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The Chinese American Professors & Professionals Net
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2013年 第35期 創刊第626期 11/5-11/12/2013
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UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2013 No.35)

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UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2019 No.22) 2019-09-24 [3649]
《即时通讯》周电—2019年第21期(9/3-9/15) 2019-09-15 [4116]
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《即时通讯》周电—2019年第13期(5/20-5/28) 2019-05-28 [4730]
:天津工业大学“经纬英才”引进计划 :浙江财经大学国际青年学者论坛的邀请函 (10/31-11/1) :美国加大审查范围 北大多名美国留学生遭联邦调查局质询 :天安门广场喜迎“十一”花团锦簇的美丽景象 马亮:做院长就能够发更多论文?论文发表是不是一场“权力的游戏”? :印裔人才在美碾压华裔:我们可以从印度教育中学到什么? :北京452万人将从北京迁至雄安(附部分央企名单) :《2019全球肿瘤趋势报告》
Haiming L.说:留言于2013-11-20 08:00:57(第27条)
Thanks! Haiming
nankai-sfba说:留言于2013-11-20 05:02:00(第26条)
Dear Alum,

You are cordially invited to meet Delegate from Tianjin. Tianjin is developing very fast and becoming the biggest science and technology Development center in China. Centrol government is investing heavily in Tianjin to make it China national wide "Silicon Valley".

The Director of Tianjin Science and Technology Commission is going to share with the Silicon Valley communities on Tianjin''s recent development, High tech environment and the career opportunities open to the industries and experts.
- Make the connections to Tianjin key govenment, investment players,
- Find the opportunities for your technologies and career development
- Enjoy networking with local communities
- Meal and holiday gift provided
RSVP https://www.eventbrite.com/e/9376969769
UCLA Center for Chinese Studies说:留言于2013-11-20 04:59:55(第25条)
Heishuiguo: A Transit Hub on the Prehistoric Silk Road
Monday, Nov 25, 2013
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Bunche Hall 10383
Talk by Liangren Zhang, Northwest University at Xi'an, China
The Heishuiguo site is a Chalcolithic and Bronze Age settlement located near Zhangye, which was an important military outpost and commercial town in the middle of the Hexi Corridor, a crucial section of the Silk Road that has been channeling goods, religions, and technologies between East Asia and the Mediterranean World since the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). The four-season excavations at Heishuiguo up to 2013 have produced a great quantity of painted pottery, adobe architecture, metalworking remains, crop seeds, and animal bones. Dated to 2100-1600BC, the site provides ample evidence to manifest the vibrant transmission of adobe architecture construction technology, domesticated wheat, barley, and sheep and cow from Central Asia, copper metallurgy from the Eurasian steppe, painted pottery technology and domesticated millet from the Yellow River valley, and cowry shell from the south. As a venue of human and cultural traffic, the Silk Road began to function already in the prehistoric period.

Dr. Liangren Zhang earned his Bachelor degree in 1991 in Chinese archaeology from Peking University. Since 2000, he began to study Russian archaeology in the Department of Art History, University of California at Los Angeles. His PhD dissertation “Ancient Society and Metallurgy”, which was finished in 2007 and published in 2012, unites Bronze Age archaeological materials from Russian Eastern Europe (from Don River to Ural River) and northern China to tackle the issue of the development of social complexity, and the interaction between social complexity and metallurgy in both regions. Returning to China in 2009, he is now a professor at Northwest University at Xi’an. In recent years he has been focusing his research on prehistoric cultural movements across northern China, Russia, and Central Asia. He is currently directing an excavation project at a Bronze Age metalworking settlement of Heishuiguo in Gansu Province and a research project of prehistoric metallurgy of Xinjiang.

UCLA Center for Chinese Studies
11381 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel: (310) 825-8683
Fax: (310) 206-3555
UCLA CCS说:留言于2013-11-20 04:59:18(第24条)
Repression Backfires: Tactical Radicalization and Protest Spectacle in Rural China
Thursday, Nov 21, 2013
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Bunche Hall 10383

Talk by Kevin O'Brien, University of California, Berkeley
In spring 2005, villagers in Dongyang county, Zhejiang were unhappy. For four years, they had been complaining about by pollution emitted by 13 factories located in the Zhuxi Chemical Park. But nothing had been done. So they set up a tent encampment to block delivery of supplies to the factories. After a harsh repression produced hundreds of injuries and left dozens of damaged vehicles and other evidence of police action strewn about, the tent-sitters switched to more radical tactics, including denouncing local leaders, carrying out mock funerals, dancing on burned-out cars, interrogating factory owners, and ransacking homes of “traitors.” The authorities’ ill-considered and poorly-timed repression led to tactical escalation, helped draw thousands of people to the scene, and ultimately resulted in the chemical park being closed. This episode speaks to the “dissent-repression nexus” and suggests that repression can be counterproductive when it encourages protesters to ratchet up their tactics and a “protest spectacle” ensues. In today’s China, striking displays and theatrical performances can attract an audience, bring in financial support and even create a carnival-like atmosphere in which popular acclaim.
Kevin O’Brien is the Alann P. Bedford Professor of Asian Studies and Professor of Political Science at UC Berkeley. He is also the Director of Berkeley's Institute of East Asian Studies and the Walter and Elise Haas Professor of Asian Studies. He is the author of Reform Without Liberalization: China's National People's Congress and the Politics of Institutional Change and the co-author of Rightful Resistance in Rural China. His most recent work centers on the Chinese state and theories of popular contention, particularly as concerns "soft repression" and the policing of protest. He has won various grants and awards and serves on the editorial or advisory board of nine journals.

UCLA Center for Chinese Studies
11381 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel: (310) 825-8683
Fax: (310) 206-3555
台湾「多元成家法案」連署说:留言于2013-11-19 13:47:44(第23条)
法國 La Manif Pour Tous 呼籲民眾再上街宣傳片(附中文字幕)

針對「多元成家法案」相關資訊在這裡再做些補充---「多元成家法案」民法修正草案,已悄悄的在立法院通過一讀,目前已進入二讀程序,可能造成社會混亂及國本動搖,此草案強調「同性婚姻、伴侶制度、多人家屬、收養」 可能帶來極大社會問題:
因媒體忽視,社會大眾知道者少,目前連署只有43萬人,距離百萬人基本門檻 還有相當落差!(以下連結內容下半部有遊行注意事項與相關分區地圖,請參考,謝謝!!)
玉山科协百人会说:留言于2013-11-19 10:10:14(第22条)
由百人会召集,美西玉山科技协会、百人会和AAMA(Asia America MultiTechnology Association)将于11月21日在硅谷共同举办特别讲座,届时与大家一起探讨“华人在美国高科技行业工作的挑战与风险”话题。 将为大家说明这个议题对华人的重要性。举办这个讲座的目的是为了向华裔专业人士介绍在美国高科技行业的法律环境,并介绍涉及商业秘密(Trade secrets)、谍报活动(Espionage)和出口管制(Export controls)等相关的复杂法律。讲座也会让大家了解这些法律所引发的风险,这些风险还包括因美中两国地缘政治的困难关系导致的种族归纳(Racial profiling),以及种族归纳后果对华人及在美华人的影响。另外,演讲中也会谈及华裔长久以来成为许多涉及国家安全的刑事侦查、知识产权窃取和走私违法的注意对象问题。对华裔专业人士来说,这也是一个切身相关且即时的议题。
时间: 11月21日(星期四)晚间,晚上6:30-7:00报到,晚上7:00演讲;
地点:工研院北美公司会议室,2870 Zanker Road, Suite 140, San Jose, CA,95134

scwong说:留言于2013-11-19 10:00:11(第21条)
A Walk thru Washington, D.C. Capital .......must see!! Enjoy!!
A Walk thru Washington, D.C. Capital - Everybody should see this. The video is only 2 minutes 51 seconds long. Please watch to the end or you will miss it.
ni说:留言于2013-11-19 08:04:40(第20条)
为了更好的吸引海外人才到上海浦东工作或创业,合作,投资,由浦东科委牵头将于11月27日下午在美国旧金(硅谷)举办:浦东新区生物医药产业项目创业环境发布会,目的是为海外科技人才,科学家及投资者更好的了解上海浦东,尤其在扶持吸引 科技人才创新,投资创业方面所提供的相关资金,环境和生活等方面的相关补助政策,在此诚挚的邀请您能参加我们的会议,我们相信有我们真诚的交流与互动一定能找到我们合作的机会。如您有空参会望回复告知,以便我们为您做好服务!
地址:39900 Balentine Dr, Newark, CA 94560
浦东新区科委副书记 丁海涛
浦东科委生产力促进中心主任助理 吕君
xq说:留言于2013-11-18 11:09:45(第19条)
Thanks a lot! Have a nice weekend. xq
Jason C.说:留言于2013-11-18 11:08:39(第18条)
新英格蘭玉山科技協會说:留言于2013-11-17 06:02:50(第17条)
「新英格蘭玉山科技協會」(MJNE)將在23日(周六)下午1時至7時半在ONE Marina Park Drive(1 Marina Park Drive, Boston)舉辦本年度年會。此次主題是近來異常熱門的「巨量資料」(Big Data)科技和「健康照護產業」(Healthcare)間的關係,討論內容偏重科技與產業的發展。門票30元,學生10元。查詢和購票可上網www.eventbrite.com/event/6248031029。
jackson说:留言于2013-11-17 00:40:22(第16条)
UCLA教授林永雅是我小學同學,我們已經近30多年未再見面了,從網路中看到永雅卓越的表現,正一如他求學過程中的優秀,也讓我回想起以前一起成長的點點滴滴,我是他的小學同學陳金元,我們一起讀過高雄五權國小與大仁國中,我想與他聯繫,不知我該如何獲得他的通訊方式呢?請知道的人幫幫忙, 謝謝!

We will send that to your email address right away.

Have a good weekend.

Your Net
xuqing说:留言于2013-11-17 00:32:31(第15条)
Could you please send this 美國華裔教授專家網《即时通讯》周电 THE UPDATE to the email address at junxuty@163.com? Thank you very much! Take care.

catieaccs说:留言于2013-11-16 12:45:47(第14条)

DBF说:留言于2013-11-16 12:41:55(第13条)
Wednesday, DEC. 4, 2013, 5:30pm - 9:00pm
SOUTH COAST PLAZA - Jewel Court, Costa Mesa, CA
Holiday Networking, Toy 4 Tots, Cocktails, Food, Entertainment
COST: $15.00; RSVP: email only: mislam100@hotmail.com
Showcase BOOTHS & SPONSORSHIPS Available, Call 949-698-4321
FOR INFO, Go to FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/519207928175297/
FOR upcoming Biz Events Info, Join us at FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/joinDBF
Boston Nankai Alumni Association说:留言于2013-11-15 08:58:00(第12条)

在深秋阳光的照耀下,又是一年感恩节到来,南开校友会将届时举办感恩节聚餐会,感谢我们能在他乡的相识相知。在这里,是老朋友们重逢,是新朋友们的相识,是工作伙伴的相聚,在品位着佳肴美味的同时,还可以聊生活,谈学术,讲工作,谈笑风生,酒杯相接。既加深了解,又增进感情,结交异性朋友,或一起出游的玩伴,还可以认识可能在工作和个人发展方面对你有提点的长辈。这里是个温暖,开心,自在的大家庭。 同时,这也是南开校友会新一届选举之后的第一次活动,相信校友会这个温暖的大家庭在新一届组委会的带领下,举办更多精彩丰富的活动! 期待大家参与!
时间:2013年11月23日,周六,晚上 6:00
地点:老四川,1004-1006 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446
交通:绿线,St. Mary St T station, 附近街道可以停车
联系:857-600-6537, forleizhu@gmail.com

Email: nankaiboston@gmail.com

Golden Bear说:留言于2013-11-15 07:55:13(第11条)
Rebert S.说:留言于2013-11-15 06:02:23(第10条)
Ambassador - Consul General Liu Jian Visited South Coast Plaza, Accompanied by Robert Sun, David Grant, General Mgr., and Werner Escher.
To share the professional photographer's work attached:

Cheers, Robert Sun
chineseceo.org说:留言于2013-11-15 05:29:21(第9条)
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Werner Escher
Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 1:06 PM
Subject: Photos - Ambassador - Consul General Visit to South Coast Plaza, Accompanied by Robert Sun, David Grant, General Mgr., and Werner Escher, Executive Director

Can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to make the Ambassador/CG’s visit to South Coast Plaza such a success. Memories are made of this (see attachments) I will mention to David that you have calendared his meeting with Counselor Che on Tuesday. As discussed, your idea to expand our destination and make it an even bigger “heaven” by including in some manner the Segerstrom Center for the Arts to take advantage of the Cultural Consul’s visit on Tuesday invites the idea of exploring Chinese cultural events.

All Smiles,

Werner Escher
Executive Director of Domestic & International Markets
South Coast Plaza, Management Offices
3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
黑龙江省欧美同学会说:留言于2013-11-14 15:24:27(第8条)

Z. Rylee说:留言于2013-11-14 02:09:34(第7条)
Hi, I would like to keep you posted that I've started a new career in real estate as a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in South Bay LA.
Please give me a boost by thinking of me if you're planning a real estate transaction or recommending me to those you know in LA. If you have any advice and ideas to share, please do send me a note back, since I would love to hear what you think. I'm new to the industry, and in order to best serve those who are interested in my services, I'm partnering up with agents with over 20 years of experience as teams. I interviewed and chose my partners who have great experience and track record for their real estate practice. Together as teams, we can help you with your real estate needs with confidence and expertise. Your help and support would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you and have a fantastic day.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Cell: (310) 437 Dre #: 01941220

UCLA Center for Chinese Studies说:留言于2013-11-14 01:24:11(第6条)
Film Screening: Forever Love 阿嬤的夢中情人
Screening and Discussion with Director Kitamura Toyoharu
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
YRL Conference Room 11360
Movie synopsis:
The 1960s was a golden age for Taiwanese films. Qi-sheng Liu tells his granddaughter Xiao-jie ”I was the most famous screenwriter at that time!” However, Xiao-jie does not believe that Taiwanese films used to be popular and doubts the story told by her grandfather. Xiao-jie’s grandmother has amnesia and confuses reality with dreams. She thought she was the wife of Bao-long Wan, who was a Taiwanese film star at that time. Only when her grandfather tells Xiao-jie a love story that happened at that time does Xiao-jie finally understood that reason why her grandmother could not forget Bao-long Wan.
Toyoharu Kitamura arrived in Taiwan from Japan in 1997. He entered the Taiwan National University of Arts’ film department in 1999.

This event is part of the Spotlight Taiwan Project, sponsored by the Taiwan Academy – TECO Los Angeles and Dr. Samuel Yin. Cosponsored by the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies and Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library.

UCLA Center for Chinese Studies
11381 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Campus Mail Code: 148703
Tel: (310) 825-8683
Fax: (310) 206-3555
Hu, R.说:留言于2013-11-14 01:22:35(第5条)
Thank you, Prof. Jiang.
R. Hu, Ph.D.
USC U.S.-China Institute说:留言于2013-11-14 01:21:18(第4条)
11/14/2013 - Protecting the Vulnerable: a Discussion of Legal Reform and Civil Society in China
Leavey Library, Leavey Auditorium
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Time: 4:00 - 5:30PM
Free, please email uschina@usc.edu to RSVP.

Please join us for a discussion with Ms. Guo Jianmei to learn more about China''''s rapidly growing civil society sector and the differences it can make in the lives of women, youth and others around the country.

Ms. Guo, one of China''''s preeminent public interest lawyers, has fought for women''''s rights in China for more than 17 years; handling legal aid and public interest litigation cases on behalf of women, researching rights protection, and preparing draft laws to protect and promote women''''s rights in China.

Drawing on her many years of experience as both a public interest lawyer and pioneer of Chinese non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Ms. Guo will outline recent political developments within China, including recent legal reform efforts such as reforms to China''''s public interest law and will also discuss the critical role NGOs are playing to help promote and protect the rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups. Ms. Guo will provide insights to the NGO climate in China pulled from her direct experience in building organizations from the ground up, and examine both the existing legal structure and potential developments that could benefit civil society and China as a whole.

USC U.S.-China Institute | 3535 S. Figueroa Street, FIG 202 | Los Angeles | CA | 90089
Tel: 213-821-4382 | Fax: 213-821-2382 | uschina@usc.edu |
USC U.S.-China Institute说:留言于2013-11-14 01:19:59(第3条)
11/13/2013 - Screening of Assignment: China - End of an Era
Leavey Library, Leavey Auditorium
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Time: 4:00 - 5:30PM
Free, please email uschina@usc.edu to RSVP.

"End of an Era" is one episode in "Assignment China", a multi-part documentary film series on the history of American correspondents in China being produced by USC's U.S.-China Institute. The lead reporter is Mike Chinoy, a Senior Fellow at the Institute and former CNN Beijing bureau chief and Senior Asia Correspondent. The film features interviews with journalists who covered China during those years, including such well-known correspondents as Robert Elegant, Joseph Lelyveld, Orville Schell, Fox Butterfield, Steve Bell, Henry Bradsher, Ted Koppel, Bruce Dunning, and Tom Brokaw. It also includes interviews with diplomats who handled Chinese affairs, and contains rare archival footage of Hong Kong and China from that time.
USC U.S.-China Institute | University of Southern California | 3535 S. Figueroa Street, FIG 202 | Los Angeles | CA | 90089-1262
ahwang fullerton.edu说:留言于2013-11-14 01:08:53(第2条)
It works now. Thank you very much.
T. Zhang说:留言于2013-11-14 00:16:26(第1条)
尊敬的會長 / 朋友 們 :
應美國前加州众议员伍国庆的邀请,敬請朋友们一起出席即將於本周末 2013 年 9 月 17 日舉办的支持晚宴 。 屆時国会议员赵美心也将为大家演讲介绍有关情况。我们有更多机会与我们华人在政府中的代表交流。同時,也展示了我們對華裔民選官員的感谢与支持。贺国庆支持我们在美华人抗议ABC辱华事件以及历史上的排华事件、为在美华人争取权益等均走在前列。請各位會長及朋友們支持,共襄盛舉。 具體時間 、 地點如下 :
時間: 11/17/2013 ( 星期日) 晚 5:00PM 开始进场;6pm 大会正式开始
地點: 5 Star Seafood Restaurant, 140 West Valley, San Gabriel, CA
餐費 : $75/ 每人
請 於 本周四(11月14日)日前确认
EMAIL: carsonusaus@yahoo.com
注意: 留言内容不要超过4000字,否则会被截断。
未 审 核:  是
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