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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net
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2011年 第33期 創刊第552期 10/20-10/28/2011
Table of content - 本期重要目录


Upcoming Events and Call for Participation

Important News and Announcements





UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2011 No.33)

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游天龙:《唐人街》是如何炼成的:UCLA社会学教授周敏的学术之路 :“为什么海外华人那么爱国,但是让他回国却不愿意?...“ :学术出版巨头Elsevier 彻查433名审稿人“强迫引用”黑幕 :中国336个国家重点实验室布局 :中澳政府联合出手打击洗钱和逃税漏税 大量中国居民海外账户遭冻结 :摄影师苏唐诗与寂寞百年的故宫对话6年,3万张照片美伦美奂 :大数据分析图解:2019中国企业500强 张梦然:英国惠康桑格研究所:人体内的微生物与出生方式有关
UCLA Center for Chinese Studies说:留言于2012-01-08 11:47:46(第52条)
Dear Friends of the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies,

Happy New Year!

Below, please find a course description of offered by Dr. Chaohua Wang this fall for Graduate Students. Please direct inquiries to Dr. Chaohua Wang C/O the UCLA Department of Asian Languages and Cultures.

Course #: Chinese 297B, Winter 2012
Instructor: Dr. Chaohua Wang
Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA

Course description:
Contemporary Chinese Intellectual History
The year 2008 marks a turning point for China''s politico-intellectual life. A successfully held Summer Olympics in Beijing was followed closely by the financial crisis in the US. Along with a recognizable rising China as a new superpower in the world, Chinese politics has adapted a more aggressive style, domestically and internationally.

This course is to consider some main strands in contemporary Chinese intellectual history against this background. Reading materials are selected from scholarly works in English, as well as translated texts that are originally written in Chinese. Examining texts ranging from theoretical explorations, policy debates, to commentaries and novels, the course will cover mainly the following issues: 1) national identity in contemporary globalizing process, manifested in China''s rising nationalism in recent years; 2) ethnic relationship versus multiculturalism, especially Tibet in the People''s Republic; 3) modernity versus tradition in the light of recent revival of Confucianism; 4) political legitimacy, political dissent, "harmonious society," and cultural "soft power."

The purpose of the course is threefold: 1) to familiarize students with contemporary Chinese intellectual scenes; 2) to heighten students'' understanding of globalization and the flow of ideas in our contemporary world; 3) to raise students'' awareness of the relevance and immediacy of intellectual engagement vis-à-vis ongoing socio-political life.
tracy_chengyuan说:留言于2011-12-06 00:14:50(第51条)
Thank you very much.
Liang Chiang说:留言于2011-12-06 00:12:58(第50条)
Alice说:留言于2011-11-05 13:39:04(第49条)



因此有许多高官,大企业家,会挂冠而去,但图个“ 自由与自在 “。

—— Alice
老焦说:留言于2011-11-05 12:05:40(第48条)

俄罗斯杂技 Fantastic Talent Show:
AARP大洛杉磯分會说:留言于2011-11-05 08:27:28(第47条)
AARP大洛杉磯分會將於11月5日及11日的這2個周六,舉辦免費華語耆英安全駕駛講座,參與講座之學員,課後將頒與結業證書,憑此證書可享汽車保險折扣優惠。講座時間為5日及11日上午9時30分,上課地點是9700 Flair Dr., El Monte CA 91731,洽詢專線是(626)926-4878。
12th OCEAN MBA CLASS说:留言于2011-11-05 07:13:35(第46条)
The 12th OCEAN MBA will start!
-Do you want to know if you can start your own business, have the basic knowledge and would like to grow when you are doing it?
-Do you want to excel the current you, excel to your potential, make the good use of your advantage to build up your own successful business?
-Do you want to have unique sense on economy, can capture quickly on market dynamic, and own your own space in this flat world?
-Do you want to fully understand how the industry operates, where the market moves, different type of operation style and methods?
-Do you want to re-evaluate yourself to improve your impact on the job so that you will become a highly demanded and marketable employee?
-Do you want to learn and master the knowledge and skill for self management, team management and business management?
-With the rise of China market, economy and power, the global market becomes flatter and flatter, do you want to go back China to build up a business?

The opportunity is here! You better get yourself ready before opportunity knock on your door so that you will be more confident and in better control! You will be able to set yourself in good position no matter economy is going up or down.

The 12th OCEAN MBA program is starting soon. This program:
-Have been held successfully for 11 years
-More than 300 students attended training and all benefit from it
-14 weekend''''s intensive class
-Condensed MBA course and combined the cream of business management from both East and West
-Well known professors from Boston and teach in both Chinese and English
-Opportunity to social with successful entrepreneurs/CEOs in US to learn from their experience
-To communicate with entrepreneurs in China to capture business opportunity, quickly blend in OCEAN MBA alumnus network and become lifetime OCEAN member
-Reasonable tuition with great value (tax-deductable, and you may be able to apply for Workforce Training Funds in MA)

Continue to learn and go up in your career. Make new friends, identify new opportunity, broad your network. Don''''t miss this great opportunity! To have more successful career, more colorful life, please check out our admission info at: www.OCEAN-USA.org/education Tel: 617.909.0199 Email: edu@ocean-usa.org
2011年说:留言于2011-11-05 07:09:06(第45条)
Highlight of the Bridge Medical Summit
2011年"首届剑桥峰会"将在麻省剑桥市举行 (Nov 18 - 22nd)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are excited to announce the first annual The Bridge Medical Summit, a conference to be held from November 18th to 20th in Boston, Massachusetts. Organized by a group of distinguished physicians, scientists and current students and trainees, the conference serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, making friends and establishing collaborations.

The mission of the conference is to build a bridge between cutting-edge research and clinical practice, a bridge between healthcare professionals in the US and those in China, a bridge between brilliant ideas and viable development, and ultimately, a bridge to a healthier world.

Eight oral sessions, one poster session, and two forums will be presented covering the major fields of medicine and biomedical research. The academic programs will be featured by guidance in career and research development. Special Social Events throughout the conference will provide ample opportunity for informal interactions.

With all the excitement, your participation is the most important part of the whole events. In addition to submit abstract, you are also encouraged to participate in a variety of volunteer services. For more details, please refer to the website: www.acma.org.
MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum说:留言于2011-11-05 07:02:25(第44条)
MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
(MIT-CHIEF) - First Annual Conference
November 19-20, 2011
Stata Center (building 32), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Keynote Speeches| 6 Panels| Business Plan Contest | Technology Showcases | Networking Sessions
Register NOW: http://mitchief.org/register

On behalf of the MIT Chinese Students and Scholars Association (MIT CSSA), we are honored to present to you the first annual conference: MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF), the largest China-focused event on the MIT campus! Please join us on Nov 19-20, 2011 to discover the tremendous opportunities in China and explore your next innovative business ideas!

You will:
* Meet top venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs, and technical experts from both China and USA. (Networking Dinner RSVP)
* Discover opportunities in the hottest areas of technology, including clean energy, information technology and healthcare.
* Join a fast-growing market of 1.3 billion people, understand the Chinese business environment, and spot future development opportunities.
* Learn about recent cutting-edge research at MIT, where revolutionary technologies have shaped the world for the past 150 years.
* Find out more about the most innovative business plans submitted to our "Pitch to China" Business Plan Contest, which will receive a total of $18,000 in prizes.

Distinguished Keynote Speakers:
Ya-Qin Zhang (张亚勤) Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation; Chairman of Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group
Thomas Li (李实恭) Vice President, IBM, Director, IBM Research China; Chief Technology Officer, IBM Greater China Group
Sonny Wu(伍伸俊) Co-founder & Managing Director, GSR Ventures(金沙江创投)
Shi Wang (王石) Chairman, Vanke Co. Ltd (万科集团)

Register NOW: http://mitchief.org/register
See China, See Technology, See Future.

On behalf of the MIT Chinese Students and Scholars Association (MIT CSSA), we are honored to present to you the first annual conference: MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF), the largest China-focused event on the MIT campus! Please join us on Nov 19-20, 2011 to discover the tremendous opportunities in China and explore your next innovative business ideas!

You will:
* Meet top venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs, and technical experts from both China and USA. (Networking Dinner RSVP)
* Discover opportunities in the hottest areas of technology, including clean energy, information technology and healthcare.
* Join a fast-growing market of 1.3 billion people, understand the Chinese business environment, and spot future development opportunities.
* Learn about recent cutting-edge research at MIT, where revolutionary technologies have shaped the world for the past 150 years.
* Find out more about the most innovative business plans submitted to our
苏州生物纳米科技园说:留言于2011-11-05 06:51:55(第43条)
Nov. 20th, Sunday, 10:00-11:30 am
MIT Building 3, Room 270
33 Massachusetts Ave (Rear)
Cambridge, MA 20139

Dr. Xijun Zhang General Manager of Suzhou Nanotech and Deputy Director of Science &Technology Bureau of SIP will lead a delegation to visit Boston on Nov. 19 and 20. NECINA will host a Nanotech Promotional Meeting so the delegation members can meet with local professionals, entrepreneurs and students who are seeking collaboration and career opportunities in China. Especially if you have a business plan to start a nanotech venture in Suzhou you will be invited to join the lunch with the delegation members and have a further discussion. Please sign up at http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=224906.
For more information about this meeting and Suzhou Nanotech park, please visit http://www.necina.net/china-express
纽英伦中华资讯网路协会去纽英伦中华资讯网路协会家留言留言于2011-11-05 06:47:45(第42条)
NECINA Web SIG Seminar - The Greatness of Panjiva and Ruby
Date and time: Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Venue: IBM Innovation Center, 404 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 02454
Cost: Free for NECINA members and guests, $15 for general public
Seats are limited, online registration required. Please RSVP at: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=224261

Jim Psota is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder and CTO of Panjiva. Panjiva''''s technology consists of both advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, and large scale web applications and data visualizations -- and heavily relies on the Ruby programming language. This talk will give an overview of Panjiva, and how Ruby has helped to enabled its initial success.
6:30-7:00 Pizza and networking
7:00-8:00 Jim Psota, Co-founder of Panjiva, Inc
8:00-8:30 Q&A
8:30-9:00 Networking

Speaker bio: James Psota,Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
James is a veteran entrepreneur and is responsible for Panjiva''''s technical direction and product development. James worked for Intel Research, where he incorporated artificial intelligence techniques into his computer architecture work. James also conducted artificial intelligence research at Caltech and is published in the field of computer science. While serving as Panjiva''''s technology lead, James is pursuing a doctoral work in large-scale parallel computer architectures in the Computer Science Department at MIT. James was recently a featured speaker at a Barclays Capital conference in New York and an Entrepreneurship conference at Microsoft. James holds a B.S., summa cum laude, in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University and an S.M. in Computer Science from MIT.

Company bio:
Panjiva is the leading intelligence platform for global trade professionals. With detailed information on 1.5 million companies that do business across borders, Panjiva is the go-to source for information for global trade professionals who want to find, evaluate, and connect with companies in other countries. Panjiva is backed by Battery Ventures and receives over a million unique visitors each month.

Event Contact:
Pei Qi (Pei.Qi@NECINA.org)
Hongmin Fan (Hongmin.Fan@NECINA.org)
Mingsheng Hong (Mingsheng.Hong@NECINA.org)
Ping W.说:留言于2011-11-04 12:30:36(第41条)
搜狐网站可以看: http://tv.sohu.com/teleplay/
玩玩网也可以: http://www.517ww.com/list/list5

ATINER说:留言于2011-11-04 06:48:16(第40条)
Call for Papers and Participation
Athens Institute for Education and Research-ATINER (www.atiner.gr)
6th Annual International Conference on Mathematics, Statistics and Education (Teaching) Mathematics and Statistics, 11-14 June 2012, Athens, Greece
UCLA CENTER OF CHINESE STUDY说:留言于2011-11-04 05:44:37(第39条)
The Mellon Postdoctoral Program in the Humanities “Cultures in Transnational Perspective”
presents a seminar by Celina Hung, Mellon Visiting Assistant Professor
-“On Creolization and the Chinese among Others"
Tuesday, November 8, 2011
4:30 pm
Royce Hall 236 UCLA

The seminar is based on the article "On Creolization and the Chinese among Others" which will soon be available by email to dacia@humnet.ucla.edu.
sher说:留言于2011-11-04 02:54:09(第38条)
和各位分享此网站 http://v.ifeng.com (中文字幕美国片,港、台、大陆连续剧)
Scholarly Journals说:留言于2011-11-04 02:28:15(第37条)
Call for Papers
Scholarly Journals accepts articles in areas of research.
We wish to invite you to submit your articles for rapid publication. We wish to invite you to submit your articles for rapid publication in Scholarly Journals
Indispensable to scholars, business professionals, and students, Scholarly Journals has published research, analysis, and inquiry into issues of importance to the education community-from theoretical insights to empirical analyses of data and practical management strategies. Articles in scholarly journals examine emerging trends and fast-changing concerns faced by domestic and international educational communities from a comprehensive range of areas, including:

Scientific Research and essay writing
Biological Science
Agricultural Science
Business Administration
Computer Science

Scholarly Journals is an online, open access, monthly double peer-reviewed, international journal which publishes original innovative research works, reviews and case reports dealing with management studies and research. The journal allows free access to its contents, which is likely to attract more readers and citations to published articles. Kindly send us your manuscript for consideration. We invite you to submit your manuscript(s) to support@scholarly-journals.com


Scholarly Journals
Web: http:// www.scholarly-journals.com/
美國亞太裔組織內華達分會说:留言于2011-11-04 02:23:42(第36条)
美國亞太裔組織OCA的內華達分會及拉斯維加斯亞裔大學生成長團體ROAR,11月5日將舉行一場指導大學生如何自創個人品牌的生涯規畫座談會,邀請社區知名人士解說,歡迎所有南內華達亞太裔大專生參加。 這項特別的成長教育活動,邀請的主講員有電視主播資深媒體從業者Sue Manteris、韓德森市議員Gerri Schroder、Trosper電訊公司負責人Elizabeth Trosper,三位成功的亞裔女性,將為學子們解說個人經歷,在創出個人品牌過程中的無數轉折與時機。凡是有興趣傳揚自己專長能力的學生,歡迎前往參加這項活動,在UNLV學生活動中心200號教室,從上午9時30分至下午2時,不收費用。
劍橋中國文化中心说:留言于2011-11-04 01:45:42(第35条)
劍橋中國文化中心5日(周六)上午10時至下午4時半,在中心會址(411 Waverley Oaks Road Suite 214 Waltham, MA 02452)舉辦「中國高等教育展」,展出由「中國獎學金會」(China Scholarship Council)組織,有20多所高校參展,旨在吸引更多國際學生到中國留學。詳情可上網www.bostoncccc.org或致電(781)788-8558。
美中醫藥開發協會紐英倫分會说:留言于2011-11-04 01:42:25(第34条)
美中醫藥開發協會紐英倫分會(SAPA-NE美中藥協),將於11月5日(周六)下午12時30分開始,在劍橋Marriott賓館(Two Cambridge Center,50 Broadway,Cambridge,MA 02142)舉行「生物治療醫藥研究與開發」為題的第14屆學術研討會議。屆時,除醫藥公司專家、學者參與下午的討論會外,傍晚還將舉辦「先聲之夜」(The Night of Simcere),將邀請先聲藥業副總裁王鵬介紹集團創新計畫,並邀請中國外國專家管理局主任鄭傑介紹「千人計畫」。該會歡迎會員以及醫藥界人士參加。詳情可上網查閱www.sapa-neweb.org。
哈佛中國非贏利組織講座说:留言于2011-11-04 01:40:14(第33条)
哈佛講座 談基金會在中國
哈佛中國非贏利組織講座將於11月9日(周三)上午9時至10時30分,在甘迺迪政府學院Taubman大樓Nye室(79 JF Kennedy Street,Cambridge),舉行名為「促進中國社會:基金會在中國的角色及衍變」(Advancing the Chinese Society: Foundations'''' Role and Evolution in China)的講座。 當日講座將邀請農村婦女文化中心創始人兼秘書長謝麗華、成都殘疾人福利機金會理事長廖國龍、萬通基金會秘書長李勁、真愛夢想公益基金會創始人暨理事長潘紅雪,結合實地經驗發表講演。詳情查詢可上網http://hausercenter.org/chinanpo/2011/10/foundationseminar/。
文心社新澤西分社说:留言于2011-11-04 01:33:07(第32条)
為促進海外華文作者的交流,文心社新澤西分社將於11月13日(周日)下午1時,在新州中部的東布朗士維克市(East Brunswick)公立圖書館二號會議廳,舉辦第三屆美東地區新書發布會。大會將邀請近年來活躍在海外文壇的部分新州和紐約作家與會,探討寫作心得,與讀者交流寫作經驗和故事。 活動包括專題講座、作者感言、讀寫互動、詩歌朗誦、簽名售/贈書等,與會作家及嘉賓有:曾璧華、梁伯華、世桑、雪絨、范一陵、海雲、海外逸士、梓櫻、幼河及楓雨等。 文心社歡迎各方人士及文學愛好者屆時與會。聯繫電話:(908)405-5303(楓雨),圖書館電話:(732)390-6950。 東布朗士維克市公立圖書館地址在2 Jean Walling Civic Center,East Brunswick,NJ 08816。
Jimmy说:留言于2011-11-04 01:29:28(第31条)
針灸中醫納入MEDICAER提案说:留言于2011-11-04 00:38:30(第30条)
針灸中醫納入MEDICAER提案簽名4日截止 南加中醫界急切呼籲社區上網支持: 呼籲中醫中藥界人士和華裔社區民眾,上網站http://wh.gov/24m簽名支持MEDICAER給付針灸中醫的提案。此提案徵集簽名截止的日期為11月4日,有效簽名為2萬千,但目前的簽名不足5千人。進入http://wh.gov/24m 網站簽名的具體操作方式是,打開網站后,在右下方點擊『create an account』,在下一頁輸入姓名和Email地址,然后會被告知將收到一個Email。打開收到的Email,會發現一個發來得網址,點擊這個網址后將顯示提案的內容,頁面上最下面的綠色按鈕是為簽名所用,按下這個按鈕就是簽名了。如果在操作上遇到問題,可撥打電話(626)643-9696洽詢。

大學助學金申請講座说:留言于2011-11-04 00:17:49(第29条)
週末大學助學金申請講座: 高收入家庭也可得到助學金
如何上理想的大學而花費最小?高收入的W2家庭無法得到助學金嗎?是否僅是因為私立大學費用昂貴而只能上公立大學?等等。諸如此類的問題,大學助學金及稅務規劃專家陳邁克(Michael Chen)將在11月5日和11月6日舉辦的兩場講座給出答案。美國公立大學、私立初高中及大學以及研究生院等的助學金系統,已經有多年歷史,這個系統已經很完善、很科學,僅大學助學金一項,每年就達到了1700億元。教育部及各州、每所大學都有相應的規定,只要合法、合理安排好家庭的資產和收入,是可以保證獲得最多的大學教育資助和稅務優惠。11月5日講座的日程是,當日上午9點30分在聖蓋博希爾頓酒店舉行,下午5點在爾灣中文學校舉行。11月6日講座的日程是,當日上午9點10分在靠近爾灣中文學校的辦公室(20 Truman)舉行,下午2點在聖蓋博希爾頓酒店用英語進行講解。有關講座詳情及報名登記等事宜,可上網4089962002.com或撥打電話1-408-996-2002。
Wang Jun说:留言于2011-11-03 23:51:56(第28条)
Thanks very much!
ghh_dwk说:留言于2011-11-03 08:13:22(第27条)
My new e-mail address: ghh_dwk@att.net
Have a good evening.
Dr. D.K. Kwong
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This is really great! Thanks a lot
S.S.说:留言于2011-11-03 08:06:15(第25条)
Yea. Awesome!!
蔡廷庸说:留言于2011-11-03 08:01:57(第24条)
"不色盲"詞曲 劉家昌 ~ 他很有才氣!
兩性關係成長營说:留言于2011-11-03 06:06:58(第23条)
營會特色: 綜合30 年最尖端臨床實證研究,透過團體遊戲, 群體動力, 角色扮演, 自我對話…等活潑有趣的操練, 得以自我成長, 增進親密關係的可能性, 其技巧也適用於一切的人際關係
黃維仁博士 畢業於美國普渡大學臨床心理學系,現任教於美國西北大學醫學院, 被譽為「Dr. Love」(愛情醫生) 。2002 年應美國政府邀請到白宮晉見布希總統。2004 年應邀擔任聯合國世界家庭研討會之主題講員。著作: 親密關係與情感智慧, 愛就是彼此珍惜, 窗外依然有藍天─婚變的解析與重建,活在愛中的秘訣, 傾聽就是愛…
時間與地點 : Nov-12-2011,星期六,
9:00am-6:00pm, Chino Ca, 報名截止後通知地點.
網上報名表 : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/v
iewform?formkey=dEIzRUctcHNDRVIxOUFkM jZjVjcyeVE6MQ
或e mail: Larrydci@yahoo.com 索取網上報名表
● 上課: 免費, (價值: $50 以上)
● 每人必需向愛家協會義購版權教材-親密之旅學員手冊 $12 (不可共用或翻印).
● 報名費 (場地,設備及雜費) : 每人$5.
● 午餐自理, 若需代訂, 每份$5, 請註明 排骨 或 雞.
 單身人士與已婚人士將戴不同的名牌.名額有限, 切勿代他人報名或帶未受邀的親友來.
 主辦單位有權決定是否接受報名.主要的講題由黃維仁博士透過DVD闡述, 團體帶領者帶領討論與分享.此課程的版權由愛家協會 (美國政府核准之非營利組織)擁有.唯有主辦單位可照相,錄音及錄影.
● 愛的語言, 情感帳戶
● 差異與衝突
● 和諧的兩性關係
● 原生家庭對親密關係的影響
● 情感智慧
● 四種依附型態與親密關係
決心先改變自己,並訓練自己成為家庭的心理醫師,醫治家庭傷痕年初時我和太太趕著去看一齣舞臺劇,沒想到過了半路,太太忽然說:哇!票沒帶!。。。正當我情緒開始波動時,想到 “調節情緒的五大要訣“自問 “我需要什麽?” 便當機立斷, 接受現實, 掉頭囘家拿票, 不發怨言。 雖然我們後來遲到了, 戲已經開演了, 但我們仍然有個愉快的下午. 照我以前的個性, 不但罵她個狗血淋頭, 還會生氣一整天
洽詢 : 劉不屈 Larry Liu 909-576-8512; Larrydci@yahoo.com
EQ说:留言于2011-11-02 14:49:02(第22条)
Dear Prof. Jiang, Many thanks for your help.
Best Regards,
Kun Wang说:留言于2011-11-02 14:20:53(第21条)
Promotion for the 7th Annual SABPA Pacific Forum
Dear SABPA friends,
The 7th Annual SABPA Pacific Forum is coming up on November 12th. Could you please post the updated Agenda on your website or forward it to colleagues in your organization? Online registration closes on November 9th. Thank you for your support!
Kun Wang
wcc dai说:留言于2011-11-02 10:09:50(第20条)

Ching-Lin Chen 於 2011年10月30日下午9:15 寫道:
Dear Ming-Kang:
Please kindly distribute the following flyer for me and invite friends to attend this relaxing seminar. Thank you.
(925) 381-9981



親愛的朋友,在您繁忙的行程中請放鬆一個下午,來聆聽環保旅館企業家張文毅先生敘說「從流星雨到冰河的囬憶」,他將循著時間的軌跡,描述地球的變遷,從而分享獨特的心靈感受。此演講會由北加州海洋大學校友會主辦,大同大學校友會、文化大學校友會和台灣大學校友會協辦。地點在灣區華僑文化中心(1269 Forgewood Ave • Sunnyvale),時間是十一月十三日〈週日〉下午一點半到五點半。演講會還有陳慶林先生談「飲水思源─你喝的水那裡來的?」,林章亮先生談「蝦說、瞎吃與吃蝦」,尹集憲先生談「品酒、酒品與生活品味」,請您帶朋友來參加,要預訂座位與瓶水,請電郵到seminar2011nov@yahoo.com或上網到http://tiny.cc/6eoki留下姓名與電郵信箱。

厦门市海外留学人才与项目对接洽谈会说:留言于2011-11-02 10:04:34(第19条)

1) 每位留学人员填写一分报名表,请将报名表保存为WORD文件,并以报名者中文名作为文件名,如:张三.doc;若报名者有多个项目,可在“参会项目”与“求职意向”之间,多次插入复制的“参会项目”;
2) 为便于各方交流,留学人员填报的人才求职信息和项目资料(除真实姓名和联系方式)将在会议网站、展厅及会议刊物上发布,请留学人员对所提交的人才、项目信息事先做好保密处理;
3) 留学人员对填报信息(人才、项目、成果)的真实性和合法性负责,留学人员填报的项目须为其本人或合作团队所有,如引发知识产权纠纷由填报者本人承担法律责任。
E-mail: xiamenlqh@163.com
西日本新華僑華人聯合会第5期理事会说:留言于2011-11-02 08:58:37(第18条)
并请帮助宣传。Thnaks a lot!
Qinyin Fan 范秦寅
Computer Engineer Accosiation, Japan
WS说:留言于2011-11-02 08:53:49(第17条)
Cool. Thanks a lot!
Talent Acquisition China说:留言于2011-10-31 13:46:11(第16条)
This is Emily from Philips Shanghai. Please find the current openings in Philips Research Asia- Shanghai (http://www.research.philips.com/locations/shanghai.html). Could you please kindly forward it to the members of & post in on the website of 美国华裔教授专家网? Should you have any question or need more information, please feel free to let me know.
Many thanks for your help in advance.

Emily Qian, HR Specialist
Talent Acquisition China
Tel: +86 21 2412 7629 Emil: emily.qian@philips.com
Philips Innovation Campus Shanghai, No.1 Building 10, Lane 888, Tian Lin Road Shanghai, P.R.C. 200233
Career Opportunities: www.philips.com/careers
Applied E-mail: referral.china@philips.com

luow说:留言于2011-10-31 13:15:10(第15条)
Hope everything is going well for you. I just want to let you know that Pudoing has invited me to join 2011 Pudongxing held on Dec 28-29. Thanks for the information.
Xiangyi Li说:留言于2011-10-31 12:59:45(第14条)
Thanks for the information and have a good time.

浦东新区归国留学人员联合会说:留言于2011-10-31 12:27:02(第13条)
Victor Yeh说:留言于2011-10-31 12:06:45(第12条)
譚瑛將軍百歲回憶錄《浮生若夢》*** 發表會邀請函 ***
時間:2011年11月6日 (星期日) 11:00 A.M.
9443 Telstar Ave., El Monte; (626)443-9999

恭候 光臨

美西黃埔親友聯誼會, 洛杉磯益壯會,
洛杉磯粥會, 紀念八年抗戰歷史研究會,
洛杉磯榮光聯誼會, 洛杉磯空軍大鵬聯誼會,
China Initiatives and Strategy-ASU说:留言于2011-10-31 06:30:20(第11条)
Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I am writing to let you know that I have been offered and have accepted an exciting new position as Vice-Provost for China Initiatives and Strategy at Arizona State University in Tempe. I begin my new job on January 3rd, 2012. Even though my time at the University of Oregon was brief, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with my UO colleagues across campus. That said, a unique position like the one at ASU comes along perhaps once in a lifetime; my wife Fredda and I decided that this was the right time and place for us to take advantage of this awesome academic leadership opportunity.

As Vice-Provost for China Initiatives and Strategy, I will be responsible for developing a university wide strategy and detailed action plan for ASU for expanding engagement with China at the national and local level. More specifically, I will be collaborating with ASU colleagues to expand Chinese student recruitment, to develop new training programs, to deepen our research linkages, and to identify appropriate partners to launch new projects in areas of common interest. Like many large universities, ASU already has many existing and very vibrant connections with China. My job will be to bring greater coherence to these connections and develop a series of new, innovative initiatives that will take advantage of ASU''s distinctive competencies and academic expertise. I am looking forward to working with both new and existing Chinese friends and colleagues as well as with ASU President Michael Crow who has laid out a cutting edge vision for transforming ASU into the "great American university."

I hope we will continue to stay connected. Building bridges between the US and China has been both my professional and personal passion for over 30 years. The need for facilitating open and sustained dialogue and communications between our two countries has never been more important. Moreover, the task of promoting enhanced mutual understanding and deeper bilateral cooperation has never been more imperative.

My new coordinates as of January 3rd will be as follows:
Dr. Denis Simon
Vice-Provost for China Initiatives and Strategy
Arizona State University
PO Box 877805
Tempe, AZ 85287-7805
Email: Denis.Simon@asu.edu
Please feel free to contact me as relevant. I look forward to hearing from you about ways we can continue to work together.

Denis Simon
UCLA Center for Chinese Studies说:留言于2011-10-31 06:11:01(第10条)
Thank you!

UCLA Center for Chinese Studies
Feng Y说:留言于2011-10-31 06:07:52(第9条)
Enjoy reading the weekly IM from you. Appreciate your update, and thank you very much!
台美航太協會说:留言于2011-10-30 13:05:21(第8条)
由台美航太協會與台灣科技委員會共同主辦「2011年台美科技研討會」將在11月5日爾灣希爾頓酒店舉行。今年研討主題是「綠色能源科技」。研討會將針對未來十年的經濟、教育、就業各方面。 研討會還邀請洛杉磯加大教授廖俊智,台灣交通大學光電系教授紀國鐘、行政院原能會核能研究所研究員李瀛生、中原大學教授許世哲等主題演講。 詳情請洽台美航太協會網站www.taasa-web.org,或致電吳式欽714-965-0229。
Boston Nankai Alumni Association说:留言于2011-10-30 00:50:53(第7条)
Just in case you missed the Boston local news paper, here is this article published:

Boston Nankai Alumni Association
NANKAI说:留言于2011-10-30 00:44:53(第6条)
San Diego Chinese Press说:留言于2011-10-30 00:26:39(第5条)
forgot to submit: http://www.sandiegochinesepress.com/press/?p=7135
Fei Lu
Y. Chen说:留言于2011-10-29 23:58:31(第4条)
Bruce Dee说:留言于2011-10-29 23:56:06(第3条)
Thanks a lot. Bruce
Jimmy说:留言于2011-10-29 23:51:24(第2条)
Thank you very much. Have a great weekend.

PAROS 浦东新区归国留学人员联合会说:留言于2011-10-29 23:31:10(第1条)
浦东新区归国留学人员联合会 金融沙龙 - 解析中小企业融资难的金融创新战略与个人理财秘笈

【主办单位】上海浦东新区归国留学人员联合会 上海浦东市民中心
【举办时间】2011年11月01日(周二)18时 (18:00参与嘉宾相互认识、交流;18:30主题沙龙正式开始) 
【联 系 人】张丹妮

主题沙龙 | Evening Talk - 家庭教育漫谈
【联 系 人】翁小姐


传  真:021-50800439
网  址:www.paros.cn www.expofriends.cn
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