqusociety.org
The Kunqu Society, Inc. 199-36 24th Avenue, Whitestone, NY 11357
MIT中国创新与创业论坛说:留言于2012-11-09 02:54:59(第6条)
是否对科技、创新与创业感兴趣?11月16-18号的MIT中国创新与创业论坛(MIT-CHIEF)精彩不容错过!六个深刻的主题演讲, 七个关于中国和科技最火热话题的研讨, 还有激烈的中国巅峰商业计划大赛等着你!时间有限,门票紧张。现在赶快订票留好你的座位吧!
大会宣传视频: http://youtu.be/6wMBdgrSFU0
@Kevin Steinberg,世界经济论坛美国区首席运营官
@Edward Roberts, 麻省理工学院Martin Trust创业中心创始人兼主席;搜狐网联合创始人兼集团董事
@李凯,普林斯顿大学计算机科学系教授;美国工程院院士; Data Domain公司联合创始人
@Christine Ortiz,麻省理工学院研究生教育院长
@Dick K. P. Yue,麻省理工学院工程学院国际项目主任; 新加坡-麻省理工学院学术联盟主管
1. 创业孵化器
@ William Aulet,麻省理工学院创业中心执行总监
@ Mick Sawka,哈佛大学技术发展办公室业务发展部主任
@ Stephen Tang,费城大学城科学中心,主席兼首席执行官
@ Victor Wang,中关村瀚海技术科技园总裁
@ Canice Wu,Plug and Play 技术中心主席
@ Eugene Zhang,InnoSpring首席执行官;TEEC天使基金管理合伙人
2. 企业家精神与创业精神
@李凯,普林斯顿大学计算机科学系教授;美国工程院院士;Data Domain公司联合创始人
@Terence S. Russell, Zensei分析有限责任公司管理合伙人
3. 创业创新
@Michael A. Cusumano,麻省理工学院斯隆商学院杰出教授
@Mike Polley,德州仪器研发总监
@Ivo Raznjevic,思科公司中国研发中心总经理兼研发总监
4. 投资环境
@Elizabeth Riley,Mazza and Riley公司创始人兼主席
5. 清洁能源
@陈刚,麻省理工学院机械工程系Carl Richard Soderberg教授;国际热传递、纳米技术和能源领域的权威人物 
@Paul Jacob,Free Flow Power公司首席商务官
@Bart Riley,A123 Systems公司首席技术官及研发副主席
@张涛,世界资源研究所New Venture首席运营官
6. 大数据革命
@Justin Borgman,Hadapt联合创始人及首席执行官
@李俊年,IBM 系统与科技事业部首席技术官
@Adam Fuchs, Sqrrl联合创始人及首席技术官
@Jennifer Lum,Adelphic移动联合创始人
@Chris Lynch,Atlas风险投资公司合伙人
@Sam Madden,麻省理工学院计算机科学与人工智能实验室教授
@Steve Papa,Endeca首席执行官
@James Psota,Panjiva联合创始人及首席技术官
@Min Shao,HP旗下Vertica企业售前和专业服务总监
@Julie Yoo,Kyruus联合创始人及首席产品总监
@Qi Li,InterSystems执行医师

T. Ding说:留言于2012-11-09 02:42:03(第5条)
Thank you very much!

Joshua说:留言于2012-11-09 02:40:59(第4条)


Frankly speaking, you are not the first one having this problem. It seems that all of our Net members in China are having this same feedback. The Chinese online police and fire-wall may block our website due to the special event. It is out of control. We may all have to wait and see. Sorry about this.

Hopefully, everything will be alright soon.

Your Net
wuzhousihai.com Admin说:留言于2012-11-09 02:38:35(第3条)
Here is a news report, http://www.wuzhousihai.com/News/NewsItem18671.aspx
Have a great day
wentian yang说:留言于2012-11-09 02:30:39(第2条)
海黛说:留言于2012-11-09 02:29:06(第1条)

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